People who think Attack on Titan is the best anime


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    They might be right 😳 this anime is a masterpiece...
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    1. Adrian Kigen

      The third reason is Levi. Just Levi. Me: UNDERSTANDABLE HAVE A GREAT DAY

    2. Xoid

      and i took that personaly

    3. Elijah Garcia

      This man has black Air Force activity😭😭😭😭

    4. Berivan Kara

      because it is absolutely

    5. Tsedek Ogun

      I think it's a tie between AOT and Deathnote.

    6. Sandhya Pache

      "At least have to watch it three times " totally agreed cause the first time there is so much going and you can only focus on the plot not the feeling .

    7. Lameboii 2Super

      Attack on titan is the best anime ever ⚡

    8. -cameron exists-

      Attack on titan really does have an amazing story tho

    9. A Khan

      Me Season 1: Eh Its nice but its just mindless action Me Season 3: They tricked me!!! I fell for it. Me Season 4: How is this so gooooood?

    10. FaZe_Saif_ NS


    11. FaZe_Saif_ NS


    12. adolin kolin

      So you killed the black one. That is racism.

    13. Rrrr Pppp

      Levi and mikase are the only people i hate in this show 😑 they are both fucking robots and levi is worse is not cool just teenage girls love him he ruined the show with is god mod there suppose to be a sense of fear which both of them are took away

    14. amirul adli

      Black levi in da house yo😂

    15. Davut Dogru

      This perfectly describes it: people are killing because they don't listen to the others, but stick with what they've been told to


      Alternate Title : Never mess with a AOT fan!

    17. MOHD UMAR Musharraf 950

      3rd reason is levi just levi....

    18. NuggetOG

      ehhh, top 20 anime IMO

    19. L _lawliet

      I agree with him

    20. my dogs fat

      this video straight fax yall finna clown on me but keep in mind ive been watching anime since i was four and in my opinion snk is one of the best animes ive seen

    21. Tanaka

      being unbiased aot is just overrated with a toxic and somewhat childish community

      1. AoTpog

        i don’t know bout childish but the fandom is kinda toxic and it loves to spoil things, and is also somewhat funny

    22. That random kpopper

      Srsly aot is one of the best anime I have watched the storyline and stuff 💋

    23. Kareem Rizk

      Ok but like where do you get that shirt?!

    24. Gio Brando

      So we really just gonna overlook what Cosmos said in the beginning?

    25. Solomon Sanabria

      Not gonna Lie I thought it was dumb at first I’m very glad I changed my mind does anyone do this where you see an anime you judge it or don’t watch it because it doesn’t seem interesting but later on you watch it and are hooked on it

    26. Akatsuki Sio

      Dbz is better

      1. Akatsuki Sio

        @AoTpog i do

      2. AoTpog

        @Akatsuki Sio I honestly don’t know bout that

      3. Akatsuki Sio

        @Enoch Espinosa yes

      4. Enoch Espinosa


    27. Vandal

      In aot's defense, its best by far.

    28. natok lord

      All these songs remind me of female titan

    29. natok lord


    30. YHB Money

      Literally this anime is a masterpiece put the facts together

    31. 2nasty

      Berserk 1997 is better still

    32. Rails

      it took me until I watched AoT to realize how goated this anime truly is. The amazing foreshadowing, the mental and emotional anguish the characters feel, the moral realism that differentiates it from all the other garbage shounen that makes you question yourself whether what eren is doing is right or is it wrong. Until you realize in that cruel world there is neither right or wrong as it is just full of people who are trying to survive by any means possible.This is also one of the first anime I watched that puts out plot twists that make perfect sense, and make your jaw drop when you realize the hints you were given and connect the dots truly a master piece 👌

    33. Andrey Vargas

      S3 > S4


        You obviously didn't read the manga

    34. Daphne Strati

      "just....Levi" HAHAHAHA

    35. No Greater Love

      Imagine it being the best anime without even seeing the best parts of it. 😂

    36. Noisy guest


    37. Player Abyility

      Can someone tell me where can i watch titans

      1. Player Abyility

        @Noisy guest thanku so much☺️

      2. Noisy guest

        You can watch it in crunchyroll, funimation, and Netflix but ypu have tp pay otherwise use pirated sites, the one I use is called watch the sub cuz the latest eps are on sub, watch all four seasons, or use the site you use for anime

    38. Sara Othman

      He has a point...

    39. GameX

      So let me tell you guys... why shingeki no kyojin / attack titan is the best anime

    40. Swift Extra

      This is so good lol wow

    41. Rik Ahmed

      Well its pretty good But its not the best anime sorry but not sorry

      1. AoTpog

        @Rik Ahmed Well he helped several times during the fight with eren and this wasn’t just some small help, he literally even trigger the explosives Pieck set at eren’s nape

      2. Rik Ahmed

        @AoTpog Sure bro i would love to be spoiled

      3. AoTpog

        @Rik Ahmed Read the manga and find out 🤫Unless you want me to go ahead and spoil it...

      4. Rik Ahmed

        @AoTpog tell me one good moment of jean that seriously impacted a single plot if u can say a single one i would say im wrong dude

      5. AoTpog

        @Rik Ahmed Of Course Jean is one of the important characters dude... I seriously think you just need to understand AoT better

    42. Aømine ML

      If theres such a thing such as 'the best anime ever' Attack on titan definetly is top 1 candidate. Even tho its classified Shounen who tends to be overrated genre AoT really dont fit 1 genre itself but at the same time fits in them all.

    43. Kitty In The Fridge

      Not only best anime,best show I've watched.

    44. RodoVladi

      I love how is the same guy defending all the "best" animes, I imagine being his friend and seeing how every week is obsessed with a new anime

    45. Lucas Garner

      Aot is meh at best

      1. Lucas Garner

        @Firefern21 just ignore him. He’s the very reason I hate this fandom. I honestly believe that because of how many people I’ve seen that are like him this fandom is becoming more toxic than HxH.

      2. Firefern21

        @innerbloom ????? what does that have to do with anything.... I am saying that your "Fact" was a opinion

      3. innerbloom

        Firefern21 nah, good writing is not subjective

      4. Firefern21

        @innerbloom BRO THAT IS A OPINION A fact is a statement that can be proven true or false. An opinion is an expression of a person's feelings that cannot be proven. Opinions can be based on facts or emotions and sometimes they are meant to deliberately mislead others. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the author's purpose and choice of language. - and obviously your "statement", is an expression of your feelings that cannot be proven. Literally all you said was "but I still know it's the most well written anime ever created".... WTF ARE YOU ON THAT IS AN OPINION

      5. innerbloom

        Firefern21 again, not an opinion. it's fine if you enjoy an anime more, even i enjoyed shows more than AoT, but i still know it's the most well written anime ever created

    46. Minatoミナトグスッ


    47. michael offem

      I wish cilvanis could make a parody related to solo leveling 😓

    48. Lorenzo GB

      He is right tho

    49. Tiago Monteiro

      Initial D is the best anime

    50. A Poddar

      I have recently started watching AOT and LEVI has my heart and soul !!!

    51. O_Eibo

      AOT is the worst thing i have ever watched.

      1. AoTpog

        😬 There might be a problem

    52. Princess Elsy

      Third reason: Levi. Nothing else to say. Just Levi Me: Now you're talking

    53. China's Prince

      As someone who personally think aot is the best, I can confirm

    54. Jhayson Latayan

      In 0:00 i hear jojo noise

    55. Yenjoe Ng

      3:39 the scariest shit on USfilm I've ever seen

    56. ThatNigga Smith

      But it truly is the best anime ever.

    57. DARTH ASH

      That's all good , BUT have you watched JoJo's bizzare adventure?

    58. EZ! It’s a piece of cake.

      進撃の巨人🕊 心臓を捧げよ🤌

    59. Xohan Chetry

      Very very very satisfying 🖤🌸

    60. Scott Thurlow

      I may or may not be this person

    61. Health, Weight & Growth

      I'm sooo glad YT suggested this .

    62. Health, Weight & Growth

      When I saw the advertisement for season 1 episode 1 of Attack on Titan, I knew it was something special. I never anime existed until then.

    63. Imreadyreadygogo

      Slapped tf out of him!

    64. Aden Ehrich

      They crazy

    65. Rona Hiv

      I totally agree with you man

    66. zamuel Arts

      thankfully in finland we dont need to rage over what is the best anime ever. because we only know like 2 of em

    67. Farron’s Watcher

      uhhhh, berserk uuhhh yea

      1. Dibangshu Prasad 10-C

        BEST "anime" not manga That shit didn't even get a proper adaptation

    68. 07alexed

      I think only person AOT is ok but definitely not a GOAT

    69. Redhurricane

      aot is my fav

    70. Rose Quartz

      i might watch aot ppl say its good

      1. Noisy guest

        @KPOP AND BTS IS DOGSHIT i already watched aot, now im watching season 4, i loved season 2 and season 3 part-2, season 4 is fire so far!!!


        @Noisy guest Trust me, season 1 is the worst season compared to the rest. So please try to bear through the 1st season, by season 2 you won't regret it

      3. Noisy guest

        Yes it is with unpredictable plots and great characters and story just avoid spoilers it ruins the experience It can get dark sometimes so yeah

    71. TeyKiK INFINITE


    72. The End Lucifer

      Fact: I watched this for the 10th time today

    73. kesh Awootar

      I mean Attack On Titan is better than any of your regular type of series or shows you watch on Netflix. Story wise, it is not even comparable

    74. Pavel

      SEE YA, NIGGA!

    75. CJ

      man doesnt even mention the fire animation

    76. K

      i guess the point they made here is that AOT fans are the worst

      1. Noisy guest

        @Gabe Sam yeah but not all fans are toxic, its just like what Eren said "There are people who piss me off but there are good people too"

      2. Gabe Sam

        yeah too bad one of today's best anime has toxic fans and haters

    77. Children Children

      He's basically Eren from season 4

    78. Children Children

      "Anyone who doesn't think the story is the best, just didn't understand it" this is true for a youtuber called Yomi who made a video about why he didn't like AoT

    79. Levi Ackerman

      Him: "third reason is levi" Me: you're damn right, cadet😎

    80. Levi Ackerman


    81. Random Avenger

      2:41 - Actually is the major flaw of the show...

      1. Noisy guest

        @Random Avenger yes, there are some great character developments but i can't spoil it for you, you need to watch aot to find out

      2. Random Avenger

        @Noisy guest Foreshadowing isn't character development. AOT is way more plot-driven than character-drive, that's way this is the major flaw of mangá.

      3. Noisy guest

        @Random Avenger there is also alot of foreshadowing in aot and after the plot is revealed you can still remember the scene where the plot was foreshadowed and not know it was foreshadowing

      4. Random Avenger

        @Noisy guest I read the manga. That's the problem: He went from an annoying dramatic and narrow minded character with anger issues to a more "understanding one" OFFSCREEN, with the reader having to imagine what happened with him. Because for Isayama was more important to spend time introducing more characters on the last arc than developing the protagonist in a change like that.

      5. Noisy guest

        @Random Avenger the character development of eren is reappy epic SPOILERS FOR SEASON 4: he went from an annoying dramatic and narrow minded character with anger issues to a more understanding one in a really comprehensible way for us

    82. Koni Redfox

      Yet it can’t beat One Piece and DBS in sales 🤪

    83. Yanjinsuren Dagmid

      attack on titan is really the best anime ok

    84. Tea Follet雨

      at 2:40 I thought he was gonna say "the world building is awesome"

    85. The man with the frying pan

      The guy on the left, he shinzoed his sasageyo

    86. Luiz Gustavo de Carvalho

      TATAKAE !!

    87. Levi Ackerman

      Well, it really is the best anime.

    88. ssr4785

      I mean it is

    89. Cleo 22

      So I started watching it because my boyfriend wouldn’t stop talking about it but now I think I’ll leave him for Levi 😩

      1. UPB josh

        @Kanishk Mandpe "Pigmen don't fight unless you start it"

      2. Kanishk Mandpe

        as all minecraft vetrens say "you can't put loyalty on a hoe"

      3. Lucifer

        Can you take me 2?

    90. The Black Stinger

      My friends send me this but look it’s my favorite not the best

    91. Alijah Wakefield

      The soundtrack does slap hard

    92. Jonathan


    93. GhOsT__UsEr

      he didnt even unleash %5 of his power.

    94. Alexander Lindblom

      AOT fans: Nver before have I been so offended by something I 100% agree with.

    95. Rayyeras

      The guy was secretly a stand user

    96. the blackswordsman

      Aot isnt the best but it always will be one of the greatest anime man kind has ever made

    97. Leachtheraven

      Crunchyroll: the best anime is jujutsu kaisen. Me and the bois: ok you guys know what to do right? Knock on their house and tell ‘em that AOT is the best anime of all time and if they disagree, show them levi’s picture.

      1. Leachtheraven

        @ruby sharma yow ikr like its not making any sense and most of them were trash anime like fluffy anime gtfo trash anime.

      2. ruby sharma

        I love how 😁 because of aot hype crunchyroll has to publish a article why aot is not nominated in anime of the year

    98. I See You.

      *"Nigga we've seen Attack-On-Titan."*

    99. Carmen Hoh

      What makes AOT storytelling so good is the fact that it's filled with micronarrations and minor details that you will definitely miss during your first time if you're not paying attention - only to see that everything comes full circle and you realised that every detail was there for a reason.


        @Ryan Harris same with Bleach idk why everyone was saying the story was trash but I when watched it then read the manga I have never seen so much things connect, the way Kubo foreshadowed Ichigo Quincy powers, Old man Zangetsu, Ichigo's Hollow being his Zanpakuto spirit, Ichigo subconsciously using his Quincy powers during his fight with Kenpachi and so much more. Bleach and Aot is some of the best Animes I've ever seen imo

      2. Ryan Harris

        I've never seen a story connect all its components throughout all its seasons so well. Isayama truly is a genius. Another reason why I firmly believe the best stories are the one's that writers plan out instead of just winging it as they go.

    100. Eazy Tom

      He spitting it is some heat