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    I AM DOING LADY GAGA’S MAKEUP with her new HAUS LABORATORIES GLAM ROOM PALETTE No. 1: FAME!!!!! The queen of pop sits down to get her glam on, as well as spilling the tea on LG6, babies and more!!!!
    We're also giving my fans the opportunity to be the first to get access to the new launch and the CHANCE TO WIN A PALETTE SIGNED BY LADY GAGA via my Instagram ✧ pB5qllmxpzx_/
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    Contains 10 shadows (mattes, metallics, shimmers & sparkles)
    Launch details:
    December 5, 2019 at 9am PT
    Available HAUSLABS on Instagram (US Only) and (global)
    Price: $34 USD
    Thank you again to the entire HAUS LABORATORIES team, Lady Gaga & Sarah Tanno for an amazing shoot - hope you guys enjoy this video and palette as much as I do!!!
    P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D:
    FAME Glam Room Palette No. 1 (10 shadows)
    *Cake - Matte Pale Peach
    *Contort - Matte Sienna
    *Top Hat - Matte Black
    *Curtain Call - Metallic Burnt Red
    *Scotch - Metallic Deep Brown With Golden Pearl
    *Spotlight - Metallic Pink Champagne
    *Shimmy - Metallic Mauve
    *Applause - Gold and Pink Pearl Duochrome
    *Cameo - Light Terracotta with Sheer Golden Pear
    *Slipper Room - Deep Plum with Shimmer Pink Pearl
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    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.

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    1. NikkieTutorials


      1. Angel_Ollie_44

        @Niya Andrade Nikkie has been wanting to do this since she was my age

      2. Angel_Ollie_44

        @Grace Camp your so stereotypical and sexist

      3. Angel_Ollie_44

        Your so lucky

      4. Marilin Lollalolla

        RADIO GAGA

      5. Grace Camp

        @Niya Andrade James Charles is gay. He is a guy. he should not be into make up. that is not gods purpose for a man.

    2. Rea Aurora

      Today 1 year ago of this ICONIC video...i love them

    3. The Kansas Cat

      Love Lady Gaga and LOVE Nikkie but Gaga kinda looked worsein the end than how she showed up, that lip colour was not it. just didn't work

    4. Laura Forconi


    5. joshua Canteveros

      I thought she's lady gaga's sister

    6. Nana Love

      I really hope she would ask her about that one video of her acting possessed in London

    7. dARkT

      she always was and she is so lovely and down to earth..I love her so much man!She'll never change!!

    8. Autumn McHenry

      Omg Gaga is the absolute sweetest 😍

    9. JoeJaprin

      Gagaaaaaaaa 😍😍😍😍

    10. Emma Pedersen

      Gaga: "I'm sorry Nikkie, I love you" 🥺💕 Now I'm crying 😭

    11. Perfume- Tengoku

      For some reason i can barely recognize lady gaga here

    12. kageyama’s milk carton


    13. Inkrew Dx

      Gaga we got Chromatica (and it’s literally my life) but... honey, where’s the classical piano album? 👁👄👁

    14. Eloise Mae

      OMG lady gaga is stunning- I’m not sure those are her natural brows but even so she has such pretty eyebrows

    15. Dominique Jansen

      25:11 omg she’s right! It looks a little like the chromatica album cover (the circle and the body in the middle)

    16. Mandy Campos

      That intro was too funny lol I love you nikieeee

    17. Liraz Aytek

      Why is she so beautiful I can’t with Gaga❤️

    18. Saara Boukabous


    19. Bella Ludovici

      Can we discuss that makeup artist...why is she dressed like a middle school baton twirl-er? Lol

    20. anna pernigo

      Cinque minuti, how cute that she throws Italian in there lol it's her subtle way to say "I'm Italian"

    21. Gold Chinese Dragon

      At 4:17 when Lady Gaga said "Sarah" It made me think back to the Hocus Pocus movie when Mary Sanderson said "Sarah"

    22. Ava Berlin

      Hi Lady Gaga, welcome to my smartphone screen.

    23. Victory Abibang

      Nikki is freaking talented

    24. Victory Abibang

      "A salmon dress" "Ew" ...I mean the meat dress...are

    25. Victory Abibang

      This wasn't even that long ago😁

    26. Lets Talk About It!

      Someone please tell Lady Gaga that we so need her in another season of American horror stories because when I tell you girl played the part so sexy and so well is an understatement one season that I would watch 1 million times

    27. Tiara liz

      OMG, She is so....... down to earth,I am surprised!

    28. Vale Ami yami

      minute 14:50 ... Isn´t funny how Gaga is so used to talk while gtting her make up done and she closes her eye only whn getting shadow applied like automatic or something.

    29. Brenda Gomez

      Wow I love lady Gaga’s personality she’s so down to earth 💕 how she treats her makeup artist is fenomenal 🔥💕

    30. Reem Alexander

      Love how she casually said she’s burlesque dance waitress as bartend y the same time like damn ! Good job to you all three are so demanding let alone busting your butt off doing all three. Truly inspiring

    31. CitrusandCapri

      ❤️🤗 The moment Gaga puts on her lipgloss 💄 and the classical music is being played; gave me goosebumps! ❤️🙏🏽🎵☺️

    32. CitrusandCapri

      😂💝💕Imagine even Lady Gaga’s dad doubting her success as an artist when she left college. Gives me a feeling I can still flip around my life. 🍀💕💝🌸🤗

    33. Shenanigan Walter Hamoudi

      No offense but I like lady gaga's face before nikki's make up.

    34. ThisIsADJEgoProduction

      Lady Gaga is so humble. I love her so much. She really loves to have fun with her craft no matter if she’s on screen or in the studio or in front of a camera. ❤️ And her music is so fun, light and full of bright energy. This is truly refreshing. I’m jealous of you Nikkie!

    35. Maegan Gaw

      I admire Lady Gaga's ability to give Nikki such concise uplifting compliments on how she's doing in this video but also as a makeup artist and content creator. Just listen to it 18:45 ! It's great to be able to give other people meaningful genuine compliments that uplift them.

    36. Elizabeth Leach

      I love gaga so much. She speaks with the same energy as a drunk girl in the bathroom. So kind and always showering people with compliments.

    37. Bruce Finnie

      I think the reason Lady Gaga did this is because she wants to sell make-up. A bit like Madonna trying to sell her Skin care range.

    38. CeCe

      When I watch American horror story I didn’t even know she was Lady Gaga she gorgeous😍😍

    39. Ella Ocean

      16:47 and we are the cock destroyers

    40. Ella Ocean

      Lady GaGa: BROWS

    41. lovely goin

      She’s such a queen 🥵💕


      Sei que poucos vão ler essa mensagem mas jamais iremos desistir de correr atrás do nossos sonhos

    43. Fernanda Mostajo

      She is the sweetest human in the word💙

    44. Storm Creator

      Jamie French would think differently about “not to prime is a crime”

    45. cote

      lady gaga diosa

    46. Radio Rebel

      Yaaaaas gaga

    47. Kroko Mez

      She's so stunning and talented 😍😍😍

    48. Freddie Mercury

      Why is Lady Gaga's side profile looks like Gabbie Hanna's?

    49. Anna Sallós

      Nikkie tongue is red....what?

    50. Emereye


    51. Ella Harford

      I love Lady Gaga

    52. Valeria Ceballos

      Lady gaga got me on vegan !

    53. Gemma Gasco

      Watched this because I love lady Gaga’s voice

    54. Benjamin Salazar

      Lady Gaga is absolutely beautiful.

    55. Alice14Wonderland

      The red tongue though

    56. Mr.Chipmunk

      Omfg how did I miss this being a little monster for 10+ years??? THIS IS EVERYTHING 🤯🤯🤯

    57. lpmqlpthp

      Why just now I see how beautiful Gaga is... and I don't mean from out side.

    58. lpmqlpthp


    59. SootWilbur

      imagine LADY GAGA saying i love you to you like 🙀🙀❤️

    60. Katie E

      Gaga just seems so down to earth and nice

    61. Derrick Branz

      6:11 “Ooo lux”

    62. E B

      I wonder what gaga means when she says "you're a very nice person, and not everyone else is" then turn, I wonder who this is directed at 😂

    63. E B

      She looks so different with the less dramatic makeup! Crazy 😱 beautiful! I feel like here makeup at the start looks like how I do my own makeup

    64. Glosslynni

      So sour candy💗✨

    65. Rexter

      23:14 wutd she say 😭

    66. ludovica angotti

      23:09 è quello che stai cercando ✨🇮🇹

      1. Alister Lightbourne


    67. Shyanne Caward

      Can we just talk about how humble, kind, and inspiring lady Gaga is. Like she is just seriously so true to herself and encourages me to love myself more.

    68. samantha ahern

      i DROPPED my phones when I say Lady Gaga bro!!!!!!

    69. annamaria pezzella

      "cinque minuti" my Italian ass SCREAMED I love this woman so much

    70. Cuauhtemoc Vega Torres

      haha, you are gaga, remember?

    71. Timothy Spencer

      Oh my Gaga, this is my 6th time watching this

    72. Drusilla Nelson

      She is beyond stunning,and very inspirational.

    73. Ann Valem

      anyone else feeld like the make-up looks kinda messy? the liner and lip made it look better, but the shading and colortransition looks really messy for a professional makeup artist. sorry, just calling out what i'm seeing

    74. Cruse Joshuaei

      It's so weird because I'm not used to seeing lady gaga in person like ik what she looks like I just never likr watch her talk and stuff.

    75. CHSNY


    76. Stephanie Torres

      She seems so down to earth. Nice to see

    77. Grace Camp

      Love her Music!! I will have to try her makeup palette sometime.

    78. Laura Martin

      They are a good collab! The pink is really working

    79. Emilio Tamez

      Thats not lady gaga

    80. mandyy chaka

      Omg lady gaga is too stunning

    81. Ashlee Litfin

      The collab we didn't know we needed 😍❤️

    82. Luzycat7

      4:04 Gaga: What? Don´t be nervous, you do this all the time! Nikkie: Honey, you´re Lady Gaga. Period. lol

    83. ITSDANIEL22


    84. Seda Çamlı

      Loves from turkey🤍

    85. Seda Çamlı

      I love you so much Lady Gaga 🤍🤍🤍

    86. Heather Bradley

      WOW.. you guys in the comments are completely and TOTALLY oblivious as to who this woman really is. L Gaga had to sell her soul to get where she is today. Look at what she did at the 2020 MTV awards, and many MANY times before; putting symbolism right in front of our faces, in her lyrics, what certain lines she said in American horror story, as well as all of the satanic symbolism in that show. BTW, this was just in my algorithm on USfilm I was not trying to look for it. Edit: Let's not forget just a few short years ago that her "mentor" was none other than the Satanist Marina Abramovich. Sorry if I didn't spell that name right, but just look it up. It's been all over the Internet for a few years now. Especially recently.

    87. Mercy

      15:55 omg omg omg gggggomgogmgomgom she done it omg in the vms speech she wore a fish dress

    88. Setayesh Maleky

      You are sick

    89. Max Here

      Lady gaga have such a beautiful funny personality

    90. Deadly Nightshade

      I loved everything but the red lipstick was too strong, took the attention from the beautiful eye makeup, and the amount of lipstick was too much it looked goo-y.

    91. Lee247 Annekia Stewart

      The only thing i didnt like about gaga today is the colour of her hair like how Kim Kardashian and sister Kylie jenner did it didnt fit them

    92. Taz Mashups

      When I enter my classroom and realise there's going to be a test 24:43

    93. Black Mamba

      23:13 Gaga: "5 minuti" 🤣❤️

    94. Selena

      Lady GaGa is so 🥺

    95. Huey Tran

      "Lady Gaga talking" Nikkie: "mhm" "yeah" "right" "mhm" yeah""mhmhmh" "yeah" "right" "yup" "yes" "mhm"

    96. Gorilla-grip-pussy-support-hotline -69

      2020 redeemed and saved

    97. The Real Alyvox


    98. AshlyMay

      I swear I thought Gaga started off with a full face of makeup but then realized it was just her skin like 👁👄👁

    99. Jessica Sharber

      Why is no one asking why nikkis tongue is red as hell

    100. Ms Trabajales