Our Room Tour! - Merrell Twins


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    Many of you have requested a room tour, so here it is!
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    twinner room makeover
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    Published on 18 days ago


    1. Nikkita Rakete

      roni you should put more colour in your room

    2. Katie Garcia

      Vanessa has my dream room

    3. • c i n n a m o n •

      Honestly, I love both of your rooms, and I can’t really pick which I love the most. I’d probably rather have Vanessa’s room because she has like the movie area.

    4. Valeria DIY

      Love your ROOMS XOXO🥰

    5. Miriam You should do 24 hours in a car with Kowa


    6. Audrina Parshall

      Good book choice Roni! C.S. Lewis is a favorite 💚

    7. Rosa Pitzalis

      There rooms are so much more better then mine!! Nessas is so cool but then I like Ronis vibe

    8. Neetu Samra

      I love your room so much🌈🌺

    9. Neetu Samra

      I love your rooms

    10. Mango Kathy

      Omg ness's room is so much bigger than ronis I wish I had a room like ness

    11. Aaron Li

      The real question is, how big is Paul Merrell’s room?

    12. Feyishayo omodara

      Nessa's room is better i love how her room is

    13. Daisy Wells-Henry


    14. Charity Ulit

      Nessa’s room is my dream room that I couldn’t explain but now that I’ve seen her room I now know how to explain it.

    15. ava liang

      i love how roni's room is not the trendy type

    16. Lexy Kaye

      *feels more poor than I ever have in my entire life*

    17. Sambridhi Neupane

      Gosh Roni's room is better than my whole home lol

    18. damaris lopez

      Nessa want to trade rooms???

    19. Corco1906 X

      Are you in Jane the Virgin

    20. Syedazoya Fathima

      Anyone saw Aron and Roni pic near her mirror in mug😜😘

    21. piper john rott and celina kom

      Yes I know Venesa has a big room but roni is not interested at colorful I think but I love both of them

    22. Ahmed Usaid

      I love vanessa room

    23. Fatima-Zahrae El Mouadden

      Omg hi


      Pa cute lng tong dalawa. Isip cute ew

    25. Jazlene Jimenez

      i love roni's room omghjsshksjs

    26. Niña Nicole Tucay

      I like when Roni said "so that's why I'm funny" hahahaha I love you Merrell twins

    27. faerieglcw

      "its abit on the smaller side" SIS my room is the size of ur closet ok

    28. Nuzhat Muhammad

      Vanessa's room is like a dream com true and ronis it is cool

    29. Crazygamer 1735


    30. Erin Carstens

      Roni's room is clean and fance ❤️❤️

    31. Rezia Amber

      Both their rooms are amazing but Roni's room is my DREAM ROOM. Probably in a different color tho BUT THAT 💅✨.

    32. Teresadenan


    33. shahad alali

      I love room of nessa but roni more because it’s like hotel and I love it

    34. samita mahate

      My fav anime is fairytail too. ❤❤

    35. maanasika shankar

      At 1:06 This is weird not filming with Nessa (i don't have a twin , but as roni is 45 mins older she is the elder sis) My sister , urgh finally i can film without that stupid

    36. Eliza Harry

      Room tewers

    37. Frances Eowyn

      I love how Roni doesn’t care about having smaller things than her sis and her sis having better roles and everything this is why I choose Roni more she’s a supportive sis:)

    38. Mariana Espiritu

      Where did u guys get the lights from the toilet?

    39. Abrar Tomlinson

      Omg honestly both of their room is so pretty

    40. Malak Hany

      Nessa’S room is perfect than roni’S but roni’S is good to but I like how nessa disine her room perfectly

    41. Abrar Tomlinson

      Omg yes, Marzia does the best pots honestly. Like from the moment I saw Roni's pot in her desk I was like its from Marzia's lol

    42. Kenzie


    43. nice

      i just know if i had that middle space in nessa’s room id be busting out kpop dances ALL THE TIME i just know

    44. Queen Reed

      I can’t pick both of there rooms are so amazing ronni’s room is so modern and nessa’s room so unique and that movie room is amazing

    45. Mxlin

      Why did I think her window was a door..?

    46. GlxssyLee

      Everyone loves ronnis room but I am in love with nessas 😂

    47. シGhost on Gfuel

      Has anyone noticed that nessa is a pro/rly good painter 👩‍🎨!!

    48. Catarina Guerreiro

      I love u 💓

    49. Tyra Medrano Saucedo

      Wow there cool

    50. Lethargy ́з`

      i think theres some favorates here?

    51. Miné van der Veen

      How do your hair grow so fast.✌️

    52. Juliane Junker Andersen

      Omg the "Star wars the clone wars" background on their computers, ❤️ i loooovee 💕 Also question WHO's is your favourite star wars character🤔

    53. ariane

      lmao. i dont get why yall r hating on Nessa for having a bigger room, but keep in mind that Nessa's room has their live stream set-up, their hangout place and etc. yall shoudnt be hating on Nessa cuz she got the bigger room, ppl hangout in her room so she has to keep it clean at all times which she is already a natural at and i think we all know that Roni's a bit messy lolll

    54. Katrina Gordon

      Is it just me or did you guys also not know that loofas get moldy

    55. Denise Angelie Pajares Stamaria

      Nessa's room is cool too 😀💗

    56. Denise Angelie Pajares Stamaria

      Roni's room is just my vibeeeee 😍💗

    57. Gabrielle Elefante

      Kinda surprised that roni doesn't have as much bts merch, but nice room tho

    58. wellthisisme

      hold up are those fairytail figurines!!!!!!!!!!!!

    59. Hadia Atif

      you both look 18

    60. 35x95

      i am still wondering why like Ronni didn’t care about how her room had no L.E.D lights and her room was smaller AND SHE WAS GREATFUL what a wonderful respectful women

    61. Michael Wilson

      Nessa bedrom way bigger no fair spollied

    62. Atia Ali

      Like - nessas room Comment - ronis room

    63. Carolyn Sierra

      I love how nessa has a whole house, and roni is so humble and let's nessa have the room. I was like oop ok, but I would honestly have Veronica's room, it's more comfy to me.

    64. lamisah shaira

      I like Nessa's theme and Roni's set up.

    65. Sahaja Kakumanu

      Roni and nessa are the most grateful and kind humans on this earth we need more people like them.😁😁

    66. Gaming and Vlogging With Adam

      Honestly no hate to nessa or anything but she was kinda bragging

    67. Sarah K Touchet

      Hi I know you guys probably won't see this, but if by any chance you could tell me where you got the rainbow keyboard and mouse, i have been looking for some because my parents have been talkng about getting me a desktop computer. By the way this is my moms profile lol

    68. MAQUINN

      Wowwww i think nessa is my long lost bff hahahaha we got the same style i like my room white so my room is all white and i also have some night lights at night

    69. Yaireth Rolón

      Omg you like Fairty Tail ❤. I dont know why, but seeing your Funko Pop of Lucy, Natsu, Happy and Carla made me soo happy.

    70. Fernanda Sarinana

      I feel like nessa chose here room to be the livestream and theatre room. Also if nessa got rid of the live stream and theatre room ronis room and nessas room would be the same so idk what all the complaints are about ronis room being small they are both the really the same just nessas has things they do for videos and chilling

    71. andrea portillo

      i cant believe you are in Jane The Virgen!

    72. The DMT Family

      Oh my gosh OMG that is so cool I love your room Nessa sorry I have a bit of hiccups

    73. ixel Styles

      I love both their rooms! They both have different vibes that i like so i love them equally 🥺🙌🏻✨❤️

    74. shabina Kausar

      Roni. Better

    75. nadeem khan

      She has a movie theatre in her bedroom

    76. ñàñďìñì m

      Roni's room is elegant yet very aesthetic while nessa's room is a whole vibe with all pinterest ideas we all have ever saved to our boards. ❤🤩

    77. Glen Hofer

      Can we have a House 🏠 toor next 🤪😜

    78. Rumaysa Rana

      8:06 I thought it was nessa!!!

    79. erin Delport

      Why is Nessa room bigger and Ronnie room smaller and why can't u put a a door that corneets each others rooms so u can both a have a movie room

    80. Jocelyn Hoke

      I like the lights in Nessas room and the bed in Ronnies I would rather be in vannesas

    81. • Rσყαʅƚყ_Sϙυαԃ •

      I cant believe she's 24i thought she:s still 19😯

    82. They don’t know that we know they know we know

      Nessa’s room is better than my entire house.

    83. Kristen Coviello

      Can you plzzzzzzz make more paintings exactly like the cat memes one like for merch like or re-comment this if you agree

    84. Basma El Tahan

      How do you feel when you are doing well and I hope you are doing well 💖💖

    85. Hxneyplays Roblox

      Verionca’s is way coolerrrrrr I like Vanessa’s room Too

    86. Sogdiana Rakhimova

      This is my first reaction and i likied Ronnis personality

    87. Memes Memes

      The area where Nessa’s bed is about as big as an average bedroom! I still want that room tho

    88. Nik Amirul Nik Mohd Zainuddin

      how come nesa gats a bigger room than roni

    89. Monica Tran

      I love both rooms❤️

    90. The A&A’s

      Roni's room is my dream bedroom

    91. wyatt winfrew

      I love how roni said “its weird filming without nessa” 🥺

    92. Fiona Andrea

      Everything is a e s t h e t i c ~

    93. Tomi wuz Here

      both of them have dream rooms

    94. WeAreHernandez

      Please do a house tour!

    95. Chloe saldivar

      Lol Vanessa has the suite in the house

    96. fauesushii

      i remember watching them when i was seven and now i’m back they never fail to crack me up

    97. maggie happy life smile

      I subscribed

    98. Kaelyn M.

      The only reason I LOVE nessa’s room is because it’s big and pretty but could use more furniture, and I like the steps and because I’m a gamer gurl hehe

    99. Unesh Kallideen

      I wish I had a twin. I love both the rooms. You guys are angels and generous, innocent souls.😊😘😘

    100. Cxconut girl

      Ooh nice music ♫ UwUz and I love the rooms y'all have a cute aesthetic :D