Why I Turned Down a Gymshark Contract


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    1. HopeScope

      PS the dark green Vital and light grey Vital are launching on the 29th with the Whitney stuff! Thank you guys for all of your comments 😩❤️ I’m so grateful for you

      1. Q Hns

        gymshark is cute and all, but as a 32D you wont EVER catch me doing box jumps in their sports bras. 90% of girls in the fitspo world have tiny little boobs and tall frames. NO HATE towards that beautiful body type (we're all gorge, amirite?!). But everytime I see gymshark on a fitness influencer, I just think... can we get some bras for all sizes of women that actually... ya kno, stop da bounce.

      2. Miguel Parra

        It’s awesome that you chose your followers over a brand.

      3. Zoé Racette

        Hi hope!! I’m trying my luck on the gift card contest xx sending love from canada

      4. Tinashe Lisa


      5. Katelyn Stover

        Please do the Whitney collection pleassssse!! 🥰 I love you videos and want to see your reviews because your so honest and true! 🤩

    2. Jasmine DeLeon

      Omg !!!!

    3. Johngallagher89 X

      What up Hope scope I have a USfilm channel and subscribe to my channel

    4. Kiara Barron

      I love how you are completely honest about brand and sponsoring rather than just doing what the brand wants. I asked for my first Gymshark set for Christmas and I've been following a lot of your reviews!

    5. Carolina Castro

      the transitions are too bomb !!!!

    6. Miss Y

      🙄😳 gift card me!😁 I like your hair short

    7. Sandra Backward

      @HopeScope of all the gymshark leggings which have the tightest compression? Especially for holding a mama pouch in.

    8. 강실비아

      Your video editing skills have improved tremendously! Keep going girl!! ❤️

    9. Ceana Plurad

      Recently got into lifting and wanted to get leggings which weren’t see through! I remembered you do the “squat test” so I came here and this video helped a lot, thank you for your very honest reviews!

    10. Michelle B

      Such a great review. So helpful !!!!

    11. Tiffany Gomes

      Super random but would love to see your casual makeup routine. You know nothing fancy, maybe a chatty sit down or a morning routine . Your skin looks beautiful

    12. Cara Edwards

      New subscriber 🙌🏾

    13. Leah Marie

      I haven’t tried gymshark yet BUT now I need those green camo ones!!! 😍

    14. Shelby Breanne

      Oh I love this video!! I love Gymsharks clothes so much but it’s hard to find honest reviews because they dominate USfilm. Good on them for having a brilliant marketing plan! I bet turning them down was difficult for you but it’s wonderful to see you remain true to where you began. It’s great to see them still send you stuff to talk about, its this kind of symbiotic relationship lol. This feels authentic. Thank you Hope!!❤️

    15. April Brown

      Your editing is killer in this video! You probably already gave away the gift cards but I'd love one so I can feel confident in cute matching stuff at the gym

    16. Danielle Ryder

      This is the first video I have stumbled across of yours and I wish I had found you sooner! So to the point and honest, Those transition are 🔥!

    17. Kiley Mariah

      Dude the transitions are everything !!!! You are my fave 😆😍

    18. Linda Estrella

      I love how you’re so real and honest! Have been a fan forever! @LindaVEstrella

    19. Karina Rodriguez

      I think you represent a more realistic athlete, like you workout you have ups and downs and you’re honest about your fitness journey. I would love for you to have a code because I know it wouldn’t change who you are and how you make videos.

    20. XtinaLucia

      My first time here!

    21. Shayla W

      I love how transparent you are, it's so much easier to trust you!! Off topic, could you please provide your honest opinion of Zyia? I tried a pair and loved them, but haven't tried many others to compare them to. Thank you so much for being you!!😊

    22. Ilie Baitan


    23. Jasmine Pickering

      Love how this video flows 😍

    24. Ailish Mc

      How have I only just found your channel!! Love your bubbly personality:))))

    25. M. Robinson

      Girl you remind me sooo much of supergirl 😳😳😍😍

    26. Cheyenne Koh

      Love the transitions and the way you shared everything omg, such great editing 🥰

    27. Kiana Bergman

    28. Tracy Campanella

      Love your transparency, Hope. Love Leo too, of course.

    29. Beauty with Brinxx

      You’re awesome! It’s so refreshing to hear that you care more about giving quality opinions than money. Also yes still do the Whitney review 😁

    30. Bri_Sanchez

      Loooove your transitions!!!

    31. Brittany Page

      Love your honesty! Watching more videos! So excited to find you!

    32. Lisa Judkins

      I don't like gymshark I like womans best better

    33. Madison Pfeiffer


    34. A M

      Subscribed Commented Love your content

    35. Kami Seifert

      Good for you doing what you want 👏🏼

    36. Jim Martin

      Wicked weasel gym clothing line? Never know how that would turn out? Gym shark? 😉

    37. Jia Yi Pan

      just subscribed bc hopescope's commitment to her audience is so wholesome

    38. Radon Racing

      Hi Hope I don't know anything about you but your presentation to camera and editing are phenomenal. Really impressed by your transparency and wishing you nothing but success!

    39. Yusimy Cruz

      ❤️ I started my weight loss journey a month ago after my second baby .... I sweat tons so I guess my question is... will sweat show through with this brand ?

    40. Anna C

      Your videos are the cutest! I enjoyed this video so much!💙

    41. Stephanie Rivas

      This video gave me hope on getting back to the fitness world with some stylish leggings! #Blackleggings type of gal

    42. alexa lanning

      Love you girl! You inspire me so much

    43. Taylor Gibson-Olcese

      Love your content and now want to go buy gym shark everything lol love your honesty!

    44. Adrianna Nguyen

      Love the transitions. So creative! 😍

    45. IammmEva

      Hi. this was a fun way to review some activewear :)

    46. Pamela Pirone

      I need to get back to the gym

    47. Kartika Prajogo

      I don't generally watch these, but you are very well-spoken and entertaining. I imagine that must have been a difficult decision on your part (assuming good compensation and status), but I can't imagine how you'd maintain this sort of content if you had taken the offer.

    48. Sarah Noble

      Those transitions were great! Also I really appreciate how completely genuine you are when it comes to just being honest with people!

    49. Carolina Herrera


    50. Abby Chuma

      Those transitions are so cute!! Ugh I love gymshark but it’s so expensive so I can’t rationalize spending the money of it. Also, SO proud of you for during down a contract with gymshark that’s amazing! Give Tyler and Leo my best and especially give Leo a snuggle for me 🥰

    51. Jordan907

      I love watching your videos! They never seem like you’re forcing a brand and you’re just giving your actual honest option. And those transitions... awesomeeeeee.

    52. Molly Hynes

      Happy good Thanksgiving Leo :))

    53. Natalie Kuhl

      Thank you for how much you care about your subscribers! You’re so transparent and down to earth!!

    54. Chantal Bradley

      Love your authenticity and genuine review of everything.. No masking the merch just to get a $1 ~ I respect that. Keep-up on the great content!🌻

    55. Arianna I

      Wow please me😭💞💞💞💞I love gymshark so much! I’m trying to find some motivation to get back to the gym. Since the lockdown I haven’t been yet. Having some new cute workout outfits would deff motivate me.

    56. Aliza F

      I just love you for this Hope. ❤️

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      Your editing is amazing!! I would love to win a gift card 💖 keeping everything crossed!

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      Just started watching you and I absolutely love your energy! Thank you for your honest reviews and continue to spread positivity!

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      I just started going to the gym 5 days a week and I’ve been wanting to spurge on gymshark soooo bad😭😭 I hope I win❤️

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    86. J

      Obsessed with the editing in this video! From my own experience (as a shopper , obviously zero affiliations over here) I’ve had my ups and downs with GS. Four years ago- I hated their quality. The last year I’ve become obsessed! Then they had all those tweets about not ‘backing the lives in blue’ from them on, I unfollowed them on IG and refuse to purchase from them. Maybe it was a fluke and I missed something. Still love all their affiliates but low key glad you didn’t sign that contract. Still love your videos though. And the editing on this was perfect. 👌🏼

    87. Katherine Ness

      We love honest reviews! Bought some Gymshark gear last week.

    88. Marianne

      Girl totally off topic but where did you find that lil table in the corner I’ve been SEARCHING for one like that and I cannot find anything!! Ps this is the first Vid I’ve seen of yours and you’re awesome !! I love the full review and transitions!

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      Ew, their text messages are full of typos shows which shows that they aren't very professional. You don't need them. They promote aesthetics not athleticism and their youtube models make money teaching fitness without any certification or proper technique or even good nutrition.

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      I literally keep watching this video bc of the transitions like👁👄👁

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