2HYPE Hide And Seek In A Hollywood Movie Set


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    Today we headed out to some real Hollywood movie sets for hide and seek, make sure to like and subscribe!
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    Published on 15 days ago


    1. Brandon Fox

      kris needs to shave bro

    2. Sheena Andrews

      It's the laugh for me kris

    3. BucketBoi

      Moochie definitely had to much fun with the katana

    4. Prettyboyant

      good video

    5. Preston Mensah

      MOOCHIE :)

    6. Respectmikey

      24:47 yea prolly the best 😂😂😂

    7. Tim Fangrad

      James: We are on a streak Also James: "looks right at Jesse while saying he is the worst seeker but he isn't trolling and doesn't find him!"

    8. Brady Hart

      Moochies jokes are underrated

    9. sajid bashir

      Very very good

    10. Promi Akter


    11. FSF_ Olympos

      do another monopoly

    12. Shaggyboi12

      bro i hate camera the camera men they give away hiding spots

    13. xMMAghostx

      Why kris look like Jose jalapeño on a stick at 52:19 😂😂

    14. Heso Davo

      I can not look at kris at all 😭 he scares me

    15. Lucas

      “All I need is 10 seconds” - Cash

    16. Sacrifice_ Kai

      1:37 anybody else thought what I thought

    17. WPB._. ELI

      14:17 i hope this isn’t a race thing 🤣🤣

    18. Justyn Nguyen

      Cash and Mitchell cool tho

    19. CCROOK

      𝟮𝗛𝘆𝗽𝗲 𝗶𝘀 𝗚 𝗢 𝗔 𝗧 𝗘 𝗗❗️🤞🏽 For anyone who chose Mopi’s story over 2Hype’s, is a dumbo

    20. CCROOK


    21. D'Anthony Day

      Please mooching, cut the sides of your head and leave the top of your head like a regular haircut

    22. Lane Vostad

      Jesse really smoked bombed his hiding spot

    23. Radhe Bhagat


    24. Ethan Robey

      Jessers lips are always chapped. smh

    25. bari_vs_dawrld

      why does james look like a school threat😂😂

    26. V C

      Lmfaoo cash chillin the whole time was hilarious 😂😂

    27. Tw_ CandyCane

      I hate mullets tbh but I respect Mitch’s... it looks like a Mohawk and/or mullet. I really like the hair color for it though and that is one reason I respect it

    28. theJ channel

      Every single one of these guys whinge and bitch about spiders like grow the fuck up they dont hurt

      1. Jaxlol

        They mad disgusting and there are dangerously huge ones in cali

    29. Jay Costa

      I’m only back because of cash and moochie

      1. Jay Costa

        @Dummy Franchise move along then

      2. Dummy Franchise

        no one cares

    30. Carter Hutchinson


    31. NSM

      My boy Moochie said he is going to poke the floor as he stabs the ceiling 30:40

    32. MFLY MFLY

      you know zack is a try-hard when he says i didnt get to scope out the place

    33. Matt :3

      0:43 when my uncle said a joke then no body laughs except him.

    34. Joshua Gonzalez

      Yooooo I was like wtf 3rd round😁

    35. Leo Augugliaro

      Do a lightsaber battle on a ledge

    36. dcoog anml

      Who’s more try hard Zack or James

    37. Kylin Thompson

      Yes I have found James bottom teeth 🥵that took forever

    38. Kylin Thompson

      Who’s more try hard Zack or James


      mane Kris remind me of berleezy with that mustache 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    40. Splash_wlw Thompson

      I got some fire 🔥shoes that would go with zacks hoddie

      1. dcoog anml

        Did he really get shot

    41. Victor Arguello

      Jesser is cheating with his spot and still lost

    42. † Masterhp †

      New tryhard in town.

    43. Brian P

      Y’all scared of lil spider and roach Jesus 😂

    44. Isaiah Morris

      Who is q worser seeker james or zack?

    45. Christopher Anthony

      James will forever have the title of worst seeker after he didn’t see zack on top of a fridge. If yk yk

      1. Tim Fangrad

        nothing will EVER be worse than that there moment

      2. TurxpsFN

        Yes I know what u talking about that was funny as hell

      3. Unique Chatmon

        In the cabin

      4. Tw_ CandyCane

        The good old days

      5. Tw_ CandyCane

        Fr fr. That was one of my favs Hide and seek from them😁

    46. Evan Robinson

      They be using the camera crew to their advantage lol

    47. Reaxtion 4


    48. Reaxtion 4


    49. Reaxtion 4


    50. Reaxtion 4


      1. kolim jone

        Say say to this day cash still stuck in the elevator

    51. Reaxtion 4


      1. kolim jone

        This is the 1st time that zack is the first one to be found hehehhee

    52. Adrik

      moochie talked ab GME look at it now

    53. Felix Davidson

      Did he really get shot

    54. Royal Hector

      52:18 what is the name of the music in the background

    55. Harrison Wolfsberg

      Low-key Mitchell looks like Andrew Benintendi

    56. Lil Finesse

      James legit had the best hiding spot in all 2hype hide and seek history

    57. Kari Bearden

      I have always seen kris as blueface

    58. Joshua Salem

      Do a rocket league video

    59. Steep and Steezy

      The guys that we all know who should be here should be here

    60. Logan Wright

      You guys should play among us in real life in this building

    61. kolim jone

      Zack is such a try hard that he keeps tabs on how people hide 😭

    62. Vindoesnothing


    63. Niel Anthony Macahusay

      im really sorry but the yelloe looking camera isn't a vibe it makes a sleepy vibe i recommend a good camera not a yellow looking one

    64. Lanz Paqueo

      This is the 1st time that zack is the first one to be found hehehhee

    65. Faceless Man

      Say say to this day cash still stuck in the elevator

      1. kolim jone

        they sound like pussy scared of spiders but i still love them

    66. Lucas Almonte

      Cash is cap 🧢 he high af

    67. Azyris Richmond

      Ain’t no one talking about the skeleton in the beginning of the video

    68. Just_Nodh

      Damn no hate but their views got down huh

    69. Emig Allen

      how misses when their content was good

      1. Matt

        Yea, watching Cash’s feet while he’s on his phone is not entertaining in the slightest.

    70. Aidan Reed

      0:43 it a platinum school threat wanna be flight

    71. Giana Fabic

      That should do a video with flight when who can stay the longest in the jail sellls that would be awesome

    72. Giana Fabic

      Kris shave your mustache

    73. Zapdite

      really glad cash was in this video for the four seconds at the start of each round when he filmed himself. didnt even bother to film himself while he was hiding, just had it pointed at his feet and went on his phone

    74. Danny Rodriguez

      They should’ve played among us instead of hide and seek

    75. Yo_ Tv

      Is it more does ever one in the hype house has a beard and mustache

    76. Zion Wortham

      Cash got drip

    77. King J

      FUCK 2HYPE

    78. twigx44

      Cash u got shot or u got a shot

    79. AGRO Vxltures

      they sound like pussy scared of spiders but i still love them

    80. Peyton DeLeon

      They should do 2hype goes to court and just make funny reasons why they are there

    81. Adnan Ahmed


    82. Jadon Burke

      You guys should keep putting third rounds

    83. Carter B.


    84. Ceo_Fitz


    85. jaucobie johnson

      Cash: you can get a peek at them j’s Me: Recognizing they’re scuffed in the front badly

    86. Russ

      Why does Kris look like that one uncle that swore he could have went pro

    87. Chris Crosley

      Can we ecknowledge that the cameraman gave away cash spot second round

    88. sannio komi

      Everyone tryna hide Cash: Bro this stain rlly throwing off my swag

    89. Marlon Mosomi

      please follow me on instagram name is lildj7595

    90. Jahlani Brown

      2hype should do a hide and seek video with 100 thieves in a minecraft server🥵🥶

    91. bilisha coli

      zack: I have to be quiet so now one will hear me also zack: kicks open a door

      1. Smokey

        Zack farted at 43:02

    92. LawLaw Eh

      Jess “ I’m not going to reveal my god spot “ 2 minutes later * Jess “ You know how close you were near me ? Remember when you had a call? “

      1. Vindoesnothing


      2. sannio komi

        Who saw Zack snyder justice league trailer...

    93. Onur Er Bayraktar

      LSK looking wierd

    94. BlameStrxp

      5:02 nah like I Fr know that exact smell

      1. bilisha coli


    95. Dominic Dreyer

      Did anyone else clock that they said jesser on james footage at almost 49 mins

    96. The Neighborhood Plug

      29:19 We All know who could fit in that cabinet NOT GONNA SAY ANY NAMES THO...

      1. CuRt_Go_CrXzY

        Bro delete this 😔

    97. Alyssa Arroyo

      Moocie is the funniest in 2hype

    98. huttio srreu

      I like how cash is just watching on his phone in the elevator

    99. KCW Animations

      Yo, who shot flight?!?!

    100. Ezra Dunham

      Wooahhh did Cash give u the pass Jesse. Before I post I edit: it’s a joke chill 17:06