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    trying weird pregnancy cravings you suggested + eating my cravings mukbang! lets catch up on what's been going on! Pregnancy Update!

    Published on 15 days ago


    1. Nia Hughes

      She's pregnant!

    2. Rachel Cicero

      I love the names Morgan and Sarah and regan

    3. Xiomara Pleitez


    4. Xiomara Pleitez


    5. Xiomara Pleitez


    6. Xiomara Pleitez

      Everly rose 💜

    7. Truly OpenTunes21

      (Gloria Marie) idk kinda sounds like it would fit y'all and your babby #JustAnIdea #BabbyGirlName

    8. Devanshi

      names for your cute little baby girl: Valentina, Camila, Mia, rose,antoanette,etc

    9. Kaitlyn Bartlett

      You should name her Kaitlyn

    10. Ady block

      i love the name penny :)

    11. Sydney Lowe


    12. Jocelyn Najera

      Sunday, Grace, Rosalyn

    13. Mia Kim


    14. Paula Navarrete


    15. Paula Navarrete


    16. Paula Navarrete


    17. Paula Navarrete


    18. Paula Navarrete


    19. Nasia plays

      Karina I only been gone for a month and your pregnant:0

    20. peanut wastaken

      How about Julia?

    21. Jessica Berruecos

      I Love your videos

    22. Zaida Gonzalez

      You should name the baby Anna

    23. Ka la la la You pop my wrist

      I have commented before but another name is rose and her nickname could be Rosetta

    24. Ka la la la You pop my wrist

      A pretty girl name will be lanvendetta or lavender

    25. Winnelle Maxwell

      I have always loved the name rose

    26. Winnelle Maxwell

      my momma loved her some dirt

    27. Davina Campos

      Hey a pretty girl name is Marisol

    28. BellaBlox YT

      Raul just casually eating all the food 🤣🤣🤣

    29. Mileigh Mothershead

      I think kylie would be great bc it is kinda both of you guys names together

    30. Mileigh Mothershead


    31. Haddix

      A pretty girl name is faith garcia

    32. Siena Leguizamo

      Renée I love this name and I think I’ll name my baby girl this but spell it different.

    33. Arely Enriquez

      I think you should call the girl Eliza

    34. Audrey Biggs

      Me when I first found out Karina is pregnant: aweee I'm so excited for her I have a boy and girl so I'm good on having anymore kids so I will enjoy karina's pregnancy... Me two weeks ago at the doc getting regular health check... Doc comes back... Ma'am can you come in here and sit we would like to talk to you about your blood test.... Doc as soon as I sit... Soooo. Your pregnant.... Me.... Uhhhhhhh.... Immediately hot and about to pass out... Needless to say I was completely shocked but now carrying my third baby and can't wait to try karina's cravings 🤣

    35. Emily Killers

      You should do Natalie Eva ava

    36. Kendall Sibley

      Acasia or athena

    37. James Daniel

      You cant eat chips or sweets too often if your pregnant

    38. Victoria Townsel

      I think I should name her Victoria I think it is very unique and a very elegant name

    39. morgan irvin

      not preggo but that pizza loooks bomb!!!!

    40. Juliana chavez

      Maria would be a good baby name

    41. Karrie Gearhart

      My teacher had a baby and it came really rully

    42. Jazmin Gutierrez

      These are all the girl names I could think of for your baby Addison Ava Brooklyn Chloe Delilah Mia Madeline Priscila victoria Sara Lilly Katherine

    43. Angie Paz

      Baby girl names: Dahlia, Lucia, Chanel, Isela, Ines, Aria Luna, Genesis, Lydia Amora, Ayana, Bethany, Adella, Valeria, Yassenia, Celeste, Leía, Erzilia, Eva, Reina, Ulani

    44. The Adventures Of Olive and Willow

      Hi karina I really think you should name your baby girl Olive it's a really cute nice amazing name anyways thank you for looking at my comment I've been watching your videos for 2 and a harf years

    45. Madog Gamester

      You should do a pranking video

    46. Cecelia Black

      A sweet and salty combo i love is pepperoni pizza and cookies and cream ice cream lol not even a preggers craving its just a combo that works lol

    47. Les Ley

      Here’s some names Lesley Annaleigh Vanessa Amelia

    48. M A I Z I E

      Lmao random thought but ur names Karina what if you Ne your daughter Alina 😂🌸💗

    49. Kimberly Holt

      Lavender would be a cute name also you should try Ranch with sweet corn its good

    50. marleny lopez

      Name. Itzayana means gift of god

    51. Claire Nayler

      Phoebe , Chloe, Lola,Lillie, Liliah, Lillian, Amelia rose

    52. Rebecca Jones

      I love that your taking care of yourself & don't stress yourself with slime videos! Take care of yourself & the baby will be perfect 🥰💞! You look fantastic ❤

    53. Dripzryry

      if my first child is a girl i’d name Her Ezra marie and my dads last name or the baby daddy’s last name depends which one fits better!!! And if It was a boy i’d name him Ezmir Ryan...pick which last name fits better!!

    54. Jessica Leonard

      Try dill pickles and nacho cheese Doritos

    55. Asia Young


    56. Alicia Rojas


    57. Alicia Rojas

      baby slime queen

    58. Sandy Xiong

      Wow congrats on the baby i judt knew today omg congrats🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉👶👶👶👶👶👶👶

    59. Abigail Burke


    60. Alexa Olivares

      I think your baby's name should be Amber

    61. Debbie Flores

      I would luv for you hubby to make a baby slime .

    62. Kenzie Lewis

      Some names are Emma Ella Dakota Kenzie Lexie

    63. Delaney Hutchison

      I think you should name ur Baby Mariana

    64. Elizabeth Guillen

      Girl Names:Megan,Mallory,Kaitlyn,Ava,Emma,Kaylee,Amelia,Sophia,Dalila🦋👑

    65. Madi Lopez

      Wait... SHES PREGNANT!!!! Wwwhhhhaaatttttttt

    66. Meghan Lee Charron

      Milly mazy Mae

    67. Christina M

      What about Maelyn? It means princess and also means "wished for child" or "beloved"

    68. Jhon Leawen Jarito

      Wait what? HAHAHA is karina half filipino? Why she knows kamote? Lol

    69. Hannah Walters

      Girl names: Oakley, Evelyn, Rosalie, Esme, Penelope, Brielle, Poinsettia, Ashlyn, Serenity

    70. Addyson Fawcett

      I am going to give you a few cute pretty girl names so Cora, Chloe, Addyson, Rylie, Kennedy, Bella, Ava, Emma, Olivia, Sophia, Zoe, and Isabella! Hope this helps!!!

    71. Adrieanna Roberson

      Maybe for a name that started with an A:Aviana or Alora

    72. Taylor Lickteig

      Some baby names could be Taylor, Josie, and Madison

    73. Amelia Grace

      I love the name Aibileen for a girl it means ‘land of meadows’ 💖

    74. Iman Bousfiha

      Camila,Sophia, Aurora are my fav baby names for Karina

    75. IYA Cpstrn

      maybe name her.... Victoria,hailey,Kara,karly,haliana

    76. Eishal Munir

      OMG your pregnant?😃I'm sooooo happy for you,I used to watch your 1 or 2 years ago and just started watching again!

    77. Faith Buguina

      Karina can u do a baby clothes haul video for ur baby

    78. Jennifer Jones

      I think a good name is Maitland it is pretty and unique, it’s a really good name. I hope you guys chose it

    79. Umam Samya

      I want to see your baby

    80. Ahhh Fabby

      Love you gal 😩💜💜

    81. Reese Goyette

      A really cute name is Scarlett and Ashley

    82. Itz Ocean

      A baby name suggestion, is Zamiah (zuh•my•yuh) it means gift of heaven!

    83. Genesis Proa

      try avocados with hot cheetos and name your baby Genesis lol that's my name and i like it alot. name her for your new "beginning"

    84. Layla Schwager

      BABY NAME IDEAS-- Elarah( e-lar-uh), Jade (jay-d), Romi (Row-me), Reah (ray-uh), Eira (eye-ruh)

    85. Diane Sanchez

      IM HUNGRY 😭🍕😭

    86. Johnathan bello

      Isabell is a nice name

    87. La'Reina T

      Also me being in love with the movie colombiana I would say " Cataleya "

    88. La'Reina T

      I mean I like this name and I've never heard it before... "Aurelia"

    89. Addison Hinshaw

      me over here just finding out she is pregent

    90. Madison Bishel

      Elena Garcia meaning of passion and loved

    91. Kinslei's Life

      You should name her gracelyn

    92. Raynelle Gaeta Garrison

      Do more vids like this I love seeing u guys eat love your vids they are the best 😀

    93. hugs B

      Name her boo

    94. Alphadogluna Cruz-Rios


    95. Alphadogluna Cruz-Rios


    96. Alphadogluna Cruz-Rios


    97. Morgan Hall

      i think isabelle would be a cute baby girl name

    98. Ashley Aguirre

      You could name her Sage or Luna

    99. dolan fan

      The weirdest food combo I’ve had that everyone has to try is Doritos and mild American mustard it’s the bomb

    100. bad batch

      My mom always ate pickles with mayo and pancakes with tomato sauce 🤢