G-Eazy - Lazarus (Visualizer)

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    Published on 9 months ago


    1. Martina Herrmann


    2. Feyza Potter

      I love you very much g.eazy songs and I must not forget your personality, I also do not believe in the news about the alphabet, I am sure you will not do it, also.I have a youtube channel and I am throwing your songs and.I would even give my life to see you once in my life, I just wanted to know. 🖤🖤I love you G.eazy

    3. jefri KNIK

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    4. Rossy Gonzalez

      Beautiful 🖤

    5. Ghazal Mohammadi

    6. Ghazal Mohammadi

      I can understand it from my heart

    7. cookie monsterrr

      This is amazing

    8. ghazal mohammadi

      Keep going❤❤❤

    9. ghazal mohammadi

      I can feel this from my heart ❤ that's what I'm talking about

    10. Dominic Sandine

      Bro. This ain’t you; ain’t no need in the world #MidnightVultures.

    11. B. D

      Fun fact for everyone thinking this is about quarantine while watching this: THIS IS A DAVID BOWIE SONG!

      1. Dude person

        Why would anyone think its about corona

    12. Storytelling by Noblesse


    13. Chad Maxilla

      Digital diarrhea. Glad Bowie doesn't have to hear this.

    14. Beasty

      i love this more than the original

    15. Zachary Martinez


      1. Dude person

        not really its called a cover and paying homage youre just a toxic fan who loves to gateguard

    16. Ashleigh Larson

      This is a great cover of Bowie

    17. Scott Baldwin

      "We have David Bowie at home" David Bowie at home:

    18. Chugginggk

      What a disgrace rappers are absolutely shocking.This is Bowie’s song and it will always be Bowie’s song.DELETE THE VIDEO NOW!!

      1. Chugginggk

        @Jasmine Miller bollox mate

      2. Jasmine Miller

        This is good cover,

      3. Dude person

        he never claimed it as his song though......its called a cover buddy

    19. Rosie Rennie

      This was Bowie's swansong and this clown had to ruin it? I love rap music, I grew up on Eminem but this? This was uncalled for

      1. Dude person

        have you ever heard of a cover.....clown

    20. Zeynep Rana Savaşan

      Awesome song ,awesome man 🔥

    21. Stella Bats

      No one gon talk bout the instrumental Of this one? 🤤

    22. saylee calcott


    23. Jeffery Flores

      Such a disgrace to David man.

      1. Scott Wiecenski

        @Dude person That's true enough, and Bowie might not have any problem with it, but unless I heard it directly from Bowie himself, I would have the respect for him to not cover it. Johnny Cash covered the song "Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails as his farewell song usfilm.info/fire/bKSBeZiRi7R4y64/video.html and even Trent Reznor agreed that it's HIS song now. Trent stopped performing it out of respect for Johnny Cash. THAT'S a classy move! But hey, we're two different people with two different opinions. Nobody's wrong. We just have different opinions. Not a problem, my good man (Handshake)

      2. Dude person

        @Scott Wiecenski isnt it disrespectful tho not to cover someone's song to pay homage to them? Instead you just dont cover it because it was personal to them. Thats the point of this art and music. Thats the point of covers. To take peoples masterpieces and do them in your own way. Its not disrespectful. If anything its paying respects to him. Just cause you dont like it doesnt make it disrespectful. Prince litterally wrote personally songs about his issues and gave them to people so they can cover it and told them not to give him the credit. And prince is a legend in the music scene. SO how would it be disrespectful? If I wrote a song about myself dying and released it after my death I would want artists to cover it and do it in there own style because it brings out creativity and different styles these people can hear the song in. Who are you to say David Bowie didnt want people to cover the song? He never told you

      3. Scott Wiecenski

        @B. D Some songs should just never be covered. "The Show Must Go On" by Queen was Freddy Mercury's good-bye song. usfilm.info/fire/qJxygXpni7RerJk/video.html He knew he was dying and it was his final farewell to his fans. That song should forever be allowed to be HIS song. Lazarus is the same thing. It should forever be allowed to be Bowie's song and his alone out of respect.

      4. Beasty

        @Scott Wiecenski to say art should never inspire or be covered is like saying a recipe should never be tweaked. thats not a discrace. i prefer the cover haha

      5. Scott Wiecenski

        @Dude person David Bowie wrote this song after he found out he was dying of cancer. He didn't want it released until after his death as a parting gift to his fans. The song addresses the fact that he realizes he is dying. It was a very personal soul baring song for Bowie and was probably very difficult to write. given the circumstances and its meaning. This song is Bowie's and should NEVER be covered by ANYONE under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. The song is holy ground. For G-Eazy to cover it pisses all over David Bowie and the song's meaning.

    24. Lisha Marlar

      This cover isn't bad. Alike but different

    25. Alice Maria

      Lazarus by David Bowie will always break me into pieces #RIP

    26. NOD .R

      God this is horrible, just horrible

    27. Making plans for nigel y

      One thing is that G-Eazy made a cover of one of Bowie's last songs which has a very special meaning due to Bowie making it before he's death as a farewell song. But the thing that makes it even nastier is that G did not really mention that it is a cover of Bowie's very powerul song nor did he pay any respect to Bowie or Bowie's fans. You do not do something like this, it's an awful thing to do, at least make it good, not some mainstream cheesy autotune'i catastrophe. I am not a true fan of Bowie as I really like only a few of he's songs, but I deeply respect Bowie and he's creation. I see that what G did as an insult to Bowie and Bowie's fans. And i'm very sad and hurt because of this. At least mention at the end/beginning of the video that it is a cover of Bowie's song and pay respects or sth. smh, smh, smh

      1. B. D

        Your comment deserves way more likes

    28. Shaka Ckans

      I think m.i.a. is better

    29. Kylie Marie

      I’m not sure about everybody else but this video and this song is awesome..

    30. Egle Russo

      Stop insulting him just because he made this cover. It’s awesome like the whole album. If you don’t like it, keep your opinion to yourself.

      1. Scott Wiecenski

        No thanks. I'll voice my opinion and you can voice yours.

    31. SRS MAN

      The amount of disrespect that this is giving to david bowie is disgusting. He took a song from a dying man and made his own shitty version.

      1. Dude person

        just cause you dont like something doesnt make it disrespectful fax

      2. Chugginggk


    32. Eric Huston

      Can someone come out with the instrumental for this cause ik this is slightly different than bowies version

    33. Ro4 LE

      Song that shouldnt ever be covered

    34. foginhaler Fuul

      Not even a song about death should be this lifeless

      1. Vivian Opeyemi

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    35. foginhaler Fuul

      There are songs that just shouldnt be covered.

    36. Cian

      This is insultingly awful.

    37. Derald Cannon Jr.

      If you don't know this is a David Bowie cover I hate you

      1. Dude person

        ah so you dont want David Bowies name to ring threwout generations and have new welcoming fans that didnt know who he was before and you hate toddlers and children. You type pf toxic stan fans are disgusting

    38. Ashley Jane

      Beautiful tribute

    39. Marika Pinther


    40. Ben Shapiro 291

      Don’t insult a legend like that

    41. Xenoasound

      G eazy...eso fue bien apero!! So rocked!!!. Love s


      Hi from Minsk ( Belarus ) G-eazy - super.

    43. Mechanical Animal

      Guys I’m a bowie fan but why are you acting like this...? It’s okay that a artist loves your favorite singer so he covers his song,I don’t know why you all hate on him so much he is just showing his respect to bowie and his mood

      1. Mechanical Animal

        @Suzuki El Morrillo yeah I agree with you,people are mean to him but you are right too

      2. Suzuki El Morrillo

        @Mechanical Animal Just because some other people don't gives credit, it doesn't means that is fine, it's very disrespectful for david bowie, who made lazarus when he was dying. I don´t justify the hate, but atleast he could give credits. Whatever you say, IT'S NOT OK TO STEAL SOMEONE ELSE'S WORK.

      3. Mechanical Animal

        @Suzuki El Morrillo alot of singers didn’t gave credit to the original singer in their covers so it’s not just him and I think that people are too mean to him honestly...

      4. Suzuki El Morrillo

        I agree that is not ok to just hate, but I think the hate is because he didn’t gave credits to david bowie, and i think that is disrespectful

    44. Christian Lopez

      I like how people say they are g eazy fans but never listen to some of his music that's not popular. Like c'mon

    45. Louis Fox

      Better than original

    46. Shaun Wyndman

      This cover is nearly as bad as losing Bowie..

    47. Darrell clark

      😲 he did a cover of bowie!?!?! Insane!

    48. junior mw

      When your name is is Lazarus.....and you vibe

    49. DANNY D

      G Eazy 🔥

    50. Rohit Bihana

      Man with broken heart

    51. Annalee Leggett

      RIP Bowie

    52. Kurai and Kawaii

      Ok its cool and all to do a cover but at least give credit to the original artist , I mean this was Bowie's last masterpiece (he was literally on his deathbed when this was released ,and died 3 days after) ,so the fact that u didn't credit him ain't cool

    53. Marco Keitsch

      I am 😈💚🇩🇪💚

    54. Arthur Thao


    55. Not Lucas

      This cover is blasphemy. This was an incredibly personal song about David Bowie's life and transition into death. With the context of this cover this song has been turned from an incredibly emotional and personal song to some shitty woe is me, whiny white boy vapid drek.

      1. Dude person

        woah buddy calm down your inner racism. Also how is it disrespectful? Prince before he died litterally gave people his personal songs he wrote for them to do covers of them. Just cause you didnt like the song doesnt mean its disrespectful. So stick a tampon in it cry baby

    56. Jessie Albright

      Timothy Gregg S

    57. Shelley

      Gerald, I’m a Gemini ♊️. We are truly ♊️ people at all times, with great intuition. Nicely done. 🌀

    58. 89xxyyxx

      this is the worst cover i've ever seen. disgusting!

    59. ECS Southwest Gspot Productions LLC Danni Walker

      Ignorance is bliss. Lovin the humor, & a different side of growth for an amazingly talented Artists. Orrangeously; Outstanding!!

    60. Stormcloak Shreds

      Some songs shouldn't be covered. I mean, they just shouldn't...

    61. Jenna Renee

      David Bowie will never die.🖤

    62. Buket


    63. G R

      Dont tell me he stopped making rap songs 👀

      1. Suzuki El Morrillo

        Don’t worry, this is just a cover

    64. Виктория IT

      Ain't that just like me..

    65. NFG_Josh Gaming

      This is a beautiful David Bowie cover. This is a touching tribute. Keep these comin' Gerald.

    66. Madison Cooke

      how dare you do a cover of David Bowie. you can't do it like Bowie. this is simply awful and disrespectful.

    67. Steezy Clouds

      Im in pain ive been speeding to this album and wishing 1 day it all goes away theres people that want to live i know that and i wish i could give them my soul to move on but this soul is damaged and i know u cant give some1 your life so its mine i just wish 1 day it all goes away -speed kills

      1. Dude person

        @Steezy Clouds Thanks for giving me your sob story explaining depression. I know that already bud. But your acting like your in pain because you dont like this song. If you dont like it dont listen to it. Its not the end of the world if you dont like a song. If your acting depressed because you dont like a song then you arent depressed.

      2. Steezy Clouds

        @Dude person some songs do hit such like juice wrld changed life's not everyone has a happy life some people suffer more then others and sometimes ppl kill themselvs becuase they cant take the pain anymore

      3. Dude person

        its a fucking musical album not the end of the world. You people get offended by everything even music you think sounds bad smh

    68. Ayy Lmao

      This is borderline disrespectful, the fact that it’s such a lazy cover makes it worse.

    69. Czech your privilege


    70. James Bryan

      Dear lord I think I head Bowie rolling in his grave

    71. Kindly Help me Reach 16k Subs with videos

      "People say G-Eazy has only american fans" Like if you are not American 🔰.

      1. Dude person

        only 2 lol

    72. Burak CENGİZ

      Beat ?

    73. Josua boynton

      sorry but that`s bullshit. How could you ever cover a Bowie song with this weak auto tune.

    74. James Gutierrez

      God this is awful.

    75. skiesvonax

      A lot of people judge Gerald singing. We should just let him do what he wanna do not telling him what he MUST do.

    76. 愁い-Unorthodox

      The existence of this cover is kind of disrespectful honestly.

      1. Dude person

        no its not honestly. You just dont like it honestly

    77. Dina Fedali

      I hope he isn’t sick !!!

    78. Echo Storms

      He could have at least said it was a bowie cover... Smh..

    79. Capricorn7


    80. MetroGnome

      Fuck man of all songs to cover this is the most tasteless one to choose. Sure I’m sure everyone can relate to it in terms of the fact that we all got a shadow, we’re all gonna die, everyone is out to put us down, but damn, this was Bowie’s goodbye, not some “sick beat” you could easily turn into something of your own to seem deep.

    81. Yael Mateos

      This is shit, a complete disgrace of the original.

    82. nazzie k

      :( g are you okay?

      1. Suzuki El Morrillo

        If you ask because of the lyrics then don’t worry, he didn’t write this song, this song is from david bowie

    83. Dee kamara


    84. Pirate Bae


    85. Ace Of Kays

      Soooo.. when’s the new stuff dropping? 👎🤦🏻‍♀️😔

    86. Jesus

      This man flopping harder than ever

    87. Tatiana love

      I think geazy should go back to rap music

    88. paining veins

      guess everyone knows its bowie's original cover stop being so weirdly petty guys he did great job i guess and we dk what g eazy be going thru. it isn't disrespectful at all. this is transitional too.

      1. Suzuki El Morrillo

        @Dude person no, g eazy didn't leave credits to bowie

      2. Dude person

        @Suzuki El Morrillo then thats there problem not G eazys

      3. Suzuki El Morrillo

        If you read some comments you can see how lots of people really think this is his songs

    89. nikolaos apostolopulos

      We waiting for cash up

    90. Daniel Dixon

      This is wack, massive disrespect to Bowie :/

    91. Xavier Fragoso

      Am i the only one who thinks this is much better than the original lazarus?

      1. Edward The Turtle

        No. The original was filled with emotion. There was symbolism in the video and in the instrumentals, and Bowie’s voice was much richer. This version is just a lazily made beat accompanying a robotic whiny voice, and then a “visualizer” where he sits in a chair and there are shadow people doing things behind him (??). This version is infinitely worse and disrespectful, this song is meant to be a final goodbye/looking back on life and some idiot comes along and turns it into this.

      2. Scott Wiecenski

        Yup. You sure are.

      3. Xavier Fragoso

        @Medieval One but it is bro

      4. Medieval One

        You deserve to have your eardrums surgically removed if you think this is in any way superior to the original.

      5. stonecrestmovies


    92. Houssam Nekkaa

      Why ?

    93. Caleb Robert

      Dear Gerald i know you say theres no one like you and i get it but i swear i found out about ur music for a reason.

    94. Le Moineau Irritable

      Doesn't sounds well for him

    95. Baby Boss

      Keep going G ur almost where ur reallly supposed to be ur creating ur own destiny

    96. Petroula Zoll

      His cover of this song gives me goosebumps. That guitar! The couple fighting. Goosebumps. Wow.

    97. Ariel DeVinci

      I’ve been a Bowie fan for years, you people just like to gatekeep and hate anybody that tries anything new. He was probably paying tribute to his idol in HIS own style. Nobody said he was trying to top Bowie or go to his level. Anyways, artists like him are what keeps Bowie’s name alive.

      1. Suzuki El Morrillo

        But he didn’t even gave credits



    99. DanielDupernex

      Starts out ok but the guitar riff is terrible and it all sounds so artificial, do yourself a favour and listen to the original David Bowie song

    100. Jose Lazaro

      Love your voice.. your style