Fivio Foreign - Self Made (Official Video)

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    Official video for "Self Made" by Fivio Foreign.
    He's Back!
    Will be available every shortly!
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    Published on 26 days ago


    1. Chris Dodges

      Fivi getting fat

    2. Johnny’s Favourites

      This shit send chills down my spine. 🔥💪🏼

    3. Shirley Lunn

      Lil. Homie u going back forth with Jay Dee Favi come homie let have 2 seconds. Music Music Music.

    4. Juce santos

      Oliver Ngoma in the sample!

    5. Ricky Racks

    6. Ricky Racks

    7. Terrence Mcgee

      Fivio finish look at his views lil durk or lil baby would of had that amount in 3 days

    8. Mhd Obay Haboub

      When is it coming to spotify

    9. The Reaper

      Thats my fifth time watchin this🙄

    10. KDOTT BABY

      I never thought fivio would use a beat like this

    11. Underrated Shaan

    12. CJay

      Do yall understand how hard this song was. Fivi was really mad on this one

    13. Sidney Mouleka

      REAL TALK. Tell em' ! BANGER

    14. BizzoMane G.O.S

      Ninjas is fake been knew that shit since backs been turned

    15. White Mike

      Im wook but the 🎥 hot and he winning but envy and coach are lyrically way better

    16. Drayblock Reacts

      Is that the Dani girl in the video?

    17. Daniel SANCHEZ

      1.5k Haters! I Gotta watch the Snakes!

    18. Moneyiinc_ 4E

      Glo ☀️

    19. _____.

      Favio dont castigate omb jay dee like that u are his elder brother

    20. Cliyps


    21. leo Rodriguez

      Put it on Apple Music bro

    22. DaysInTheLifeOf BanksDaDon

      ain’t obligated to do shit 📠

    23. Ramsees Has The 3 Pillars of Light

      Song hot. I see why drizzy mad tho.

    24. GhAnAaLlDaY718

      “They couldn’t break my mother’s son” 💙

    25. zanobiah nairn


    26. Will Journey

      Is this on Spotify

    27. Zendin82

      fivio really one of the hardest rapper rn ong

      1. Deon Becerra


    28. NUNU 4EVAA

      Fivio music diff. It’s motivation. It’s pain. It’s real life.

    29. A

      Is that the most interesting man in the world in the video @ 0:08?

    30. Hip-Hop Don't Stop

      this is bad af

    31. Anthony Schwind

      Please release this on all platforms

    32. Chris Coop

      🤦🏼‍♂️drill shit too hard

    33. Relly Da Man

    34. Cam

      When Fivio Eyes got big at 1:51 👀

    35. Tyrek Williams

      Nah what beat is this🤧💫

    36. Roca Beats


    37. Uly DaDon

      "They saying they made me..." Idk bout y'all but I knew bout Fivi way before I heard of JayDee nfs. I fw both of them tho, but all the niggas around me know who Fivi is and most likely don't know who JayDee is.

      1. Js

        Cause fivio went viral while jaydee was locked. Also when pop died everyone started to look at him.

    38. Cloutgod Savion

      Should’ve dropped the album u falling behind 🤷🏽‍♂️

    39. RikSantanaBaby


    40. aaron 0113

      put it on spotify 😤

      1. Frankie

        They took it off 🙄🙄🙄

    41. John Paul

      When i mean what i say i say it twice....... Nigga i love it.. you are obligated to nothing for nobody.. no cap.

    42. maxbourbon


    43. GingaaHonourable

      Viral hot!!!!

    44. J4ylen

      Imma keep it a buck dis shit go hard 🔥 nigga Fivio never miss But jaydee shit better 😂

    45. maureen okonkwo

      This is a sample to a song by a gabonese musician Olivier n'gomma

    46. maureen okonkwo

      R.i.p pop and yvette

    47. P A U L A S

      We can not lose fivio be careful bro

    48. B2 Sound

      Banger ❄️🩸

    49. Lil Von

      put this on Apple Music bro and on SoundCloud

    50. Apbt Mane

      Fivio Started It jay Dee Finished It If That’s Your Mans Y’all Supposed To Eat Together it’s loyalty over royalty

    51. Khaotic TTV

      Jesus Christ luvs us all ❤️

    52. Bash Flossy

      This Nigga Fivio only on because of Jay Dee and POP Smoke Co Sign him that boy ain’t shit it’s always some niggas around u Using Your Energy to Get what he need and then Boom Turn they Back

    53. Didi Monatshiebe

      This is a diss to OMB Jay Dee. Wow lol

    54. Greg Davis

      Free fivo 😢

    55. Lat Mill


    56. KOLA KAM

      Jaydee shit better fivio can smd to

    57. Derick Mtz

      I'm fw this💯

    58. Egor Monin

      drop pls🤩😭

    59. Zaygamez_ Roblox

      This shittttt slapppp 🚫🧢🌬💨

    60. Drewpy Gzz


    61. Jae KiDd N His 508Cents

      They getting rich off tune core?!? Or did I hear that bar wrong

    62. Jae KiDd N His 508Cents

      Jaydee bugging am to sensitive disding fivio cus he mad he clouted up an jaydee not there nor is it his turn yet they need to put in more work before they up

    63. Last King187

      This good but jaydee response diss is better

    64. Îñçóñvéñìēçë

      Jaydee fake asf lmao

    65. Alberto Milan

      Put this gas on Spotify already

    66. JB BLACKY

      Pop smoke Vybe nigga 🔥🔥

    67. Elijah

      Bro went crazy🔥🔥

    68. Katrina Baird

      We should start a clothing brand called favvi

    69. Katrina Baird

      Love you favvi!!!

    70. James (Jimmy) Lyver

      Put this on soundcloud

    71. thatboijustreacted

      Jd distract was better this song is hard tho🚫🧢

    72. Malcolm Tv

      The beat 🔥

    73. Apple

      Put it on spotify!!

    74. T

      Straight Zelda beat lol

    75. Arne Holvoet


    76. Vito

      Jaydee fired your ass up boy

    77. Pop Smoke x Dusty Locane

      Omb jaydee diss

    78. Nicolas Balaa

      Fivio somehow gives a Pop Smoke vibe.. Different but close

    79. EvadeSunshine

      Yikes ain’t no way Jaydee diss Fivi

    80. jay wave 8o8

      So this was a jay dee diss

    81. BREAL0922


    82. Smooveasy21

      It’s amazing how many show niggas true colors

    83. Q Streets


    84. David Shadwell

      elementary rhymes embarassing

    85. Stanley Simmons

      They need to put this on iTunes fr

    86. Dopeboyz

      Best song

    87. Ghost Animae

      Nigga I Loved it, They Hate Me In Private But Love Me In Public, I COULD JUST TELL I KNOW I AINT BUGGIN !!!! THIS MAN TALKING THAT SH!T !!!!! FLAMES

    88. nett r

      Danilegh in the video 👀

    89. Mike Vee


    90. Dior Me

      Nigga should of @ Jaydee he’s talking about him the whole song lmao

    91. IIwillcooku YT

      This song is deadass goated the beat is mad good

    92. panacea

      0:20 the us be dressin like europeans now

    93. Blo 1800kts

      He just get harder and harder every song no 🧢

      1. EvadeSunshine


      2. Lucid Cynx

        yo wtf u mad sus

    94. Caetino

      Only Angolans will get this

    95. Chawezi Chirwa

      The grind is ama z

    96. BBGG Tyrone

      Anyone know why this was removed from Spotify?😭😭

    97. Mariama Gillespie

      Go listen to subliminals -OMB Jaydee 😅

    98. Jen Uine

      Damn i been trying to add this on my apple music playlist, but its not there 👎

    99. Илья Богданов


    100. Kash M

      Mad this shx not on iTunes