Open That Coca-Cola (Music by Tyler, The Creator)


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    Open that Coca-Cola!
    What does Coca-Cola even taste like?
    The thing is, it's more than just a taste, it's a feeling beyond words.
    ✨ Oooh! ✨ Aaah! ✨ Yeeah! ✨
    #OpenthatCocaCola #CocaColaKickShuffle

    Published on 14 days ago


    1. Lolbit

      this app is SO BAD

    2. Johann40

      Dislike ads on USfilm

    3. Generic_meme_lord 1337

      Capitalism is weird when it comes to commercials nowadays

    4. Juan Ramos

      Most annoying music ever!!!

    5. Em's DIY

      I'm buying anyone coke thanks to your white racism training

    6. RedStrika

      Be less white -coke

    7. BeetleReacts

      Why's everyone saying "to be less white"?

    8. Astral

      I was going to say this ad is too white for coca-cola but everybody seems to know how to dance so the white factor is low enough to be permissible

    9. Fatemah Farzand

      tylers music makes it better

    10. jose.a gonzalez


    11. Kody Clovis

      Bro don’t even drink coke



    13. Robert Rachwal

      Coca Cola hates white people...

    14. psykollovi


    15. cardellismyname

      Coke tryna make me switch from Dew by including Tyler

    16. Matt Davis

      Coke sux

    17. ari_berry_x

      let’s go tyler

    18. savocado

      *OoOooa* precedes to commit 18 new jersey state felonies

    19. Jelle Born

      This is art

    20. BEEZY 064

      Super proud of Tyler

    21. Stinky_burito

      I’m disappointed in the amount of likes. I hope you dislike their vids

    22. Stinky_burito

      Coke just stop. Please.

    23. zee woo

      *very... japanese commercial-esque...*

    24. A Guy

      Coca-Cola" Be less white" Me"Most White people live in America." So your going to get more white people.

    25. Anthony A

      Those. 808s hit way too hard

    26. Lifewithegypt

      why addison rae was in the bye-

    27. A Guy

      Comment how to be less white in the reply section.

    28. foos don't cry

      Tyler stay makin money

    29. Dikembe Africot Vargas Muñoz

      sono prooo

    30. BGB WIZ

      I'm just not feeling the video... something is missing... just a little touch of less white would of done it perfectly

    31. Tswissie

      Idk what y’all mean. this ad is golden

    32. Jay Scott

      But ...he's white?

    33. Dorfid

      Its so cringe

      1. Dorfid

        Only thing good about it is that tyler made a song

    34. Anon

      Overreacting explanation video:

    35. Bowenier


    36. Ryan

      Glad to know my PepsiCo stock is safe and secure.

    37. AceOfSpades

      for how much they say be less white i think that they are putting white things in their products again. coke, nice try on trying to distract us from coke usage in the beverage. not gonna work

    38. Breddys Rojas

      Is he trying to be the next Wes Anderson? XD


      This commercial sucks, but the song is a banger ngl.

    40. Tim

      Switching from coke to crack to be less white.

    41. stickom

      Make it milk-white ill buy again, until...

    42. Maribel 2.0

      Si al tomar Coca-Cola hago el loco como los del anuncio, mejor me bebo un zumo

    43. Le Cheems

      This ads only saving grace was Tyler's music.

    44. Leonardi Produções

      Why so many people mad in the comments?

    45. TheIrishStew

      Therapist: “Real-life Grubhub Ad doesn’t exist” Real-life Grubhub Ad:

    46. JD Linton

      Puts the coke in Coca Cola again

    47. Eddie Haddox

      Why they have the language of my sims characters

    48. aaryan naik

      Came here for Tyler

    49. Sarah Curnayn

      Happy 30th Birthday Tyler, The Creator! 🧇

    50. genuinelyhorrible

      why is nobody talking about how awful the actual ad is

    51. Lorenzo Von Matterhorn

      This ad makes Pepsi taste even better

      1. genuinelyhorrible


    52. Max Ghost

      Since when did Americans start making Japanese commercials

    53. jamjam731


    54. Tyler McFarland

      Best commercial I’ve ever seen

    55. ItzAnthony

      Sheesh bro 🔥

    56. Mangua


    57. NERD LOSER

      I only like this is bc tyler madre the song

    58. Victor Herron

      Let’s be honest we all here for Tyler

    59. Agam Shrivastava

      Imagine being so desperate for new music that you start to listen to commercial on loop...hah couldn't be me...hah..

    60. Robert Atkinson

      This advert is cringe.

    61. Crazy Bros Cael

      This is the product of boomer’s trying to all “hip” and “cool” with the younger generation.

    62. itz Becky boo

      What is in that cola 😭😭 but this song is fire

    63. marco f

      Das ist das bescheuerste was ich je gesehen habe

    64. Madeline Summington

      tyler condensed cherry bomb into 1 song and gave it to coca cola

    65. Stand Stand

      'I'll have a Jack Daniels and..[in head] less less please barman' .

    66. Appleheads’s Best friend

      How has this exist for 1 week and I haven’t seen it? 😟

    67. Bacon Hair

      Don't forget to be less white kids.

    68. Wesley Fry


    69. Riccardo Frank Mancuso

      ammazza che spot

    70. Jace Brown

      They really flexed on grubhub HARD when they got Tyler the goat on here

    71. MartianMusic

      This ad would’ve been horrendous if it weren’t for Tyler’s music.

      1. B P

        it's still horrendous. tylers better than this.

      2. bungmug

        grubhub ad 2

    72. Manu Drolyag


    73. Вася Куралесов


    74. Demigod

      I would love to try a coke once, but I am white 😔

    75. buu singh

      be less black.does it hurt? if yes then why this ad

    76. Jacques Rossier

      Isn't Coca-Cola responsible for straining the water in different regions of India, which subsequently caused droughts and for local populations to leave their home place ?

    77. Clemen Brizio

      Mejor un comercial para condones troyan

    78. Clemen Brizio

      Bailan bien feo

    79. Ruby In the Rough

      Honestly I’m here for anything Tyler. That’s on purr.

    80. ghoulunathics

      "reverse racism" as those few media companies who even told about this called it doesn't exist - it's just racism and coke conk is the most racist company of our lifetime for telling it's employees to be less white.

    81. Drexel

      I’m kinda glad I don’t drink coco cola anymore

    82. imViTaL

      happy birthday ty🥳🥳

    83. brandy mendoza


    84. RoiTheBoi

      Coke didn’t try to be black. It try to be like a energy drink

    85. dezyy

      i think the trend now is to make extremely cringe commercials but massive W for tyler

    86. rip-yo-toodooles Jack

      who remembers those mtn dew commercials with the goat

      1. Huracan360

        That was a way better commercial but ppl are ❄️

    87. Beatrice Wilson

      I’m just here for the Tyler song lol

    88. AK47

      What happened to being proud of your skin color talking to the people in the comments

    89. Walter Henninges

      Blöde Werbung 🤮

    90. onesyphorus Ὀνησίφορος

      what a way to end your 20s lol

    91. onesyphorus Ὀνησίφορος

      imagine how much nostalglia people who saw the mtn dew ad must be feeling rn

    92. Cynical Cake

      Coca cola should change name to something less white as we all know coke is white and it can't be less white. Just sayin.

    93. Arrion Archie

      i can't believe tyler the creator is 30 now...

    94. 我是空的囧

      Coca-Cola sales after this music video:📈📈📈📈📈📈

      1. Huracan360

        Coca Cola sales after telling people to be less white 📉📉📉📉📉📉

    95. RoostaTube

      To see Tyler the Creator fans NOT being the cringe part of the comment section, proud of y'all

    96. atwarwithsatan27

      lol taste the poison

    97. m harris

      let’s hope this commercial doesn’t get banned this time

    98. Vöödlandröamer

      Don’t b whyte

    99. plastic bag

      half the comments are people talking about the video and the other half are people who got triggered by diversity training

      1. Daniel Berger

        "be less white" muh "diversity" training, if you cant see blatant racism when its staring in your face lol