Delivery Apps Screw Over Everyone

Drew Gooden

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    Published on Month ago


    1. Bernardo Bretas

      I had never heard of a “small cart fee” that sounds absurd to me

    2. Stefan Tkalcic

      In my house it's "What do you want to order?" or "Let's order Cosmic"

    3. Austin And Lucas's Channel

      Before this video i got an ad for doordash

    4. Nancy Ramos

      i say i’m gonna postmates or uber some food. lol. even though i mostly use ubereats and doordash.

    5. Taco Loco

      We have SkipTheDishes in Canada so the verb is Skip like “do you want to skip some taco’s”

    6. Sir Platypus

      I got a doordash ad right before this

    7. Nobody Important

      I always knew this was a meme but it’s sad to see this is the truth lol

    8. Dr0pkidd

      I stopped using food delivery apps. If I can't go get it in person I'll just cook something.

    9. Gracie Alexa

      I got a door dash ad before this video

    10. Soulxtrp

      you do realize that these companies can say theyre losing thousands of dollars on paper, but in reality they’re not losing anything at all? HELLO?? it’s called pay less taxes!

    11. Paige Arnold

      As someone who lives in rural areas, none of these apps work. Even if they did, the payment would be outrageous, cause they would have to travel up to 10 extra miles to get to certain locations.

    12. rustle

      my mr beast burger was 20 bucks i’ll pass

    13. Dylan O Brien

      In Ireland you just pay for delivery. Some stores have minimum orders to make it worth their time but for the most part it's fine.

    14. Chip

      My first day working for DD I had to pick up 9 items for two different people from Papa John's. Bad example but I thought Papa John's had delivery people already?

    15. Sir Loin

      Convenance is king, used to be cash... wtf happened to us?

    16. PUBG Gaming

      The reason they reported 150 million loss, is because they intentionally lose money so when they start making more money, they can report the losses and either pay no taxes, or pay in a lower tax bracket

    17. Brotally

      These big gig companies have almost unlimited money behind them. The loss they make each year doesn't matter to them because they want to get a big a market share as possible.

    18. Greater Shedu

      Quick life hack for using Instacart (not mentioned in the video) for buying groceries. Approve item replacements and complain for not getting the item you wanted and they give you the money back and you still get the thing. boom

    19. blueiguana

      He predicted Grubhub

    20. Cheese

      Hey Danny

    21. Jake Hall

      We already live in a corporate dystopia. Shit is crazy

    22. •GHoST GIRL•

      I got a doordash ad-

    23. Ace Kenshader

      The fact that Californian voters passed Proposition 22 is just absolutely insane.

    24. M1 A1

      I haven’t watched this video yet and I’m commenting because I agree. There’s no economical benefit to the customer by adding an for profit business in between the customer and the business. Direct to consumer is always gonna be the cheapest. Plus most food is gross delivered. Your food will be sitting from 20-40 average before you get it. Plus plus do you really think the person driving a 2010 Honda with different color doors and a fart muffler, making 8hr isn’t gonna eat at least one of your fries? Give it a year, all these companies will be gone.

    25. rinnychan8

      as the daughter of two restaurant owners, YES: people keep blaming the restaurant for delivery issues when they have literally NOTHING to do with us except when we just give them the food the customer ordered. CALL THE THIRD PARTY FOR THE REFUND, NOT THE RESTAURANT.

    26. Videos And Stuff

      ( 2:12 ) you missed a pun. you coulda said "but wishes dont always come drew" inatead of true get it? cuz ur name is close to true? lmao

    27. Lucy Myers

      As a dasher I get $3 for driving 10 miles in the wrong direction because the address only said 1123.

    28. Ridley Scheuerman

      I got a doordash add while watching this

    29. Lolz

      Title Should be Delivery Apps are game changing for businesses making ends meet

    30. Jäger From GSG9

      I work in a restaurant and we used to have all of the big delivery apps but are down to one because they screw toy over so much.

    31. Wgbee

      SOY YO

    32. Icyboi 2.0


    33. SashasGuitar Covers

      A problem I’ve had with doordash is that I could be within range of a restaurant (5 miles or less) and the app or the website would tell me I was out of range. I have no idea how that could be possible especially when a restaurant from 8 or so miles away from where I live is available for delivery.

    34. Luis Portillo

      Me: *Randomly Clicks On This Video* Ad: *Download doordash* Me: *visible confusion*

    35. Ryan Alles

      I'm a shift manager at a Noodles & Company and I cannot TELL you how many calls we get on a regular basis from the customer blaming US for the fact that their DoorDash food wasn't treated properly, even though we are super busy on a regular basis and it's not our fault that the incompetent delivery person couldn't deliver to the right address

    36. Connor Baldwin

      I work at a restaurant that uses all the major delivery apps and it’s such a headache, everything said in this video is so true

    37. MRAOISAE

      lets talk about the Chicago fee

    38. E D

      Doordash sucks... don’t use that one. You’ve been warned

    39. Amadeusisme

      I used to work at a sushi place and did delivery for them. Loved the sushi and all the food they’d make but honestly having 2 different delivery app services really fucked us. Couldn’t make a profit when you’re paying people like delivery drivers that aren’t getting deliveries because there’s 5 orders up for UberEats drivers.

    40. Chris Bishop

      I am a normal person who speaks proper English so to answer your question, I say: “I ordered from domino’s”

    41. The Mad Titan

      What really baffled me when I worked at round table was why anyone would ever order through grub hub or doordash, when we have delivery already. Basically they were paying another 10$ or so for no reason whatsoever

    42. Giselle Cabrera

      Gotta make sure those fees go to GrubHub first before any of it goes to the restaurants/employees who deliver

    43. Robert-LEAFS

      They don't screw over me as a consumer and therefore i do not care but stay woke bro

    44. lottie Kat

      we 'Deliveroo' things

    45. A Von

      The way he talks about this is really interesting yet why am I listening to this

    46. Kelimanjaro

      In Europe we have Take Away taking over everything.

    47. Brenda Asbury

      Pizza huts app is pretty convenient

    48. Brenda Asbury

      Haha, they aren't available in my area.....

      1. Paige Arnold

        As someone who lives in rural areas, none of these apps work. Even if they did, the payment would be outrageous, cause they would have to travel up to 10 extra miles to get to certain locations.



    50. michael walker

      Ur speaking Great here. In the world ❤ 🌎 ✨ ♥ I live in, yeah safty first by abide by YOUR cities restrictions. Some don't live in whatever concrete jungle u inhabit, n I feel for you but really, if you can get off ur as n pick it up,n u order locally help the small restaurant not a franchise thats been bought out n grouped in with 8 other restaurants owned by one person. I have a hard time feeling for them when all they do now n for a long time, long before delivery apps, they f up or pass off old food. I know a lot of horror stories from American fast food. Here's a little food for thought, too bell uses grade d meat, same meat delegated for dog food n meat filler. Know what ur eating , n what u may think is healthy n fresh, marketing is what ur paying for, theres no such thing as quality, unless u pay out the ass, aka Mary browns franchise in Canada n Swiss Chalet have the chicken monopoly up here, all other sources r inferior to these two,yet it cost a small fortune for parts of the chicken bk in the 60s, *generation wastful* right after generation kill. The United States hasn't had a real president with his own unobstructable agenda determination n fortitude get u shot in the head ridding inur car with the top down cruising Dallas. #JFK

    51. 30xBlank

      Absolute legend. They are thieves. I used to work at a Yiros shop and my boss got a call and she got absolutely abused. People don't think that your actually purchasing your meals from third party apps and just blame the restaurant

    52. bigman dex the 2nd


    53. Kiana Baker

      this needs to be more widely talked about, it’s such an important thing but we don’t even realize it’s happening

    54. Colin Steadland

      I worked at Pizza Hut for 4 years and chanticlear pizza for almost a year. I've been doing doordash for almost a year as well now, and honestly I prefer it over traditional delivery driving. But that's just me 🤷‍♂️

    55. lu

      The Chicago Fee

    56. Toby Z

      drawn gooden guys it’s like drew but drawn

    57. Never Back down

      I’ve rarely used these things. I’ve only ordered through DoorDash/Grubhub like 5 times total (combined). Some people who use this stuff every week 🤦🏽‍♂️ Like, are you rich, lazy, or just don’t care about your money?

    58. Yannick Pahl

      Good video. I always try to pick up order at the restaurant if possible, after ordering directly on the phone. And when delivery is in order, nothing like a good old cash tip just to piss off the bloody companies. To answer your last question, I say "I have it delivered". I don't want to give any unpaid ads to those evil corps.

    59. Jacob Cook

      Screw the cash tip. Why should everyone else have to pay taxes, but drivers get a pass???

    60. Robo Trunks

      i mean if i get food delivered i just say "get delivery" 🤷‍♂️

    61. Darby Hood

      Idk if there Skip the Dishes in the US but in Canada where I live even if we dont use it we say "Oh I already skipped donairs from blah blah"

    62. Genevieve Vianey

      I love the door dash commercial right before this video

    63. Mr Big Bang

      I've only ordered delivery twice. First time took 2.5 hours for one meal from a restaurant 10 minutes away. Second time I tried a year later, the delivery driver straight up stole the food I ordered for my wife's birthday. These companies can burn in hell lol

    64. Real Masker

      You can put a door dash order in for jimmy johns, the only difference is that you pay a few more dollars to get the same food from the same delivery driver from jimmy johns

    65. Tyler

      Well don't use them

    66. Rey Jukes

      The company i work for gets a 15-20% discount on food we pick up and I thought that was horrible

    67. AARON.AGUSTIN 101795

      Danny ngl your pretty smart for a 3 year old

    68. trax72

      When possible I order directly on the restaurant's site because they get screwed on food app fees.

    69. vissinada

      I refuse to use these apps. They keep a lot of money from the restaurants. In a community group I am the amount of orders that are delivered to the wrong address is a joke. I would rather order from the restaurant's app if available, or pick up. The one thing I still find weird is people getting McDonald's delivered.

    70. Music Dogg

      I'd just say I ordered food from whatever place and who cares which app I used

    71. Music Dogg

      If you pay a small subscription fee per month you'll end up saving a lot more, and at least in my city, Grubhub prices are almost identical to those of the restaurant. I live in California so now drivers are getting some benefits and I can eliminate the tip because the Europeans have it right and tip just shouldn't be a thing anywhere, and you're golden! Yes I know the tip thing is not very popular here, but that's because America has gotten themselves so intrenched in tip culture that it's just sad. Almost nowhere in the world are tips given. If the app is doing their job they'll pay the driver reasonably and I shouldn't have to fix what's wrong with the food industry by paying more with a tip. Rant aside I can order for 2 or 3 with $30 no problem

    72. Dalton Martin

      10:40 I could be wrong but like many companies especially in the video game field. These companies claim loses to not pay taxes, a lot of that money probably did go to unfair legislature. The cherry on top is they can claim tax credits for the losses meaning they are paid back our tax money on the back end.

    73. William Bakewell

      Used it twice, never again because of the cold, over priced food!

    74. Jester Azazel

      Not gonna lie, sometimes it is the store's fault. These apps create a lot of problems. For example, if we're out of something, we're probably not going to bother telling you, it'll just be missing or we'll substitute it with something and hope for the best. Most of the time people don't answer, so we just get tired of wasting time trying. Usually when the online orders come in, a lot of them come in at once, so it's not as if we can spend several minutes on the phone telling customers what we're out of, then waiting for them to look around the menu again for a substitute. It's getting closer and closer to the point where bad service is guaranteed, if you use these apps. People might complain, but where are they going to go? It'll just be the same problems with a different restaurant. Especially post-covid.

    75. Maddie Willett

      Door dash takes like 3 hours to deliver food from a restaurant 6 blocks away from me

    76. Brian Hariprashad

      Grub hub is the only app anyone should consider driving for. You know distance and tip amount before hand. I used to accept orders and look at tip amount/distance to know if the order was worth my time. They’re a good company

    77. The Curmudgeon

      I didn't finish the video, but I'll give you a like anyway. Middlemen making money for simply being there is nothing new. I suppose you are doing some good in pointing this out to younger people though.

    78. Nate Jefferis

      I usually say “DoorDash” as the verb for ordering

    79. Bigudi Müzik

      Wait, food delivery services in the US cost extra? Wow... On the other hand, everything in the US costs extra lol. And then they go around and tell everyone how perfect of a country they are and how everyone wants to come there and be a part of it, while other countries are just watching like 👁👄👁

    80. Fernanda Ramírez

      I saw once a guy tweeting that he had ordered five guys through Door Dash and that it would have been better if he had bought a yacht instead lol.

    81. Evilpimp

      Losers: they rip you off because of.. money! Me, a classy intellectual: I'd rather not have a random person with no background check and no way of me finding him/her if they fuck with me handling my yummy food

    82. jayb0iee

      Somebody must've messed up his order

    83. Pasta Dash

      So, when my outside-based job closed for the winter, I waited too long to find something in my field I could do, and I decided to try out both Doordash and Shipt (if you don't know Shipt, because I didn't, it's basically postmates I think? All I do is deliver groceries and packages from Best Buy and Party City). I tried out both apps within the first few days of being employed by them, and I could immediately tell that doordash sucked butthole and Shipt would come to be one of the best services I've ever worked for. I've probably used doordash twice ad made a collective $20 for two full days of work, while I make like $80-$100 a day (on good days as long as I beat out the competition which is hard to do after you take a few days off consecutively like for xmas and new year's which is what I'm just now recovering from) with Shipt. My advice would be to go after the apps that deliver groceries, if you're thinking of working for a delivery app service at all. All the people that can afford it or need it are either super rich people living in mansions or older people who don't get a lot to begin with and are always very sweet in my personal experience. Idk. I'm not a super money savvy person, but I like being my own boss and that's what matters most to me personally. It's way easier too with shipt because you claim orders that have an hour delivery window and they offer them to you along with several others that were already pre-planned so you can compare and contrast your options and choose what works best. Ok sorry for the rant. Hope someone finds this helpful :)

    84. Genna S.

      My family owns multiple sub stores that are used by delivery apps and the most common problem that comes up is when there is and order, and let’s say they get a two subs and a water. Well when the driver comes in they say “actually I’ll get them a Pepsi” and we say “well the order says water” they reply “no they’ll have a Pepsi” “but they ordered water” “they’ll want a Pepsi instead”. Then depending on whoever is working they might believe them and give them a Pepsi instead or listen to the order and give them a water. Either way we usually get a message later from someone who never got their drink and we get blamed for forgetting it. That’s not all, once a DoorDash driver came into our store on a really busy day so we said they will have to wait (which is common for deliveries) Instead of waiting like everyone else the driver stole our tip jar and stormed out. Then we later got a complaint from the person who placed the order saying they never got their food. This just shows how selfish people can be and my advice for anyone listening is that it truly does not cost you a single penny to just be a nice person. It’s not right to take from others and most of the drivers in these scenarios should have been old enough to know better.

    85. kristen skakun

      chile i say skip bc i’m in canada and we use skip the dishes😸 lmaoaoa

    86. Manny de Lira

      That last dinosaurs vinyl though 👀

    87. Rodney

      I think the best (worst) thing is Postmates STILL doesn't tell you how far you have to drive till you PICK UP the food. girlfriend was driving 50 minutes there, 50 minutes back to give some guy his Zaxbys. no tip. can't cancel the order even if you wanted to.

    88. Rodney

      girlfriend did postmates for 4 hours the other day. $15 minus tips, only one person tipped ($10 from a sweet old lady). the day barely covered gas

    89. zapthebird

      Hey guys look at bottom left box in thumbnail *HaHaAhAhahHahHhahahHhHa^ funny meme

    90. Average Po

      Yoooo throwback to when I drove 2 hours with the promise of getting an extra $3 per delivery and never got any of the extra money. Made $10 from 3 deliveries and 2 hours of my time.

    91. payton ali

      Me and my bf waited for two hours for our food to be delivered and they kept pushing back the delivery time and eventually the store closed and we never got our food

    92. Jnoama

      But I thought GrubHub gave me deals on the food I love, the kind of deals that make me boogie

    93. Mike Happy

      Interesting. Orders doordash

    94. Mr Tortoise

      I was wondering if this was because of the ad but the dates don’t match up

    95. Kenny kohen

      One time a crazy African guy brought me the wrong order and wanted me to pay him extra even though I paid by card. Then when I told him to fuck off he stood outside for hours screaming about "respecting my elders."

      1. Paige Arnold

        I'm surprised he didnt call you racist also.

    96. ANewName

      I gotta mention this. Restaurants didn't prepare for this when building their systems in the store. So they have to jerry rig it into place that just seems awkward. Because when a doordash comes in, the order just sort of cuts in line with the people who didn't order through it which makes everything a lot more stressful because we have to tell customers to wait because we have to do the doordash first. There is no easy way to do it and it's kind of sad.

    97. W S

      I make $6,000 as a self employed courier so no, they don't screw over "everyone". lol But yeah there are definitely a ton of issues with the apps on both the customers side and the drivers side. No one app is the best. Each one has good and bad sides. That being said most of the drivers complaining are the same drivers taking all the shitty $3 payouts. As independent contractors, we get to "cherry pick" orders as we see fit. If any driver in any market is making anything like than $15 hour average, they're doung something wrong. For example: only using one app when they should be "multi apping", or taking bad orders when they can see the pay/mileage up front. Over the last 6 months I've averaged over $23hr working 60+ hours a week. Some weeks I make over $1,600. The drivers have it good..IF they know what they're doing. I've worked in over 15 states and many cities as well so don't give me the market excuse for your low earnings. lol Market can play a small role, but overall as long as you know what you're doing, you can make good money.

      1. Asura

        I feel like that's only possible if you take your job extremely seriously and wouldn't be possible for them since they only find it as a side gig and not as a job which they need or rely on to pay bills or make some decent money

    98. Jariatou

      Philadelphia has their own fee for every order on doordash (also chipotle is free delivery on their app:) )

    99. DragoPistachio

      I got a doordash ad....

    100. sunchild -

      i don’t get why the restaurants don’t just hire their own delivery drivers...?..... wouldn’t that be way cheaper in the long run 🤔