Try Not to Laugh (GTA V MEME EDITION)

JJ Olatunji

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    New song with Anne Marie & DFA -

    Published on Month ago


    1. ALI DE LEON

      12:11 its a carsexual XDDDDDDDDDD

    2. ZENZIC

      me and the boys going out to pop a sqeak

    3. Mystery_ Current

      Did this get striked

    4. Jarod Layog


    5. yeetyboi

      God ksi is carphobic

    6. jonas långbacka

      JJ after the first clip: *Moe, you're getting destroyed* JJ after the second clip: *I think you got me*

    7. Sleepy ash kuro -

      I can’t try not to laugh with Ksi when he laughs I laugh

    8. TxX AssassiNz


    9. Syth On0Ping

      The last video tho🤣🤣

    10. Mr. Azs

      That CarSexual tho

    11. CoWboY's CUBE


    12. Ashツ

      4:54 LMAO

    13. terror

      Hell jj ola tun ji

    14. Massanti Müller

      JJ holding the pineapple he just cut " *IT'S AN APPLE* "

    15. 21 Watermalones

      alternate title: KSI watches Lamar roasts Franklin memes for 3 miuntes ... He also does a Try Not To Laugh Challenge

    16. 21 Watermalones

      4:03 K stands for knowledge

    17. Craig Whelan

      It an Apple is like saying deji content is good

    18. lone wolf

      3:17 song name plzz

    19. The Abhinav 25

      Please someone tell me the name of that horror movie at 17:00

    20. Jay Howe

      Can’t believe he missed the pregananant clip

    21. Steven croucher Speaking

      If you hit him he would destroy you !

    22. Blair Ogden

      Jj is so funny and has so many funny videos

    23. Umar Khan

      USfilm is getting real comfortable with them 20 second ads you can’t skip

    24. Harrison Ochoa

      You suck gooo Jake!

    25. just a guy a normal guy

      it's a peh

    26. Ugly Dude

      He said it with the hard R 😂

    27. onesmolmonke


      1. onesmolmonke

        it was not an apple

    28. Andrew Batiz

      caw caw caw is all i hear when you laugh lol

    29. dying light gamer

      5:02 He used to say the dog's owner helped me !! Like an idiot🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    30. Hercegovac

      4:05 Its an Apple.. "hears him self" fuck

    31. nicolas walser

      That ksi horror movie tho 😂

    32. Anderson Wang

      That I’ve not even black I m Asian clip is funny and low key badass NGL!

    33. PainTheDoge

      activate windows you bafoon

    34. Lemon Tyler


    35. RAG3 BROS

      what does that toy story part mean lol, dont get it

    36. Bryiem Edie

      yall cant tell me this nigga dont look like KSI

    37. Alex Ri

      This man is the greatest he is a legend

    38. Leticia Flores

      When he says it’s a apple but it’s actually a pear😂😂😂


      Bro he hit that Barak Obama 😂😂

    40. Comedy Centralo

      Its an apple

    41. Vince Ripdos

      "it's an apple" -JJ

    42. Yxng_lennon

      His laugh is a cure for depression 😂

    43. Mat Grafy

      Who is Mo?

    44. Your pal Sharky

      DUDE,12:44 got me so good bruh, I couldn’t stop laughing XD

      1. MILF SLAYER 3000

        Check out dh animations he made it a while back

    45. Manuia Ngatokorua

      5:49 shhhhhhhh asmr

    46. Charmine Sesay

      oh Mario said n-word that's funny

    47. WhenLifeTellsYouNo Haha

      3:10 😂😂😂😂

    48. DD Games

      4:03 Its Spreading.

    49. Dylan Smith

      When this man laughs I feel unsafe

    50. Itachi Uchiha

      Activate windows

    51. Anthony Hunt

      Ksi fucked up😂

    52. G aiming

      Give me that xbox :)))

    53. Oguz unsal


    54. MinecraftTutorials


    55. kabed kalem

      3:38 too funny I'm ded

    56. Rea Rea

      does anyone know what jj is actually saying in his intro

    57. sai krishna

      what was the movie name at 15:11

    58. Akif Iman

      Anyone know the movie at 15:08 ?

    59. Austin Sloane

      The well-off noise morally please because felony rationally slow unto a valuable accordion. simplistic, royal himalayan

    60. Michael Doly

      I wood pick up the cake and sit on the chair and eat the cake

    61. Mathias warren

      That Cat one got me dead no joke lol.

    62. blasterbomb8000

      Ayo 5:11 what's this meme called? I need this

    63. Obito Uchiha

      14:28 if you see the date that audio was posted that's my friggin birthday

    64. Daren Carswell

      I love how he said it’s an apple when it’s clearly a pear

    65. Defaultシ

      Nobody Ksi its an apple

    66. Mattiaskeinnn


    67. Chase Chavez

      The car lmao

    68. Armagedongod271

      ITS A PEAR what is this apple? ITS A APPLE JJ: don’t snitch me pls bro aw man I’m out.....

    69. Mhr Playz

      4:12 wasnt jj christian??

      1. Danial Moore

        Y u tryna expose him

      2. Mhr Playz

        @phantom he shouldn’t joke about religion ;-;

      3. phantom

        he kidding

    70. HowToNotBeMe

      is he muslim plz like if he is idk

    71. Rikki petera


    72. Yahiya Ismail

      Has he still not activated Windows? WTF

    73. Rakshit Khandelwal

      The last one really got me!!!

    74. Rakshit Khandelwal

      Its an apple

    75. Clifflynn Juline Joseph

      For a sec i tht it wasn't a try not to laugh

    76. Mohammed Shukri

      Can a loc come up in yo crib?

    77. Venzo

      does anyone know what happened with the kid and dog🤣

    78. Ro-vids 1

      Is this even a try not to laugh video or just a try to laugh challenge lol

    79. Zayyaan Dada

      Is KSI Muslim

    80. Karim Vladislavs

      1:53 who's that guy??????

    81. Wreckagee101

      When ksi is to poor to buy windows because it says activate windows

    82. kh innte

      in last vid we didn't laugh becouse u jj didn't laugh

    83. kingfergi890 YT

      okay guys im not laughing 1:18

    84. Pyrex Cry

      Bro What’s up with All these British USfilmrs getting hated On Like Wtf leave them alone! #BritishLivesMatter💕

    85. Nathaniel Kluckhohn

      On behalf of all Nathaniel's we DONT CLAIM THIS MANS

    86. Mada DHB

      Are we gonna skip the fact tht 2:54 said emprgnanted a women like the guys asking on 13:36

    87. Anix


    88. Labib


    89. izzad hasif

      like to ksi get 100 million dollars!

    90. Donnie. boy

      this boi Laugh makes it 100000000 times better 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Im dieing

    91. Dragon Overlord

      most powerful super hero power ever. "dodging child support"

    92. Takuache_CuH 22

      “That’s an ironing board” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    93. Khamthe Pankaajang

      Pause exactly at 1sec

    94. ChiCheQsa Tv

      Whats the original movie on 16minutes

    95. Dark Angel

      3:57 it's yellow's banana

    96. Matthew Brown

      They let black people on trains in England?

    97. Leonel Gonzalez

      Its an apple 😂😂😂

    98. SlowDaslingAlexYT

      It’s an apple

    99. M4_PT465

      Bruv I have choked because of all the laughing, because of Mario.

    100. FNL james

      He stoned