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    Published on Month ago


    1. Drummer Dude

      Oh he was working at home alright. In fact you could probably say working really hard !! Seriously though, does anyone ytake these "women" seriously ?. And BTW, Joy and Whoopi, I thank you and men everywhere thank you for covering your computer monitor !!

    2. Bernard Lalonde

      He was mislead and read it's an ERECTION Simulation, instead of Election. Surely it's because of Donald Trump. If you're a Leftist an a Anti-Trump you can recover about anything.

    3. Rosemary Sheridan

      This lot are a disgrace to women

    4. Jose Chacon

      Honestly i feel bad for him because he might have a porn addiction which I believe is an alarming trend here in the states. We can't ignore the fact that porn is readily accessible on social media especially twitter. I know porn addiction sounds ridiculous and disgusting but I think he should receive some sympathy if he did that act accidentally. I hope people might give him a second chance because this is the kind of stuff that influences people to contemplate suicide.

    5. Jean L. Vayssier

      This video got a million views, double the views of Rudy in the Borat scene. The autobiography will be a bestseller and ends in a bang!

    6. Friedhockey Boogieman

      The Toobin Snake Boogie.

    7. Richard 303

      What a wanker!

    8. Vladimir Putang

      Old Tuggin Toobin... shows you are type of person we try and keep away from our kids . The pink jacket is woman couldn’t be more of a hack. Could you imagine if the President did this and was caught in the White House playing pocket pool ?

    9. Marie Shepp

      And all of them have a wife .

    10. J C

      This low-IQ jerk, pun intended, got himself fired.

    11. E Smith

      There’s a pandemic so it’s OK what he did?

    12. E Smith

      Typical welfare you know what.

    13. E Smith

      Whoopi is such a you know what.

    14. Dave Stewart

      In Toobin's defense he thought the meeting was Erection Stimulation not Election Simulation. His monitor was a bit smudged so he misread the meeting title.

    15. Stacey Fulkerson

      Sara I think is was really "hard"...

    16. Stacey Fulkerson

      Sonni, birds of a feather flock together. HE PICKED UP TISSUES AND LOTION WHILE PEOPLE COULD SEE HIM! HE IS A CREEP!

    17. Donald H. Tyers

      Jeffrey Toobin is a typical Demorat! Like them all !

    18. Blood Gamers

      This is the first time in a long time while I agree with whoopi. The woman talking about sexual addiction needs to get therapy for narcissistic personality disorder. The guy already made a fool of himself and so did the New Yorker. Not to mention, someone may have hacked his pc to connect to the zoom call without his knowledge. People do that everyday. End of story is, Adults need to get real in the workplace. Has anyone every walked in their parents hooking up??? YOU CLOSE UR EYES, SHUT THE DOOR AND GO WATCH SOME NETFLIX.

    19. cscheidt1

      Why do liberal women makes excuses for liberal pedifiles?

    20. B Phoxay

      This is odd and unusual to women. Men do not find this activity as such. For some men it appears to be normal.. Boredom and lack of judgement in addition to not exercising self control. Lack of knowledge about technology is a cop out. He’s a full grown lol bonafide adult; knowing full well he was still in a meeting. Even if the lol mic was ouf he could see the other people. The lady in the bottom corner was trying to get someone to call Jeffery Toobin. #SmartAddict #SexualDumb

    21. John Jonzz

      Maybe the Witches on the Spew can have Jeffry as a guest and and give him a big "hand".

    22. Kunle Olomofe

      I like how Sunny was stumbling around trying hard to defend something she couldn't actually defend. If that was someone they hate on The View they would be dancing around making fund of them AND be calling for them to canceled. Bloody hypocrites.

    23. TheBigBang

      The View will process "the view" of Toobin for a while repeatedly.

    24. Carol Harris

      I don’t blame her for laughing. I would have too. He made a disgusting fool of himself. It’s almost as if he subconsciously did it on purpose! Douglas Edward, brilliant observation!

    25. bintasamoura

      What a shame that 20 people were watching 👀 and not one said "hey you're on camera!!!" Worse even that someone goes and reports it! I mean turn the computer off and MYOB!!! Geez!

    26. de Durocortorum

      He's right, it's good for the prostate.

    27. Brian Davis

      he should work at the Atlantic, that’s their specialty.

    28. Verna Morales

      Dam he couldn't go to the bathroom ?

    29. El Mau 900

      This is the most CONSERVATIVE opinion coming from a so called LIBERAL source, cmon ladies instead of shaming him and telling him to go to therapy you guys need to look over your own values, it’s was an accident for crist sake. I can believe what I’m hearing.

    30. Tom Platz

      I will never understand what Ted Danson saw in Whoopi Goldberg.

    31. Catherine Rosa-Baker

      He's over that's disgusting thing to do he's a professional he knows better he's 60 years old time for him to retire

    32. Rico Beasley

      Yeah he was adicked alright

    33. big fish

      so did they pull the vid

    34. John Halsey

      Straining to make it ok...

    35. Cassidy Alexis-Starchild

      He got Toobinated.

    36. Spartan0536

      Pretty sure if I did this during one of my employers virtual meetings that not only would I be instantly fired I would be looking at criminal prosecution, to anyone thinking this is ok I want to hear your "defense".... this should be interesting, let me get the popcorn.

    37. robert walls

      Some times we go a little too far hopefully Jeff gets some help might be a good time to retire

    38. Teerizzle

      Its hard not to laugh...I get it. The dude has issues.

    39. Putins Cat

      I mean what 60 year old hasn't finished a meeting, and then immediately starting masturbating in front of their work computer? Show of hands..

    40. Janex Erikus

      Men being men will in 10 years be enough to get fired from his work, so not surprised and while your presidents killed innocent people (and some few guilty people) you are firing a man for this. Btw he thought that the camera was off so yeah. This is not 2020, this is 1920 apperently

    41. Big Sam

      Lol if this was a conservative commentator they would have all been cracking up at Sarah’s comment.

    42. Reach JJ

      A-DicK-Ted Behavior. Interesting concept.

    43. A. Double The Chef!!

      You could say he was Toobin.

    44. netmeistr329

      Ol Jeff is boppin the Bologna. Hope he can still see. Bunch of cluckin women with nothing better to talk about? Every thing erodes to the least common denominator. In this case it is Maude.

    45. W Morris

      I’ve seen the video. It’s fake. I’ve seen enough tik tok and the face is put on another body. Why? Why would he admit to a forgery? Is there something else that he is being blackmailed for that he wants to keep quiet? I just can’t believe no one else who has watched the video on USfilm didn’t realize that his face was superimposed upon another body

    46. Charles M Rinehart

      Toobin is total fool and schmuck. He deserves to be laughed at.

    47. Shirley Avarell

      I always enjoyed watching and listening to Mr. Tobin. This seems so far out in left field! What happened? Did he have a medication change or something? I just feel this is weird. I feel bad for him.

    48. P. Val

      He was loobin the toobin on camera?

    49. Crime Fighter

      This is the face of the Democrats party😂

    50. Brandon 77Lifer

      Ask Kumaula 💁🏿

    51. Brandon 77Lifer

      Y’all’s crowd 🥴🤮

    52. Norman Worsley

      Fire him immediately!

    53. cdb broadfield

      Suspended wow should be charged with exposure and jailed. Sick f***

    54. Killa

      Notice how both the black woman don't have a sense of humor.

    55. K A

      At a critical time for legal political matters, GT's opinion would have been good. Too bad what he did. He was always my favourite legal analyst on cnn.

    56. George Weatherall-Thomas

      He was thinking of joy

    57. Cee Mac

      If he did it in front of Sara she wouldn't be laughing!

    58. Analog Human

      Nobody gets caught the first time.

    59. yooooooooo22

      The thing is, dudes do it all the time ladies. Often at work for the thrill of it. He was at home thinking: let me rub one out during the break to relieve the stress and now the whole country knows about it and he has to apologize to his wife and family. That's just silly.

    60. Branzone

      The two on the left of the screen like, don't be laffin at our friend.

    61. GreaterBayArea Hero

      It is still sack-able offence because it was a hands free call. Kaka ;)

    62. Arnold Strong Numero Uno


    63. Sleeping Lioness

      They feel sorry for a sex pervert? Feel sorry for his wife and family.

    64. Mark Ive

      Tugging with Toobin ,would be a great name for his new CNN show ! 😂👍

    65. toobalkain

      He should have said the same thing Diogenes said in the same situation, If only it were as easy to banish hunger by rubbing my belly.

    66. Jonathan Kewe

      Shoots himself in the face...yes most likely, the thing was pointed at his face wasn't it?...🥴

    67. Xara Roman

      From the legal point of view coronavirus made him do it? Not russians????

    68. Millsy Kooksy

      BS, he’s an exhibitionist. He knew someone might see him and it aroused him

    69. GODHAND

      Toobin shouldn’t have came to the meet then......😶😶 Don’t hate me, u know u laughed. 😏

    70. Scary Moochie

      Haines acts like a sophomore in high school

    71. The mad Manatee

      He just had to keep his hands to himself...

    72. D Tonestimth

      Political stimulation!

    73. oShane Kasper

      Hey what is the big suprise? Look he is a democrat, can't we just let it go and right it off to just a bad judgement call. NOW if we catch a Republican doing this we should publicly shame them. Run it on the news 24/7. Kill them, separate them, burn them and kill their family. Only Joy could say thank you for giving us something else to think about. Good grief you are all such hypocrites.

    74. Ian Mangham

      Quoting joy "He shoots himself in the foot" 😅

    75. Ian Mangham

      Lmmfao, Whoopi "is this the future now" you couldn't make it up 😄

    76. Ian Mangham

      Lmmfao, seems to be the behaviour of a NARCISSISTIC FRUITCAKE 😄 the VIEWS GOOD FRIEND

    77. Ian Mangham

      HA HA HA HA

    78. abc abc

      I feel sad for him. He didn't want to do intentionally. He make a mistake and he is a GREAT JOURNALIST.

    79. Normally Norma

      He should be fired, he should be ashamed to show his face, but this type of person will be right back there... SAD!

    80. EJ

      What's the defense here if they wanted to rake him over the fire. 1 word democrat.

    81. Shaharudin Abdul Razak

      Its just a case of 5 strangling 1 😃

    82. Oladotun Fasheun

      U guys making excuses for the criminals he has a wife and kids in the house he is sick

      1. Walter N.

        @ChristianRockNostalgia Why did he do it at that time..

      2. ChristianRockNostalgia

        Really? A Criminal for masturbating? And for fucksakes it's not like he was doing it in front of his wife and kids. Jesus Christ. Anyways, next.

    83. Michael

      Black man wakes up to the lies, watch!

    84. Jack Braddell

      Current media black-out on Toobin, no stories allowed in media. Last news over a week ago. No Toobin, No Biden corruption all blacked out.

    85. SuperTruthful

      Omg, he had a good life then he started stroking himself...R.E.L.I.E.F.

      1. 3A4T 10

        He was a successful writer before becoming a CNN analyst. His TV analyst career is most likely over, but I'm sure he'll write again. I'm reading book of his currently about the Supreme Court.

    86. Michael Czerniewski

      He was jackin' it in San Diego.

    87. Michael Addo

      And he had the guts to call Trump a bad person

    88. The Playmaker

      Whoopie and that other black girl must have dry waps

    89. Pat Gee

      Well... he wasn't waving it around... he wasn't abusing anyone... Grateful for small mercies, eh?

    90. jerkin my chain

      no one would complain if it was Boris or Chris.

    91. acudnam

      he do the toobin snake boogie...

    92. Darlene Guice

      The New Yorker columnist should be fired. He or she had watched. Shame on them.

    93. Darlene Guice

      He thought he was alone. No investigation. Sad

    94. Lloyd Bills

      An addiction? unusual? this is like shaving or eating breakfast. This is something you do so you can concentrate on your work for the day. I know these women dont understand what its like to have a sex drive and think its some kind of desies to rub one out. Thast like saying drinking water is addiction because your body needs it or will become sick. Masturbators, stick up for your fellow people. Non-Masturbators, you are the freaking wierdos. Im pretty sure people who dont jerk it are mostly serial killers and pedofiles.

    95. janet

      Could they not have shut him down? I say forget about it and move on. He was in his own home and thought he was signed off.

    96. Bumble Blimfield

      Yea it's a Democrat, no problem. .if it was Don jr that would be calling for a firing squad

    97. yak fisher

      Democrats go figure.

    98. M Good

      What an idiot. He is toast and will never and should never recover from this. He needs to move to another country from from civilization.

    99. Annette Fujii

      Stop him in mid-stroke? Never confront a man when he’s about to climax. Women have more class and were probably enjoying the show.

    100. Drex MG

      The view is garbage