iPhone 12 vs 12 Pro DROP Test! 4x Stronger Ceramic Shield!

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    iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro Drop Test! Extreme durability testing the 'Toughest glass in any smartphone'.. Ceramic Shield glass has incredible results!
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    iPhone 12 DEEP Water Test!
    Last years 11 Pro Drop Test: usfilm.info/fire/nbunlaKahtGD3KY/video.html
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    1. i ViRuZ i

      The Nokia almost had a competitor...

    2. Life As day

      dude why would u do that i could had used that

    3. emily rodriguez garcia

      My iphone 12 pro max identical to the one in the video fell for the first time from a height of 22 in from the back it broke, it broke the first time, I don't know if it was bad luck or what happened, I'm devastated and disappointed I don't know how yours did not break.

    4. Jeanne Chelsea Abenojar

      Why are you doing this when someone wishes to have this phone. Actually this is my dream phone😭😭

    5. A Alwahbi

      الله يكسر يدك كان عطيتني إياه 😩

    6. Julian Finnerty

      Although IPhone is a pretty durable phone. I'll will perfer android. But I think a iphone can be a good phone :)

    7. Lukas

      I looked at the 10 feet face down result and thought like oh its broken and then i noticed that my screnprotector is broken.oops😂

    8. Crypto

      when he dropped it from his head and onwards especially screen down i started cringing

      1. Julian Finnerty

        Its sad that early comments get nothing. But late ones that aren't even funny or relatable get 5k likes.

    9. FanOfTheGoddess

      It‘s a Fake iPhone 12 pro from Wish. the camera is very different on 12 Pro

    10. victoriaisaverage

      y'all aren't dropping it on its corner i see right thru u

    11. Gon

      I have the iPhone 12!! :D

    12. Jemson Kiyam

      We cannot buy that phone cus that is very cost.you guys are breaking and destroying every new iphone so you guys are mad or crazy .so instead of breaking or destroying give to me.🙄

    13. Nina Yuliana

      buat aku aja atuh:(

    14. johntheGoat 23

      12 pro baby buy a case ppl

    15. xin ji

      how can i afford that iphone

    16. shubham singh

      Plzz donate me 😭😭😭

    17. arnel derlic

      don't do this at home 😁

    18. Nike Freak

      I cringe every time he drops one 😂😩


      Look any time i have cracked my screen it has been on asphalt with uneven surfaces like rocks that centralize the impact to one spot unlike your perfectly smooth floor

    20. Brodee Raney

      Have a buddy dropped his iphone 11 pro from waist height and cracked his screen so what gives 🤣

    21. Narjit -Vlog

      Sir plessis give me a phone please sir

    22. AE BNCV

      希望有Traditional Chinese subtitles謝謝🙏 #Taiwan

    23. Møhämmēđ Äñås

      Man instead of doing that, just give me, i am sitting with iphone 6😐💔

    24. KL F

      damn !! that impact on the ground feels like getting hit straight into the balls , so painful

    25. DaddyKun_t

      drop em on a pile of rocks or sand for an all terrain strength test

    26. alex wood

      @iupdate I know right😂😂

    27. ilaria verasio

      It’s very painful to watch 😂

    28. emes

      just use a case lmao

    29. nahzatul fatma

      I feel so much hurt watching this vid😭😭😭😭😭😭

    30. Anny & Marlons

      Maluco da desgraça 😭 eu aqui querendo um

    31. weird bizarre


    32. Benjamin Gaiety

      Why you excited over something that looks the same as before, dropping them is the best thing you can do

    33. richieb74

      This is crazy lol how???

    34. AJ Issa

      My heart ❤️ broke with this 😢😢🥺

    35. Blackbeard’s Adventure and Outdoor Stories

      No power adapter. But people are still retarded enough to pay 1000$ for less

    36. Blackbeard’s Adventure and Outdoor Stories

      „WOW great job apple“ Are you serious??!! They took the design of iPhone 4. I hate this fake youtube, stupid influenza sh**

    37. My name Jeff

      Apple have done a good job i remember my 2 day old 7 max drop from my pocket aaaand we all know what happend 😁

    38. Mercy Daniel

      Iphone 12 pro max

    39. Clinchin 2k

      These videos are kinda pointless like who uses there phones without a case 😂


      I think I am very late but I still wanna participate in give away

    41. everyone deserves to live

      just watched an entire 5 minute ad about a phone case . id say that’s a dam good commercial

    42. Tuấn Kiệt

      I am hesitating between iPhone 12 (the normal version not a pro or mini) and iPhone 11 Pro (Not Pro Max), can anyone give me suggestions? I'm playing PUBG MOBILE and Area of Valor, my need for a phone is Battery, Performance, and Camera. I will use it for the next 3 to 5 years.

      1. Tuấn Kiệt

        @Gautam Garg I also think that

      2. Gautam Garg

        Go for 11 pro

    43. Abu bakr Alnuaimi

      If this was my phone from first drop will break up all

    44. Wael Alnajar

      U make the same mistake as me and say it’s 11 like me 🤣

    45. Manish Kumar

      One iPhone 12 gift me bro 😋😋

    46. Abhishek Sambath

      when i watch the iphone 12 pro fall and the glass shatter slo-mo Apple fans: true suffering

    47. Aidan Sanchez

      this hurts to watch

    48. HRK 24x7

      Sir Can u plz plz give me one Iphone 12...plz plz

    49. Princess Bianca

      All thanks to *mactools* ôñ Instagram he helped me I got my free iPhone 12promax from Amazon

    50. Princess Bianca

      All thanks to *mactools* ôñ Instagram he helped me I got my free iPhone 12promax from Amazon...

    51. ᄋᄋ

      떨어트릴 때마다 내가 울고있어...

    52. Weizz

      If someone from the future can answer me how the iphone 30 looks like then hello future person, I am from 2020, Coronavirus

    53. Hp Ralte Official

      Dont do it again, please send it to me, i give you shipping adress details

    54. BoxyKoala

      i had a mous case on and when dropped my phone on accident from my hand the whole back shattered

    55. Ivel Danieri

      Man it's soooo painful whatching you do that!!!

    56. Nelson Adolfo

      The iPhone 12 and 12 pro are very strong with that strong shield and that strong screen


      the best case for your iphone : www.ebay.com/itm/Transparent-Shockproof-Soft-Silicone-Case-for-iPhone-12-11-Pro-Max-/193769583806?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292

      1. seeni gzty

        Doesn’t he know that iPhones only break when dropped accidentally

    58. Shawnta Anderson

      Bro I dropped my phone on my bathroom floor and the floor has a weird material finish idk what it is but it’s not hard at all and it cracked like bruh

      1. seeni gzty

        When I see u drop that phone it breaks my heart

    59. Pratik Kadam

      Give me a one phone sir

    60. R.D. Wickz

      If you want to break the iphone, pls give it to me... because there are many people in this world who love to use iphone but do not have the money to buy it.

    61. LUCIFER

      Commented on your post doing it every day Notice me efforts Wanna win

    62. Kevin

      Drop from head height, nothing happened. Me: Drop from a stool, the whole phone scraped 😤😤😤

    63. ゴマたこ焼き屋


    64. bocoy noiu


    65. William Cecilia Amie

      All thanks to hevron202 via IG he helped me fixed mine within 20minutes

    66. William Cecilia Amie

      Having a hard time with my phone till I meet hevron202 via insta who helped me perfectly unlocking my phone

    67. Won Min

      weird how I get both anxiety and immense satisfaction seeing the phone screens shatter

      1. bocoy noiu

        everyone gansta until apple wasn’t kidding

    68. Ilyes Saadi

      La tu les casse mais j’espère que tu vas le réparer

    69. Katharina Chen

      Why do you let your phone fall down? 😓

    70. Z Z

      This is so damn painful to watch hahaha..I’m gonna get the iPhone 12 for Christmas and I’m already now worried about dropping it ahhhh

      1. Lucifer Morningstar

        @Z Z yes im a lucifer fan love it Yea i get the i phone 12 and it will be there in a week this is my first i phone im scared that i wouldnt like it 876.30€ is a lot of money

      2. Z Z

        @Lucifer Morningstar Lucifer fan? Uhhh..same :)) I absolutely don’t know what case I should buy, because of this MagSafe thing and all in all it’s so complicated ahhhh..I want a very good and safe one but I don’t want to pay 50bugs for that shit ngl haha

      3. Lucifer Morningstar

        Me to im gonna get it in a week im so scared too that it will break

    71. Manoj Negi


    72. Φωτεινή Ραΐση

      When I see u drop that phone it breaks my heart

    73. oiuet souiu

      Doesn’t he know that iPhones only break when dropped accidentally

    74. Novita Ardiyanti

      Dari pada dibeubeutkeun kitu mah mending keur urang we atuh, lebar ninggali na ge. Urang mah can kabeuli, ieu nu geus ka beuli kalah dibeubeutkeun. #cik atuh mikir

    75. Justin Leonardi

      Everythingapplepro buys iphone 12" Iphone 12: My first and last day has come 🥀💀

    76. Ong Narukami

      this hurts my eye

      1. oiuet souiu

        iPhones in the states built different

    77. Katherine Carr

      "Everythingapplepro buys iphone 12" Iphone 12: My first and last day has come 🥀💀

    78. Poopagedon Guy

      He’s very proud of the results and he says its not as durable on the 12 pro when his side drops became face and other stuff if u want to watch drop tests go to @phonebuff that one’s much better

    79. Poopagedon Guy

      His drop tests are all stupid

    80. Poopagedon Guy

      His intro should be what’s up guys every apple fanboy here

      1. Poopagedon Guy

        @Gautam Garg lol

      2. Poopagedon Guy

        @Gautam Garg kinda funny how people reply

      3. Gautam Garg

        @Poopagedon Guy k android fuckboy

      4. Poopagedon Guy

        @Gautam Garg cuz ur such a gullible person

      5. Poopagedon Guy

        @Gautam Garg ur cringe

    81. Giovanna de Souza

      this gave my broke ass ✨anxiety✨

    82. Ron Swanson

      everyone gansta until apple wasn’t kidding

    83. Nyia Bedell

      is it me or just this vid just give me anxiety

    84. infinite team

      oh i wish i had the iphone 12 pro or 11

    85. Smilebul

      starts at 3:37

    86. TheGamersPerspective

      I wanna see it drop on stones or a rock

    87. amjd alswat

      oh My heart

    88. Medscarf Nessen

      Iseng aja

    89. Wira Hayat

      Watched this video to make myself feel better after dropping my iPhone 12 pro.

    90. Kirann Kornat

      Still don’t want to test it myself

    91. Rufaro Shoko

      iPhones in the states built different

    92. propropro pro

      very satisfying thankyou!

    93. ADekoB pro max ultra

      I saw a vid in which a person opens the iPhone 12 box and then the phone falls down on the floor and it breaks into

      1. ADekoB pro max ultra

        And I was wondering that every iPhone 12 will break or not that's why I was this video

    94. Yeetis Diabeetis

      WHAT ARE THOSE!! these are my HU’s

    95. Ron Kingly

      This is a fanboy test. If the reviewer was serious or legit, he would have dropped it on an asphalt pavement or a concrete sidewalk. Don't be fooled. The screen would have exploded under that situation which is where 90% of all crack screen come from

    96. crystalidx

      If I did that I would scream.

    97. Diex Pubg


    98. MessessArt Z-Force

      Am I the only one having WiFi problems on iOS 14.2?

    99. Ryan Manav01

      The fact that i have that blue iphone and this vid is 4k is sooo nice cuz i had a iphone 6s before this so idk its a massive upgrade ... just me oh ok

    100. Shoby Milan

      Can You Give Me one @aaronpaul.iga@gmail.com