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    Published on 6 months ago


    1. Leonhart

      *What is the best Pokemon card you have?*

      1. Joshua Herbst

        First edition 1995 Holo Machamo

      2. SE SURGE

        Mega charizard ex the blue one

      3. Lorenzo Armani


      4. Lorenzo Armani

        Leon Hart you are extremely helpful and so awesome I love your Channel

      5. rexlyons

        Rainbow Rare Oleana from Rebel Clash

    2. Lucky Lechido

      Is Volcanion GX Good? I have Mr. Mime GX too.

    3. Zaphod

      Also, listed prices on Ebay mean nothing. I can list a card for $20,000. Doesn't mean anyone will buy it at that price. I can't believe people still confuse listing price for actual value price.

    4. Vyzed

      Omg I have charzard

    5. Wensley Brands

      Does the value of a Pokemon card decrease if the card is in another language ? I have Blastoise 1995 holocard but it's in Dutch not in english.

    6. F8ST

      me realizing i have like 30 1st gen cards untouched still

    7. America Best country ever

      🔥Check out eBay card store 🔥888 www.ebay.com/usr/wjmarchant

    8. Keith Fairman

      Mine is a raichu hyper rare Thx for advice ! :)

    9. Stickman Gamer

      Im so sad when I am a kid I like to buy pokemon card and I have some holographic and I don't know it have some value and I just throw it when I got 14

    10. Trainer Red

      I just found my halo 2016 magikarp card I came hwr

    11. SusBoy21

      Found a holographic first edition marchamo how do I sell on eBay I’m 13

    12. BOY PIRO


    13. Akori

      Why is your camera zooming in and out all the time? it's very annoying.

    14. AliciaAndFam

      Mine is a mewto and mew GX tag team

    15. PraneshPlayz


    16. YARA_YT entertainment

      Mine are worth ₹10000 🤑

    17. Tommy Mitchell

      So they don't really sell for that much money ? Someone tried saying charizard is worth like 30. 000 dollars

    18. Marios Michael

      thanks bro

    19. Abdullah Aamir

      can anyone tell me if my spanish zoroark turbo and spanish florges turbo worth anything they are 2016 cards and the pokemons are gold for some reason

      1. Abdullah Aamir

        ​@SiwyStudio2013 yeah idk if i wanna believe that

      2. SiwyStudio2013

        they are worth about 1000$ +

    20. pontyballer FC

      PLSS HELP!! i got the holo charzard from evolutions what do i do with it SELL OR KEEP? will it drop in value at all?

      1. Shasta Grape

        Im keeping mine it so cool and will only go up in popularity

    21. ZERO pleyz

      Can you do umbreon ex

    22. Richard Bright

      From Whole video I Only understood what that if cards has fricted whitening s it's value going down. I still dont understand wth Is PSA grading and where I need to look for it on the card For Example I got Holo Magikarp 75/144 and I have no clue what it's worth . But it's in good condition .

    23. Brennan

      You know what I'd like to see? An opening with the new puppy!

    24. Maikel Kian

      I see my pokemon cards and i have so many rare cards

    25. Adjective

      I've got a fat book I knows got some worth, wish i could get appraised online or nearby, like a general glance a price gestimate

      1. Kyle Caissie

        @Adjective just put them away and start saving the 10$ a card for when u have the spare money then get them graded remember its a hobby its like gambling always know your limit

      2. Adjective

        @Kyle Caissie Yeah I wanna do that problem is its more than 10 bucks a card and im broke lol

      3. Kyle Caissie

        The ones u determine are valuable send to psa get them graded first then proceed to get the valued

    26. Thibo De Volder

      I have many old ex cards and some gold star cards which i will be selling soon :)

    27. Fat Letterman

      I have some decent cards however they are all psa -100000000 because I got them when I was really little and absolutely mangled them

    28. Dr.Monkey

      once something goes og in a type of game nothing else becomes og so now I'm sad :(

    29. Spyro Z

      I found someone that has updated the price of the old/vintage tac sets :)... If anyone is struggling to keep up.. usfilm.info/fire/iLRveH6brth5s64/video.html

    30. Sharkernator

      What would a base set charizard in like condition were it went into a washing machine

    31. Ix Rҽʋxɳɠҽ xl

      Guys pokamon😂

    32. Neil Fujiwara

      I would love an update following the madness. I feel that prices have exploded for 1st edition and shadowless.

    33. Wilhelmina Mann

      Where can I go to grade my cards?

    34. Butcher r

      I had no clue this is so much worth I had 2 maps full of insane cards and I sold it 10 years ago for 15 euros

    35. Corazón Oscuro

      What about Japanese sets?

    36. Swæzzy 0

      Just got here found my uncles 5 binder collection form like 20 yrs ago😭

    37. Darth Ween

      So I have a MCharizardEX 108/106 SR from Flashfire I believe with very slight damage on the top and bottom, just a little whitening. I have done research and seen prices ranging from $50-$50,000. In your opinion whats a good price range for me to sell this at? I was thinking between $500-$1000 cause I found a seller who sold an almost mint card for $1294

    38. Reactiveman 100

      Thanks Leon from 5 months ago

    39. Kristian A L Michaelsen

      I have a giratina lvl X i think it isnt that much worth of a card But i never see anybody have it

    40. Have You Tried Crossing Over Yet?

      How do you know what set and what edition they are?

    41. jake mclean

      5:55 what a fruit loop!

    42. Isaac Rodriguez

      Can you make a video on Pokémon card rarities and what the heck shadowless means 😅

    43. Levi Schoepf

      thank you so much for telling us this i counted up for all of my good pokemon and it came to a total of 1223 thank you

    44. MR. Smileiy

      I have a pokedex on sale for $20 lemme know if you're interested guys.

    45. Alessandro Maroth

      do you know what darck raychu white star japponese version is worth?

    46. Your boy Luffy

      I got a rare Japanese card

    47. Jake Galvam

      I'm going to buy some Pokémon cards and sell is it possible

    48. GRAYFOX


    49. Mike Catch’em

      Are my cards worth money Leon? I made a quick video

    50. YST -_-Salty


    51. Stny 420

      Man seeing that pokemon snap stating back there brings back memories lol i want them to remake the game for pc cause there are so many new and better looking pokemon now

    52. WataBug

      @Leonhart ATTN : EX HOLON BOOSTER BOX (SEALED) $1400! I just started a channel bc I plan on buying the booster box but don't have enough for the box. If you want go in half on it we will split the box let me know if you're interested or anyone else that reads this if @Leonhart doesn't see this! Everyone like the comment so he can see it if you want him to get the box if interested but it's a no brainer.

    53. rekr back up

      Why are your teeth louder then you?

    54. Ben Dover

      This is cool I have found my base set cards and have all the rare cards

    55. EON_ ACE

      Question this is very important is dark make it rare I have a dark charizard and wonder how much it is

    56. stacey leblanc

      Talk and talk and talk JUST GET TO THE VID MAN

    57. Roger Griffith

      I have some vitage

    58. Roger Griffith

      Why u dont have 1st base cards an rare ones need info thanks

    59. Tammy Hargreaves

      Hey So i Was looking at Rainbow pokemon cards ppl were selling for 500$ to 300$ to 267$ But idk if there scamming or fakeing it.

    60. Smitt 1014

      I have a 96- 98 charizard card that’s worth like 500-150,000 plus i just don’t know how to tell lol

    61. Brody Jones

      Im whatching this in school

    62. Luis Mercado

      Can you look at like 50 of my best cards and tell me what u think

    63. Caden Sherwood

      Does it cost anything to grade your cards?

    64. Mark Brown

      I have a bunch of pokemon cards any1 tryna buy some? Valuable 1s and regular 1s. Team rocket dark charzards in Japanese English blastoise base set i have whole collection of team rocket 1st edition etc. Serious inquiries only

    65. Brik Van Saene

      is trollandtoad a good website to find pokémon card prices?

    66. Zexie

      ah so I have a card worth 140

    67. nickolai

      I have that chazard one

    68. Not Sure What I’m Doing

      Leonhart54 breaking my heart at 10:14 when he said “I don’t want Cardfight” 😭😭😭

    69. lordofwar

      How much are 1st edition Pokémon cards French edition Charizard?


      Had to fact check that pikachu illustrator come up lol on IG

    71. zacariah belghith

      I have the charizard card and more idk what to so withh them

    72. Tayeef Ahmmed

      On which stores can we go and sell our pokemon cards for a great value rather than selling it online??

    73. That Generic Canadian

      Holy crap thanks for this video! I have a Rayquaza gold star card that I remember seeing selling for around $100 years ago, so I followed along, unrated versions are selling for a decent chunk of change on eBay, and that troll and toad website says they're selling for $3000!?!? I should probably look into getting my card PSA graded!

    74. Cyrus Goldsmith

      One Logan Paul vvideo is all it took now that I have I spent 200 dollars at Walmart on pokeman cars packs I love pokeman

    75. xXDash Studio -o-

      bro.. is it just me or does this dude sound like Markiplier? nah. im hearing voices in my head.

      1. em

        his voice is kind of similar

    76. Aston Bontrager

      So I got a I nidoking evaluations and it’s purple not holo

    77. Blashpo

      Never thought I'd hold a base set one card again until I found my old cards base set 1,2 and fossil also a few team rocket

    78. T Catrell

      Dude don't try so hard. You did well later on; it flowed, but holy crap I was about to stop it...

    79. Chaeem Williams

      I feel like I’m the only one who collected before Logan did

    80. Official Jhazzer

      Who are in here before logan pual or Faze Jarvis And TGFbro

    81. Brian Hallmond

      What about base set edition 2?

    82. Jeremy Harris

      I have a collection of alot of holos Is there anyway to get in contact with you I don't really know what I have but I have doubles it's crazy they were found in a binder charzird and everything holo

    83. The Hybrid Physique

      INSTANT like ! Love this channel!!!!!

    84. Cobalt

      why the fuck did logan paul pay 150K for one charizard if a slightly worse condition is only 50 bucks

    85. Aaron Orbach

      I had 18 of the, somehow

    86. Aaron Orbach

      I have the crazy charizard and that let me get to the right amount of money to get a mortgage for a new place, thx

    87. ethan

      i used to collect them when i was very young, i didn't know much about value back then and stopped when i moved. But I have a rayquaza ex 003/012 but it's in pretty terrible condition unfortunately, been keen on getting back into it but don't know what set to start off with again.

    88. FutPlays

      WHICH Pokemon card would you buy under 1k to invest in heart squad?

    89. SubAlternate

      My friends in third grade game me cards that are now worth 2k combined. One is ripped and worth nothing. I've never bought Pokémon cards but now I kinda want to as I like seeing these cool animal things. I found these cards in a box in my closet years later And money

    90. Carson and Garrett Vlogs

      I just bought a PSA 10 shadowless charmander 1999 for a little over $700. I personally love this starter that much.

    91. Joshua Fraval

      I just sold a 200 dollar pokemon card thanks

    92. Janet Park-Ardebol

      Stop going back and forth from close up to zoom out. It’s nauseating!

    93. Michael

      What if the card is in another language?

    94. SAB3R

      Logan Paul sent me here

    95. Jean Morales

      This guy looks like the dude that plays lucifer morningstar in lucifer

      1. Jean Morales

        @Derek Quinones ikr xD

      2. Derek Quinones

        He sure does 😂

    96. Turtle Man

      POV: you came from Logan Paul

    97. Jeff Quan

      I have a shiny rayquaza troll and toad says 120 and tcg says 60 and other shops on tcg player say 150 what’s the value of this card the number is sl10 btw

    98. Torch Plays

      I have the old hollow charizard lol

    99. XitZ FN


    100. XitZ FN