Jumping from the balcony...not our brightest decision...

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    Hey guys! In this video, we jump from crazy heights onto a huge crash pad! We are complete amateurs at this so we asked Kevin Durr to help us out! He has been in Some extremely popular movies like Batman, Fury, Hunger Games, and Tons more! Can you handle jumping off from these heights? Some other videos you may like are We Built a Tiny Home in Our Truck bed!! | Larger Than Life!, We Put in a Ski Slope in the Edge Space!! | Larger Than Life!, and Don’t Get SMASHED in the Shrinking Room!! We have also appeared on Dope or Nope, Rekt, and Battle universe! Who do you think will win this challenge??
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    1. Lucky Luc

      Idk, I cant think of an idea, do what you want

      1. Jake Vlachos

        @Kerm 2 dangit bros did that with their own pool search it up

      2. Kevin Gynn

        Hi you guys are great

      3. Nate Dickson

        @Team Edge I love your channel

      4. Kerm 2

        @Glizzy God very mature of you to go onto youtube and call people stupid.

      5. Glizzy God

        @Kerm 2 very mature of you...

    2. Prince of Pigs

      Do the Assassins creed leap of faith

    3. Delaney Cole

      I think that you should do a “don’t fall in the part off the loose part of the bridge” and if you do fall you land on the thing.

    4. Rich Langridge


    5. -Mikaylah -

      Its time to be set on fire:) it is at 139 .

    6. Nebulia Songs

      Brian: ”I’m unstoppable now” 0;5 seconds later he falls😂

    7. Rebecca Tobias


    8. Rylan Newlun

      throw live baby's from the balcony with no stunt pad under the balcony

    9. galaxyblood

      this looks fun 🤩 i wanna do this!!!!😃

    10. Noah theGoat

      there getting lit on fire boisssss lets goo

    11. Heather Houghton

      U should put a bunch of trampolines under it

    12. Superflash Gamez

      Do flips and air tricks for points

    13. Erin McCain


    14. Andrew K

      What do they mean by “get lit on fire?”

    15. Burrito GameS

      Last to stop doing stunts

    16. aras saeed

      Whoever can do the coolest tricks wins £1000

    17. Preston Kelly

      It’s been a month where’s the fire?

    18. YerJ3lly

      Alright guys, 139,000 likes, let’s do the fire vid, come on.

    19. Justeno Benitez

      I love how whenever something gets a tad delay like a sec and the heart beat comes on or any sound effects ARE THE BEST I actually feel everything. I love this channel no matter how old I get I’m never going to stop watching this channel

    20. Mr28 Rhino

      I feel like all of team edges videos were filmed last year cause there aren't any masks in any of your videos. Its so cool how free you guys are.

    21. Hassan Ch

      Bro when I was like 8 I used to watch you guys so much and stopped watching team edge and now I am 13 and had nothing to watch so I remembered what I used to watch when I was younger thought of you guys again you make amazing videos they are so funny keep it up guys❤❤❤❤❤

    22. Colton Chavis

      This is where the video actually starts lol 16:24

    23. Cefro

      Idea: action movie scene like Jedi duel then one of them force pushes the other off the balcony

    24. Doris Colon

      It has 100k

    25. Godly Gaming

      Bro It Says 4 Weeks... That's 28 Days... A Month...

    26. Blazing Fire

      lol so wheres the lit on fire video

    27. Mikhael Deven Marcelo Kalesaran 1316007

      1 month done 2 more months to go..

    28. andrew elliott

      Do a go cart nerf battle

    29. 1rsuvag TV

      i would jump and im 11 years old im on my moms account

    30. Owliio Uh

      WhO cAn dO tHe BeTtEr StUnT?!? 😱😱😱

    31. nikadam harith

      This video has 100k likes

    32. Cesarxxgomez

      Where the fire >:)

    33. Derpalerp

      4:29 stump jump

    34. Gilbert Grech

      Do trivia and who loses fales of the skafold on the airbag do it like when you went to jail pleas

    35. Calum Doyle

      You should do an obstacle course and use that jump pad at the end

    36. VeryEarth79

      I am just watching it but my whole body just starts to shake when I watch this

    37. Ethan Jansen

      Video Idea: 2 people jump at the same time on different sides of it, and they have to try and shoot each other with nerf guns. OR There are 2 teams, and they have to try and make as many jumps as possible in a certain amount of time.

    38. Faithlyn Gary

      12:47 yes, yes I do want to do it 😂😂

    39. Faithlyn Gary

      What you can do it but nasty mixed foods on the bag and 1 good think and how ever gets the bad food had to spin a wheal and eat what ever is on it but if they get the good think then they get to eat something good on a different wheal

    40. Ryan Clark

      THREE WEEKS, 100K LIKES!!! Like Button sounds like A-10 Warthog

    41. Sandra Primakova

      make a video a bout lucky blocks

    42. Riley Willden

      It took us less than 3 weeks to get to 100k likes

    43. Ethan Fetty

      They got the 100,000 likes in 3 weeks 😂😂😂

    44. Golfy Uwu

      Who notice the blue arrow on the wall in blue,so who use to be the color blue(coolness) Matt right so who got chosen to be the replacement of matt Bobby right well it like a sign for Bobby to land on it cause he’s afraid of the feeling of falling in a high spot. Get it 🤣😂😂🤣

    45. BL4CK P4NTHER



      Jump in to the pit but you have a shape to land in

    47. Kelcy Tollison

      I hope you have wings

    48. Wristy Bongo

      You guys should make a movie with the crash pad

    49. Rebecca Lay

      Make a trampoline park

    50. Toxic Busy Gamer

      Already 100k likes

    51. Toxic Busy Gamer

      I used to watch this Chanel so much

    52. 3am Loser

      I HAVE AND IDEA: u guys should try hanging like circles from the roof and try jumping through them or try trick shots and there’s punishments and rewards SECOND IDEA : place Random spots on the land pad and what ever the players jump on it’s either a reward or a punishment Such as jump from a higher level or do a spin or something like that and rewards could be maybe skip a turn or get food or the loser gets to buy lunch


      Do a fall guys in IRL

    54. Brody Gressett

      137k likes in 3 1/2 weeks! Haha🤣

    55. brett5770

      My friend rented a Movie feeter and invited us to day and we are going to watch Christmas Baycashon!

    56. Ziad Mellouki

      try not to get off the airbag challenge

    57. The Master Jackinator

      this got 100k likes lol

    58. Cherry

      Them: if u like the video we’ll light ourselves on fire! Me: why do u want to do that??? Just, why?

      1. Ryan Clark

        CUZ 'MURICA!!!

    59. Tucker Indrikovic

      In 3 weeks.... HA! Have fun boys, if any of you need a sub lemme know, I’ll take ur place for the jump

    60. Sophia Bislig

      I’m sorry but towards the end of the video the professional guy started to get REALLY annoying for me :/

      1. Sophia Bislig

        @Courtenay Fain idk for me he was off

      2. Courtenay Fain


    61. Isaac Burns

      They should try using the stunt pad as a boat

    62. Psyron dela Rosa Abrencillo

      136k likes in 3weeks not even close on the 3month mark lol

    63. Psyron dela Rosa Abrencillo

      136k likes in 3weeks not even close on the 3month mark lol

    64. Matthew Caldwell

      3 weeks 100k do it

    65. Audrey G

      Haha they gave it 3 months yet in 1 month it got 100,000 likes

    66. Daniel McCourt

      God I would kill to do this I would jump without thinking

    67. Cheshire Cat

      Guess y’all gonna get lit on fire

    68. Aussie Animator

      Assassins creed rouge

    69. Cristian’s vlogs

      You should play dodgeball on that pad

    70. Purinblossom

      I'm not exactly afraid of heights, but when I was about 11 or 12 I went swimming at this river, and there was a big rock that people would jump off of. The first time I jumped it took me like an hour to finally do it. But it was also because in the water there was another big rock that you had to be careful of. So you had to jump just right

    71. ClumZ

      Try playing basketball while on the stunt pad 😂

    72. Laura Lebda


    73. Laura Lebda

      I know right. Rip Boby

    74. shark rider

      3 weeks and its already past the goal

    75. Cooper McGee

      135K likes 3 weeks

    76. M As

      Umm you get light on fire

    77. Demolition Golf

      Bryan’s hair tho

    78. Morgan Russell

      When they looked down from the 3rd floor thing even i got scared (i was in full screen)

    79. Samuel Smith

      mega desk will over run this channel

    80. Killer Smalls

      You should sumo wrestle on it

    81. Liamjnx06

      Wwe moves into it

    82. The idiots

      One time I fell on those and it nearly broke my back

    83. rAtMaN 101

      I do it all the time great vid and I get it I get the sudden rush like I’m dying and falling without anything under me

    84. Danish-Fay

      Ýou guys could easily set the goals higher: 100.000 likes within three months? Not even a month in, and you have more then 135.000 likes! Looking forward to seeing that fire-y video :-P

    85. Stefan Beskodarny

      Bruh You guys really got scared of 18 feet? I have jumped off of 20-30 feet and I'm a 11 year old Get on Up and Jump Bahby!

    86. Kyrie Zechariah Javier

      taem edge maek a ragdol compatishon

    87. Evoleth


    88. Jacob Goodwin

      Well have fun getting lit on fire guys 🙂

    89. Alonzo Vaj Spotsville

      People who play fortnite will understand what a crash pad is

    90. Jamari McClish

      Anxiety challenge get poked in very very tight spaces or dont flinch or u dont get a point

    91. Adrian Poche

      have a battle

    92. l donut play l boi

      Joey says crash pad All the 8 years olds who play fortnite that is in fortnite omg 🤣

    93. Maiezalizubairahuja maiezali

      Bobby made a vise decision or he would be got two more feet shorter

    94. Maiezalizubairahuja maiezali

      WOW that was the best intro I have ever seen

    95. Kimberly McCoy

      3 weeks and 135000 likes 😂😂😂😂

    96. Stefanos Michaelides

      I think that team edge should take you car off ramps onto the big bag @ team edge

    97. Leon Hernandez

      hey guys whats up im from the philippines

    98. 14K _BARRY_

      What was that outro song?