$1 VS $500 BOX FORTS! *Budget Challenge*


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    We built a $1 and $500 BOX FORT for a budget challenge!
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    We each had different budgets to build our own box forts! Everyone had to use cardboard, but could use any decorations they wanted or other additional building materials. We then compared what a $1 box fort looked like verse a $500 box fort. What other budget challenges do you want to see next?!
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    1. Lindsey Gauld

      I am

    2. Preston Simon

      You should do a tubing budget challenge with a speed boat wouldn’t that’s BE COOL

    3. Tyronethelad613

      When he brings a go kart i kinda wanted him to keybang and burn fort

    4. MistyFog XD

      How does nobody get no big baller

    5. Calin Greenlaw

      I have always wished to make a video with them

    6. Jacob Martin

      Make a floating boat challenge

    7. -Wolfy plays- COD

      I really hate justin he fricken broke someone's fort he's just jealose

    8. Ryan Cowguill

      why did you do that

    9. Moises Valdez

      Pls stop destroying Builds

    10. Mazwani Muhamad

      I felt so bad to andy :((

    11. Mazwani Muhamad

      Andy always get the high price XD

    12. Adrian Penaloza

      He is ungrateful and a bad friend

    13. Adrian Penaloza

      Andrew is horrible

    14. Nile Hosni

      Hyper is awesome hopefully he stays

    15. Kamden Hamilton

      Must have snacks

    16. poop little

      andrews is proba;y the best

    17. Prodigy_windz

      5:43 soo funny

    18. Stephanie Resch

      Hey Justin I hate you

    19. Dontae Thompson

      I love how they share there snacks

    20. Shawn

      I remember building forts when I was very little

    21. Dan S.

      the pantry make good bed

    22. Elroy's Creations

      Did you realise that they only make a video if theres one that gets the Big one

    23. Brooke Dean

      How long can you stay in the fort

    24. Zian mervy Biasura


    25. Layla Viker

      Love your videos

    26. JustJustin95825

      Cool bra

    27. JustJustin95825

      Soo dope

    28. Kori Hora


    29. Derrick Lewis

      💩 poopy

    30. Clay Krahn

      SO COOL!!!😮

    31. Ray Barnes

      Sucks that Caleb left, but hyper is really cool too

    32. SAXGaming

      Hope it work. 😆

    33. Suzette Basdeo


    34. Jackson Mills

      omg Justins was the best considering his budget

    35. Leo Ally


    36. Gaming With Lucky

      if my sister runed into my fort i would KILL HER!!!!!!!!!

    37. Dilon Mickle

      Stop it it’s a new bingo board

    38. Jayden Roberts

      When he said bench it sounded like bich

    39. Max just Max

      That’s sus

    40. Tom&Jeffs vlogs

      It’s like when he crashed into that house it was just FBI OPEN UP

      1. Bastian Skræddergaard


    41. Ledelta Orokin

      13:37 ...omg...OMG!!!!!!! I KID YOU NOT, I just smelled a fart in that moment and it wasn't me (I'm alone at the moment).

    42. Josh Syl

      do a hoy-Ehhh Vam overnight survival.. buy a Van wrap it up like the Marvbulance (with the same Theme going on , it'll look like a mini Marvbulance ) call it 'MarVan' that wud be so Epic and Rad bros... Hoy Ehh !!!!

    43. Monkey Fun

      His crocs though lol

    44. Ava Mava

      You should really do an budget challenge for to survive on the streets,maybe¿¿¿¿¿¿☆

    45. TeQuing C.s

      Justin is always got the lowest amount

    46. Anna Avery

      I like the dog just running around justin like what the heck are you doing😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😅😅😅😅😁

    47. Jenna Ann


    48. Bergen Utne

      Must have snacks

    49. Scott Hart

      Must have snacks must have snacks most of snacks most of the snacks

    50. Ava Lee


    51. matthew colunga

      its so funny

    52. Linley Koch

      Justin’s Fort is literally trash and I’m not kidding

    53. Michael Williams

      go box casel wooooo

    54. Krystal Curbey

      Heart me if you love your fans

    55. EvianBearʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      Tbh, Justin's fort is cool for only $1

    56. Blake & Jason Simao

      Do u notice how much money they spend on the videos just for us!

    57. Rubberbutt Gamer

      UPSEt Stomach DiarrhEa

    58. NinTendou Chan

      Me watching this: My stomach seeing the snacks: ... REEEE

      1. Alex_xxxtentácíon

        eat then

    59. Juan Ortiz

      When you guys ran over and the fourth he could have gotten badly hurt you could have ran him over

    60. The Espinosa Family

      Can you’ll do a treehouse pugdet next.

    61. Dylanbro


    62. Adeiteoluwa Oludotun-Fasanya

      You should make a junker in the secret compartment in Andrews fort. That would be so cool

    63. Olivia Peenema-Kikkas

      i feel bad

    64. Nicholas Perales

      That is dope

    65. big one9732 allairw


    66. Narayan Dhimal

      Epic videos guys

    67. Kim Grable

      You guys should make a whole room in your house and split it up and have 50$ to spend on decor and choose how wins pls do video pls

      1. Kim Grable

        I’ve been watching you guys for two years my fav videos are box fort and budget videos

    68. Jaxson Samuel

      Build a box fort with papa jake

    69. Nathan N


    70. Marcelin Roca

      Foc of

    71. Fun_boy 15

      Jay still are my favourite USfilm


      Hhhahah that was so funny 😂😂😂😂😂

    73. Fire Boyz Fun

      Must have snacks what can I say

    74. Maria Gaytan

      I love the minion from Andrews cardboard fort my minion was robbed that minion reminded me :(

    75. Wish Bone


    76. Bazed Hudson

      You should do Waterpark budget challenge 150$vs 1500$

    77. Tiger Fire Meiner

      How did you fite in



    79. Nicholas Costa

      Not nice

    80. April Young

      Make a secret bunker in your barn and make Nate go find you for $10

    81. 陳建基

      Morejstu have a dog 🐕

    82. Vuaxy

      to be honest think 1 dollar wins i rather not spend my 500 dollars instead get stufff for free :)

    83. Danielle Cope

      Why would you do that he didn't do it to you

    84. Emily 0965

      When the chip blew out of Justin’s hand I was laughing so hard

    85. Karen Hopkins

      I am such a big fan and I have seen every video that y'all have made and I have a lot of merch have a good Christmas God bless yall.

    86. Polly Richardson

      The recondite dresser distinctively amuse because zone rationally stretch amongst a axiomatic chief. discreet, ratty hydrofoil

    87. Maria & Megan

      You should make a ice cream shop in your camper

    88. Gaboo :DD

      its not brand new. YOUVE BEEN DOING THIS FOR MOST THE YEAR

    89. Javi Pena


    90. SweatcicleV2

      MHS must have snacks

    91. David Kopf

      You can’t count how much money you have for the competition on one hand because you need 100 fingers on one hand for that because one Hundred cencs

    92. Retief Botha

      You guys are my insperation thank you

    93. Brian Murray

      Do try not to eat challenge!!!!!

    94. Ashley Veach


    95. marty luttrell

      Justin, your a jerk

    96. Jayden Vidal

      16:46 when you sat nav says drive straight through

    97. Ms. Williams

      That was mean to do that to his front

    98. chelsey Thueringer

      U should do a mini animal zoo. THAT WOULD BE SOO COOL

    99. Bear Squad

      When I heard they had vitamin water dragon fruit I was like🤯😮😯 I love vitamin water dragon fruit!

    100. Suzanne Beltz

      wow justin i could never make a fort that good with junk no kidding