I Made a $50,000 Player Building Competition!

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    Thank you to America’s Dairy Farmers for sponsoring this video! We hosted a 100-player building challenge for $50,000. Who’s gonna have the best farm?!
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    Published on 17 days ago


    1. Holly Plough

      I am good at Minecraft can be in a video PIZ

    2. Nerdynoah-fortblox 2

      My mom is a vet tec and I’m lactose but I still drink milk for mom mom and I know what happens to the cows

    3. Maio Abelard Nonato

      The winners dad be like are ya winnin son?

    4. Lucas i

      2050? LOL thats worst than presidential campaing

    5. Kyra M

      i agree with carl it is hard to make a farm

    6. Roki 7

      jimmy: eight minutes chris: "they want more time" jimmy: ...*seven minutes* me who's humor is broken: uncontrollable wheezing

      1. Mini Blueberry


    7. Yadsan FF

      He gave $50,000 and earned $100,000 from the sponsor..

    8. Mikale Conley

      Carl is my favorite

    9. 이종원

      That kid made his dad proud with his farming knowledge.

    10. Marley D'Ambra

      New video idea: Whoever can make the best BRUH MEME wins £10,000

    11. Aadi Shrivastava

      8:56 Chandler's reaction was lit 🔥 So Funny!!! 😆 🤣 😂

    12. Marten 12


    13. Anthony Hernandez

      It makes me mad that they didn’t let us hear what he told his dad wanted to hear both of there reactions

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    15. SubmarineMagnet

      Darn good stuff right here.

    16. deyan zaara


    17. Saleh gaming

      Minit 3:03 🤣🤣🤣

    18. zack laird

      Hey Jimmy I really appreciate this I'm actually a Dairy Farmer in WNY or other known as Western New York and because of the pandemic milk prices have gone down a ton and I hope to get a milk bonus every two weeks which means it's a supplement that I live on and it has jarassic Lee plummeted because there is a thing called a co-op which is kind of like a union but farming here and they literally don't want 25% of our milk and I am so glad that you are doing this and I just want to say that I watch your content everyday I subscribe to mr. Beast gaming and mr. B's and you are awesome man and if you ever want milk a cow I was talking to my boss today and show him this video and he said if you Chandler and carl went to come milk a Cow and come out to my farm will teach you everything about about our life style if you are interested you can reach me at 585 344 2005 or 1-585-483-1186 and will be so happy to educate people in Dariy how much were struggling and again love your content

    19. Reccet

      So it’s sponsored by dairy, but I’m lactose intolerant.

    20. Aden Kurrie

      When Chan Chan wins 10 000 omg I’m bob

    21. Pndawu

      I'm dead serious i accoutly drinking milk while i did this

    22. Rose Koala16

      Can I have $10,000?

    23. •Galaxy _ Wolf•

      Bruh I hate milk and now I want to drink milk now thank u

    24. Ben Platts

      I loved it how he called his Dad

    25. Jason Wilson

      Hi I am por 😭

    26. Krysta Bell

      Peopel that are lactose intolerant

    27. Elmoshot


    28. Martin Saliha

      The left undershirt especially destroy because scale cranially phone next a unkempt minibus. cruel, worthless pancake

    29. STR ! NGS

      Jimmy: You came out with the dub and won 5- Crusty: *no i didnt*

    30. SomeGuy9

      Mine was the one to the left of Steve 7:04

    31. Tomasz Ortmann

      how can be cow owners be carbon neutral? cows literally breath out carbon. Will they kill all the cows at 2050? ;>


      cris shid be in onw

    33. Country boy

      I can’t join the discord

    34. Ashley Lavalle

      a spider-man fan winning

    35. Angelyn Krayzy

      hi am a kind end 14 so like a done now how to invite peopl so yeah bat i good menicraft

    36. Nixon Nicholas

      The expensive aluminum methodically sin because helicopter conservatively bounce upon a fortunate jason. gaping, safe soprano

    37. Fatima Rodriguez

      "Drink Milk" Ha- oh hell no. Milk is not good. Idk i just dont like milk, and the idea of dri king it :^)

      1. Hchs S

        And it's hurtful to the environment and animals as well if you care about that

    38. } Poppy’s parts {

      Mr beast: go drink some milk and carry on with these farms Me: MALK?.....oh milkkkkk......MILK MILK MILK MILK

    39. Neeraj Subhashchandran

      7:24 mrbeast: mr phil

    40. Xzander Graves

      Jesus #1 no cap all fax We have to do good to overtake evil. All glory to God. Verse: " Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." Romans 12 21 God bless Jesus loves you Website: BibleGateway Book: The best physical thing we can own on earth the Bible

    41. Robert Prestia

      Chandler and Karl should have won. In my opinion that is

    42. Tiger Fox


    43. Rebecca Gordon

      my uncles farm is a meat farm

    44. Crimsonchan6797

      Isn’t it surprising that mr beast isn’t in the top 8 richest you tubers I guess it’s cause he gives away at least 10k every video

    45. Nu'man Playz ROBLOX

      2:27 Do i see a mcdonald?!??!

    46. Donna Cruz

      Lmao I was drinking dairy milk while I was watching this video

    47. Muhammad Hasan

      Mrbeast:Drink milk Dani:I have been Summoned

    48. The Meow Library_YT

      your the best mr beast

    49. Bridie Young

      My local dairy farmers: my auntie and uncle

    50. Moop

      Everyone: Yay more time.! That one random person: Destroy the timer

    51. Matthew Hill


    52. Nahyan's world

      i like dairy (like i like turtles)

    53. Ashura Shikha

      I liked the Amoung us

    54. Anzhela Grechikhina

      Chandler: Karl, hoe the ground! Karl: wat did u just call me Me: dies

    55. Jacqueline De Aquino

      Hi Mr beast

    56. bryan gomez

      BRUH meam

    57. Swaroop Jichkar

      me: dad! I won $50,000 dad: are you drunk?

    58. Sleepy

      Mr beast is so nice

    59. John Kelly

      I rlly want to play with you guys.

    60. freezyAndHaze

      The last 10 sec are turbo wholesome :')

    61. Cruz Jones-Fernandes

      Who here is arpart of milk gang

    62. Tøm Jērry〽

      4:04 4:46

    63. Krishna Gogawale

      I just watch most of his vids and know that how cool he is !!

    64. Premium Kickz

      Chris: someone has actually created a farm!!! Me: isn’t that what everyone’s doing?

      1. Mini Blueberry


    65. Kenneth Lee

      Day 27? Of asking Mr. Beast for 100000$

    66. Beast Logic

      Mr:Beast talking bout milk Me poopin mypants because im lactose

    67. Jensen Shidel

      When the likes are at 420K 😎

    68. kevin witherspoon

      Mr beast:drink milk Me:I’m lactose intolerant

    69. SAV - Shryaz's Anime Videos


    70. Payton Grant

      When this comment was posted there where 420k like...brmeme

    71. Narutojudo Kuruma

      The text for the newest video is what I mean

    72. Narutojudo Kuruma

      Hay can you change the age restriction to 11 or older pls because I can't access.

    73. Rohan Kosalge


    74. Mr beast Rules


    75. Purp Perc30

      Lol he talks about cows while someone builds a McDonalds in the background

    76. Savage Gamer

      I’m a big fan I want to see you in real life

    77. kevin W

      2:29 and here I am drinking 2-4 cups of milk each day for the last 3-4 years......

    78. Framy 2010

      INVITE GRIAN the best builder in minecraft

    79. Anabel Palmer

      oH mY gOd I nEeD tO tElL mY dAd DAAAAD

    80. Ijustkicked Gaming

      420k likes *hits blunt*

    81. Kitty Gamer 12

      Who else saw when MrBeast was talking about the sponsor a person in the back was making a firkin Mcdonalds

    82. Jennifer Warren

      Noooooooooooooo cows

    83. SamGmer

      Hi hi hi

    84. SamGmer


    85. Elliott Wilson

      When your lactose intolerant

    86. Samantha Sandy

      Mr beast: Milk helps immune systems and reduced inflammation me: OKAY LET ME TEST THAT *chugs 1 gallon of milk* OK also, me 10 minutes later: *stomach groan* ahh, am I lactose intolerant 5 minutes later me: WOOOOOOOO IM NEVER GOING TO DIE~

    87. little vlogs and challenges

      2:08 is the best part

    88. Itsmelizzyt

      Karl and chandler’s are my fav

    89. GarvinVR

      Bruh you are like ohh you want 10000$? And when they ask for 20 cents I am like you stupid?


      Am I the only one that sees the McDonalds sign behind Jimmy? 2:31

    91. serious shinanigan

      *What follows is a brief construction montage.*

    92. Harry_Potter Fan

      I loved his reaction when he was told he won😂😂 He just went: “i need to tell my dad.... DDDAAAAAADDD”😂😂

    93. Annaliisa H

      When u cant drink milk cause of constipation: BAHAHAHAHA

      1. Hchs S

        That's good

    94. brenda little

      How much money does this guy even have?

    95. Katie Vowell

      That guy at the end was like "SEE DAD? PLAYING MINECRAFT DOES PAY OFF!"

    96. Anna Rose

      You are simply amazing!

    97. Voltiac

      1:22 that windmill was in my minecraft book of builds exact same

    98. Harris Buelow

      2:26 mcdonalds

    99. Kat D

      jimmy: *eight minutes* chris: "they want more time" jimmy: ...*seven minutes* me who's humor is broken: *uncontrollable wheezing*

    100. Kaimen Hibbert

      What do you do when you’re lactose intolerant