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    Published on 16 days ago


    1. BoiEatsnack

      you know you can present this to the government and it can be used in the military for cutting through unbreakable vault doors but you should make more prototypes in the next few years before it can be used in combat

    2. The prince of fools

      My only, and I mean this ONLY, problem is that it’s very short.

    3. robert turni

      Today I learned steak is more effective than steel for making security doors.

    4. Jacob Hare

      Lightsaber pro tip: Cutting through things slowly and dramatically won't help you in the heat of battle, strike fast, if you need to cut through something, cut through it quickly, just... try not to set anything on fire, well, aside from whatever you want to hit, of course.

    5. Hayden Hellowell

      “haha canada harmless” *makes lightsaber*

    6. Rickest of Ricks

      If a real-life lightsaber doesn't make you wanna Sub I don't know what will.

    7. Liam Cameron

      A bit damaged, is an understatement.

    8. Rickest of Ricks

      OOOO MA GAWD, he did it, he made a lightsaber! :0

    9. Levi Briggs

      No more props I guess for Star Wars or mandolorian And the army now has a more advanced weapon so run And so do criminals

    10. cRaytivemAN

      Yo you want your meat medium or well done? Na lightsabered Ok

    11. TheMyHeroGamer

      Hey could you create the grenade gauntlets from my hero acedamia

    12. meL

      Dibs on a spot for this guys house when the world is going shambles

    13. Krishna Rai

      3:32 , Hacksmith : We know light sabers can cut off limbs Me : confused screaming

    14. Sutter K.

      They made something pretty scary 😄



    16. Trevion Wright

      Swing it faster 😫

    17. Kevin Goeminne

      Thats the best version i have ever seen without a doubt nicely done

    18. Steven Ditommaso

      Oxygen acetylene would be way hotter!

    19. Tumbleweed Lights

      So basically you made the world's most bad-ass plasma cutter. Shut up and take my money.

    20. Noob Plays

      3:46 oh my god... It’s edible now

    21. Dev Chandarana

      This man is having way too much fun honestly this Is hilarious

    22. Tropicanz

      That isn't a lightsaber dude... that's a proton pack.

    23. John Huggins

      if it was not conectied with something it wud be perfect

    24. Foxyajmills

      If I had a lightsaber I would cut jedi scum

    25. C crazy5675

      Not a real lightsaber

    26. Robina Qader

      3:41 When the only thing to cook your steak is a lightsaber

    27. MineSpinne


    28. IceNsalt

      This dude has more of an arsenal than the US military

    29. Alex Vega

      My phone just overheated

    30. Mndew645


    31. Kevin Douglas

      It's cool, but it's just not very sword-like in practicality... more like a flame thrower.

    32. Paris Paris

      Wanna cook steaks in an instant? No problem, just use your lightsaber

    33. NeedFor_Burnout HD

      Am nerding out bro this is neat bro nice stuff man.

    34. Elijah Carfa

      Would two of these plasma lightsabers be able to hit each other or would they pass through each other?

    35. Gaming With Momo

      Now let's try it on a human

    36. Rey Nemaattori

      What if you used acetylene instead of propane? wouldn't it burn much hotter?

    37. blueridgeocean

      Perfect murder weapon 👌 👏

    38. Spencer A

      SPACE FORCE!!! 👍🏻

    39. Ashton TheGamer

      Everyone’s childhood dream

    40. Iron man


    41. NightShade

      precision flame thrower

    42. Guilherme D'ravem

      Needed a video only for the car destruction with plasmasaber!

    43. Shining Darkness

      This is so close to literally being a protosaber

    44. NotSoRealistic

      This is really cool but.......... they essentially made a giant welder

    45. Avocado 776 593

      Imagine if someone brakes into your house in the middle of the night and they just see down the dark hallway, a lightsaber ignite

    46. KeithDerp

      this guy made these gears for the zombie apocalypse

    47. • Zealot •

      These are actually the guys who will lead us to the future

    48. Han's Nonsense

      Up next: the world's first lightsaber manscaper!

    49. hanzul's cadoodles

      WW3:starts Them:*time to shine*

    50. Driving In Style

      Why don't you put on the flying boots you wore in the video that came out on November 7, 2016 so you can fly with the jetpack?

    51. Driving In Style

      Why don't you put on the flying boots you wore in the video that came out on November 7, 2016 so you can fly with the jetpack?

    52. Filipe Silva

      dislikers are from dark side

    53. Brian Yang

      The Lightsaber: Named the most efficient meat roaster ever made

    54. SpackJarow

      Imagine pulling that out on a barbacue party

    55. Natalka Galova

      Excelent coking yutencil

    56. Christian Baker

      Execute order 66

    57. iamcarlton carew

      Can it cut through bullet proof glass

    58. DeekBlox

      Idea: rolling droideka

    59. DeekBlox

      This guy is a USfilmr? I thought he would at least be a ceo of military weapons

    60. Dennis C. D.

      It comes with sound 😀

    61. Bateddust YT

      Somewhere aliens are grasping the fact we can control plasma now

    62. fouoii gyhh

      1980's: I bet we'll have flying cars 2020: Nah, but we got lightsabers

    63. hype _o.p

      He's not a Jedi cutting throught the tie fighter it's Moff Gideon. He works for the empire

    64. Islem Bhy

      2:24 IRON MAN WAS HERE 💀💀💀💀💀💀

      1. fouoii gyhh

        This is the future

    65. Islem Bhy


    66. Spine Apples

      4:27 watch James back step for his life as bogden almost sets his hair on fire


      7:52 lololol

    68. James J

      lightsaber != hand held flame thrower

    69. Adrian Jay Abregar

      Dude light saber was like a laser not a fire or whatever

    70. mrbbm2000

      Visually stunning, but what about the sound? You justed pasted the sound effects from Star Wars -right? I’d have much rather listen to the actual sound it makes.

    71. olli_h

      Great! Now we just need to find a way to make it more powerful, longer and find an infinite power source Also this is really cool how its basically a protosaber, this is probably the closest humanity ever got to a real lightrsaber

    72. Isak_ E

      Vader suuuuuuit

    73. LeonidasGFX

      3:52 that meat isn't even Pittsburgh style anymore, it's just straight up Tatooine style

    74. Trumpet You

      I would cut down London Bridge,singing London Bridge is falling down Falling Down. Just because it is a well know Nursery Rhyme we Scots was taught @ Scho0l.

    75. DLC ENERGY

      But can it deflect lasers?

    76. Louis Baran-Candrea

      can u burn a motercycle

    77. zoltar the dark lord

      W-what is this?

    78. Itz Hydro

      At this point Elon musk should hire him...

    79. 509g1

      Why couldn't you light sabre the tyres :(

    80. Google User

      This is the future

    81. Mr Overgryph

      6:17 "Oh, it's melting! AND EXPLODING!!"

    82. EnderAssassin Recentes

      3:56 dude this is not for fighting its also for cooking XD

    83. Blake Sheridan

      I love this channel and i found it twenty nine minutes ago

    84. EnderAssassin Recentes

      Lets see them make a portal gun next

    85. GD

      See How much everone is intrested in devastation

    86. cungusla among us

      make another one and make a duel

    87. dominik nik

      "What would you destroy with a lightsaber?" GENERAL KENOBI

    88. Dina Luzma

      feels like im watching a video that will one day be in the history books 3000 years into the future talking about how the first prototypes of lightsabers were pretty primitive

    89. CT Bland

      Ew sequel trilogy

    90. Amber thorn

      Imagine if robber broke in to his house 0-0

    91. Jk Lol


    92. The Infinite Draw

      This is honestly very awesome, but still basically boils down to being a flamethrower. I can't wait for the day you can make something like this that doesn't require the massive back pack!

    93. whatsuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

      Very similar setup to the very first star wars lightsabers

    94. Noham's Kitchen

      That turkey died to have its body melted by a light sabre

    95. Rhymes Times

      this man really making war weapons here

    96. DEEPCLONE 1467

      Just imagine what the military can do with this.

    97. KennyKlogginz1

      An Excellent build. In the future with more efficient power sources. Putting out insane amounts. Maybe they will have one without the need for backpacks of gas

    98. JM Lure

      Way to Awesome

    99. world mirai

      11 m for this junk.

    100. Nathan Paul Reddoch Boi Gaming And Friends

      I Wood to destroy a Buy drink