The Brady 6: Journey of the Legend NO ONE Wanted!

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    Check out Tom Brady's draft story!
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    Published on 11 months ago



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    2. SPPSports

      Tom Brady's story is so inspiring. After all the success, you forget where he came from. Being left behind and forgotten while others get picked before him. It must have been heartbreaking, and so many people can relate to that feeling in some way. But he didn't drown in those feelings, he rose up.

    3. Jacob

      17:06 Got some updating to do.

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    5. Dude Unperfect

      Who’s here before Tom Brady puts a ring on every finger

    6. DaSkarekrow

      Brady had one call to go to Michigan.... and it was reported this last season only two serious calls were interested in Brady.... Chargers and Bucs... imagine winning 6 SB and only two teams made the serious call of interest... Brady just won his 7th SB ring, there was in a 7 QB lol depth chart in Michigan when Brady got there, he was the 7th QB picked in his draft...also there were 12 QB taken in this draft, which is his football jersey #... fun fact, he was also drafted by Montreal Expos in 95

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    10. Jon Collins

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    11. Genghis Khan

      What a stupidly titled video. If NO ONE wanted him why did he get drafted??? Thumbs down because of the stupid title.

    12. silent user

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    13. miles silva

      I watch this here and there to keep me focused in life never count yourself out

    14. Henny

      IN THE end tom had the last laugh

    15. John Frank

      I am a lifetime Buckeye, Steeler fan , but it pains me to say it with Tom being a Michigan qb to a mew England mega star but he now has to be the greatest athlete of any sport ! Step aside Mike and Wayne ! Tom is a genius in every was shape or form and is the king of sports !!!

    16. Oberon Kyte

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    17. James Hughes

      This video explains why so many teams in the NFL are still looking for a starting QB

    18. Eric Rivas

      As a Niners fan, we messed up not drafting Brady 🥴

    19. Eli Sahre

      yeah, he still playing

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    23. Spicecarius

      He has now had another hall of fame career after this video was made as Brady Tom

    24. Robb Kohlbek

      Brady is so awesome. Gives me chills every time he speaks. All time hero.

    25. Juan Hernandez

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    27. aaron jun

      We took it personally 😤

    28. Brett Hower

      Find someone who talks about you the way Aaron Shea talks about Tom Brady.

    29. Bilbo McFonzie

      The crazy thing about Brady is that he was hiding in plain sight. It's not like he didn't deliver at Michigan. There was so much attention put on the NFL combine and Brady's physical attributes at the detriment of actual results on the field. There's no question he is an outlier, but this is still a complete systemic failure of scouting. The idea that NFL QBs need to be the fastest, strongest, most agile players is silly. Much more than that, they need to understand how to read defenses quickly, target the open receiver, and deliver the football accurately. They don't necessarily need to be a physical specimen, though arm strength and height certainly help. On those attributes, Brady was tall enough, and whatever he was lacking in strength he clearly made up for in the weight room. Lack of arm strength has never been an issue, nor for that matter, has any of the less important physical attributes by which he was incorrectly downgraded. You can't blame scouts for missing some of the intangibles (such as his dedication, leadership, and competitiveness), but the games he played at Michigan were very much tangible.

      1. Patrick Merkel

        It’s not just the scouts that were wrong it’s every team was wrong. You can ignore your scouts and draft to you want anyway. New England waited until the sixth round.

    30. Mark Chester

      All that from a white guy? Impossible! Surely America’s got to fail now! Do all democrats now fall down and die of national shame?

    31. Kevin Fence

      The Brady 7

    32. My Name is Chaplin Not Charlie Fucking Chaplin

      i will not be susprised if tom brady plays until hes 50 haha


      TOM is TOM. Love you bro.

    34. chris altherr

      "By the time it's all said and done who knows how many rings he'll have" wins 4 more superbowls.

    35. Gareth Alexander


    36. Elijah Kila

      Have never been as inspired than seeing Brady's football career. Love from PNG🇵🇬

    37. Chris Ava

      Tom Brady "The comeback kid" #GOAT

    38. Do Nuts

      How can this be man great when all he do is pass? You can't compare him to other greats like Jordan, Woods or even Curry. No skills on just passing with your team mates protecting you.

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    43. Gibby

      And know he can give each qb selected before him a ring and still have one for himself

    44. Dawa Thongchi

      *I absolutely has no Idea who he is just came here after seeing his name Alongside messi in GOAT status picture of each sports*

    45. Jay Ford

      This is dude. Is unreal.

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    49. John Martin

      Since Deflategate.......Tom Brady has been to 5 Super Bowls and won 4 of them. Imagine being SO good that people think you're cheating? LOL!!!!

    50. clifford yawn

      Patriots should have gotten A.J. McCarron after Brady left.

    51. clifford yawn

      Tom Brady reminds me of A.J. McCarron

    52. Shawn Kim

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    53. Julia C-137

      What an amazing career Tom Brady had. Truly the greatest of them all.

    54. Faisal Rania

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    55. brmillgr

      He's gonna have his own wing in Canton like Babe Ruth has in Cooperstown.

    56. Dimitris Tsourapas

      Tom Brady wasn't the greatest back in college just like he wasn't the best prospect in the draft but the competition he had and the mindset led him become who he is. Never give up. Be like Tom Brady! Work hard and the success will come.

    57. CornOnDa cob

      This video makes me like Tom Brady tbh

    58. Sarah L

      "one of the best quarterbacks of all time" that didn't age well

      1. Bilbo McFonzie

        Pretty amazing how that level of compliment is a drastic understatement.

    59. Cole Lowenstein

      This thing is in desperate need of an update and that may even be premature

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    61. Ion Pribeagu

      Idiots pplaying judges.. football is a team game, it is not athletics.. running, jumping, heaving.. QB is the Field General, processing what is going on the field.. how is the defense spreading and that is when he does the WHAT TO DO.. solving the situation and of course with the help of his advisers on the technical coaches and you can see how RB/QB hybrid is doing.. surprise in the first year, then.. most of them seldom going to playoffs, mostly 6-9 wins, the good ones type Cam, RG3.. Tyrod, etc.. the passers/generals type Arron, Montana, Marino, Fouts, Payton..will always make legends but TB12 is the ultimate and ONLY GOAT

    62. Edward Warwick

      After watching this whole video, how confident are you that the NFL has any idea of how to chose great players? They get lucky sometimes, not because of their criteria. HEART, listen to what his college coach said about him=heart. NFL did not listen to him, their punch hole criteria is all they blindly work from and it is inadequate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Patrick Merkel

        Many times players are drafted exactly where they should be. Drew Henson would be a good case in point he was a sixth round draft pick and his career panned out like a sixth round pick

    63. Edward Warwick

      Bill Belichick is a genius because he drafted Tom Brady when no one wanted him. How is it that Bill Belichick understood enough about Tom Brady that he knew they needed to draft him and keep him on their rooster as the 4th string quarterback when no other team did? In college Tom had a 60+% pass completion average and the other college quarterbacks chosen higher than him in the 2000 NFL draft had only 40%+ averages? If you really listen to the University of Michigan coach's assessment of Tom Brady, that he was the hardest working player on the team, he was smarter than the other qb's, he was also known as the come back kid in real games under real pressure. He was relentless. NFL, hello?

      1. Patrick Merkel

        Michigan tried to replace him as the starter with Drew Henson. That speaks volumes over a coach saying Tom Brady worked hard. Yeah he worked hard and Michigan still wanted to replace him.

    64. Captain Eyebrows

      The reason why nobody will be ever be the next Tom Brady is because there more than likely won’t be another 199th pick who will win 1 super bowl let alone 7 or how ever many Tom retires with.

      1. Sijdns D

        I’m thinking Tom will go for 10 then retire

    65. That Guy


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    67. Slick Ric

      All the scouts and all the coaches that passed on Tom Brady. Made Tom Brady who he is today. There is no more greater motivator than doubt and telling somebody they are not good enough. I know that for a fact because that's been my whole life. While I'm not Tom Brady but I succeeded beyond all expectations when I was told I was a failure from day one. Thanks Mom for all your criticism cuz it made me the man I am today.

    68. david craine

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    69. jubin jacob

      I don’t watch American Football. But ohh boy this documentary gave me chills

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    74. Slick Ric

      Drew Henson I have no regrets. Precedes to tell you all of his regrets. Anybody that says they have no regrets I would have to say you're full of s***

      1. Patrick Merkel

        Henson was a sixth round pick the scouts were right on the money with him

    75. Martin K54 Anthony78

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    76. Mary N

      Saw this a couple a days ago and it made me cry, when Tom and his parents went for a walk. No one but GOD, can see what is in your heart.

    77. Slick Ric

      Just make sure you get a good interest rate. Tells you all you Need to know about Tom Brady.

    78. Scott Gooch

      The guy is the best overall, at least in my 50 years of watching NFL Football. He is the Energizer Bunny of the Football World.

    79. Entertainment's Best

      The GOAT

    80. Saint K

      At 0:16 awww I love how he shed a tear! And he looks like he should be in the TV series Supernatural 1:08 OMG he looks exactly the same!

    81. Debbie Wood

      Go Blue!

    82. OddKicks

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    83. Nicholas Vandal

      THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME! We in Boston and New England in general have been spoiled!

    84. Borrego S

      I used to hate Jordan because he was naturally gifted since he started playing and ALWAYS beating everyone else. This guy also beats everyone else, but he clearly started from scratch, almost zero talent and look at him now. Can’t hate him for that.

      1. Patrick Merkel

        Zero talent? Let’s see he’s been hurt once in a 20 year career his accuracy is amazing he makes for reads on every play as opposed to most quarterbacks who can’t even make two. He can make just about every throw. He has plenty of talent

    85. santaclawz

      What’s with the 13 ads...

    86. Tusshar Yadav

      Tom Brady is the greatest athlete in the world. The world -🇺🇸

    87. Marshall Mathers

      41:25 its a great actor

    88. LBenn302

      17:00 *Now 7

    89. steve lyons

      G.O.A.T. you can't get no better than Brady🤷I am a Falcons fan he proved it to me. Dude is a Warrior got hit about 15-20 times and sacked 5 and still drunk a damn beer in the 3rd quarter told someone to hold it and Beat our A$$ in the 4th quarter. Take that to the bank.

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      1. guy sumpthin

        Right! You took the words right outta my mouth

    94. Baldwin- Wallace

      It's nice to see an athlete who isn't obnoxiously arrogant and cocky & mouthy as all hell like LeBron & Jordan etc.

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