Rainbow Six Siege: The Playbook Story Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

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    In match overtime, the word "teamwork" becomes subjective. Learn how Flores lights up the competition in the new season, Crimson Heist.
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    Rainbow Six Siege is an exciting, new approach to the first-person shooter experience that puts tactical combat and masterful destruction at the center of the action. Lead your team of unique, counter-terrorist Rainbow operators through tense and thrilling combat scenarios, and achieve victory through smart preparation and strategic improvisation. Rainbow Six Siege is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation® 4 and PC.


    -THE RULES OF SIEGE: Five versus Five. Attack versus Defend. Infiltrate versus Fortify. Team-based strategy meets intense, tactical combat.
    -WORLD'S ELITE COUNTER-TERRORIST OPERATORS: Choose your Operator and wield their unique ability to breach or defend the objective as a part of an elite team.
    -DESTRUCTION AS A TOOL: Walls can be shattered; floors and ceilings can be breached. Mastering the tactical use of destruction is the key to victory.
    -CLOSE-QUARTERS COMBAT: With tight spaces shaping all combat arenas, tense encounters and up-close-and-personal firefights abound within every Siege.
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    Rainbow Six Siege: Crimson Heist Story Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

    Published on 16 days ago


    1. Iziah Mikell

      Ash’s personality is literally what you would imagine an ash mains is

    2. Benjamin Duplessis


    3. Uncaged Mango52

      My only thought was where is tachanka

    4. Alex Petley

      Man it’s so cool seeing all the ops I’ve been playing for so many years have their own personalities and stories I hope to do more of these in the future.

    5. Jester

      there needs to be more of these just matches between different teams. Cause all I know is Buck is on Vigil's team but it'd be nice to see every operators teams matches

    6. Yeetus Deletus

      Kali gonna get ddosed now by that sweaty Ash main

    7. Metal8Ball

      Too bad cheating is running rampant

    8. Spawn peak DOC

      Why doc died off so badly off 😭

    9. Spawn peak DOC

      Beautiful, I cannot wait for a battle pass based on this 🙌🏻🤩🤩

    10. ChinsHyperBTW

      Ash all the way.

    11. BilliamJames

      Anyone else notice the P90 sound effect from docs shotgun when he was shooting at Finka?

    12. Patrick Bateman

      1:18 that pose is so strong

    13. Jayden Bullock

      ''dont use teamates as bait here'' yeah ok

    14. Daniel kalidy

      Dude defenders getting washed in every one of these 😑

    15. Çağatay Salman

      Nerf ash

    16. Roshan Jimmy


    17. OGKendrickLamar Fuh

      This is just a trailer guys, there will release the full cinematic sometime in the next few weeks

    18. Iori Yagami

      Ash face looks like she about to cry my god!!!

    19. kraft macaroni & cheese box

      2020 cav: we will come back. 2021 Cav: 0:30

    20. Jack Wang

      Cavera "there is always next year...i will be here" spoilers isnt here

    21. Emerald ‘

      I’m still confuse on what the hell thermite was trying to do

    22. AbeTheDestroyer

      I want that jacket that harry and sam have on rn PLEASE UBISOFT!!

    23. Flamehydra3

      I still can’t get over the fact that Cav tried to push sledge and he didn’t move

    24. FTT Krember

      We gonna ignore the fact that Doc whiffed on Finka in the first half?

    25. Ajinkya Meshram

      Finka saying u and me any time to Pulse at the end of the video.

    26. xboxjunkie1931

      i feel like in real training kalis rifle would be banned even with low powder simunition considering how hard it hits and a couple operators don't wear obvious armor

    27. Kubik

      i hope one day they put more dedication into the game like they did with these trailers

    28. DEAD_M3ME

      is no one gonna talk about how Cav wasn't in this despite the fact that she said she would be there in the last cinematic? I like this one too but I was kinda hoping Cav would get her time to shine

    29. SqSu

      Aruni really did do my mans Thermite like that

    30. Dagger77

      Ash: we do not use people as bait! *r6 players teamkilling each other for stealing a kill*: you were saying?

    31. Perros1245

      respect to ASH

    32. Obi Wan Kenobi

      Im on Ash’s side for sure. Taking this from a real life situation point of view, Kali definitely took a risk that she shouldnt have, if that went the other way, theres a potential casualty. Yes the invitational is a “game” but they are professionals, and shouldnt be taking risks like Kali did. Cant get sloppy, even in a safe environment like this particular event. and id say Kali got sloppy, might have won the match for team Ash, but that could of easily have went south if she missed. Team Mira would of won if she did miss.

    33. The Deputy

      I could watch Ash punch Khali all day

    34. Allyski

      I mean to be fair, Dokk wasn't watching her angle

    35. Kurosaki Dan

      Lore wise what kind of ammunition they are shooting here?

    36. _

      Oh comon that cliffcatch at the end is soooo dramatisch but will never happen cuz tatcher and sledge are not on the Same site .... and they whould never fight each other

    37. ShyNy

      Kali or Ash?

    38. xzxvn


    39. Haritha Dilshan


    40. Veto 1440

      Everyone yells at me when in kali too

    41. The ClockWork Insomnia

      Siege: These are the best of every military in the world Also siege: what’s clearing a room

    42. Legendary Brando

      Thats where tachanka walks in and they all bow

    43. KP

      why does pulse always get clowned on 😭

    44. Kunaii

      "We do not use people as bait." My attacker operators with 0.1 kd. 😑

    45. Build By code

      bUT YOUR COMPITITOR "Zero Hour " Come here.......................

    46. Zer0 _Logicc

      I don't really get this lore wise, are they shooting real bullets? If so doc just got deaded by that 50cal

      1. Wunted

        although i dont understand how like finkas ability would work

      2. Wunted

        rubber bullets

    47. Háji Aurélio

      Am I the only one confused as to why they shoot to kill each other and its fine but Kali shoots past Ash and now she's bleeding from that ear and mad about it?

    48. dreadpurse

      Kali is officially my new fave 😳

    49. Nerf Sledgehammer

      I like to think that these tournaments are how Rainbow top up their operating budget between actual terrorist assaults. xD

    50. DoomGuy Productions

      Ever notice how even ash hates her foregrip?

    51. idk what 2 name myself

      i ever met a thermite and he put a charge on a single barricade

    52. Austin Haltiner

      It's so satisfying seeing Kali get sucker punched.

    53. Xustey


    54. Anthony

      Man. I always was talking about how you should be able to do a charged melee with the chicks robot arm and be able to grab people on the other side of soft walls haha

    55. Majestic Gal

      I mean, Kali top fragged. What’s 5 points off her scorecard?

    56. Creeper Shawn

      Cab didn’t make it she going to be pissed

    57. Dаv

      3:09 Finka: “YOU AND ME! ANYTIME! LET’S GO!”

    58. BabyHunter

      Should make tachanka like the one they respect and follow after Harry

    59. NerdyBritishKoala

      ITS BACK

    60. Kevin

      I have to admit, you guys are making the best videos.

    61. Fernando Arratia

      I sacrifice my friends all the time in R6 and they never complain


      Bro pulse last year 1 v 4 this year oof

    63. raidaz 75

      Calling it right now they won't pay this off in the next vid and sam will make a generic remark to harry saying glad you managed to get this fixed

    64. Jeevan Malik

      Everyone: Making fun of ash saying that she was used as bait Me: Where smoke and tachanka face reveal?

      1. Jeevan Malik

        @Torquess him too, and possibly Jaeger

      2. Torquess

        And Mute

    65. Kiwi Industries

      My god how cool would a movie like this be. Ubisoft has an opportunity to really make this a thing cause WE as players use these operators! What level of immersion potential would an animated series or movie or whatever could this have?!?!? We've known these characters for years, now its time to see them in cinematics

    66. UltraJack299


    67. Moradis

      Meh, again no Fuze, no Kapkan, no Tachanka...Dislike!

    68. Hamza Shukri

      If only the game is half as fun as this trailer.

    69. DatingSeiteOnline com

      This Is NOT A Dating Site! Please be discreet!

    70. wnnalis cioov

      Vigil is actually in this cinematic. He's just in your blind spot. Or he has his ability on

    71. StuTuDi

      Can't be the only one that thinks Sam doesn't look like Sam Fisher at all

    72. waitimnoob

      Why do the defenders always lose

      1. wnnalis cioov

        If the matches are simulations in the lore, then why is Ash's ear still wounded after the match during the lockerroom scene?

    73. THETA

      Anyone a Tom Clancy Rainbow Six dinosaur and stop playing after UBI RS went full console after desert siege..... and then COD came out? Seriously... I had every PC release but could never get used to a game pad/controller ..... Miss it so much!

    74. Unqualified Ursine

      not my Sam Fisher.

    75. 燒山

      Kaili didnt fight back coz she have reverse friendly fire on :D'

    76. Cj Guintu

      2.21 Kali buns got tighter

    77. Daniel Gomez

      Who's the girl on the left @ 2:21

      1. Daniel Gomez

        Ash nvm

    78. Jonathan Tan

      For Ash to say "Bait" brings so many relatable memories to everyone.

    79. Kevin Sirois

      2:59 when you tell ash mains to run a support op in ranked when they’re going 1/3 in ranked

    80. Jason Kerbs

      Has fuze been featured in any of the shorts

    81. Leon S. Kennedy

      These are really good. I really want more of these scenes.

      1. Mr PopTart

        its yearly.... and hopefully the quality remains good if business runs well

    82. Petty Officer 1st class Rabbit

      Call of Duty black ops Cold War rainbow six siege crossover fight who would win?: Ash or Russell Adler?

    83. Timo

      I also hate team attackers

    84. ProtoKJ

      kali: headshots someone, nothing happens also kali: grazes ash's ear, bleeds

      1. Pagan Min

        In a previous cinematic in the same setting Caveira bled pretty heavily after getting shot by Dokkaebi

      2. ProtoKJ

        @Zoli Makky so how does he see through the helmet? because the front's a piece of glass/ plastic and im pr sure bullets go through those 💀 especially sniper's

      3. ProtoKJ

        @Literally just pizza rolls with gunpowder, muzzle flash also shooting through walls idk bout that

      4. Zoli Makky

        Doc had a helmet

      5. Literally just pizza rolls

        She didn't shoot anyone in the head point blanc so it wouldn't have made any physical injury. The reason she bleeds is that ears are much weaker compared to actual bone. S.I is just airsoft after all.

    85. David Ramirez

      Cant wait to see different operators next time

    86. Mr.Tikkytak

      Anyone know what happened to Finka?

    87. Elai Kehler

      these are sick they should make a full series

    88. Sergio

      If the matches are simulations in the lore, then why is Ash's ear still wounded after the match during the lockerroom scene?

      1. 쫄삥스튜디오

        @Mr PopTart no wonder I get sound bugs when I'm playing ash. it's the "lore"

      2. Microwave

        @Barış Oktay But ash now has permanent hearing damage which diminishes her abilities on actual operations

      3. Razberry pi

        @Pagan Min i just watched it again, just a small scratch above cavs eye, kinda normal for a high velocity projectile to dome your 4head

      4. Razberry pi

        @Pagan Min didn't her facepaint just come off, i dont think she bled

      5. Pagan Min

        @Razberry pi In a previous cinematic Caveira bled pretty bad after getting shot on the forehead by Dokkaebi

    89. ComentAndDoment

      Can we already repel around corners yet - or is that a spoiled feature. Havent played in 1 year or so.

    90. PGrummpy

      1:18 That wink from Aruni though...

    91. ScienceMadeThis

      They need to make a cinematic of Vigil and Nøkk fighting

    92. HellOnEarth III

      Funny how Pulse gets screwed by his girl lol

    93. Jesus Cordova

      * Que the Captain America Civil War Music *

    94. Cool Ripple User

      Another attacker victory though?

    95. Leonardo js

      Did they changed ashs voice actress?

    96. The Blue Recruit

      Ash: “We don’t use people as bait” Me, watching my friend bleed out in the middle of the room: “Doubt”

    97. andre

      2:58 typical Ash players

    98. LordStar

      why all the time attackers win?

    99. Sicario 2020

      That means some defender attacks dead in this barbaric tournament that they have ? I am pretty sure this is not virtual reality

    100. w l

      thermite a soft wall.....