SEC Shorts - SEC teams get their final 2020 season report cards

SEC Shorts

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    2020 was a football season to remember and what better way to cement this crazy year into the minds of all the SEC teams than to go over their end of season report cards!

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    1. schmolik1

      How come we don't have any of these during basketball season? Alabama is having the season of their lives and you can't comment about that? Or kick Kentucky while they're down?

    2. Nate Talks Giants

      WHERE ARE YOU GUYS???? (seriously I need my fix lol)

    3. John Jordan

      The sec standings Sec West 1. Bama so surprising i know 2. Texas AM really good offense 3. Lsu rebound year 4. Arkansas not even the refs can stop them 5. Ole Miss what is a defense 6. Miss St not even kicking a grown man can bring them up 7. Auburn take a step back now y'all Sec East 1. Georgia just got a relevant qb 2. Florida lost their shoe 3. Mizzou i do as the rocks guide 4. Kentucky dont worry they were eating KFC 5. Tennessee only Caucasians are allowed here 6. South Carolina not so sweet Carolina 7. Vanderbilt we have a football team

    4. Gene LeGear

      That's just so funny and right on. Love n it.... RT

    5. Eddie Lorentz

      I'm not sure what Mizzou team you guys watched, but the defense was by far our strong suit so giving our offense a b plus but our defense a b minus is puzzling to say the least

    6. Trav harrell

      I love these but how the F did ole miss get a C- on defense? At best it should have been D-

    7. MegaMr46

      Offense: A+ Defense: B+ Coaching A+ Overall: A+? Dammit Bama! 😡

    8. Tim Glover

      This one was funny, the Tennessee skit was great

    9. HB LeBlanc

      I think A&M should have gotten in too. But if we're all being honest Alabama would have blown them out of the water again.

    10. Reid Cuthbertson

      One word: Basketball shorts Please

    11. Darren Gray

      Okay, what do I have to do to get you a Mizzou jersey? Went to school there. I know people...

    12. Jason Piker

      Okay, I know this is about humor and to be taken with a grain of salt, but how is Mizzou the most improved team when they didn't even win as many games in '20 as they did in '19?

    13. Jet Mech

      more of this chick....more

    14. 31446963048

      Did anyone know they have a podcast? Hint put it in the description

    15. Cash Money

      Yo is that a Jared Lorenzen Jersey?

    16. Stites Hamner

      3:30 😂🤣😂🤣😅🤣😂

    17. Bama Dave

      The shoe joke will never get old, I hope they keep it going well into next season lol, and Tennessee was great

    18. Lanman162

      Lsu is insane lol go tigers will be back next year

    19. Razorbacks rule

      Arkansas got cheated they should've been 6-4

    20. GlockMan945

      Is it even possible that Tennessee is actually worse now?

    21. Caleb Williams

      It’s not “Auburn is gonna Auburn”, it’s “Just Auburn Being Auburn”

    22. Brenton Fender

      The SEC is over shorted. Let's start the squeeze!

    23. Sgt13Echo

      I wish the BIG TEN had something like this, these are great!

    24. Eli Merritt

      The Kentucky one is accurate accept for the defense that’s a B+

      1. James Perry II

        Agreed though I would say a B. Our defense is what helped a lot this season. Especially in the case of MSST, UT and NCST.

    25. ZackAttack Gaming

      Nice Slap In the Face From An LSU fan

    26. Fidel Cruz

      I love these!

    27. Brodie Fulks

      Whelp, Tennessee just hired Josh Heupel... _Sigh of Inevitable Disappointment_

    28. maleitch

      As a UF fan...we deserve this.

    29. Adam Warner

      I would just like to point out that Texas A&M got an A. Got some tutoring from Jimbo Fisher.

    30. Ginger Clements

      How did A&M get a higher grade in Defense than Alabama? Grading on the curve? 😀

      1. C. John

        9 Texas A&M 10 593 3173 5.35 25 27 317.3 32 Alabama 13 909 4579 5.04 30 30 352.2

    31. ceerw buty

      Finally. Arkansas isn’t the butt of the joke.

    32. I'm Your Bean

      Florida’s Defense is a B- Georgia’s is a B+ That’s crazy

    33. Ty Dedrick


    34. Andrew heskett

      Ole miss had a top 5 offense itl, and that’s excluding Matt corral tax

    35. Nicholas Roddy

      Tennessee... I have no words

      1. ceerw buty

        Anyone know what the girls name is in these videos cause she is so cute 🥰😍

    36. asioe kiou

      A little harsh on Kentucky’s defense this year, but I still cant get enough of these videos... also, is there a real binder on how to play QB?... asking for a friend...

    37. Mk cl

      SEC Shorts must do one with LSU botching their defensive coordinator search. So much material for SEC shorts in real life. Geaux Tigers!!!

    38. Jesus Is Lord

      Touche on the Clemson part... 😂 Oh well.... Go Tigers!

    39. Humus and oil

      Would love to see you post on Rumble.

    40. tim ford

      Hannah brings the funny and cute again and again

    41. Brent Jordan

      Sarah fuller is the only reason people payed any attention to vandy... just saying

    42. Brady McMullan

      That was classic South Carolina to take a jab at big brother.

      1. asioe kiou

        A little harsh on Kentucky’s defense this year, but I still cant get enough of these videos... also, is there a real binder on how to play QB?... asking for a friend...

    43. Jared Batson

      I'm upset that they didn't make a Sarah Fuller joke when Vandy came up

    44. Exalt

      So if they went from straight F to Bs and Cs, are they implying that Sam Pittman DID turn it around or

    45. oiuet souiu

      Alright Arkansas getting some respect.

    46. Justin Wheels burner

      2:12 Justin wheels 💨💨

    47. Stan Dupp

      Ole Miss had no defense and a new head coach but I think they could be problematic for many of y'all next season.

    48. Childish Flamingo

      The Tennessee one hit me hard but I know it’s true😔

    49. john mike

      Anyone know what the girls name is in these videos cause she is so cute 🥰😍

    50. Mark Hooton

      Not near as good as last year..

    51. Michael Carpenter

      Hardcore Gator fan here, and Florida getting a B- on defense? I'd say a D- Overall on defense, and an F- on 3rd Down Defense. Also, I knew the shoe joke was coming. I think we all did.

      1. oiuet souiu

        Alright Arkansas getting some respect.

    52. ZBaby Trappz


    53. A Geek Named Josh

      As a UT fan, this is painfully accurate.

    54. BB AA

      these vids are great and then they end with crying Herpy! can't this bank I never heard of get another representative? rather watch Mike Leach than that Ohio State homer!

      1. M Cat

        Mike Leach would be fantastic!!!!

    55. Mike Lowe

      Ol' Rocky sad..Lol..Roll18Tide!!

    56. Billy Smith

      Tennessee at the end had me lmfao. That was a killer!!!)

    57. EncryptSpoon

      I love how Tennessee's coaching is a D when they cheated to get better players and yet still found a way to suck. It amazes me.

    58. Matthew Byrd

      LSU: we lost a million players... Alabama: Yeah, we do that every year and still kick everyone’s butt

      1. Matthew Byrd

        @James Persinger hmm I think you are talking about Tennessee not Alabama...

      2. James Persinger

        Yeah. Alabama has the best college team money can buy.

    59. Chad Holmes

      Can we just update the end to SEC Shorts is brought to you by ReansantBank? I mean come on....they do every one, not "this episode".

    60. joe claridy

      As a resident Carolina fan and professional Clemson hater, I approve of this short

    61. Rob Carroll

      Clemson still living rent free.

    62. Luke

      Teacher lookin fine

    63. B T

      "Auburn's gonna Auburn" truer words never spoken.

    64. dlike1389

      As an Ohio State fan...pretty funny with the Clemson

    65. jeninjeans

      Most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Only reason I watch SEC Shorts.

    66. John Belcastro Jr

      As a TN fan...that feels about right

    67. vagabond197979

      Go Buckeyes!

    68. NeoAguni

      Would have been funnier if Florida had been all beaten up after the Cotton bowl

    69. Ryno Caliendo

      That 10 game SEC thing sounds good. Tbh Tulsa deserves most of the blame

    70. Football Talk With Freddy

      Ole miss easily had a F defense

    71. Chris Scott

      florida has a B- on defense is laughable. Ole miss not having an F on defense is crazy too

    72. Ipwnkyle

      Darn near shed a tear at that Arkansas review.

      1. finchborat

        And we're all glad that joke doesn't hold up as well today. Things are looking up!

    73. S J

      How did Tennessee not get an F for coaching? They cheated and STILL ended up with the team they had


      Ok Georgia wit the same overall as Missouri is a joke 😂

    75. Darkowl 57

      No one: Tennessee: "This is fine."

    76. Eric Moore

      We'll take C at Auburn.

    77. Shane Larker

      I'm a Bama fan and if they don't when it all, I consider that a F ail

      1. James Wang

        Does Bama happen to teach spelling and grammar in their classes because wow

    78. Eli Dames

      The TN skit had me rollin

    79. Sam Benham

      Alabama is basically the stereotypical Asian student

    80. Don Garrett

      Comedy Gold! This should be on national tv.

    81. Cale Lovett

      Dang no A for OM offense?

    82. Kathleen H

      But we did lose like a million players... to Sunday! That oughta count for somethin

    83. Raef Sauer

      I will never get used to how out of place Vanderbilt football is in the Sec lol

    84. DadeStar Mysteries

      It's too bad A&M didn't make the playoff instead of ND. I'm sure they would have done much better against Alabama, but we'll never know. It's not like they played during the season and A&M got destroyed by them, right after barely beating the worst team in SEC history...

    85. Johnnyboi

      Florida offense A+ defense F-

    86. Echelon

      Who’s Sam Pitman

    87. swyllie21

      Chapter three then lmao go dawgs

    88. Mojorison

      No making fun of the girl kicker? Pc ruins comedy. Lame

      1. finchborat

        They kinda made a reference to it in a video earlier in the season.

    89. josh armetta

      *takes shot of some strong Tennessee whiskey puts vols cap on “next year we’ll be back” *single tear

    90. Christopher Davis

      Did wonderful Hannah take Dennis Hopper away from Florida?

    91. Christopher Davis

      How come you don't do Coach O's voice?

    92. Ryan Tuck

      tennessee shouldve gotten a prize box with mcdonalds

    93. Jason Waterfalls

      Literally LOL'ed at the Tennessee ending.

    94. Atticus Ruiz

      If u pin this I will laugh that you actually took the time out of ur day to read this.

    95. Jordan Davis

      Yeah Florida's three game slide at the end should net them at least a B overall and their D should be an f or d...

    96. jagreb

      Ole Miss should have had an A+ for Offense and an F for Defense.

    97. Chris Cook

      SEC, one good team and the rest is trash

      1. FleXMayz


    98. Chris Cook

      South Carolina a C-?

    99. ARS RAVENS

      Vanderbilt, you might be one of the worst teams ever but at least you pulled of the most laughable publicity stunt ever

      1. finchborat

        And that stunt allowed Biden to have one extra prop available for his inauguration.

    100. Patrick Nalle

      Every video I fall more in love with her.