ONE PUNCH!!! What Really Happened (Jake Paul vs Ben Askren)


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    Jake Paul vs Ben Askren ended in a shocking knockout early in the 1st round. Jake Paul has gotten better, but what did he show us?
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    Published on 25 days ago


    1. TheWeasle

      MMA has lost this one bois In all honesty, Jake deserves all our respect for taking the sport seriously enough to show improvements like this and actually just compete. The stoppage was bad but the fact that Ben showed he couldn't take a clean one from Jake showed he was bound to lose this. The chin and toughness was supposed to be tested and it failed quickly.

      1. caveman lovesmoke

      2. Osah Jackson

        @e a I know ur gonna be upset that there busy but u will get sloppy seconds don’t worry

      3. Osah Jackson

        @e a there gonna destroy ur hole

      4. Osah Jackson

        @e a ur gonna slurp em both down and get tagged team buy em

      5. e a

        He deserves a little respect at least

    2. Shaun Sandor

      Great now his head will swell even more

    3. Chris Morgan

      I can't wait for the vh1 reality show "Jake Paul is 36, bald, and broke" in 15 years

    4. Chris Morgan

      Jake paul is a joke lol

    5. Luke Lukyanov

      The fight was obviously fake

    6. John Ge

      ben was watching the punches I smell fix

    7. monkaW

      Ben took 30 punches and elbows when stunned on the ground when in the ufc, and came back and won, I'm sorry but its kinda sus, Ben got up and the ref called it...

    8. BaBaBoi Studios

      It's sad when jake gets credit people burn it to the ground. Like let jake get some credit. I agree with you about all of this tho

    9. Just for fun

      Jake Paul is trash.

    10. Kira Yoshikage

      Ben was paid.

    11. bocoy noiu

      I didn't even pay for that shit and felt cheated! That stoppage was sus... wtf was that ref doing? Ben probably would have still lost but ffs...

    12. Nicole Rogers

      Bro dude what no setup he won fair and square he knocked him out

      1. bocoy noiu

        I hope this doesn't take away from these up sexual assault Jake committed.

    13. Rogue Victor

      Ben probably hasnt been training 4 a long time not just martial arts but luke at all and coming out of a hip surgery. Though he got paid so ...

    14. qopoy dnon

      win these easy fights.

    15. D0sxx Gaming

      Good thing I don’t base my fight bets off this Channel or I would be askrens career

      1. qopoy dnon

        You're smoking crack if you think Jake Paul isn't the new Charlie Z. He's paying people to lose.Smh

    16. Alfie Burke

      Ben Askren still a g

    17. Johnny Silverhand

      wasn"t even on the jaw :'p, i think ben askren just wanned to cash out really quick.

    18. Nick Farajian

      Hey guys anyone know how to contact Jake Paul’s manager? I would appreciate it. Thank you

    19. Icex Aoki

      Ben shouldn't be held as the representative of MMA in the first place. He's have the worst striking ability by someone who's signed with UFC

    20. TheHugeDwarf

      One very small right hand and one very big rigged fight.

    21. mijuo roui

      I didn't even pay for that shit and felt cheated! That stoppage was sus... wtf was that ref doing? Ben probably would have still lost but ffs...

    22. Karambit

      Just respect Jake paul like a human

    23. Aron Yanez

      Did the right punch actually hit him?


      These boxing matches are so rigged😂

    25. foopyu nooui

      When the Chael curse is allied with the Weasle curse, no one stands a chance.

    26. frankie mendivil

      Both clown bruh

    27. azfightboy

      Good glad he won. UFC sucks

    28. TriggaHappyYT

      I hope this doesn't take away from these up sexual assault Jake committed.

    29. e a

      What's even sadder is jake paul trying to setup conor mcgregor which is why he waiting for mcgregor to get injured or some shit

    30. J R

      ☰ Uriah Hall ‘would kill’ Jake Paul in a fight: ‘I will literally beat you with one hand. You don’t deserve my right hand’

    31. The Scorekeeper

      You're smoking crack if you think Jake Paul isn't the new Charlie Z. He's paying people to lose.Smh

    32. Joshua AB

      I’m shocked that Ben askren hasn’t learned even the basics of boxing being a world champion in mma

    33. 6iixii3

      Fake fake fake

    34. the paper ninja

      I wonder why Triller Promotions would hire a clearly inexperience old ass referee to be the ref for the main event. 🤨🤔🤔🤔

    35. Jeremy Staples

      I want jake to struggle and win in a fight with an amateur boxer. I'm sick of these fast defeats.


      “He’s finally getting better” yeah it’s easy to look good when punching a walking punching bag with no hands smh

    37. just ajm

      EVERYBODY CALLING OUT JAKE TO FIGHT PRO BOXERS... PLEASE WATCH THIS VID 5:45 ONWARDS.... ig that'll answer your questions?

    38. James Beadle

      Ph no bois did anyone see ben get up straight away he could have gone further but no dickheads stopped it if u watched mma u knew ben could take punches like a god

    39. jac car

      That what happens when a wrestler goes into a boxing ring.

    40. Ruben Gonçalves

      Most impressive thing to me was TheWasle thinking Ben had a chance.

    41. chding zuure

      The announcers compared Askren's body to a bag of milk lol

    42. Jordan M

      Ksi rematch?

    43. phife804

      Smh no one cares. Tell him fight a actual boxer. Not a ex basketball player and a retired fighting dad.

    44. LastSamurai

      Stop the cap that was the most comical knockout I’ve seen lol now you just analyzing just for a laugh

    45. David Sturgeon

      Celebrity boxing. Nobody today has the heart, the strength, the stamina, the intelligence, the style like they had in the 70's. I'm sorry but I'm not impressed. And I'm not surprised either.

    46. Tyler Arnold

      all the people that don’t like jake paul are al hypocrite. i despise the guy but cmon man you can’t say “ben has much better stamina and more fighting experience.” and then he gets knocked out and say “ben isn’t even a striker, jake picked an easy target”. JAKE IS NOT SOME LEGEND AND UP AND COMER. but you can’t be anti jake and then shit on him when he TKO’s his opponent

    47. Erick Gutierrez

      Jake is fake they should do a fight with el canelo

    48. bilisha coli

      Watching Pete Davidson and Rick Flare just casually commentate back ally slap boxing felt like I was in a fever dream and it was terrifying

    49. Justin

      Christ the blur makes this PowerPoint look amazing

    50. Igneous Rock

      Charlie Z, the greatest.

    51. David Gregorovic

      Damn i can't stand that dude but he is definitely a legit boxer.. Ben is a professional mma dude so he's not a bum at all, i was surprised...

    52. ibotibo

      It was soooo fake

    53. detuned_ Gabe

      Hahaha the fight was rigged 3 ways 1. Askren has taken much harder punches in abundance and still won with ease😂 2. The stoppage was premature clearly 😂 3. The fight was hand picked by Paul’s team I’m not hating just speaking the truth.. someone that gets KO doesn’t dance and run around smiling with his wife seconds after the fight😂

      1. Agent Grey

        1.Cry some more 2.Cry some more 3.Cry some more

    54. Snow Rider

      Been took a dive for a million dollars and made it look good!

    55. 問BR1GHTBL00D

      he was lucky

    56. hatethetube46

      Did Paul have to pass a drug test for this fight?

    57. Waya Vlogs

      Ben is 40..... jake is half his age lmaooooo

    58. Александр Чернявский

      Атежело мешок сдерьмом победить?

    59. HelloThere

      I still think he threw the fight

    60. Samuel Hayward

      This was a work.

    61. John Morrissey

      Getting better at beating off that's all jake is getting better at. Askren just took the payday.

    62. V

      Too soon of a stoppage. If it was reversed jake would've either gotten a chance to continue or complained about it. If it was stopped right there like it was with ben. Jake should've let the fight continue. I wouldn't be able to look at myself in the mirror or make myself believe that I truly accomplished something great if I was him right now. He chose someone who had no striking skills from a different profession who didn't really have that much time to learn and improve. Then ben isn't allowed to continue when he was able to and jake accepts that as a win. If he really wanted to prove something he wouldn't have let things play out like that. Right now he just seems like someone who picks weak competition and shows he doesn't mind taking a bs victory.

      1. V

        @Agent Grey nothing to cry about. It was an early stoppage. And if jake really wanted to prove without a doubt that he could beat askren he wouldn't have been okay with it ending that way. Fury got knocked down multiple times against Wilder in their first fight and was allowed to continue. He didn't win the fight but he was still able to go the distance.

      2. Agent Grey

        Cry some more

    63. Patti Hainline

      Hey everyone saying Jake Paul yeah funny thing he's fighting retired fighters! If he's so good why is he fighting old guy's who retired years ago! Why not Mike Tyson who really is a boxer! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 or a real boxer his own damn age? Instead of retired mma fighters! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    64. Ben ab

      well, you cant sayh anything from jake paul was impressive. this is the most absolute basic stuff that we did as kids in a fight. its nothing more than natural childhood fighting. askren looked like a 10 year old who never fought before. he must have some sort of cognitive issues because there is no way this guy used to be a danger. he looked like a girl. all defensive hand positions no offense. dont tell me he is afraid to throw. i feel he took the fight to get the paycheck. almost as if paul gave him another 100,000 grand to take the hit


      Why don’t he fight real boxers

    66. DaBing People

      Jake Paul is littery one punch man

    67. Ben ab

      i think askren threw the fight. this was almost as fake as mayweathwr and that asian guy

    68. MIGUEL

      *Still waiting for Jake Paul to fight an actual boxer.* 😐

    69. First Last

      If your a real boxing fan you understand this is just a drop in the bucket.. most pro's have tons of amateur fights. Defeating askren only shows he can hit doesn't showcase his ability to fight. A wins a win so congrats but keep it in perspective.

    70. Meemee Moomoo

      Me celebrating after taking candy from the baby -

    71. Soap Holder

      Man jake must have bribed Ben well

    72. faze - Eoinz

      Bruv jake can't fight to save his own life

    73. Louis Akana

      Ben was never good in the striking game anyways. He’s a wrestler for crying out loud. I feel Jake should have fought someone more in the boxing perspective because then it would have been an interesting fight. Not go against a retired mma wrestler. But it is what it is

    74. Jake Missen

      Do you think Jake's size would be enough to beat McGregor?

    75. Gerado Prado

      Either Ben took a dive, or Jake Paul hits 15x harder than Robbie Lawler

    76. Etiene 101

      I was thinking cool till you said champ man why'd you have to do it

    77. Hugh Munges

      What really happened was Jake crying for longer then the duration of the fight

    78. L.O.V.E

      Jake Paul Started Celebrity Boxing I said It First -Dönkë Bössmainë

    79. Aaron

      *Hey, to you reading* .. you are loved in this moment, just as you are, here's how we know: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

    80. Cats Ruin Everything

      Of course Jake Paul had that OHKO, how do you think he got to get Justine in his bed? She got hit with the same thing!

    81. Mark Schneider

      Dude, Your analysis of fights in my opinion. Is far superior to most if not all. Great job- keep it up !

    82. ryddo ertmire

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    83. Johny Boat

      It's crazy Ben can take huge shots from UFC fighters but not Jake🤔🤔

    84. P G N

      💪😠 JP OP

    85. S C


    86. cntrl

      Yall are slow Ben let Jake win so he could have an even bigger ego and get paid

    87. sergio camacho

      Smh I really wanted to watch someone put jake in his place bro too cocky. Thank god I didn’t actually pay to watch this crap lmao 😂

    88. Tobias Muther

      Why is everyone taking this seriously ben was obviously bribed

    89. Mario Cortez


    90. Marky The Larky

      Jake Paul owes me 90 seconds he robbed from my life with this joke. I've had a better time watching paint dry.

    91. WesloTheTerrible

      Man I know Ben made an extremely generous Purse💰, for this Fight❕But the embarrassment, and asterisk Mentioned of being basically Single Shot 😴 again is a Terrible Look for his Overall Legacy, And IMO Hurts his entire Resumé/& Any/All Accomplishments he's Done, more than the 500k💵 could ever remedy‼️💯

    92. Heather Shriver

      What really happened? The dudes pride was worth $1 million. He went in and took the money...

    93. T-Virus Terrance

      Hello, Humans. What social stigma does society need to get over? TERRANCE OUT

    94. Greg James

      The new face of boxing

    95. EL Blc

      Jake can’t fight

    96. Leonel Diaz

      This shit was rigged

    97. Th3F0n12 _

      Jake paul isnt a real boxer until he fights real boxers 100%

    98. marcos l

      Lol rigged

    99. Bill Buehner

      load of crap

    100. Tony Ford

      Askren didn't care about striking in his career as a fighter as well as Saturday night. Ben always thought that he's the smartest person in the room. Hopefully that cash grab was worth it.