Khloé Kardashian Plays ‘5 Second Rule’


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    Khloé Kardashian faced off against Ellen in a game of "5 Second Rule"! Find out the adorable nicknames she calls her daughter True, what she loves buying at Costco, and why she makes fun of her sister Kim.

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    1. samo

      i love ellen

    2. Naziba Parvin

      Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes I was waiting for Ellen to be with any Kardashian again😀

    3. Diamonds Diamonds

      Nice to see khole again and so healthy totally

    4. Bruna

      That makeup does nothing for khloe

    5. Tywona Tyra

      Is it just me or is Khloe trying to make eye contact with twitich? 😂 he notices it and at the end he ignores it! 😂 he's looking nervous to.. yeah Ellen is off..

    6. Being Muslim

      Ellen is Male or female i really don't know if someone knows please tell me

    7. Patty

      This game is really dumb.

    8. Cocos Puglife

      Khloe is souch a barbie now no? she used to be cool

    9. koko

      I lost the interest in Ellen show, I feel it’s fake fake nothing but fake!

    10. NadiBRUH MM


    11. Emma R

      Don't feel the same since the drama and because of Coivd19 ( being the distance etc )

    12. Mariam Al Amin

      Ellen face seems more anxious

    13. Mariam Al Amin

      Ellen lost her spark and that sass

    14. Jr Garcia

      Not same Ellen show

    15. Homa Hotak



      I with Khloe about the long nails

    17. Hannah Marie

      The botox is on another level 🤣

      1. Fallen Angel

        Your hatred is on another level

    18. bilishu aliss

      I thought Ellen was gonna say Karla Kardashian

    19. Tavie Rogers

      Any else notice that they made the table longer

      1. Deanna Dreffs

        Yes, because they all have to be 6 feet apart.

    20. Iron Man

      I had a 5 second rule ad before this

    21. KOKO LOKO


    22. bilishu aliss

      Is it just me or does anyone else also feels that khole' concealer doesn't go with her foundation? It's like she is wearing some kinda glasses 🤔

      1. bilishu aliss

        I love her laugh 1:50

    23. Mary Jones

      Congratulations 🎊🎉🍾🎈

    24. lie rose

      During the nail part Ellen called Chloe.... Zoey 😂😂😂😂

    25. Maria Love🌸

      this is awkward

    26. Baybee

      those nasty claws need to go..thats where bacteria collect themselves

    27. Nabiha Nasar

      I never imagined Khloe ever playing this game. *fun*

      1. Nabiha Nasar

        @bilishu aliss sorry are u replying to my comment orrrr cuz ur comment make so sense

      2. bilishu aliss

        My little sister got the nickname “beans” from our dad 😅😂😂

    28. keerthana g

      Is it just me or does anyone else also feels that khole' concealer doesn't go with her foundation? It's like she is wearing some kinda glasses 🤔

    29. abbsnn cose

      Literally 99% people will not see this but god bless you and stay safe during these hard times ps I’m grinding for 2k subs🤞🏻🤞🏿♥️♥️.

    30. Queen Betty

      Rob??Dream?? Kardashian😭😭hello

    31. k Ring

      I can do everything with my long nails and that's totally me... Also my family hates it....😆

    32. crystal campbell

      I thought the ellen shows was canceled smh🤮

      1. abbsnn cose

        Another nickname for Ellen niall

    33. abi delacruz

      Becoming a mom and a wife has not given me more patience the other way around zero patience now

      1. malovina

        Me too lol

    34. Malka Essayag

      realy love khloe😍😍😍😍

    35. Kimia K

      Khloe is beautiful (*_*)💙

    36. Victoriaaa Mariee

      I love her laugh 1:50

    37. Eta Tuikaisami

      Bell head for a nick name hahahah.

    38. miko foin

      Boring and the guest isn’t helping either. Everything was Awkward.

    39. E. Rachel ASMR

      Ellen seems so sad

    40. L M

      I love Khloe!!.. h Her jacket is huge LOL

      1. Leonardo Medici

        Hi lamb💕

    41. AA DD

      My little sister got the nickname “beans” from our dad 😅😂😂

    42. Charlie Thomas

      I thought no one liked Ellen anymore or is just me ?

      1. miko foin


    43. seiom jvony

      Show doesn’t feel the same after everything was exposed.

    44. Grammar Police -

      serial homewrecker and cyberbully. Her father shouldn't mean she deprives her partners from being in their biological kids lives. Lamar was a deadbeat, tristan is a deadbeat. ALL KIDS MATTER not just those with white mom PRINCE THOMPSON AND JORDAN CRAIG MATTER

    45. Ron C

      5 Second rule? They got 10 seconds. This game is rigged!!!

    46. sharron munyi

      After Covid Ellen looks physically different

      1. seiom jvony

        Ellen looks so bored painful to watch

    47. Shamksbm

      Another nickname for Ellen niall

    48. Karishma

      Technically there are only 2 kardashians now ...karla and dream count probably

    49. A Gar

      Khloe seems so nice and sweet! And she loves ringing that bell, so joyfull, like a child!

    50. S H

      No one ever says Rob !

    51. Nana chy

      I love her good heart

    52. Jonathan Cacatian

      The people who sees this comment will be a billionaire


      Most boring 5 seconds of role iv ever seen on Ellen show. No energy at all.

      1. Yazmin Arredondo

        The game host didn't help much

    54. Jimbo Tuazon

      Not to mention Andy gets scared easily? 😁😁😁😁

    55. Liana Mae Raguini

      Khloe is my favorite Kardashian ❤

    56. Paola Ramirez


      1. Nilusha s

        Omg yeah. What did twitch say though?

    57. Dee Dee

      Show doesn’t feel the same after everything was exposed.

      1. Natti Natti

        You can tell she was trying trying to be nice

      2. B. S

        can someone explain?

      3. Mondler

        What got exposed

      4. Saloma Mohamed

        What got exposed?

      5. AscoRe14

        What exposed

    58. Erica Terpstra

      What about KoKo

    59. Insert Name Here

      When Khloe was asked to name three more Kardashians she should’ve said Kim, Rob and Dream

    60. Anna Del Fade

      I missed Khloé

    61. 00Nisha

      This show lost its spark.. Ellen is not funny like before .. I used to watch her shows just to cheer up now I’m bored

      1. jyn88

        She's not herself anymore because people find her dry humor offensive.

    62. Abass Gareth

      Nice game Loved it

    63. Learn German with Marzipanfrau

      Was this filmed during the pandemic?

      1. Learn German with Marzipanfrau

        @jyn88 So this event could be a spreader.

      2. jyn88

        We are still in a pandemic. I think this is current episode so it must have been recently filmed.


      Khloe: my mom and i Kylie: Kris Jenner and i

    65. Andy Lassner Fans

      Khloe is Gorg 😍

    66. Lolita Fancy

      Also she is pregnant 😂

    67. MrNikkimaxine

      This my first time to have a twin sister sister’s wow I have a twin sister before

    68. hricha maharjan

      No one can beat 5 seconds with Sofia Vergara she is hilarious 🤣

    69. Sienna

      How does she wipe her a$$ with those nails

    70. Jennifer Freedom

      Love love love love love 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ u Ellen

    71. Karly A

      Actual Title : Khloe Kardashian plays *10* Second Rule

    72. MDNA ADRIA

      So cringy...

    73. Alien Boi

      I like Khloe with this hair she looks beautiful af

    74. J G

      Khloe starting to look like Michael Jackson. 💀

    75. Rahul

      Ellen loves the Kardashians

    76. A P

      Khloe is pregnant.

    77. natasha gonzalez

      Never seen Tripp so boring

    78. Gigi

      wasn’t Andy fired with the 2 other producers?

    79. Dylan Audette

      the last question they both got in 4.9 seconds

    80. Jejen Jaenudin

      Did Ellen really fire her autistic employee? I read a title in USfilm.


      My father used to call me bell head😸😀 what a loving name for a child

    82. Kinetic Shxwn

      Ellen’s fastest answer was the sexy women’s Halloween costumes 😂

    83. Knights Of God KOG

      If you're a Bible believing Christian and you believe the Bible a hundred percent subscribe to me God bless all of you I love every single one of you

    84. Ava Brown

      I thought she had covid

    85. LATE2HOURS Gaming

      Is ellen fake her "nice thing" ?

    86. Svetlana Shevcjenko

      Awesome thanks ❤️

    87. Donald Pace

      Oh look its OJ Simpson's daughter

      1. Angelyn Malone

        Shut up

    88. Rad John Avanzado

      khloe really is my favorite kardashian😁

    89. Britney Spears

      The Trump

    90. Britney Spears

      The Trump

    91. Britney Spears

      The Trump

    92. Britney Spears

      The Trump

    93. Britney Spears

      The Trump

    94. Annadxscent

      1:04 Ellen girl u better be careful your gonna be in another scandal.

    95. Kelz Da Real

      I'm definitely about to buy that game

    96. Jenn

      Aw Im so happy khloe is a mom I remember when I’d watch Lamar and Khloe and she was struggling so much to get pregnant

    97. itsaridon

      These were sum lame questions

    98. Cup Oftea


    99. Cup Oftea

      Khloe is amazing

    100. FuturebloodMagic The great wolf spider Paradox

      give me i mean get this comment to 1.K like if any one agrees for the people who couldn't get in