Snoop and his XBox Series X Fridge


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    Upgrade time for my @Xbox and snacks with the Xbox Series X Fridge. Fit for OGs, gamers, kings and queens @marthastewart48 , @Kingjames 🎮 Who want one ☝🏾

    #2020crazy #xboxpartner

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    1. Anthoblast46 Gaming

      It should work as an actual Xbox

    2. Amdre Hawkins

      Love how tha PS community just played they self's saying "ItS A FriDge" and gave the xbox a better idea, IM GASED 😂😭🤣

    3. Dylan Steezy

      He looks like an old lady literally lol

    4. martin klein

      Porke la simp ol jameuto securo de parfuem juanito maicuajano

    5. Geddy Lee's Owl Nose

      He's going to use it to play fortnite and Netflix..

    6. Łukasz Dyszewski

      w Polsce lepilbys pierogi

    7. clc32790

      Kush x OJ, best combo. Microsoft nows whats up

    8. nick carbo

      Did he just call bacon a breakfast utensil???

    9. Fireageyt


    10. gorillaz 2-D

      I thought he was going to be a PlayStation dude

    11. CHARLY Watson

      Vive sin drogas Jsjs


      GOTA BE honest xbox series x is the way to go

    13. Sienna Frederick

      If you got any problem at all you can talk to *master_hacker18* on instagram that guy I a real genius!! Try him

    14. Sienna Frederick

      If you got any problem at all you can talk to *master_hacker18* on instagram that guy I a real genius!! Try him

    15. Metalhead351

      he's gonna eat the actual console and play with the cake

    16. Thomas Tom

      Dude cmon why yall got snoop dog opening a fridge i thought it was a xbox series x lmaoo

    17. Wesley Matthews

      X box series X living up to its true purpose

    18. suripto kiman


    19. Alwayzz

      xbox fridge x

    20. 168 tv

      But the songs you sing always bring a lot of emotions to the listener brings joy to others.

    21. qtvokez-

      P L A Y S T A T I O N

    22. Cookie

      Damn Son Where Did U Find Thiss

    23. اخى توحدى__وأفتخر

      Xbox device has a fridge?!

    24. AN64 // Pinky productions

      when does snoop check out the recent wifi router?

    25. Bryan h. Dutra

      The xbox fridge slogan should be “keep it cool, keep it fresh”

    26. Daniel Navarro

      snopp got the munchies

    27. João Gomes

      I wonder how expensive the fridge is...

    28. ツSaz

      Hello my battrey can die any minu

    29. Crap Gamer

      Dammit we almost saw what happens when you close a fridge

    30. Fazey

      No way my Xbox looks just like that

    31. liltreylucid

      My respect to snoop 📉📈

    32. Joakim's account

      Gamer snoop dogg

    33. Chung-zi Awesome IV

      Everyone: *clowns the Xbox series X* Microsoft: RELEASE THE FRIDGE!

    34. CoreyZek


    35. PlayStation Corporation

      Добрый день SnoopDogg, Вы нас

    36. Goku Uchiha

      Xbox series x is a mini fridge while ps5 is a tv cable

    37. Anonymou s

      Everyone gangster till travis pull up ps5 router

    38. Fr0stシ


    39. Roni Roch


    40. Alpha

      "Its all a fridge?!" "always has been"

    41. Pain

      Myślałem ze odpowiesz jak zwykly facet..

    42. SimperBTW

      Aye, that is so cool baeby..... Sorry...

    43. BougieMan - Gaming

      Well umm uhh I'm depressed

    44. RaNDo Video123!!!


    45. Cxlao

      But does it like, actually plug into something and work as an actual console? Fcking Legends for making a meme into reality.

    46. Sonyjack Plays

      I feel bad how snoop dog had to deal with this 🥺

    47. Humberto gaming

      Xbox: sees the Xbox being teased looking like a fridge Also Xbox: write that down.... I SAID WRITE THAT DOWN OR I WILL FIRE YOU

    48. DailyPotato757

      Can you actually buy one

    49. Purhz

      Memes aside that looks sick 🥶

    50. Jermaine Payne

    51. Omba

      *damn Xbox can stay in the refrigerator?*

    52. davwid

      Maybe he needs like 5 of these fridges he looks like he hasn't eaten in 4 decades

    53. yazaki otomare

      Me: *open fridge at night* Xbox fridge: *so loudly starting song

    54. Jaden Alvarez

      Snoop don't mess around with his xbox

    55. Rubberducker

      Hold on fridge?

    56. Mason Filitaula

      id take a 3 in 1 deal

    57. Jonathan O’Leary

      I’m waiting for the ps5 router

    58. anes hukic


    59. Bugs Bunny

      Damn you know xbox is better than any other consoles like the piece of shit 5 when Snoop Dogg uses it

    60. GaME PaPa

      There were no xboxes at the time of snoop dogg



    62. Alt Dominizer

      Why Snoop still look 36?

    63. MIKE REYES

      you are great you are my idol in you and many rappers inspire me one day i think i will be like you

    64. Jotaro Kujo

      I'm seeing right now how snoop dogg is unboxing an x box refrigerator in 2020.......

    65. Henry Hutchings

      All I want for Christmasssss..... is an Xbox Series X Fridge!

    66. Crazy Colin

      You were a great idol to me but I am sad to see how closed minded you are with other peoples opinions even when you don’t care about people saying your a dope head but you make comments saying people’s opinions are racist that is sad truly sad.

    67. old Cabbage new channel in about page

      how much $$$ did he make from this

    68. u who

      PlayStation: Travis Scott Xbox: snoop dog Years later... Nintendo: Eminem

      1. NerdBirb

        Sega decides to get back into the console industry and reportedly revive famous rapper Tupac Shakur to advertise the new Sega Neo System

    69. Ariel Alberto Obando Campos


    70. Brian Alexander

      Happy Birthday

    71. Narrow264

      can't wait for xbox to release a car

    72. Pleast

      Travis Scott (Batman) or Snoop Dogg your choice

    73. savageking #

      We all new it was going to hapen

    74. vatislove

      didnt know snoop was sus :0

    75. Gran fishy

      I need to see that in real life

    76. Gran fishy

      Snoop lets link up

    77. Arnav Nigam

      You coulda buy a pc With Rtx 3090 I9 10gen 32gb ram

    78. emmanuel boyd

      Ps5 one to

    79. xXLamborghini_DarkXx Gaming

      Not only did he get a Xbox Series X Fridge but also a free Xbox Series X

    80. Yousoro InFiNiTe

      people were trolling, and then Mircosoft took advantage of it. Your trolling backfired guys. lol.

    81. Legacysquid 062

      Can they stop giving free next gen consoles to people who can afford to buy one

    82. Tyler Cai


    83. Pablo Escobar (Student)

      hey snoop i really hope you read this but a while back my grandma her name is maria ester escobar actually use to clean your house and cars and i just wanna let you know she passed away on September 7th2020 so ya

    84. El Josh

      imm crying happy tears

    85. Sealth-6y9

      Dead snake

      1. oskar kattel

        you liked your own comment

    86. exodius powergod

      i feel bad for snoop dog he didnt get a ps5

    87. Kris Nenkov

      Snoop is living it 😁

    88. glb

      Блиин, это круто чувак. :)

    89. sillybilly Geo

      XBox yeeeboiii

    90. Obey The Server

      he took the meme to another level

    91. Death valley

      Wait snoop dog is alive?

    92. Juan Ramirez

      Damn yo that bacon and orange juice just made me mad hungry 😭

    93. pryql

      They should make a Xbox series S fridge but make it a mini fridge since the series S is smaller

    94. Gurpreet Kaur

      Sony: PS5 Memers: Router Xbox: Fridge Memers: ...

    95. No Mail

      The fridge is for gamers

    96. Hanary Han

      Travis scott:PS5 Snoopdogg;Xbox series X me:all consoles are great

    97. Pinpoint Yatt

      Ayo snoop dog wanna play Xbox

    98. jorge adrian

      travis scott:PS5 snoopDogg:xbox series x

    99. Saar simon

      If xbox actually made a fridge, why didn't Sonny make a router?

    100. Leon Xplode ! status