Lex Luthor VS Doctor Doom (DC vs Marvel) | DEATH BATTLE!

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    Published on 12 days ago


    1. Sam 88

      this is was actually great

    2. Nicholas Gear

      so I guess in a weird way lex was beat by iron man twice

    3. Sharp Talk


    4. john doe

      Doom defeated the Marquis of death, who detroyed entire realities... we knew he had this.

    5. ImZclaw

      I still hate I can't comment via ps4..... but Doom didn't need to win via technically he can switch bodies, even though that's the twist this page wants to exploit....

    6. Venim85

      Sauron vs Lich King

    7. Pocketmonster 108

      17:24 is that a Jujutsu Kaisen reference?

    8. OmegaSaiyan Uchiha

      This was a waste of a match in Death Battle we already know Lex Luthor get destroyed should have been Dr Doom vs Rick Sanchez.

    9. Epsy Blue

      5:02 🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    10. Axel Maldonado

      Can we get kakashi vs Gojo satoru

    11. Leonard Molling

      "His power was like a God's... beneath me"

    12. Matt Bell

      Pleaseeeeee do Deadpool vs Wolverine

    13. Too MuchBungus

      You should do a death battle between Hellboy and Ghost Rider

    14. Angela Innis

      When are you dropping Doom vs Superman, Goku and Yoda? Hoping we get to see Doom sweat at least once.

    15. Nin [Cypher NX]

      The ads part just got lazier and lazier.

    16. Larry Guerra

      “An evil billionaire who hates aliens” haha

    17. Johnny Bravo

      Please do (The Fang of Metsudo) Kahno Agito vs Yujiro Hanma (The World's Strongest creature) Kengan ashura vs Baki

      1. Pesci is the best character

        That's a bit too much of a stomp. How about Doppo Orochi vs Kuroki Gensai?

    18. Mr Kassis

      I'm going to sing the doom song! Doom de doom doom 🎵🎶🎵

    19. Slippy Quack

      Captain Ginyu would be proud.

    20. Tyrone Cummins

      Hi next time do a vs with omni man vs superman next time

    21. Abul Fida Ismail

      Star lord vs ulqiorra

    22. Caesar The annoyance

      I kinda wanna see steppenwolf vs thanos

    23. Larkin Skye

      "Can you imagine a president who's a billionaire AND hates aliens? So unrealistic." Lol.

    24. Levi Mock

      When are you doing Asura vs Kratos? We'd all love to see the battle of the most angry. Also, great episode. Big fan.

    25. PlayrR3D

      Something people always forget: *Superman is vulnerable to magic!*

      1. Sum Guy

        I didn’t forget

    26. SiC Vicious official

      Upvote for Goku vs Naruto

    27. Xman

      I see they used marvel vs capcom combos plus super man's finisher from injustice 2. But I thought lex won after the mind switch? Also why heihachi vs geese? They're both already in Tekken 7 together lol

      1. Xman

        @Justin Alicea eh just guessing. I suppose I saw wrong

      2. Justin Alicea

        Doom switched back. Why would Doom stab himself in Lex's body and then stay in it? Let alone that Lex would so quickly understand how to use magic.

    28. Bibek Budha

      What about Itachi(Naruto) vs Ghost rider(Marvel)?

      1. Bibek Budha

        @Sum Guy Lol, thanks 😅

      2. Sum Guy

        @Bibek Budha good point

      3. Bibek Budha

        @Sum Guy True but I think it could be interesting since, Ghost rider could use the Penance Stare on Itachi to relive all the pain on the day of the Uchiha massacre, or Itachi could use Tsukuyomi. Ghost rider could use his ethereal fire and Itachi could use Amaterasu. Itachi could use the Totsuka blade to seal him etc...

      4. Sum Guy

        That’s very unfair

    29. Michael Adams

      Pls do the Batman who laughs vs dr doom

    30. Tree House 2021

      As I get older and learn more lex's philosophy becomes less evil and more practical- me 2021

    31. Christian Lopez

      2 times win for Doctor Doom

    32. Mega Hobbit

      Yeah i noticed That Injustice Superman Super XDDDD nice touch

    33. Pandamelon Entertainment


    34. Carl Noble

      John Rambo (Rambo) vs Tal'Set (Turok Acclaim universe)

    35. ProffesorSprinkles

      Captain Ginyu who?

    36. K, Jetix's Successor

      Oh snap! I just realized the Lex has now takes 2 Ls in Death Battle! 😂🤣😂🤣

    37. kavon Darby

      Human torch vs star 🔥

    38. super nova99


    39. GeissRoyal15

      🗣 KISAME VS TIA HARRIBEL!!!! *ahem* Please.

    40. Niku_Alt

      But were is the "FIGHT"

    41. KEL GAP

      Ok, this was epic!

    42. illusion4563

      Your right boomstick a president that hates aliens is sitting in office right now.

    43. Pick Chickens

      I didnt know Doom is so strong

      1. Pick Chickens

        @IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch I dont believe it

      2. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

        Actually he was a Doombot after being destroyed

    44. kazuke Boojhawon

      Could you do Aizen vs Madara

    45. William Miles

      I love Lex Luthor but he was COMPLETELY outmatched 😎🤘☠☠☠

    46. Jason S

      Lmfao ... talkin bout Trump

    47. Metalchemist2

      Kinda curious, what if we did a battle of a couple classic mutated freaks, Alpha from MIB animated series vs Kevin Leven from Ben 10.

    48. FennecGamer

      Do Baki vs Ohma

    49. Laurence Villalobos

      Lex luthor vs doctor doom | (DC vs Marvel) | death battle!

    50. Alex Woslum

      Anikin Skywalker(not Darth Vader) vs Spider-Man

      1. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

        Anakin before Darth Vader VS Spider-Man

    51. Starman Crusader

      Ibuki vs Arya Stark (Street Fighter vs Game of Thrones) Spawn vs Dante (Image vs Devil May Cry) Vegeta vs Kratos (Dragon Ball vs God of War)

    52. Beastlife967

      Alright my dad told me about this

    53. BloodyStreamIsGood

      U should actually do a death battle on Yujiro Hanma vs Akuma

    54. Planet Bu

      This is so lopsided it shouldn’t even be a death battle. Doom is tiers above Luthor😂

    55. Trauma

      Lex Luthor: *barely survives the battle with Dr. Doom but is victorious* Doombot: *explodes* Lex Luthor: "Suicide bomb?! Hah! What an amateur."

    56. warlord 2080

      I knew that doctor doom would win because of magical capabilities that lex doesn't possess.

    57. Prof. Sir

      Is it just me or were the sound effects cranked up this episode? Kinda annoying.

    58. Prof. Sir

      Still not a fan of the cartoons, guys.

    59. The Blackth

      Where the coryxkenshin fans at

    60. Dion Morris

      Ben 10 vs goku

    61. The Missing Link

      Are you kidding me? This battle was over before it even started.....

    62. John Moreno

      Will Lex Luthor ever win a battle?

      1. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

        Unless if there is a possible combatants

    63. Liam linson

      wow screw attack really likes crossing canons

    64. Sgt. Feng

      You think luthor would had a contingency for someone to switch his body. But most likely this was a robot lex fought since if memory not mistaken he often send a robot or two first before fighting the person himself. Normon osborn may be more on par with Lex luthor lol

    65. Alexander

      Do a battle royale between Ninja Turtles, Street Sharks, & Mighty Ducks!

    66. Maldonado Martínez Leonardo

      One Direction vs 5 Seconds of Summer

    67. Thad Mathis

      Cell vs meruem (DBZ vs Hunter x Hunter)

    68. Symbiote Mullet

      Anyone else enjoy that Doom's voice actor was taking serious inspiration from Kain (of the legacy of)?

    69. Curtis Mize


    70. Curtis Mize


    71. The stars Soll

      Dr doom defeat darth Vader Dr doom defeat lex Luther Marvel fans: Dr doom is a eternal!

      1. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

        He was 2 different wins with 0 loses since Leonardo

    72. migueslou

      next time on death battle might bison vs yujiro hanma

    73. Pop11n H34dz

      Doom beating Lex Luthor, what a shocker

      1. Sum Guy

        Yep no one saw it coming lol

    74. Tobi_offical01

      Doctor doom defeats Vader and Lex but cant even beat a rubber man

      1. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

        The Thing can punch Doctor Doom in 2015

    75. MrBruce4banner

      Doctor doom vs gilgamesh

    76. Trevor Goodrunning

      Death battle consideration Powers of lightning God Eneru (One piece) vs 4th Raikage (Naruto)

    77. LeonHuart

      How does Doom not dominate the entire marvel universe lol

    78. Super Sonic Plush Show

      Hey look dr doom used shadow claw

    79. Super Sonic Plush Show

      Ya mean two megalomaniac supervillans that love wearing green

    80. Ryan Henshaw

      Please guys, give us Monkey D. Luffy vs Mr. Fantastic. Battle of the deceptively powerful stretchy bois.

    81. Jon Dunsmoor

      Roshi VS Yamamoto DBS VS Bleach

    82. Ian JPR

      It is quite ironic that Lex Luthor has lost against two iron men

    83. stephenstiles2

      In the past, Doom has had a force field that could shield from a near infinite amount of energy. By shunting it extra-dimensionally. If I remember in the first secret wars, Doom followed Galactus who was charging Beyonder. Beyonder blasted them, KO'ing Galactus but not Doom.

    84. North Pole

      Please Do a match Of Augus (Asura's Wrath) VS Zaraki Kempachi (Bleach)

    85. Tearrill Holmes

      Homelander vs omni man

    86. A Dizzy Gamer

      I guess Luthor... TOOK THE L

    87. gogeta dbz

      I really want to see a death battle between wiz and boomsticl


      The ultimate power of doom is the infinite combo known as... FOOT DIVE

    89. Doomsday


    90. Blake Mastretson

      So Doom watches jujitsu Kaisen......that being said DOOM SHRINE

    91. Geoffrey Gunderson

      Great fight. In future, is there gonna be a DB with Snake Eyes from GI Joe? That would be AWESOME!!! But who would he fight? Hmm! Maybe....Batman or Daredevil? Maybe Ninjak? Elektra? The possibilities are endless!!!!

    92. Itsghostvenom GVC

      NAni!? That's Two Loses LEx

    93. VingAsapitumlol

      Can you do Venom vs the mask

      1. IAmAGoodGuy2 Scratch

        Do in suggestions to see what happen

    94. Marshall J

      U actually made doom do the combo ..im done lol

    95. LucasNLica

      Y'know when Doom gets into that 2D machine thing that Lex made. It should've been a Doom Bot

    96. Harvey Birdman

      Basically lex just wants to turn everything into cyberpunk, got it!

    97. Nethr

      Oh, wow. Now this time the death battle is between two characters with green outfits and on vastly different power tiers. Shocker. DB does this every single time now. It is beyond ridiculous now. Let me guess, Doom wins.

      1. Nethr

        Yup, I was right. Super predictable. Boring. Can't you do any better than this? I hate to sound mean but this is just damn lazy. The animation isn't bad but everything else about it is just awful. Pick better matchups. None of these are even remotely exciting to watch when you keep using such an obvious cookie cutter formula.

    98. TheAbridgacons

      Steve Kelly does a very decent Simon Templeman

    99. mrfroboto1

      Dude, the marvel combos and the injustice super, it's great being a fighting game nerd right now

    100. HmmSho

      Sentry(Marvel) vs Shazam(DCU), please make it happen