North Texans Who Were At US Capitol During Chaos Await Fate As Charges Begin Being Filed


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    The Department of Justice has begun filing charges against those who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday and among those groups were Texans who documented some of it on social media.

    Published on 7 days ago


    1. dest151

      Social media, facebook clowns..

    2. phillysupra

      If you're going to commit a crime.. Maybe,... Don't... Record yourself doing it 🤔

    3. Dan Stal

      All they have to do is say their Democrats and charges will be dropped.

    4. Diego Emilio

      "Well, the beloved Leader was flinging feces at Our Constitution and I thought it was my patriotic duty to help him. " The blond one said.

    5. Diego Emilio

      "Well, the Beloved Leader was flinging feces at Our Constitution and I thought it was my patriotic duty to help him. " The blond one said.

    6. M G

      It was a peaceful protest but this window is smashed and we're coming for you next media...

    7. Alasdair Henley

      Where is ‘USAAaaaa’ 😡🤬🤯 guy ?

    8. boondocks

      She’s talking about peace but she took a picture next to a broken window caused by her peaceful riot. Then she uses that symbol to make a threat to the media. 😂


      Amazing how TRUMP can make smart people. As Dumb as Him!! 🤤🤤🤤🤤

    10. topgrain

      Look at the cultists. Drunk on Trump while he sits back and grins and likely chuckles at his past statements about paying legal bills for those who do violence at his behest. Trumpism is also insanity. Look at that woman grinning and recording herself telling about her crime in great detail.

    11. topgrain

      A the very least, take their guns. And make sure they can never legally own more.

    12. quinton frost

      Its interesting how a cops life is more valuable. When a cop dies people know justice will be served.

    13. scott weston

      there's your ultimate BLONDE JOKE..

    14. peter griffin

      terrorists deserve prison.

    15. Mike Sprague

      It was so peaceful that five people died of boredom. #bluelivesmatter

    16. darryl williams

      Everything she said is bullshit!

    17. Lalo Ortiz

      She totally forgot about threatening news studios part in her post defending her innocence

    18. Sean Maher

      Their mistake was following Trump.

    19. Deeann Watson

      Im just a cute little cop killer. A cop died so ypu could stand in front of that Window.

    20. somosgenel

      Arrest, prosecute, convict and PUNISH all of them... From DUMP, RUDY etc all the way down to BILLY JOE BOB

      1. somosgenel

        02:55 hey Jenna.. The definition for the word SORRY can be found in the dictionary between Trump, I mean 5 h1 t and S y ph1li5 just so you know,,,

    21. shrekogre1010

      Trump's MAGA supporters used to chant "Lock 'em up". Look at the irony now!

    22. B King

      Her face is just as I expected... Karen.....

    23. Jash N

      It's all fun and games until you murder a cop and face life in a federal prison....

    24. Will G.

      They should have done like burning looting murderers and masked up and took it,huh?

    25. dutoiu hour

      Jenna Ryan: "It was a peaceful protest..." Also Jenna Ryan: "I am truly heartbroken for the people that have lost there lives.. " This about sums up Trump Supporters.

    26. Juan Fuentes

      Why is no body talking about that man or cop who shot that women

    27. lourdes krohn

      Wink wink 😉 we believe angel 😇 you are such a Saint suddenly! You are 👿 You were there and didn’t stop the chaos you participate! Peacefully 😂😇😉😉

    28. Blind Freddy

      I'm binging on Trumpanzees getting arrested videos. Very therapeutic. The red hat is the new orange.

      1. dutoiu hour

        sound like she condones violence? she is threating and she is not sad what so ever in the pic happy as can be ... like donny just a liar to save her ahole.

    29. Bob Smith

      Lock them up!

    30. Roger Riffs

      Get away drivers get the same charge as the bank robbers. Give them all the MAX. Make examples out of them. Show the world what happens to TRAITORS

    31. locoripper vang

      dumber and dumber



    33. Deer Phoria

      Jenna Ryan should have just come to my place and get served by this BBC instead of getting herself in this type of trouble.

    34. Dee F


    35. Patrick Bateman

      You shocked there were Texans ?

    36. Not Funny

      The love they showed law enforcement didn't resemble the love I thought they had for law and order.

    37. Anthony McCord

      The only person that will be prosecuted will be that Half black half white kid at 0:13 don’t forget his ass

    38. Honeybunch


    39. Dedrie Johnson

      The FBI is tracking those terroist down! 😎

    40. Jeff Zabelski

      Were any Karen’s there?

    41. Alan Deans

      'I propagated all that shit about 'Stolen election', I voluntarily took part in Trump rally's, I aligned myself with America's worst morons' - somehow, I don't think 'Ooops' will be accepted by courts all over the country !. As one of 'Trump's morons' you MUST accept your part in shaming and disgracing your country !


      Disgusting ignorant Cult Members

    43. drummerist

      blondie is so lying ... what did she say on her post: "window at the capital. and if the news doesnt stop lying about us were coming after their studios next". what - does that sound like she condones violence? she is threating and she is not sad what so ever in the pic happy as can be ... like donny just a liar to save her ahole.

    44. esters44

      MAGA shit

    45. Bridgette Cooper

      Ahhhh...Now the spin bigins

    46. Mike Young

      All the individuals shown in this video should be indicted, prosecuted, convicted, and incarcerated!

    47. Miller Time

      I'm not asking for special treatment for these people I just ask they be treated like a BLM member would had they stormed the Capitol.

    48. Kathleen

      Arrest her now! How these traitors even got to go home is beyond me.

    49. Marco Valentini

      I love them yelling USA, while they are committing treasons acts against the USA.

    50. Jess F

      Idiotic actions

    51. fnchrstphr Fanelli

      Why does USfilm take advertising money from Epoch Times?

    52. crazy4beatles

      No matter how light their sentence, they'll have to explain to future employers why they have a certain conviction and why photos (that they voluntarily posted) of them at this "peaceful" protest come up on their background checks.

    53. PWiz30

      1:18 Jenna Ryan filmed herself entering the Capitol building and posted it on social media.

    54. Yes Mate

      They will be crying in court and say that's not who I am like racists said 3 to 4 years ago at a children's birthday part while harrasing a black family and I saw that on court cam

    55. rdj4156


    56. Calvin Bowen

      Bring back the firing squad.

    57. Michelle Mckee

      Peaceful protest??????

    58. plauditecives

      Too bad Jenna does not realize it's 2021. She is obviously not a bright bulb. Low wattage definitely.

    59. Amar Khadey

      ALL the people that broke into the Capitol should be in JAIL!!!

    60. charmnGUY

      Dumb blonde realtor! Peaceful protesters....compared to what? Mob mentality is far too matter what shades you are!

    61. Hana Mahmoud

      👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 lock these classes deranged cult members up

    62. Hellmuth Christian Stuven


    63. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      “I do not condone the violence that occurred on January 6, 2020” they really stuck on the past it’s 2021 stupid that just shows how dumb they are along with the statement before about it being “peaceful”.

    64. Scholar57

      "There was no violence." What about the Capitol Police Officer that was killed?! Was there no violence there?!

    65. Brenda Boyer Knoll

      We were just taking photos and threatening further violence and destruction of other people's properties. Peacefully praying. Yeah Brian Sicknick died and justice requires that someone educate Jenna

    66. Brenda Boyer Knoll

      Quit downplaying the deadly insurgency it is so insulting to America

    67. Emsley Wyatt

      She's kind of hot for a RWNJ.

    68. Ryan Chuenarom

      Lock them up! Take all the entitled Karens and Bobs (Trumplicans) lock em up and throw the key away.

    69. Mrs. Clark

      People were killed while Trump protesters were in the commission of a felony by trespassing at the White House. This felony must be charged with murder! If she were a Black person she would be charged, legally, with killing people during the commission of a felony! A policeman was killed for God's sake and they are planning more violence-just put a stop to it by justly charging ALL of them with killing during the commission of a felony!

    70. godson sanju

      Dumb & the dumbers

    71. aud

      Just being on the steps was a crime

    72. Leeanne Witenko

      These excuses and apologies dont cut it were there smiling at broken windows...good enough to go down with the the other terrorists....bye.

    73. Chris Hill

      That was NOT a peaceful protest. These people live in an alternate reality.

    74. Sandra Trent

      Do people really believe we are all that stupid???? It's all on video and they made most of the videos!!

    75. Travis B

      Lots of alcoholics and real estate folks who love Trump. LMAO! So dumb.

    76. Dawn Shands

      The officer that died should have not changed anything about charges. They’re wrong for what they did. They glorified a hate monger (tRump)and then say they’re peaceful. I wonder how many of them go to church every Sunday and Wednesday? And that’s why I don’t go.

    77. Angel Delgado

      Jenna, Russia wait for you

    78. Travis B

      Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    79. Angel Delgado

      Maximun sentence and Guantánamo

    80. akvang2

      It's funny how you stand next to a broken window and claim to have attended a peaceful protest.

    81. greenman 91

      Fucking idiots LMAOOOOOOOOO the best and the brightest

    82. G Ontheverge

      Even before this she was clearly racist, gun-obsessed and unhinged. Lock her up before she boils someone’s pet rabbit...looking at you Pence, protect Bunco, he is the only good thing about your entire family.

    83. Mike Kubo

      I’m surprised that a lot more Texans aren’t being identified. After all we have more hate groups than the next 2 states combined, almost the next 3. Most violent ones are our “Religous “ groups.

    84. Christopher J. Murray Jr

      “It was a peaceful protest.” “I do not condone the violence that occurred on January 6, 2020...” She’s quite the wordsmith

    85. Hecubus

      Republicans storm the capital in an attempt to install trump as dictator...their response...What about the riots in Portland? Can't we all just unify? Pathetic and irresponsible. : )

    86. Chris Nguyen

      “It was a peaceful protest” so funny. She should go to jail.

    87. Dale hauk

      they can't vote or have a fire arm due to being a criminal

    88. Douglas Thew

      Read the Felony Murder Doctrine. Anyone involved can technically be charged with the murder of a Federal police officer. The needle is on the table if they want it to be.

    89. Muru Roa

      Oh, right! Violence, destruction and death = free speech! Got it! Thanks for clarifying that, Jenna Ryan! Would you like some free speech applied to you while you're in prison?

    90. Star Gazer

      So, if a federal officer had not died, it would not have been considered as serious..... Think about that.

    91. Star Gazer

      One of Trump's favorite phrases: Low I.Q. Individuals.

    92. Charisse Johnson

      I think she forgot she said they were coming for their studios.

    93. indra s

      6 January 2020........that negate the whole statement.

    94. Lily Bill

      Investigate and indict them all. They need to he held accountable for their actions. The women who was gloating about breaking down speaker Pelosi' door should. go to jail.

    95. MLJ Shell

      CHARGE THEM ALL! Arrest them and prosecuted them! They are all a disgrace!

    96. Jerrold Tidwell

      Lock her up.

    97. Chewy

      Let's wait a week for any sentencing so they can't be pardoned.

    98. RM N

      During "chaos"? you mean during the TERRORIST ATTACK. Throw the traitors in jail.

    99. Liberal in Oklahoma

      No violence !!! HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THE BROKEN WINDOW !!??

    100. LiveDeadRecords