Built Secret Treehouse City! *24 Hours*

Funk Bros

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    We built a treehouse in our backyard!
    Text Us! (1-951-524-7847) @Capron Funk @Corey Funk
    Funk Brand: funkbrand.co/
    MANAGEMENT: s.jacobs@bep-la.com

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    1. Gary Powell

      Nice tree house I wanted like that

      1. Gary Powell

        And what's the other Mini Hoop with it and what's up PS5 what's the PS5 PS3 add a PS and comment down below if you see the notifications cut the Bell

      2. Gary Powell

        With the Xbox. No.

      3. Gary Powell

        I want to other mini hoop cuz I want a Mini Hoop micro and it will be all better to put other TV in it what's the Xbox

      4. Gary Powell

        And I want a mini who and with the TV in it

    2. Magnus Evison

      your click bait and cheesy.

    3. Magnus Evison

      your click bait and cheesy.

    4. Magnus Evison

      your click bait and cheesy.

    5. Magnus Evison

      your click bait and cheesy.

    6. Maras Life

      That looks so cool

    7. Aaron and Jessica Siefring

      do hide and seek in the tree house city

    8. Amanda Otwell


    9. Carson Affleck

      i unsubscribed because you swear

    10. Max Smith

      Should put a foam pit at the bottom of the slack line then u can balance across without hurting yourself

    11. Elliot Bast Wiklund

      More tree house

    12. Ts_sweetfeet 22

      You guys should build a huge underground trampoline or trampoline park

    13. tanischa nelson

      Bro do you guys ship to South Africa with merch.

    14. Øffical Pøtatø

      you should put a flying fox in it leading to a slide that leads to a MASSIVE underground bunker with 5 floors

    15. Sasa Milenkovic

      Good videos

    16. justin coralde

      Can u add zipline ?

    17. Cori

      you should have made a slide from the tree house to the pond that would have been amazing

    18. Kristine Currier

      They should do a last to leave treehouse city video

    19. Julie Jenkins

      Omfg, someone is gonna die tryna cross that stupid chicken wire "bridge"! Lol

    20. Aubrey Archer

      THEY ARE SUPER CRAZY!!!! (in a good way)

    21. Ryan Parris

      Who’s here 2021 New Year’s Eve

    22. skla71


    23. McKaylee Willis

      He is the only dad that is allowed to say lit 😂😂😂

    24. Chayton Custalow


    25. Beatriz Vazquez

      Cory: this is a tree friendly video cory cuts down a tree tree: bruh this son of a lumber Jack

    26. Ray Rowe

      You should do a calab whith dangie bros

    27. Sharon Penaflor

      My name is Lucy

    28. Angela tatad


    29. Lindsay Mercer

      No one gonna talk about the scissors just stabbed into a tree

    30. Lily Saada

      I might do this for my channel

    31. Linh Nguyễn

      The regular ethernet approximately attract because methane microscopically label to a fascinated panty. jittery, successful box

    32. Sierra Ray

      3:50 it look liked there was a lot of brids then I was like ohhh thats leave

    33. iahm4dx2

      This would be soooo good in the zombie apocalypse like if im right

    34. S Stallan

      I love tree houses,it's fun to play in😘😍😉😎♥️

    35. Davidneuy99

      I love how Corey has professional contractor level Milwaukee tools, I have the same ones for work haha

    36. RAIDEN musick

      your the best USfilmr pls like this

    37. Evan Martin

      Safest place to go in an apocalypse is the funk house

    38. The Halls

      That’s my name my name is Lucy my nickname is Lucy goosy

    39. Samantha Moore

      Where’s billy

    40. Jason Guard

      Yaaa H I

    41. awesomebananas

      Funk bro's are the best

    42. Jaxton Blasko

      They should put some curtains on the window

    43. Anna J

      The funk bros is like Minecraft irl

    44. TOASTY 012

      These are the best funyines people ever

    45. Alonso Luna

      Why does capron never HELPS YALL LAZY AS BOY 👦

      1. Alonso Luna


    46. Ian Bates

      Hi funk bros I was think you should do a challenge build 10 little square for you 10 people and you can paint it and design it and when you finish decorating it do 24 hours it you little house and I am a big big big fan x

    47. Daniel Sheppard

      So sick

    48. Sergio Castillo

      I always wanted a treehouse

    49. Jou_ma_is_n_man Gaming

      Ive veen watching all your videos since day 1 i remeber the trampoline ones were my favorite

    50. Matt Fitzsimmons

      I love the Funk bros

    51. Renee St John

      I love you funk bros

    52. Jillian Rickard

      SAM MY BROTHER!!!!!!!!

    53. Rhona Miller

      hi fam

    54. William Stuebs

      Corey u should put a trampoline in the tree house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    55. Natasha Mackenzie

      Love the stuff the funk bros do but capron needs to shut the f**k up about him his wife and bloody baby. He is the most annoying person ever.

    56. Cass Bradley

      Trash you should make it better and arecade jump park

    57. Taro #863#

      You Guys are Amazing

    58. Jaydin Ostrander

      Will it deflate😂😂😂

    59. lucas pereda

      nailing dead trees to trees

    60. 1999ManMustang

      holy cow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are the best

    61. Timo VDM

      Nederlanders hier?

      1. DANIII


    62. Charisse Florida

      Now we have less oxygen ur fault

    63. A Gaming Life

      I love you so much. Funk Bros

    64. doire aintu

      “The funk bros always build epic stuff” no lies were told

    65. Ryleigh Bates

      Make a boy cave

    66. Someone

      Omg the tree is named after me ‘Lucy’ 😂

    67. Daniel Egler

      What's the difference between you guys dangie Bros in morejstu

    68. Aiden Ritz

      donate 100 bucks to team trees

      1. doire aintu

        Capron: Corey you other Funk funker funkity funk brother, are you ok? Corey: Yes ma,am. Capron: HARD SHOOK

    69. Nolinski

      Lol the title says they did it in 24hrs yet it took then man three days to build one building

    70. EllieMello !

      And still to this day we don’t know if Corey recovered from his brothers kiss.. 😂😂😂✨❤️

    71. bilishu aliss

      They are living the life of kids and everyone

    72. Donovan Hicks

      Corye dose every thing

    73. Luca LaSala

      make a trampolen park

    74. Halfdan Dev

      14:03 Gay

    75. Callie Summer

      how do i get early access please repond

      1. bilishu aliss

        The y spent $ 1,217.19 on the wood and metal

    76. Callie Summer

      im confused its 10 oclock eastern time and the merch still hasnt benn realesed

    77. Parkourer 72

      God bless y’all!! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!

    78. Benjamin Boucher

      “We got a baby coming if you didn’t know she’s pregnant” hmmm wonder how that happened?

    79. eriver gaston

      If its secrets then why is it in the open

    80. Kasey R.

      You will eventually need to resize any of the holes around the trunks or cut out those trunks cause they will split the wood most professional tree house builders would say the same

    81. doliio volay

      They are living the life of kids and everyone

    82. Brodie Nelson

      Capron: Corey you other Funk funker funkity funk brother, are you ok? Corey: Yes ma,am. Capron: *HARD SHOOK*

    83. Earl P

      How else went to watch this from tiktok

    84. Cheri Dunn

      Spend 2 days in the tree house

      1. doliio volay

        Are you a Christian

    85. Reece Darbonne

      i wish my dad can do that

    86. ZXD _Anonymous

      I have been really sad lately cause my dog died but I know I can come to your Chanel and laugh no matter what

    87. Norbert Lafleche-Morin

      you hurt THE TREE!!!!!!!!

    88. Shoxzz

      i forgot about these poeple and i remeber like more bros

    89. Vincent C

      The y spent $ 1,217.19 on the wood and metal

    90. Emily Rouch

      I wish I could build stuff like that

    91. Jorene Lim

      Funk bros should make a pool,like if you agree

    92. yuoop noke

      put cut-outs of shapes in-between the slack lines so you can try and jump through them on the trampoline 10:37

    93. Spencer Berger

      Is tease of the ropes put a zip line

    94. x_Jxicy

      No trees were harmed in the making of this video

    95. Saad Awawda

      I like Corey because I’m short

    96. Lucy Peck

      My name is Lucy

      1. yuoop noke

        At 10:17

    97. Khloe Diaz

      You shoud do last to leave Treehouse wins a new phone

    98. Jimmy Roberts

      Funk bros vs Dangie Bros vs MoreJstu three team budget challenge needs to happen!