I Finally Beat Minecraft for the First Time… (ft. Ranboo)


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    what are the odds?
    Thank you @Ranboo for changing my life.
    Streamed live at www.twitch.tv/slimecicle

    Published on Month ago


    1. Guer1lla_Gamer

      Ranboo: Its a really low chance Charlie: 'eats rotten flesh and doesnt get hunger'

    2. PeePee PooPoo

      The numbers mason what do they mean?

    3. Gina Libria

      He where's schlatt

    4. •Random Rat•

      Hey Slmccl 👋

    5. gL1TCh

      This video is so bad its good

    6. Spacezii

      Seeing this now after his big charity livestream, his possible world records and him being at 1mil subs now, hits different... Two months ago I didn't even know who Ranboo was 0-0

    7. G3mm4 _C

      I BELIEVE!!!!!!!

    8. UnfusedMolecule

      14:58 Dream would be proud.

    9. Koa Smith

      LMAO I started dying when Ranboo said "oh my god! What are the odds? 4/3!"

    10. AlliedCookie

      You don't like mustard?!!? I hate you

    11. UwU •

      This was the longest minute and 45 seconds of my life

    12. Logan Hennessy

      To think they allowed him in Dreams SMP

    13. MJOLNIR Soul

      5 iq: terraria is 2d minecraft 5000000 iq: minecraft is 3d terraria

    14. CrocCat Typo

      I am gonna do it aswell, after these 7 years. ENDER DRAGON, IM COMING FOR YOU!

    15. gh0st t33th


    16. Chicken Mcnugget

      Totally no cheating, confirmed 1 minute speedrun

    17. Really Cool Name

      Confirmed Slimecicle is pro minecrafter

    18. Really Cool Name

      *I BELIEVE*

    19. miner_sd

      nobody: Ranboo: THE LAWS OF TIME ARE MINE

    20. Alfred Matthews

      I like how there saying that this is a light ru. And there just cheating the whole time

    21. lixin kawai

      looks legit

    22. Synx

      just do it legit ugh

    23. blade spark

      Love the Octopath OST in the background at the start of the video!!!

    24. laylah

      It’s been five minutes and he already cheated

    25. Dead Meat

      Just as legit as dreams

    26. sc3ne k1d bl00d

      26:40 me vocal stimming

    27. CreamyCow

      the funniest part is when ranboo set speedrun.net when it is actually .com

    28. christa pepin

      He failed beating minecraft legit he flew

    29. Golden Euphoria

      I feel like this is fake,but there is no proof. even Notch (the minecraft god himself) couldn't do better, oh, and Ranboo, stop with the silk touch hand hacks, slime is fine

    30. Mini- Phoenix

      He still haven’t beaten it without cheating

    31. monsieur taco nommer

      What's the music in the beginning

    32. SweetMango Cookie

      My allergies were really acting up during this video

    33. ChainSaw 97

      Schlatt merch noice

    34. xenomorph

      I see a great friendship being born Smp/minecraft :you befriend ranboo he will now die for you

    35. Protogenix

      “I really thought I was gonna cheat man” slimecicle said while flying through the air killing the ender dragon with a diamond axe

    36. ExtinctionXD

      This video is truly a work of art

    37. YourKingRyuu

      charleh is the greatest mc player of all time

    38. Foxy uwu

      the amount of likes on this video sums it up

    39. quixxen

      39:26 song?

    40. Cleveland Martin

      Charlie should have just released another minecraft modded video instead of this bullshit😡😡😡😡😡 Edit: I dont know why this video made me sooo made mad but I thought he'd actually complete it cheatless😡

    41. Cleveland Martin

      7:02 you can see slmccl beelining to jump into the lava

    42. Derpyboy333

      I am waching this at 69k likes

    43. whoshilo

      but seriously how did he get that axe?

    44. Necro Rannus

      Totally not cheating .0. (Im a Minecraft Speedrunner ;w;)

    45. Moody Queen

      “And then i cried”

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    51. John Alfiero

      inside the mouth of a kirby player

    52. Noob Player

      you did it charleh.. you got the world record time for about 2 hours.. or something.. and the original world record was like. 10 mins.

    53. Cosmic Caleb

      I understand that Charlie’s non existent Minecraft knowledge is a joke, but at this point I’m afraid that he isn’t

    54. berjs

      "Doesn't the upstairs kinda scary tonight"

    55. Clarke Dharya Sunarto

      why most of your videos have 69k likes

    56. box natsu

      19:15 I thought technoblade joined the call

    57. Theo Hart

      Wow he got so lucky with the button

    58. A Lonley Ramen Noodle

      “And I cried, and now we’re here” is my life summed up in one sentence

    59. Minecraft Man

      how did the button give him a diamond axe (i subbmited this to speedrun.com)

    60. neastrawser

      guys.... thus is crazy. they spent less than a minute to beat all of minecraft and found a way to slow it so much it SEEMED like 40+ minutes :0

    61. Matthew Wood

      “I didn’t need to cheat! I never needed to cheat!” *Is holding a spawned in diamond axe* *Has a spawned in bow in his hotbar* *Has a hotbar full of spawned in beds* *Is in creative* *Has strength 5 billion* What are the odds?

    62. CoiMachine

      man charlie got that dream rng

    63. Oliver Giavedoni


    64. Haworthea _

      Why in my right mind did I think the title was true 😂

    65. Corey Becker

      yknow, you say "no mods" but what you used were likely datapacks, which are the aborted fetus of Mojang's attempted modding API, so do yourself a favor, download the Curseforge Launcher, and play a real modpack like All The Mods. preferably on 1.12 so you can experience the full breadth of the glory of mods.

    66. Rvse

      *harvard wants to know your location*

    67. Niko Key

      Well the record paste

    68. Lizards_And_Jelly

      I really cannot believe that he didn't cheat this entire time

    69. Addi

      I’m very proud of Charlie for beating Minecraft without cheating in 1 minute and 42 seconds

    70. William Sauve

      He cheated lol

    71. minikittenom and timmycoolpizza

      ive never beaten it either lol

    72. larry mortensen

      Ranboo is the best USfilmr

    73. Evelyn K

      I just realised how much ranboo sounds like technoblade

    74. Rainbowarrior

      This was painful to watch

    75. dionasa

      The only true way to watch this is in TRUE WORLD RECORD PACE

    76. Peanut Butter Cookie

      And that day, Ranboo showed Charlie the power of being the main character...

    77. Orange Juice

      why did I think this was gonna be serious LMAO

    78. NightSpotTheIdiot

      19:13 ranboo sounds like technoblade

    79. Honey_or_Hellen

      I like how the latest sub is tommyinit

    80. Punk

      He actually sounded so much like Alvin. Almost exactly like the actual va. Why and how

    81. Elvinmonkey22


    82. Cade

      coolwhip loves you

    83. Ella Vang

      Crouching Ranboo is adorable.

    84. Ella Vang

      "it's good to take your time when doing a speedrun" mhm yea that's why it's called a SPEEDrun

    85. Ella Vang

      I've got to get some theropay lessons from Ranboo he is actually really good.

    86. Bitter-Sweet Boy

      *charlie at half a heart* ranboo: HIGH FIVE oh wait

    87. yeeter yeeter

      Its atleast a step in the right direction LOL

    88. Bitter-Sweet Boy

      one of the most underrated friendships

    89. BrAiN LvL1

      100 years world record! World record 100 years! 100 years world record 200 years world record 300 years world record

    90. Cupof MapleSyrup

      This is amazing because you two are my favorite on the smp DONT TELL ANYONE.

    91. SophieTheDevil

      Why does the whole of this sound like an old married couples’ argument

    92. Na Cl


    93. Ella Williams

      hes wearing a schlatt and co shirt

    94. Chiquito

      10% minecraft, 90% flirting

      1. Sage Carr

        Nooo ranboo is a minor LMAO

    95. Vrinda Garg

      can v just talk abt ranboo giving enderpearls in the thumbnail

    96. sc3ne k1d bl00d


    97. Ryuu UwUシ

      still traumatized that ranboo killed another enderman

    98. Art3mis 2000

      Congrats on 800k!

    99. Art3mis 2000

      Idea: Fundy should make a mod where there are actually buttons that can help or hurt you. I think that would be pog!

    100. Isabella Kuchnsky

      is ranboo making ghast sounds