Fortnite PULL UP Emote Showcase!


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    1. Abdulaziz Seid عبدالعزيز سعيد

      They added 3 dababy emotes I'm just waiting for rap god

    2. Aeroaphy

      I hate all these Tik Tok emotes they suck

    3. Jerell D

      Are you giving out skins?

    4. asioe kiou

      Wish you would react to it on here too

    5. bocoy noiu

      Ahhh I talk we need more acnh vids! We need an island update or something... It's been 11 months since the first one and the series never continued...

    6. bilinas mini

      When I read “pull up” i thought it was the song that goes “okay I pull up. Pop out at your afterparty”

      1. asioe kiou

        what the heck

    7. sasd asdas

      They censored glock but not bitch lol

      1. bocoy noiu


    8. wnnalis cioov

      I dont own tiktok because I want to keep my sanity But GOD DAMN IT my friends to that dance all the fcking time i know it by heart

      1. bilinas mini

        Cause You Were Trying To Talk To Them & So I Asked Do You Think She's Pretty...... You Know What They Said.

    9. hoiy vinosa

      I thought the song was going to be Afterparty at first.

    10. Johan Fernandes

      When tik tok and Fortnite spoil good songs.

      1. wnnalis cioov

        The Guys You Made Me Hand Model In Front Of I asked Them If They Thought You Were Pretty & They Said NO. (:

    11. ToastbrotTV

      Whoop Whoop! PULL UP! PULL UP! Whoop Whoop! SINK RATE! SINK RATE! Whoop Whoop! TOO LOW, TERRAIN! TOO LOW, TERRAIN!

      1. hoiy vinosa

        Watch my newest video!

    12. Gexx

      The vbucks 😳

    13. Dead_honor

      Da baby 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳🥶

    14. Jakobe Jackson

      I thought the emote would be after party

    15. Alex Rodriguez

      Can’t wait for Peter Griffin

    16. Vroskix

    17. Miguel D

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    18. Matthew Ellerby

      and this is trending how?

    19. da E

      Everyone not gansta until pull up comes out

    20. Zeto Kaiba

      Dance monkey dance🐒

    21. Corey Weston

      Why is this trending

    22. Natria C.

      what the heck

    23. Chelsea Clinton


    24. Chelsea Clinton

      Cause You Were Trying To Talk To Them & So I Asked Do You Think She's Pretty...... You Know What They Said.

    25. Chelsea Clinton

      The Guys You Made Me Hand Model In Front Of I asked Them If They Thought You Were Pretty & They Said NO. (:

    26. Mr Hater

      Watch my newest video!

    27. T-Virus Terrance

      Hello, Humans. "Friendship is something that creates equality and mutuality, not a reward for finding equality or a way of intensifying existing mutuality."-Rowan Williams TERRANCE OUT

    28. GL_Toxic

      Why is this on trending 😂

    29. Jack and Alice Roblox and More!

      They even added swear word songs to fortnite lol 😂

    30. x_x

      why tf is this trending

    31. Aaron

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    32. Ninewave49 87

      Why is this on trending

    33. iMXoSMaLLVoWeLZoX


    34. Nightmare

      How I'd this 15th on trending

    35. Noah Eichhorst


    36. Dan Strong

      I just broght never gonna than this comes out i swear its bad luck

    37. TGN


      1. TGN

        @leBron James correct

      2. leBron James


    38. Saul Goodman

      This gives me pain inside that this is #15 on trending

      1. Saul Goodman

        @da E eh ?

      2. da E

        W H Y I T S D A B A B Y W H O I S V E R Y P R O

    39. Sudais K

      People still play this game? Wow didn’t realise people love a kids game so much

    40. Tanner Solomon

      Subscribe to Michael Jackson and go watch don’t care about us 2020

      1. leBron James

        Umm I already is

    41. jmatyukov

      this is cool but why is this video on trending

    42. Jamila Nadym

      Am not have vbucs

    43. Jamila Nadym


    44. Jamila Nadym

      Plese invite mi tis imote

    45. dbzthegoat

      35 on trending noice

    46. Syphxn

      How is this on trending

    47. Alexis Bello

      I thought this was after party by Don Toliver

    48. Gymboy2012


    49. NL zaqish

      How is this on trending lol

    50. I am_Scrolly23 C

      Awww man I love that emote but I can’t get it, I really like that too 🥺☹️

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    52. ayi papel

      Who even plays this game ,tweens maybe

    53. Media Pool

      thanks for the video.

    54. Darth Maul

      Another popular thing that epic stole. First marvel, then Star Wars and now music?? God damn I hate this game with a passion

    55. Finley clipz

      Bro how's this 16th on trending wtfffff

    56. Skull Noggin

      Wow. This channel ,that showcases emotes that anyone can just look in the game instead, is successful.

      1. Total Maddnes

        He has a lot of subs because he has a main channel called I talk when he showcases the item shop and other news

    57. S U S


    58. Aggy

      Fortnite is literally the biggest sellout of 2019-2021 and onwards. Shameful how the game devs are literally more focused of cool new skins and cringey ass TikTok dances than making their game actually fun. Hell, it’s gotten so fucking bad they’ve added bots into the game! Just shows how dead the game is smh

    59. DanteTheDemon

      What song is this

    60. PixelStacker

      please post your reaction to the song on here too i talk!! completely!

    61. Yxlix

      They need to bring a corvette dance to the game or lil tjay calling my phone

    62. A.n Idiot

      Game is trash liked it when dances had no words just good music

    63. Nugget

      A fortnite emote tiktok dance really on trending Jesus why isn’t this game dead yet

    64. Albert Rose

      why is this on the main trending page?

    65. Big_nhssy


    66. Aqezy


    67. Julie McAteer

      And pls gift me pull up

    68. Tabby gachaC0splay

      Bro that’s cool

    69. L. H

      N words in it madd btw what is that dead character u chose to show us the emote on

    70. Aleks Diamond

      BROOOO you literally own the whole item shop. Why it’s such a dying game and literally a waste of money spend it on something that’ll make you money in the future not some shitty game😂😂

    71. The5LOLS

      Why the absolute fuck is this on trending? You could just GO to the Fortnite store and see it! I mean, you shouldn’t, Fortnite sucks regardless, but this person is literally doing nothing for this trending spot, there is no reason this has to be on trending, let alone a video.

    72. SweatyNuggetJJ

      They need to stop these emotes

    73. Broken Soldier


    74. OH MAMA

      Fortnight is a good thing

    75. Clanka


    76. Xmav

      This legit one of my fav songs, would cop!

    77. Christopher Duran

      i will sub to u if u gift me the emote

    78. Sxthz Shorts

      Can you plz gift me this my epic is Sxthz

    79. AARON_lol


    80. Hummus

      Kinda wish they did a bit more than just those lyrics, but still a good emote

    81. Fortnite Clips

      I’m definitely “copping” this!

      1. leBron James

        Kids still waisting money on this game lol

      2. Fortnite Clips


      3. Streltz5220

        Go outside

    82. Siah 100k

      Jesus loves you guys 🙃

    83. Shin Moe Thu

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    84. Tsunami Clan


    85. Harry Coughlan

      Ffs what is Fortnite doing man

    86. Hamza Tahir

      Terrible job of blurring the swear words 🤣

    87. ÅØQ

      Plz EPIK GAMEZ BR4A25

    88. Ninjacats

      Me listening to rockstar yesterday then this comes out imagine

    89. bobcobob pie

      Why is this on trending

    90. Jaycetheace200


    91. Enzo Villafuerte


    92. Peter Masterson

      This emote is that good I had to get my friend to log into my acc to get it lol plus he got it for doing it so its a win win situation

    93. Linku


    94. TheReaper

      Lamborghini gonna sue fortnite

    95. GuacamoleDuck

      Ahhh I talk we need more acnh vids! We need an island update or something... It's been 11 months since the first one and the series never continued...

    96. kabir legrand

      You van mâle me dance please

    97. Astro 木

      Rockstar 🎸

    98. Oisin


    99. Pizza proprogamer

      I really want it

    100. gamebossje

      And another bad tik tok emote :/