Update: On Moving Forward


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    Published on 18 days ago


    1. Jason Hong

      When the world need him the most, he returned.

    2. Gekkou3485

      I really missed this persons uploads i hope he can upload again

    3. oliv4060 oliv4060

      I'm so happy you sound well, I miss your content. I don't even know what to say but I will always personally support as an avid fan.

    4. Joseph Joestar

      Nicu Nicu Nairo-Chan

    5. Germantown Forge

      #UnbanNairo Let's put this on all of our videos

    6. Derek Jimenez

      POV: You are looking for comments saying that Nairo has no evidence despite Zach having no evidence to support himself either.

    7. abdulla alzaabi

      nairo please all the way from the middle east I wish you come back as soon as possible, cant wait to see your next video LETS GGOOOOOOO #naifu_all_the_way

    8. jordan simms

      We need zero

      1. d m


    9. Lionsheartification

      Ok so where's the pyra mythra game play

    10. Starlight

      Awww November 6 was my birthday, wish I could've joined! You can do it!

    11. Kiato

      I welcome you back 👍

    12. Curmudgeon

      Please come back. Your fans are waiting for you with open arms.

    13. Gemini

      Im so glad you made it through that and updated us about it

    14. N C

      We need Nairo back

    15. MG Pufflord

      We miss you

    16. Barix5000

      So when are new videos coming? :3

    17. Tengis De Beauregard

      yo bro come back with some smash content! We miss u nainai

    18. FettesRhinozeros97

      PLEASE come back and bring Keitaro. You two are the best and most entertaining smash bros players ever.

      1. Caleb Congdon

        @V.B. Vanra why was Zero's situation so bad? I don't think I got the whole story

      2. V.B. Vanra

        ​@T Diance Facts bruh i see so many people compare nairos situation to like zeros, keitaro, d1 etc but they are completely different and just because it turned out nairo was indeed the victim it doesnt mean everyone else is

      3. T Diance

        keitaro was guilty

    19. LionzCrown

      The fact that a majority of the people commenting were against him is heart wrenching. Nairo. I'm proud of you. Remember that people can be flimsy but your own resolve is all you need. Keep going brother.

      1. LionzCrown

        @sans yeah man. I to, once nairo did the first apology, felt disappointed. But. I just so happen to also always say that zack is a problem. He has issues with multiple other players and plays victim, taking money...idk but to me it seemed he was the predator that then blackmailed for money and victimized when he didn't get his way. Of course when I mentioned the opinion once I got flamed for victim shaming...looks like I was right for once. Still. I may still be disappointed that nairo let it get there, but man am I proud he handled it in court. I could have just as easily been one of those flimsy people, hell I probably am in a different issue. As long as we can love ourselves and our truth man, that's gotta be enough.

      2. sans

        i feel this. i am glad nairo is back but i also hope that he is aware that the same people cheering him on now are mostly the same people that wanted him gone

    20. ma sa

      that was the first step! step2: start streaming again step3: get a haircut :P jk, hope to see u back soon. ps.: also hope to see keitaro back soon

    21. bradley Williams

      I'm really sad and missed him jope everything in smash community goes back to normal naifu nation always got you fam no matter what ,

    22. David ???

      You got this nairo! Glad to see that things are being resolved

    23. QuackSanity

      Nairo Ganon just got fucking buffed

    24. Libralis

      I've missed you my dude. I wasn't consistently in the stream but you always made me smile when I did join. You just felt like a real friend just hanging out.

    25. Drew Taraba

      I've missed you so much. I was a rather new naifu, only joining the army after ultimate was out for a few months. But I always loved your content.

    26. Kirk

      I hope you can return to the smash comunity, even if I from México and I dont understand the inglish Im happy seein your videos and streams Good luck with everthyng and sorry for my level of inglish :/

    27. Nicholas Hernandez


    28. Leslie T

      Still a garbage human being

      1. V.B. Vanra

        U aint better for saying that without giving a reason why 💀

      2. waters e

        @Erik M. dont worry about this dumbass they just say one thing and don’t respond or educate themself

      3. Erik M.


    29. Playoff Peepee

      nairo i can’t wait to see u play some ganon with the new buff man

    30. Doug's Gaming Channel

      In some senses its good to see you back but we really need a lot more context because a "settlement" isnt always good and it doesnt always prove innocense. if you could legally talk about this situation to explain more than just a "legal agreement" it would make sense for people to want you back on board and unbanned from twitch but if you are just leaving it as "oh we just have a legal agreement: then that is sure to raise more questions. like i want to see you back but you are really going to have to explain more indepth because it really does raise the question if you are really innocent or not. it kinda just sounds like you wanted the situation to go away but for it to never be talked about. im glad you got therapy as well but hopefully one day you can open up more on this situation besides a legal agreement.

    31. Dapper Memer

      Good Luck

    32. Beastfang56

      I wish I could’ve seen your reaction to mythra/pyra 😪 and you clapping cheeks online

    33. Michael Carter

      You're such a unique and wonderful person. I've really been missing seeing content from you. My life won't be complete until I see you smiling again. You've gone through a nightmare and come out strong. I know things will continue to get better. Thanks for hanging in there.

    34. TamagoyaKim

      Let’s gooo! Everyone, let’s all rejoice and give him the support he needs. Its a tough reality, but not impossible to bounce from the darkest times

    35. Dark

      Idk who you are

      1. Hexen Hexen

        @Deren Yilmaz cause I'm gaming

      2. Deren Yilmaz

        why even reply??

      3. Hexen Hexen

        A legend

    36. Giacomo M

      Everyone in the smash community is just waiting for Ganon to come back and kick everyone's asses.

    37. Mask Mighty

      The king is back

      1. waters e

        back again

    38. Daniel Villamizar

      Let's go Nairo, u deserve the love from the community. #UnbanNairo

    39. Michael Vasquez

      Cool man glad your back and all is good bro.

    40. Mr. McMemerMan

      Ok but why the fuck did every Smash USfilmr just die when they talked about Min Min?

    41. blk_piccolosilky

      Is this nigga white or black i cant fucking tell

      1. Torbjörn Lindholm


      2. blk_piccolosilky

        @Zephyr360 bro stfu who the hell you think u are telling me what to do

      3. Zephyr360

        @blk_piccolosilky Stop saying “nigga,” recreationally like that, your ancestors would slap the shit out of you. ETA: Assuming your black.

      4. blk_piccolosilky

        @Daily Nintendo Tips thanks

      5. blk_piccolosilky

        @Zephyr360 nigga why u pissed

    42. VicinityObscenity

      Come on man, come back. I highly dislike Zach for putting you in the limelight, we all learn from bad decisions but in no way did he have to put you out there. I'm hoping for your comeback and that people can consider brushing off a mistake that in no way should ruin your career. All the praise, brother.

    43. サン月

    44. nova

    45. 5 years ago

      ok it's been two weeks come back

    46. Dennis Osayi

      Nairo where you at mythra and pyra are out. OK listen I'm actually not going to watch any other youtuber that plays this charcater unless I see you play them first period.

    47. G-unit

      Nairo please comeback to the community

    48. Duvie

      Hoping to see a pyra and mythra vid from you soon :)

    49. pewsorich


    50. Chiweweman

      We gettin a MythPyra video? I'm so eager to see your videos again!

    51. Lyrahs

      Hey man! I hope you know we are all happy to see you come back and we are ready to not just watch you move forward but to help you move forward. If Twitch doesn't unban you should consider streaming here; we will watch you either way and we've got your back. Take your time but know that we are all excited to see you again.

    52. Task Magician

      If you bashed this mans name, then stay the fuck away from him, apologize and don’t come in his community. Nairo deserves better.

    53. Lester Crest

      This guy’s gonna swim in the cash if he comes back. I’m not loaded but I got 10 subs headed you way man.

    54. Lester Crest

      I’ve watched this like 20 times.

      1. - SølAero -


      2. Otakuyasha 00

        Me too

    55. fek wilson

      Was hoping you'd be back for Pyra and Mythra. Where are you, dude? Leh go

    56. Taylor Million

      I can’t believe you didn’t go to jail. BS!

      1. Aden Maulana

        @John Deehan I'm not sure I think it's still private since it's a legal problem

      2. John Deehan

        @Aden Maulana So far I believe he's banned, has he actually been sent straight to jail or some sort of therapy for ruining Nairo and Ally's career?

      3. Aden Maulana

        @John Deehan probably didn't hear what happened with cpt zack

      4. John Deehan

        Trying to bait?

      5. Classic Thorne

        U good?

    57. Brian Ramsingh

      Bro u are human, not expected to be perfect, not irredeemable. Life is not promised, not everlasting, nor replayable. Do whatever u want, to try to regain any happiness. In not particularly a fan of you, not do I dislike you but my opinion should mean nothing in your view. Live for yourself and those you love. Disregard the rest and pursue joy. Dont let this cancle culture toxicity overtake your joy again 🤷🏽‍♂️ but do whatever u wanna do ✌🏽

    58. DaddyEntei Productions

      I Want to see again the guy Who inspired me to main Ganondorf on Twitch, I believe in you bro 🖤🖤🖤🖤

    59. iplayrf

      no clue who you are, got recommended somehow. I'm rooting for you though man, glad that the therapy has been impactful and I hope that you get unbanned on twitch.

      1. waters e

        TLDR zack is ass

      2. Aden Maulana

        This is a pro smash player Nairo Months ago the smash community got a huge wave of accusations and come out with people like ZeRo, Cinnpie, and Nairo being revealed to be ped0 and right fully banned from twitch, removed from teams, rid of sponsors, months later it is found out that Nairo was innocent because the person who was his "victim" (another underage pro player) moved on him and essentially rap-e him and making Nairo the victim, but he can't do anything about it and was defenseless. the other pro player was a kid so Nairo can't report it because he would've been dropped by teams and sponsors and possibly jail so he had to keep paying this underage pro player to make him shut up and not ruin his career, and by the time this underage player came out and said he did it with Nairo and was paid to shut up by him, no rational human would think Nairo was the victim but here we are. He settled it in court and seems to be successful. So that's the tldr on the situation

    60. Corey Bloxham

      I hope you can turn it around bud

    61. Carson

      Can’t wait to see your pyra/mythra game play 😁

    62. ???XZ

      I just got my palu into elite smash

    63. TheRUUK

      Aye man, I think we waiting for the streams! And thought on ours and mythra

    64. Citrussock awn

      So many content creators are here. Nairo these people are here because you are an inspiration. You did what no man ever could which was actually survive cancel culture. You may not be thriving or are hanging on by a thread but we're all ready to comeback and we will help you rebuild your kingdom.

    65. Cake on the Nose

      i wish you the best. i fully support your comeback!

    66. ORAcular AnthraCITE

      So great to hear his voice again. Crossing my fingers that twitch gets their head out of their ass and makes things right. Regardless, the community is coming around to the truth, which is the most important thing. Knowing Capt. Zack's history, I'm astounded that everyone jumped on the cancel Nairo train so quickly. A damn shame. I'll watch you wherever you stream Nairo, welcome back.

    67. Riku Watanabe

      I got caught up on everything, Nairo my guy take as much time as you need. I'm proud that you've gotten through this. We welcome you with open arms.

    68. Brandon Bunch

      I just hope Nairo comes back, every time a new character got announced I always wished Nairo could've been there to react to it and play it on release. Obviously in the beginning the news was shocking but the more information I learned the more I felt like Nairo wasn't in wrong. If all the legal side finishes and proves his innocence I would just want him to be happy again honestly.

    69. indig0

      Big pog moment 🤗

    70. it really be like that doe

      Lets go man i just wanna say welcome back already man! come back to us


      love to see you back ive never watched you but i love the smash community and know you have a huge impact on a whole lot of peoples lives but glad to have you back and finally started feeling better

    72. Trev

      This is my swamp

    73. Graydon Ganske

      Are you going to at least upload soon

    74. Might Be Rigbone

      He bold for having comments on

      1. pripriprintpri

        @TheAverageMan damn that sounds horrible, though thank you for telling me. i hope nairo can recover and hopefully get his career back as well, no one deserves to be put through something like that

      2. TheAverageMan

        @pripriprintpri If you read captain zachs texts in the beginning you would already be able to insenuate this (though no one took a critical eye at the time), Zach accused Nairo of having relations with him when he was underage. What Zach left out was that he came onto Nairo, and raped him, if memory serves Nairo was sleeping when Zach began his advances. The accusations led to him getting banned on twitch, banned from tournaments, and basically ruined his life. Hes saying he settled out of court, and with other testimony from people who knew Zach, most people believe Nairos side of the story now.

      3. pripriprintpri

        @Hocus Pocus 55 hi, i vaguely remember hearing something about nairo a while back and you seem like you know so uh. can you please explain what happened cuz i'm kinda lost

      4. Hocus Pocus 55

        Nah the people who keep comments off keep them off so that people dont ask "What happened". Because people will answer telling his uninformed subs what he did. It's damage control With Nairo the damage was already done with Zack's lies. Leaving comments open is good because when people ask "What happened", they can get the truth about what happened and Nairo's innocence. So it's not bold. It just shows that he isnt trying to hide things.

      5. Might Be Rigbone

        Hes gonna get some type of backlash

    75. Xenox

      what happened to zack ?

    76. Nicholas Hernandez


    77. Han-Wen Liu

      I did think this shit goes much harder than I thought, would be happy if Nairo has chance to keep streaming again. However, I think it is also his choice of returning back to the competitive scenes or not. Personally, I hope not, despite on how many comments from smash fans shit on Nairo when the event comes out.

    78. Adrian Horta

      I’ve never been regular watcher of you, but your fans can see your hurting and trying to come back to where you were before, I feel for you Nairo, keep going, I want to see you succeed.

    79. Dante Collins

      PLEASE BRO i NEEED your takes on new characters. I miss that. I used to sit in your streams and just chill while we all played the new character. Hopefully you can stream on youtube for the pyra mythra stuff tonight. If not thats cool i know you need time but just voicing how much i would love that.


      So Nairo, Pyra and Mythra. I personally prefer Mythra because she's fast and cool like Meta Knight. I just want to leave this comment to just ask your opinion and hope you have a fantastic day, I know I am. MK b meta and hopefully goes even or gets buffed

    81. Cade Gerardy

      you are good man still one of my favorite youtubers

    82. SoulEaterB_

      Why didnt u react to pyra and MYTHRA???

    83. kosmosrebell


    84. Kaw18 Kaw18

    85. BlueBearNinja -

      glad to see your doing better man

    86. Lol Lol

      When’s the comeback stream tho 👀

    87. Kenneth Mao

      I haven't watched a Smash video since you left. Welcome back.

    88. Liam O'Hara

      but zero is under the bus. lmao

      1. Jhin

        Zero wasn't assaulted, he dated a minor and presumably is still dating her.

    89. aspasiz

      Best of luck man, you got my support

    90. Star

      Since he is still banned from twitch, why not temporarily stream on yt for now. Just until if nairo get unbanned

    91. Submarine Sailor

      I never believed the bullshit zack said.

    92. Nasuma

      Let’s goo!!!! I would love to see some content again.

    93. pachirisu31

      Nairo looking pretty rough...

    94. on jah


    95. Franku

      you got my support man keep striving dude we got ur back im so happy so see you again can't wait to see your content again

    96. David C

      I feel your pain Nairo I'm glad your moving forward

    97. Marci25 Plaz

      i'm very happy to see you back

    98. T Korde


    99. DerpuChan

      This is the prime reason why I keep a neutral stance when I see any sort of drama starting online. There's always more than one side to a story. Glad you're doing ok!

    100. WhiteFlame

      I’m glad that you’re moving forward, I’m hoping that you get unbanned, I am glad you’re ready to bounce back!