Applying ALL My 171(!!) PALETTES To My Face! OMG! | NikkieTutorials

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    Today I’m doing the hardest challenge of MY LIFE… a subscriber asked me to apply one shadow out of EVERY SINGLE eyeshadow palette in my collection. Yes, today I’m applying 171 palettes to my face, and the final results are… SCARY! Hope you enjoy, and please don’t forget to subscribe!
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. NikkieTutorials


      1. Niv rose


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      3. Sienna Robinson

        1 😅

      4. haikyuu planet !!

        0 :((

      5. Jackie

        One and it's like a mini smokey eye palette so it has 4 shades of grey😂😂

    2. Mc.Nialler

      This woman just used over 100 palletes to do her makeup and she still pulled it off, IS THERE NOTHING SHE CANT DO?? 🤩😍

    3. claude murphy

      can anyone tell me what pallette she's using at 12:13 ?

    4. Allison S

      I panicked when she started they eyes because she was going to have to go back and find the color from each palette, then she did a different one and i could breath again

    5. Sean Nowling

      I have literally 135 😬 I need help I just can’t stop buying them

    6. Amber Kerr

      Nikkie:I am going to take a brake on the eyes, 1second later on the eyes again

    7. Savannah

      How does she do it?????

    8. Nazia Islam Mim

      WOW 😱😱😱 just WOW

    9. JayMakeup enthusiast sipy

      Moe Instagram : sipystroki

    10. JayMakeup enthusiast sipy

      Crystalmeth...od Edit: i love it! But that word just reminded me of that. Lel

    11. Fau Sidu

      Love you.

    12. Aleksandra Djordjevic

      this is so L E G E N D A R Y !! to whoever suggested this video, you da real MVP!

    13. Sharyl Florette

      "What eyeshadow are you wearing?" "Yes."

    14. Jake elwafi

      Nikkie is giving me ahs' Michael Langdon (Cody Fern) vibes so much

    15. Sunflower Blossom

      Nikkie how long did this take to take this off and did this stain ur face

    16. Avery Garrett

      This would take a while to get off

    17. Andrea Mesa Makeup

      I’m so moe of not having this palette 😫 @andreamesamakeup

    18. Neha Naveed

      "Oh i wanna rub my face in this 😂 Next Challenge".... DO IT!!!!! 😂♥️😍

    19. Yunoa_Alvina

      This is basically Glam + Clown and it’s so fucking beautiful like, seriously, what CAN’T you do with makeup!?!?!?!

    20. Sharyl Florette

      "What eyeshadow are you wearing?" "Yes."

    21. Imen Hashim

      MOEEEEEEE also i dont do instagram.

    22. Barney The Dinosaur

      Literally Nikkie is an unproblematic queen

    23. Amber K

      Dat zijn veel paletten! 😍 daar wordt je wel moe van ja haha. Mijn favoriete kant is rechts ✨✨ ig als ik win: @amberxkoster._ ❤️❤️

    24. Marie Vanhulle

      Moe @marievanhulle, purple side 🤩

    25. Fun and goofy Vlogs with Safa

      Done done and moe


      She used like a 1000 of pallets but ones again nailed it

    27. donya Reese

      She does her makeup better than me i am jealous because she does her makeup beutfull

    28. Roma Watkins


    29. Shre ya

      I did this challenge!! Except for the fact that I have 2

    30. gabriel vargas


    31. Maddie G

      I love Dylan and all but he sounds like Gru from despicable me and I’m here for it😂🤍

    32. Charlotte Saunders

      I LOVE this look! Love it!

    33. Koko Shaw

      Nikkie on May 10th, 2018: Gonna do the green makeup challenge and if you know me you know green is not my favorite color for makeup or in life... Nikkie now: OH! Look at this pretty green! It must be on my face!

    34. skeet gang

      what was the very first palette she used for the second eye? i saw it said morphe but which one?? i MUST know

    35. it's Nabila

      You have to be a singer your voice is so beautiful

    36. Arpina Mangar

      Moe🐴 171 pallets😱 Loved your look😙

    37. jenin bader

      moe "tired"

    38. Bria Quinn

      Nikkie: I have 171 palettes Me: I have one palette that I had to buy in secret because my mom does not like me wearing makeup

    39. 313UrbanGirl

      I seriously was stressed trying to figure out how this was going to come together! Sheesh!!! Good job, Nicki

    40. Claudia Rios

      Moe r_claudia14

    41. Molly Elizabeth

      I have 1 pallet

    42. Molly Elizabeth

      MOE? lol

    43. Yasmine Halme

      I appreciate how she really embraced the challenge and had every shadow be seen when applying it. She definitely could’ve gone the easy way and just did one dab of similar colors from every pallet then blended. I do wish there was a pallet count tho :(

    44. Amy Lynn

      I actually love how this looks!

    45. joannie rice

      Luv the blue and purple side

    46. Gabrielle dn

      I'm living for this look

    47. SIITO

      She literally have the Spain flag on your eyes🇪🇸

    48. Hailee Broman

      Duuuudeee I would be so exhausted after this 😂 you’re the queen of makeup. Serve💕💁🏼‍♀️👑

    49. saienti

      okay but WHICH palette is no.62???? help a bitch out because i neeeeeed her pls

    50. Prema Narayana

      I can't wait for another youtuber to recreate this look...

    51. Brynn Swanson

      Could you do a tutorial with the Maddie Ziegler palette?

    52. bookworm 1029

      Lisa Frank look!!

    53. Denbert V

      Oww wow out of 171 pallete it just like you represent lgbt let say its a unicorn makeup look but love it clapclapclap nickie 😍😍😍

    54. Dejah Turner

      I wonder how it must feel to wake up everyday with this kind of talent 🥴😭😭😍🥰

    55. QueerRabbit

      It works! ♥ Like a pretty Christmas tree. (December video idea?)

    56. Alonna Mccarthy

      ✨ o h l o o k w e a r e m a t c h I n g ✨😂

    57. Evelyn Loring

      184 😬😬😬 I have to many...

    58. Avin Friacie

      Wow look at the likes and the amount of pallet nikkie used

    59. Krystal Peterson

      I love it!!!

    60. Zadnt 30

      Rainbow Check

    61. Mila Wijnands

      Wie is er ook Nederlands ?🇱🇺

    62. Patrycja M

      queen 👑🤩

    63. Nichole Renee

      I thought I had too many palettes LOL!!! I am did you “lose” your accent? I never would’ve known you were from the Netherlands from your voice if you hadn’t said something.

    64. Dashanta Price

      i love your makeup so much you go girl

    65. Darya Banas

      me over here looking at how she used 171 palettes and the number of likes she has is 171k XD

    66. Isabella Plays roblox

      Ummmh where is you James Charles palet don’t tell me you don’t have one. I love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    67. Isabelle Wilson

      Me this whole video: when are you going to do the other side??

    68. Mandie Froetschel

      When you cant find the shades you want 🤣

    69. Ana Luiza

      This makeup remembers me of Little Mix's new album Confetti

    70. RJ Mythos

      Currently using the Beauty Bay x NT pallet - and damn she basically told us with all the praise in this video 🤣 x

    71. Moosey Tobi

      I laughed so hard in the beginning where you can actually see Nikkis soul leave her body upon hearing the challenge

    72. Mikaela Druit

      To tell that there are LITERALLY 171 eyeshadows on Nikkie's eyes hahah

    73. Emmerson Hunt

      I am only 12 years old and I am a fellow beauty gurru I love makeup and wear a full face of it every day I am good at it too. I have 73 makeup palletes and thats jus eyeshadow

    74. Emmerson Hunt

      I am only about 2 minutes into the video and her skin literally looks so bomb i love it

    75. Francisco Oliveira

      *Me with 3 palettes tryna do a makeup look:* I have so much eyeshadow options i can't choose what look I'm gonna do Nikkie: *Am I a joke to you?*

    76. Agathi Regkli

      I would never be moe enough to stop watching you!!!🤗😍

    77. Katelynn Allard

      And she’s ready for pride! 🏳️‍🌈

    78. Julia Diniz

      Omg the funkos i want them all

    79. Add Name Here

      Does anyone know what the palette at 12:00 is.. a sis needs one😍😍😍

    80. Mlambr 21

      This is beautiful!!!!!!

    81. Megan Bramer

      Plz do an eye look with all those greens it would look amazing

    82. Maya Hamady


    83. Lilia Popova

      I can't stop looking at those rhinestones, it's like looking into the makeup galaxy

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      this is de ja vu for me cuz it was da 1st vid i've seen from here :/

    85. Cameryn Blackford

      Do the full face of liquid lipsticks challenge :)

    86. Lili Ann

      Dutch word of the day is Moe ig: _krassos but i aint even sure cause im not using ig much 😆. Girl im from Poland so I expected our languages to be at least remotely similar but so far not one word was

    87. Sylvie van Hek

      wat is de beste beginners look?

    88. A

      Dylan's little "yaaay" at the beginning is so wholesome I adore it 💖

    89. Mikaela Shepherd

      when she said i know i’m large and in charge but i too only have one face 😂😂😂 i’m screeching lmaooo

    90. little turtle

      Have you ever seen one of this color wheels on a photo editing app?

    91. Georgia Iordanov

      why does the morphe jaclyn 2 palette have like.... 8 reds..

    92. Zeynep Peker

      I don't know any other person who can create such a beautiful look with 171 eyeshadows. I mean, I can create it with 180 or more, but just 171 is not enough for me...

    93. Lexy Baughman

      I’m sorry, but am I the only one who sees the wlw flag on her face at 20:20 ???

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      I wanna see Nikki review the sigma beauty brand!

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      Please do Indian makeup please...❤️

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      'hasina' in hindi means beautiful lady!!! lots of love

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    100. noor zaman