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Pawn Stars

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    Rick is completely baffled by an incredible array of Charizard cards that could be worth half a million dollars in this clip from "PokéPawn". #PawnStars
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    Pawn Stars
    Season 14
    Episode 18
    "Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.
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    Published on 3 years ago


    1. Lia Ashley

      Who’s here after watching Logan pauls vido

    2. BIG_ HENRY

      2017 worth: $500 000 2020 worth: $10 000 000

    3. Hey You

      The one time chum was smarter than Rick

    4. luke

      only 500k???!!!????

    5. Behind The Wheel

      Rick takes the L!

    6. PapaOogie

      he should go back and ask for 10 milliob

    7. Nicolas Giacalone


    8. grantzu

      now its worth over millions of dollars lmao

    9. America Best country ever

      Little does he know $300,000 for that base set card now.

    10. Emil Holmsten

      This guy is a million dollar man now

    11. Austin

      Biggest L in pawn star’s history

      1. Sophia Lin

        Agreed if not I am taking ricks life lolololol9oolololol

    12. Wobberbottle 50

      2-3 years later the graded 10 is now 1-3 mill

    13. bort vite

      the guy admitted he'd never want to sell them in the first place

    14. Bryan Gonzalez

      Legend has it that guy eating not just a steak but a whole cow for being owner of those cards.

      1. Sophia Lin

        The guy is Gary king of charzirds

    15. Good Fella

      This pawn shop owners are exploiters

    16. Luis Chavarria

      Back then, Rick could have made a fortune selling all those charizards

    17. Mr. Mustard

      i guess whoever manages this channel didn't notice the side by side pictures at the end; one where rick is apparently a pitbull look alike and the other where he's actually him and 50 something years old.... my lord

    18. Miles Price

      Rick: "I can't make an offer because this is out of my skillset and I couldn't have a conversation about a sale" Also Rick: *makes literally zero effort into understanding or even showing a hint of interest in knowing about it*

    19. Preston Shipley

      So how does it feel now that these cards are worth more than your whole pawn stars shop lmao

    20. tymtrppr3

      meanwhile a single PSA 10 Charizard just sold for $267,300 last week. lol

    21. PaleRiderYT

      Imagine 👹

    22. Fizzi RL

      lol man could of made over a mil

    23. BroThisGameTrash YT

      0:44 look at the guys face when Rick says eight-year-olds Play with Pokémon cards

      1. Brandon C Ch

        And now... Millions

    24. James Byun

      I bet hes regretting it now. The value just sky rocketed even more!

    25. Jack Kay

      Lol at rick

    26. Unwanted Commentary

      This guy lives in regret

    27. Isaac 2

      The total was $300,000 now 1 of those cards is $300,000 thats crazy 😱

    28. Mayrathon

      rick is a tool

    29. TheNoob Gamer

      Imagine trading cards being more valuable than a mansion.🤦I just don’t get why people would spend so much money on these cards.Idk I probably need to think like a Pokémon nerd to understand.

      1. Black Chandelier Mirage

        Because its a childhood thing people get attached to and hardly any of these cards get reprinted so once its all out, expect them to increase in value drastically

    30. Brandon Gamble

      And then Logan Paul buys 1 card for 150k🤦🏻‍♂️

    31. Live Fast Or Die Slow

      These guys really punching the air right now

    32. dan hallas

      Now the dude wants 20 million for them on eBay lol. Just one of these is going for 276,000$ on eBay and the auction ends tonight lol.

    33. raj mazumdar

      Hahahh he is crying right now

    34. Noodle Juice

      Rick rewatching this punching the air

    35. Turnt Jesus

      i hope this poor schmuck still has these

    36. Just Cesar

      Ha all those careds are worth 50 million dollers now 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    37. Jack Jams

      I still dont have it

    38. zJaamess

      Collectibles Guru will walk through the door as the ‘Expert’

    39. Trxp Legend178

      In 2017 this collection was worth 500k, now. Is worth around 6-7 million

    40. Matthew Richards

      now I know why I could never find one

    41. Clash Gamer


    42. Dadon420 Jabish

      Wow you messed up not buying that collection. Going to be worth millions in ten years

    43. David Enfectana

      These pawn star guys are super dumb they should've accepted they would've had hundreds of thousand dollars

    44. Kokodaboss

      Rick should hire him as his pokemon expert

    45. Dan

      He said 380k-390k, he just sold a card to Logan Paul for 150k, just with one card!!!

    46. Franky

      The first time chumlee look more inteligent than rick

    47. Typical Marshall

      Whos here when logan paul bought a first edition CHARZARD of him

    48. Anthony Weiss

      That’s the charizard king Gary

    49. Chicken McNuggie

      They were basically going to a bargain shop because like 2 of his cards is the amount he wanted

    50. Tuan Hung Vo

      The owner of those card just took a fat W cause the prices of charizards is going up fast

    51. Hosselaarrr Gaming

      its worth about 5.000.000 dollars now

    52. Jared Smith

      He could have just got so much Pokémon cards those psa ten first addition charizard from base set is worth two hundred thousand dollars each

    53. king tvt

      My man took a huge WIN not selling just hold on a little bit longer

    54. Azaz Plays

      Just watched the logan video

    55. Aldrin Zwain

      Man actually knew what he was doing and started to clout Pawn Stars

    56. lovetownsend

      So lame when 'tough guys' pretend to not know something nerdy. So fukin dumb lol

    57. AB

      500k thats a steal! Especially now!

    58. The over easy Egg

      Who’s here from unlisted leaf

    59. Minh Nguyen

      “I don’t even know what a charizard does” “Well it depends on which one.” Lol chum

    60. Alejandro Calix

      Anyone here from Logan Pauls video

    61. BH Shaw

      The worst mistake of pawn stars

    62. stuff

      that guy made the biggest mistake of his life saying no to those zards

    63. Stealthless

      With Pokemon cards BOOMING in the last few weeks, those Zards are probably worth over $2 million now.

    64. Kalamakias Gfvb

      here waching it in 2020 and lmao with the fale rick and his arrogance did!

    65. Zack King

      I bet Cr1tikal would sell his soul for this collection

      1. Bernie Grows

        I would as well

    66. Tom Saunders

      this man got so lucky by not selling it

    67. Matt dont like beans why?

      Anyone here from Logan Paul

    68. Abhinav Vyas

      Who's here after Logan's video!

    69. The Realm Games & Toys

      I really hate when rick laughs at his own jokes.

      1. Vivet

        My dad does ot lol

    70. Povijest Povijest

      This collection is worth 10-20 million today.

    71. Retro Chan

      He took a big L because now the collection is worth like over 10 million dollars😂

    72. Vincent Servito


    73. Dr Ng

      Can I ask rick if anyone have his contact that whether he is regret now omg !!!

    74. Luuk Zwirs

      Omg whyyyyyyyyy

    75. Snorlaxion

      These cards are insane

    76. Alexander Chu

      this collection is at minimum 5million dollars today 19-11-2020 , and the guy only wanted 500thousand , i bet chumlee is gonna talk alot about this deal hahaha

    77. that's_awesome

      And now the prestine 10 charizard goes for 250.000

    78. Hunt Andrews

      I really hope this guy decided to not sell that one card would be work at least 150k more now.

    79. Justins Diy and Reviews

      Who came from Logan’s video ?

    80. Legendary__Soap

      Oof pawn stars regretting this right about now

    81. Mark K

      Now the BGS 10 goes for over $175,000 by itself

    82. izJordyGaming

      that charizard alone is prob already 200k, i bet the dude is happy they didn't buy it, i'd have so much regret, 500k is pocket change for that collection

    83. Sinai Li

      if he bought those with $500,000, he would've made millions LOL

    84. Z4n Getsu

      Underrated Treasure.

    85. HARPEZ


    86. Eric DeNeui

      Hope he still has them lol

      1. ZaaZoJo

        he does

    87. eli johnson


    88. whachu lookin at?

      Top quiz: Is Charizard a... ? 0 “Poke man” 1 “Poke mane” 2 “Poke main” 3 “Poke mawn” 4 “Poke moan” 5 “Poke verse” 4:51

      1. ayejayrulez9


    89. Jonzeyzeodinkummate

      $10,000,000 later🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    90. Weevilqt

      Logan Paul bought one of these

    91. Jawed Huda

      And this guy just sold one card to Logan Paul for 150k!

    92. DaOneYoutuber

      The guy today claims his cards are worth 10 million today.... They messed up big time lmao

      1. Michael Roman

        It is ridiculous how much it has gone up since then...

      2. StupidjimmyInc

        @Matthew G They did re release the base set zard kinda in evolutions but that's obviously not an exact reproduction. They can never reproduce an exact copy due to the fact that they don't work with wizards of the coast anymore.

      3. Matthew G

        @Sinai Li even if they reproduced it, there would be a way to tell them apart since all the tooling for how the original cards were made doesn’t exist anymore. So there would be a way to tell the difference. That doesn’t mean they can’t go down in price though. Because all that needs to happen is demand for them to go down, then their price will go down.

      4. Adomasas

        @Sinai Li Yes, i know.

      5. Sinai Li

        @Adomasas unless they reproduce first edition base set cards, which they NEVER will, this collection will only grow rapidly each year.

    93. recneps

      That set is now worth over 10 million. Rick messed up here although the owner said he never really intended to sell. Just curious what Rick would offer.

    94. sssneaky

      Jesus christ the comments are filled with brain washed Jake Paul morons.

    95. Marthy Girma

      They made a VERY BIG MISTAKE

    96. Od14TV

      That guy who didn’t sell just took the biggest W of his life, especially with the recent increase in popularity

      1. m m

        He actually said he went on pawn stars for the attention and wouldn't sell no matter what

      2. LIL ETH

        Watch Logan Paul’s video with him

      3. Jinzo

        He threw it on ebay for 9 million

      4. League of the noob

        @Invictus Champ yea go look up the ebay prices ots insane, of course they have to be grade 10 from psa or beckett but he seems good haha .. trust me I had a couple of those when I was like 10 ...fml

      5. Invictus Champ

        @League of the noob for real???

    97. The Don Trump


    98. blitzbeat06

      lmao imagine rick's face now. millions lost

    99. Picture Me Trollin

      the reason he has so many charizards in 10 is because years ago you could send in your charizards and get a better condition card in return. this dude raped that system and now has millions