EATING EVERYTHING IN ONE COLOR! || Crazy Food Mukbang by 123 Go! Genius

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    Suddenly craving something ultra sweet?
    We don’t blame you! A lot of mouthwatering goodness is coming your way! Yummy gummy food, delicious candies and extreme sour dessert will totally make you hungry! Crazy food challenges will give you so much fun so join our foodie team🍭🍿
    This must be what fabulous looks like!
    #funny #comedy #challenge
    00:01 Eating only one color of food challenge
    01:48 Red VS blue food challenge for picky eaters
    05:33 Wrong mystery drink challenge
    06:00 Funny food challenges for foodies
    08:57 Eat one color of food for 24 hours
    10:19 Funny outtakes with awkward moments
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