That's Why Bees Can Only Sting Once


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    You've heard bees only sting once because they don't survive after stinging you. But why is that? The answer to that and more animal facts you didn't know!
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    Published on 11 days ago


    1. Angelyn Teo

      bee! kv-44

    2. Saul Savelis

      video about 1 min info, but he managed to bulshit for almost 7 min..unsubscribed

    3. Ofelia Dionela

      Bee 🐝 is friendly it sting you if you hurt .It make honey by taking polen in flowers 🌷

    4. Gian

      Then cartoon bees would be invincible

    5. Adarsh Katariya


    6. Biolumen the catfox

      Guys we should protect bees!!!! 🐝 they are important! Without them we will have no more juicy fruits or healthy O2! Don’t get bees mad!! If they sting you they’ll die! 🐝 ❤️🌹 🌸 🌺

    7. Debra Dagnan

      1:14 Mmmmmmmmm Chheeeeese :D

    8. Kev Diamond

      Bees can technically sting infinite times if you don’t move while it spins and removes its stinger

    9. Suheeb Isman

      Even bees flap their wings 200 times per second

    10. ThunderShadowBreaker

      ______________________ ______________________

    11. ThunderShadowBreaker

      ° ° ______________

    12. Caryn Siminoff

      Mosquitoes are just big bully’s

    13. Abigail Allen

      Mine stung I needed ice 🧊

    14. Ghost Tree

      not me

    15. King of Football

      I’m never gone mess with a bee with again I want them to live

    16. lollkiz

      I knew that from the start!

    17. MineMasterAjay Gaming

      He’s just trying to say that the stinger has barbs and the stinger falls off because the barbs

    18. kakay Ney


    19. Kerry Moore

      i love cats i love cats

    20. Fio Diaz

      When I was playing on the swimming pool, my bro got stung by a bee and had some honey on his scrape

    21. Emmanuella Marseille

      40 mil subs YEAHHHH BOIIIIIIIIII

    22. Pelaelo Sesi


    23. Jason YJS_xoxo

      I see, so that's why Adam's stinger from Bee movie dissappeared...

    24. AntonioS 24726


    25. Piggy Master

      I have never been stung bye a bee

    26. Gamer Kesler

      nice ont i didnt know that i was great you are bee ing a legend

    27. Tiara's World

      I never go stung by a bee.

    28. Marten Raudemetsa

      Luke Davidson facts explsined same thing in 19 seconds.

    29. rexhep sherifi


    30. Dy1an_bro_ gaming

      The thumbnail is not a bee

    31. Skye Martinez

      never been stung

    32. Wh1teLeaf

      Bee-fore I say this, I want you to bee yourself and you don’t have to bee anyone else. Bee-ware!

    33. Chili Boy

      ok how do the killer bee live when they sting if they see people they have one Sting only???

    34. dionBG

      I love bee but they hurts me😭

    35. Tim Lucher

      Have been stung once

    36. Tritin Davis

      tell me this playing with your freinds then get stung would you care if they die

    37. Jamie Donnenfeld

      I been stung by 31 bees a bee hive 31 times stung

    38. Sejdi Mecani

      Mabye squirrels run away from their enemies on zic zac beacuse they want to confuse the enemey I dont know

    39. Sudden_sup

      Are u going through puberty?

    40. Thea Umotoy

      squirrels not trying to get sniped :D

    41. gamemer

      I saw all of this in just 20 seconds, I don't need a 7 minute video

    42. M4NRXJ


    43. Louis Khor

      Poor bee ☹️

    44. demoman gaming

      If dani became 50 stronger than his bones he could carry YOUR MOM

    45. Garry Balahadia

      bee stings hurt

    46. TexTube

      the puns

    47. Steven Grant

      Remember!!!! This article is not correct. Left alone a honey bee can and will pull it’s stinger out to keep living. I do wish people who publish articles like this would consult experts on the subject before posting this to millions.

    48. Steven Grant

      Furthermore, without the Queen the hive would perish. The colony must be “ Queen right”

    49. C&C MlBB Gaming

      I did not know this i have not seen a real bee yet but they are annoying and this video makes me sad :(

    50. pabitra das

      Air ship in among us

    51. Siddhant Mulay

      We Saw Your Video In School. We Were Learning About Bees My Teachers Liked It.

    52. Zach OA

      He keeps on getting new voices not in a bad way

    53. Lander Vrijdaghs

      Its a sucuide mission

      1. linda he

        for the bee?

    54. Anthony

      Dem fax doe

    55. IxZiX 98


    56. soiung toiue

      "We've all been there before" Me: ;-;.... I've only been bitten by mosquitoes-

    57. Ella Corgi

      Thank you captain obvious

    58. Andria Allen

      😗😗😗😗 now I know whats on my forehead 😗😗😗😗

    59. Tochi Anthony

      2:20 BEES ARE SO SMART

    60. Neyani Youngdeer

      I’m not

      1. soiung toiue


    61. Michael Robbel

      I got atacked by 20 Bees

    62. elaine lauritzen


    63. Cameron Bond


    64. JT Gamer

      Oh well...You Only Sting Once (YOSO)

    65. Lewis Jones

      Doesn’t it rips it’s guts out

    66. Jeffery Chou

      Bruh his voice....

    67. adeel pervaiz

      That's what you get for stinging me

    68. Bean Jean

      There’s a bee in my house and I’m scared😥🥶😱

    69. G•a•b•b•y g•i•p

      LoL but this is sad cuz when the bees are all gone we can die cuz they help us just because they sting you do not scream at them just walk away and dont make a notice okay there's the facts bai bye

    70. G•a•b•b•y g•i•p

      LoL but this is sad cuz when the bees are all gone we can die cuz they help us just because they sting you do not scream at them just walk away and dont make a notice okay there's the facts bai bye

    71. Pople BackyardFarm

      Interesting I am a bee keeper

    72. Jhuna Reddy

      Bee puns

    73. Oeng Sok kim

      I got sting two time it stings my neck and my back then my back turn red and my back was so hot

    74. gfigueiredo81

      I’m still scared of bees even though I’m 8

      1. Lillian Collins

        Hey guess what I’m scared of bees and I’m 12

    75. Jourie Cheikhalbzouri

      oh and forgot Ramadan Kareem

    76. Jourie Cheikhalbzouri

      if you were standing with no heart that will be amazing

    77. Jourie Cheikhalbzouri

      however bees need lots of proteins to survive


      Haha This is dope!! Please watch n subscribe for more ​

    79. JayRapid10

      the amount of bee puns used in this vid

    80. Tyler Jenner

      My nan got stung by the queen bee

    81. oiuet souiu

      "We've all been there before" Me: ;-;.... I've only been bitten by mosquitoes-

    82. Mother&DaughterSS Gacha

      Be is more painful than spiders.

    83. ᜀᜃᜎᜓᜌ ᜀᜑᜃ᜔ᜇ᜔oᜄ᜔

      Bees like kamikaze

    84. georgina maddi saño

      true i got sick i was 4 year old becaus of a bee sting sad

    85. wiintersnowwxves

      I saw a bee at school and i got scared

      1. wiintersnowwxves

        @oiuet souiu dont gotta be rude about it

      2. oiuet souiu

        well no duh

    86. SuperHeatWizard

      “We have all been there before” I have not :)

    87. WolfxBoy

      I Havent Watch Your Videos In a Long Time And I Think Bees Are Cute

    88. Eduin Juarez

      The bees know HOW to twer-😏 3:11

    89. Colleen Kenyon

      I have experienced a bee sting when I was a baby

    90. Glitchbear

      Fun fact: im scared of bees :) so ima cry in my conner if i see one :)

    91. Rhoan Hibbert

      That would be scary and hurts

    92. Teku Sharma

      lol when they say bees we know your secret you have smelly feet

    93. Addison Shields

      I have never been stung by a bee

    94. 2SxilentTx

      I remember stepping on a bee in a swimming tournament

    95. Shelby Cooper

      I’ve never been stung by a bee because whenever I see one I turn into turbo 😌

    96. Kirby Phillips