Kiki with IGGY AZALEA! (Iggy learns Trixie makeup)

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    @Iggy Azalea , yes THAT Iggy Azalea (rapper, singer, songwriter) drops by to try out a Trixie makeover!
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    1. FilbieTron

      This is ICONIC

    2. Isaac Bradley

      Trixie’s really over her licking glue sticks in front of god and everyone on a Tuesday

    3. Steve

      I don’t like Trixie Mattels makeup. Looks like dumb weird clown makeup.

    4. Jon Campos

      Dang, Trixie is one handsome dude. Never seen her like that.

    5. beneensulin

      With the amount of people learning Trixie's Make up. She should start a religion.

    6. Bri will

      we need more iggy

    7. Rotten Entertainment Rotti

      Select Real Talk, Iggy seems cool AF. I love this. Everybody Trixie collabs with always seems like they're having such a good time. Good energy. But real talk she seem like a really cool girl

    8. J R

      “You fuck with Christmas?” 😂

    9. Ana Pisani

      iggy slayed this look

    10. Emma Lee

      I always forget that she has an accent and then everytime I see a video of her speaking I’m like “oh WOWWWWW”

    11. Danny Alvarez

      Oh yea yea the runner up 💀😂

    12. Danny Alvarez

      Rivan who ? 💀💀💀💀💀

    13. Trinity Glover

      i like her hair bro i wanna do dat

    14. Mona Flatley

      5:47 Trixie is obviously taking this very seriously

    15. Cosmeti Moda

      Iggy is such a lovely queen 👑!!! So misunderstood, but guess what... not everyone will have the privilege of knowing her real character. Keep doing YOU Iggy you rock it !!! Please please a new album.... bring your Aussie vibe out!!!! YOU REALLY SLAY !!!!

    16. Scarlett Syanide

      I’m late but Iggy is STUN, Tracy looks good too 💕

    17. Ruth Dombrowski

      She’s a what 😐 5:29

    18. TWrose

      I've never heard of Iggy azalea before this video.....plz dont kill me

    19. red Pentecost

      Take 0 because we are only doing this once... Bitch

    20. Sofi Calderon

      Finally someone talks about how iconic the Aphrodite Tour is

    21. C Buff

      Iggys hair is serving me shit-I-can’t-find-the-red-bow-let’s-use-the-silky-blonde-one-on-top-of-a-luxury-car-in-a-snotty-ass-Christmas-commercial realness & I'm totally here for it

    22. Sel Peñ

      I have a crush on Trixie as a man...I know I don’t have a chance plus I have a bf but he doesn’t know any of you drag queens exist I love him 😍 why did I just write all of that? Anyways I love you Trixie!

    23. Vee Smith

      🤣🤣😂 I was dying THEE whole time 😂🤣😂

    24. AnotherDamn MUA

      Iggy doing the james st james impression tho

    25. Enimsaj Namaes

      iggy is so cute

    26. CatLady MeowMeow

      his laugh is so fun! it's a pleasure to hear him laughing it's contagious

    27. Harley

      Can’t stand people attempting our accent but Trixies was on point 👌🏼

      1. Sven Hudec

        What up-to-no-good part of Australia are you from where Trixie's accent is "on point'??

    28. Kate

      Thanks Iggy! We all miss Jenna Marbles!

    29. Vixie Burke

      I look like your weird dad hahahahaha I love that Igi is down with the slather of make-up and the Trixie look! Woop woop!!💜💜💜 I am loving the hand mirror 👏👏👏

    30. Angelica Padin

      The moment where they both got quiet and focused while iggy drew on her nose 😂

    31. Christy Woods

      Love This!!!

    32. Christy Woods


    33. Christy Woods

      NYX STILL HAS WHITE GEL LINERS AND The jumbo white nyx Pencil!!!

    34. Jennifer Andrews

      "If I can't be a rapper.." Iggy, you aren't hun

      1. Sven Hudec

        Ummm.... she is. That's what she's famous for.

    35. GoldenBrownApples

      I love everything Trixie does, literally always laugh so hard I feel like I'm dying. That's how you know that's the good shit.

    36. jule

      They look IDENTICAL to me with or without makeup

    37. MoonCat Arts

      I love how casual this entire video was xD 🖤

    38. Eraia Staunton

      I love iggy

    39. Megan Hamann

      we all gonna ignore that he's wearing a trisha Payton shirt

    40. Rachael McCann

      I feel like iggy and doja cat would be really good friends

    41. Enrique Rodriguez

      is that trisha paytas on trixies shirt?

    42. JCAnimus

      I have had the hots for Bruce Willis for a min. My boyfriend makes fun of me all the time.

    43. That Evil Luke PREMIUM EDITION inc.

      If I buy makeup and do this makeup, I gonna need to buy even more because you can only do it once because of the amount that Trixie uses

    44. Sal Hernandez

      Iggy is really really funny

    45. Madam Vonkook

      @16:44 There are people who don't know who Kylie Minogue is? Wow! That is crazy!! I love Kylie!!! Remember when she did the Dr. Who episodes?

    46. Arty Mars

      Iggy is SO talented at makeup, like i knew but i didn't know she was THIS good omg.

    47. Dianne K

      Gosssshhhh i've never laughed hard OH MY GAWD

    48. Rachel

      Wait why does my grandma legit have purple hair

    49. Hana gia

    50. kimbo kim

      okay ...i had no idea IGGY was so funny :/ like you hear so much shit talk about her

    51. Ambur Rose L Becker

      Best USfilm video ever ❤

    52. ro ro

      Am I the only one that forgot she had an accent🤣

    53. Zenith Quasar

      Brian is so gorgeous!

    54. Elena Fetter

      This was great!!!

    55. Nick

      Damn, Trixie's makeup style really suits her face structure.

    56. Nicole Rodriguez-W

      Trixie's laugh is so iconic

    57. urpalval

      Her face is so snatched !

    58. Jamia Worthington

      This is so chill like to friends just hanging out.She didn't even come to promote anything just to hang out and talk.

    59. Nom De Plume

      Damn, she killed that makeup! Its identical to Trixies. Half way thru video their makeup is spot on identical. Im super impressed lol i do wish Trix would srop mention Gypsy Rose tho haha that poor girls had a horrible life and everytime he mentions her it reminds me how bad i feel for her lol i want to forget all the hell that lovely girl has endured. Just imagine thinking prison life is more freeing and liveable than your home life.... horrible.

    60. Nom De Plume

      Enough to make a montage 🤣🤣🤣 also, WTAF, she had a baby?!?! I didnt even know she was pregnant. ***crawls out from under a rock** 🤣🤣🤣

    61. Fleur Olivaress

      Omg i love this 💖💖💖

    62. D. Yates

      Can we talk about how this black 90s hairstyle is trending rn?

    63. Mummy.D3ar3st

      this is fucking every thing

    64. Dante F

      Fuckin slayyyyyyyeddddd it!!!!!!

    65. nova_ray

      me, trying to watch something else that isn’t game of thrones for once: trixie and iggy: surprise bitch!!!

    66. Holly Senez

      This is entirely adorable thank you so much

    67. Jonas Skarnvad Jeppesen


    68. Jiggly Ellie

      i love this

    69. John

      trixie... why the hell did you get VENEERS??? unless you have a serious problem or your teeth got knocked the hell out, literally just brush your teeth and go to the dentist, don't get your Teeth completely shaved down to nubs and then have pieces of porcelain hot glued onto your nubby gums. PLEASE PLEASE. i know you can't change it but someone in the comments DO NOT GET VENEERS

    70. clobber that there kirb

      12:14 Trixie really sounded like the people who put those comments

    71. Zacha Ilustria

      honestly, the disrespect towards victoria beckham was major. some people actually really like her singing & she is a very talented songwriter & wrote most of the third album of the spice girls, including for her solo career, which is extremely underrated. she also was supposed to have a second album in 2003 that wasn’t released, because of the hate she got. she’s so much more & i wish people gave her more credit for her contributions. okay, rant over lol. i am just an extreme spice girls fan who can’t decide on a favorite so i just love all of them equally & it’s a problem & i can’t stop & i don’t think i ever will 💘

    72. Holly Whiskers

      I thought trixie was going to do the trixie make-over on Iggy 🤔 but our girl Iggy is killing it soo far!!

    73. zerosonico

      She's like aboriginal-kabuki for 50% of this vid. I love that.11:00

    74. Harsimran Kaur

      White teen tiktok.......what??????

    75. Venus

      At this point iggy should change her name to iggay because this is gay culture

    76. Cyanide_Lollipop

      Iggy looks like Gwyneth Paltrow without that top lip, lol!! Wonder if Iggy will make candles that reek of her vag, too?

    77. Arielle Besler

      I FUCKING LOVE THIS OMG this is hilarious. Love you both xoxo

    78. Alexza💕

      Honestly. Obsessed. Need More Sooner Than Tomorrow 💋

    79. Javier Parada

      I really have a newfound respect for IGGY

    80. Dee

      Kylie was my first girl crush

    81. Straight Up

      Wow a sit down with a culture vulture

    82. Kpop_X_anime _lover

      I LOVE his laugh

    83. Ndeshihafela Shiponeni

      Why am I only discovering you now, this is awesome ❤❤🖤🖤❤❤

    84. Justin Merritt

      Iggy: Raven Who?

    85. London Campbell

      Iggy actually looks pretty good with her makeup like that lol it doesn’t look weird on her

    86. Nicole Castaneda

      The energy just flows 😍

    87. Dvlbny Games

      I'm so confused wait people don't know about Muriel's wedding and they have no idea who Kylie minogue is.. I had no idea that that was a thing. I assumed to everybody had seen that movie at some point and knows who Kylie minogue is because she is everything.. by the way I live for this video you two are amazing you look amazing. Your booth such lovely people and thank you for being Ral and not rehearsed..

    88. Chlo Bo

      Has Iggy been cool this entire time and we didn't know? Or am I just dumb?

    89. Femme Ivoire

      "2020 is so f*cked, girl. Just pick your battles!"

    90. Kazfraz

      Iggy looks like the evil pink twins from Bratz, and Trixie is the mom 😭😭

    91. Rick Micheri

      OMG OMG. I am on my dads acount but OMG i love Iggy I literly lisen to her songs every day

    92. YTU1116

      Trixi look good with out drag on too

    93. it'sYAAH Trick!

      Ziggy iggs 😍😍 love her ..

    94. Lucas Brasil

      we need another one of u two together

    95. London Wade

      You need to sell us the mirror trixie

    96. Parallel Channel

      I love you james

    97. Emily Jacob

      Oh my god I love her hair it looks like a bow on a present

    98. Aubry Stout

      Iggy is so symmetrical lol. I never watched her other than her music, her personality is so fun

    99. Luis Bel

      Iggy's BLENDING SKILLS are astronomical! She did it PERFECTLY for her first time!

    100. Sonia Khansa

      Iggy is so sweet tf