BTS You laugh = You lose Challenge 2020

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    BTS You laugh = You lose Challenge 2020

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    1. Alina Ali

      I searched water deer and full frog sounds after watching this......Yoongi has mastered those man

    2. Baltishna Lata

      It was the sound effects for me, I lost on when jin said 123 smile while the sun was burning his eyes

    3. Ana Júlia Marques de Almeida

      Cadê os BR ? 🇧🇷


      The Thumbnail was enough to make me laugh

    5. Amrhbsrh Lope_

      Haha 😆😆 i lose when all suga's part.. suga be like: 😲😲😲😲

    6. drdsasterify

      Ohhhh my god someone please tell me where Suga imitating those animal sounds is from? I need to watch it😂

    7. ᴍᴏᴏɴ.

      Is anyone like me before playing the video laughing so hard and don't know what the reason😂😂💔?

    8. Tehiliah Builds!

      Before it started. I can do this. Me ended up losing my voice and my regular laugh

    9. Yumna Rizwan

      If you're watching this video and are a new viewer: 5% other comments 95% Kim Taehyung Yoominkook comments

    10. taekook

      6:15 suga's swage is at another level

    11. Fola M.T

      You laugh you lose❌❌ You laugh you win✅😂😂🔪

    12. Raudah Kookie

      The first vid I already laugh

    13. The Youtube Froggie

      someone tel me that ep plS

    14. Rocio ruiz


    15. Nicole Roxas

      7:00 what show is that

    16. Kim Tae Tae

      Is no one gonna talk about how cute taehyung was? when he flinched cause there was a bee and the staff tried to cover his head. THAT'S CUTE LMAOJGFDJNCHFASJKBVXCGJHKJU 1:15


      I can't im going to laugh hard lmao

    18. Фариза Тулепбергенова

      😘♥♥♥Jungi what a mile

    19. Nicole

      Lost in 2 seconds

    20. Esther Obadote

      Jimins jacket was like 'not today' 😂

    21. Niikoo _nïí_

      4:05 Same Jiminaaaa Same

    22. thedragon bro

      If Jin was the actual mom of the group 13:57 (Jin-time to hit this punching bag cuz I will probably lost my mind with these kids)

    23. CHLOE KIM


    24. 방탄소년단 &arab Army

      I forgot that it's don't laugh challenge 😂😂

    25. Harun Or Rashid

      Bcgdghchosjtsgitfl of cucitegli hostiskhchi choir ho hi. Bicyixgivgd kid ohcofogchic kheli LJ ljrtsohco lhdhdkb ohh bighorn hckhdhfojfhd IV dodgy occhi khrhdvucy

    26. Sky_ Horror

      Why did u put the title as k-pop funny moments Put it as bts funny moments cause almost all are bts

    27. danny ratanakone


    28. JaSMiN TEHE

      Jimin with Taehyung 10:33 VS Jimin with Jungkook 10:39 the difference BHAHAHAHAHAHA...

    29. Shumi's Cuisine

      Bts এর ভিডিও দেখব আর হাসবনা এমন কি হয়😂

    30. Riska Handira

      anyone knows from which tour the funny 'Not Today' at 9:24 was? pls heeeelp =))

    31. Killjoy

      10:22 no but Jimin seeing how determined Taehyung was about the four-leaf clover so he made one for Taehyung and he was so happy 😭

    32. Nia Zitting

      I lost the challenge the second I saw them laughing

    33. Arixiello gaming asmr

      Am I like the only who came bec I want laugh

    34. Vishnu lal Panika

      *try not to laugh * me: I didn't laugh I was just...........🤣 but I don't know why my cheeks are paining

    35. Keerthi M

      i’m not even one second in and my stomach already hurts from laughter

    36. chamidi kavindraya


    37. Lilly joy

      Seriously!! It was very very nice!! I really enjoyed it!!

    38. Kim marwa

      ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ BTS cute💜💜💜💜💜

    39. Rishmi BTS army

      So funny our cute 7 handsome boys 😂😂

    40. Deoshree M

      17:06 jin is me trying to learn BTS choreos😂💅

    41. Aileen Chun

      5:33 😂😂😂😂

    42. Koko_ bt21 Altaho

      I have a headache tired sleepy and look what I’m doing WATCHING THIS WOW 💀

    43. Lalalalisa Love シ

      1:15 to 1:19 our precious tae 🥺

    44. S Salmannai

      I lose

    45. SABRINA'S LIFE _

      For army who be a soldier with jin please protect him😊

    46. Karishna Veni

      Once I should see BTS members drawing talent I want to know that how they draw

    47. Gear up to learn

      I tried till half of this and before in starting I was smiling

    48. Army Plink ONLY

      8:25 minute is so fun I lol😂😂😂

    49. KIM _YOONMINN.1

      2:51 what is the video called ?

    50. Softie ᴛᴀee

      7:04 Thats The Funniesttt!

    51. Abie Vlogs

      facts: jungkook's bestfriend is Yugyeom

    52. Mary Elizabeth

      You can’t start with Yoongi and expect me to not laugh

    53. Meow Suga

      Hi..jungkook 97..I wanna get ur permission for using some parts of the video for my channels new intro..can I.?

    54. jakia sultana

      I laugh because of jimin

    55. 김태형

      So cute🥰 and funny🤣

    56. Aladin Ginting

      i'm lose

    57. Lyra Eudine Begino

      hahaahhaha i love it i love you baby taeyung

    58. Bts and blackpink Stan

      I need... *NeW LuNgS*

    59. Izabel Ilieva

      10:39 pleaseee tell me the name of the song. I'm literally gonna die. 🤣😭🙏🙏🙏

    60. Disha Agarwal-132

      6:00 is from which content of bts?

    61. Disha Agarwal-132

      the beginning scene is from which episode or from any season's greetings or what?

    62. Janaina Cristina Cristina


    63. 은훈성

      5:55 Where do I find that video?

    64. Shirley Gan

      The difference when Jin stumbled at 12:15 and when JK stumbled 12:52. Really.... Baby Kookie gets away with anything lol

    65. Jem Dod

      I laughed on the first one 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

    66. Ro Patel

      1:28 Halsey watching from home like: yOu HaD oNe JoB!

    67. Karenagen

      *1:00** I was dead here with Jin. Massive fail*

    68. Nadzirah Nizalri

      BTS very very funny...I can't stop laughing...BTS can make me laugh anytime

    69. Z S

      *army's, please stream DYNAMITE 💜💫 And don't forget to vote on MAMA 2020 for BTS*

    70. InFiReS mAn

      1:00 this is so relatable

    71. UNNIEE_

      Jinnie is so perfect guy♡

    72. Alison Murphy

      omg V is literally me when a bee comes near me hahah

    73. Suhani khosla

      Does everyone come here just to laugh or am i the only crackhead? 😂💜💛

    74. Ashwari Pillay

      where is 5:55 from

    75. Bangtan baby

      where can i watch all of those clips full


      I can't stop laughing, so funny

    77. Vatinee Taysakun

      6:17 Does anyone know where it from?

      1. Xristina music

        BTS bangtan bomb snl

    78. Vanna Huynh

      what is the original vid at 2:46?

    79. I purple You

      2:21 Nam so cute 💜😍😊

    80. Jessica Vaquero

      jin jungkook are bffs

    81. Nindyaswari Da

      make up nuna that tried to protect taehyung is basically all of us, only we don't get to be that close to him

    82. Maimom Indrajit

      Result: I lose

    83. deexita choudhury

      30 secs...all it took was 30 secs😂😂😂...

    84. Apoorva Karekar

      Where is the first clip from

    85. Hanna the best gamer!

      What song was that at 0:20 I can't remember

      1. Hanna the best gamer!

        Thank you

      2. Xristina music

        Make it right

    86. Ananya Ekbote

      What is this 6:13? Where can I get this video?

    87. Anoushka Chitragar

      Hey guys. Can someone plz tell me which from video it is where yoongi is making the bullfrogs sounds? Absofreakinglutely love the video. i was having a bad day. The video cheered me up.

    88. Cindy Wu

      7:36 V just ran towards RM without hesitation and gave him such a hug like that

    89. Raven Ruiz

      I'm trying not to laugh But I laugh out loud 🤣

    90. Adrie Wallace

      JungKook, do you love me cuz i love u!

    91. Alizee Prouheze

      What's the song at 13:17 ? please 🥺 Ps: BTS ❤❤❤❤

    92. S H N

      15:03 which background song please tell

    93. 쁘잉뿌잉

      윤기씨 황소개구리 소리 내는거 30번은 본거같은디 볼때마다 웃기네

    94. Memes Me

      Nothing..... Ad of Samsung Galaxy earbuds ( BTS in that ad ) Me : I will buy it oppa if I have permission of my parents to buy it

    95. euphoria

      Can i watch this without doing challange? Bcz i know i only saw thumbnail and i start laughing😅

    96. Aylen C

      3:39 name the song?

      1. Micayla Catherine

        I found itttttt it’s Don’t Wanna Be- OutworlD2

    97. chandra singh

      Lol I lose😂😂😂😂😂

    98. A.R.M.Y 2020

      I miss yoongi when he was happy now he is having surgery

    99. Riya Verma

      5:32 where can I watch this video

    100. Odara ツ

      "Hu hu ha ha"