Khamzat Chimaev Spoke to Darren Till Yesterday..

The Schmo

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    The Schmo interview Khamzat Chimaev on Fight Island. Topics include:
    - Why he speaks so softly
    - Told Dana White He wants Brock Lesnar
    - Darren Till Conversation
    - Will we ever see him without the beard?
    - Challenges The Schmo to a fight

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    Published on 17 days ago


    1. TheDomeOfGenesys

      He needs to prove himself more first... Ppl are rating him highly only because he reminds us of Khabib. But he needs more wins before going up against Israel

    2. Bizi

      My man smash

    3. Chaz Lawther

      We're all just pretending Neil Magny hasn't been screaming for this fight.

    4. Deniz Star

      Hey Schmo you are so funy guy Hahaha

    5. Samir kc

      I don't know why they are scared ,let's fight huh, I don't know I ll figh everybody.! Frankenstein inside Hamzat smash like bruda Hulk,

    6. Zayid Hashim

      Khamzat: am khamzat and I smash everybody

    7. Islam Explained

      Khamzat would smash Israel with one hand tied behind his back lol

    8. 1776

      chimaev out here in every ufc event trying to smesh someone 😂

    9. Gulaknikov

      He stole it from Khabib smash

    10. C21H30O2

      no one: absolutely no one: Khamzat Chimaev:I fight everybody

    11. Harman Degun

      Lol calm killer

    12. Invicta

      Like Khamzat hope he becomes the champ. Seems like a Genuine guy.

    13. kurtis kandelaria

      If only the schmo was authentic... guy tries hard nothing wrong with that but just not my vibe

    14. Sufyan Javed

      What?? 😂😂

    15. _Koulio

      Would love to see Khamzat vs Yoel

    16. Ross Canfield

      Schmo, chi loves ya

    17. Jan Martin Brenden

      I Understand him. We just want to fight brothars

    18. Zulaikha F

      "How we doing?" "Brother smesh everybady. Like...we do dat."

    19. Rami Rami

      This guy will smash everyone .. he didnt come for one in particular .. he declared war upon everyone inclufing brok lisner ..

    20. Sense Gaming YT

      Big fan from now

    21. Sense Gaming YT

      Khamzat i like you man haha u

    22. Bale Sahagun

      That's my boy I'm with u no matter what 🐺🐐🐺🐐🐺🐐🐺🐐😎

    23. depecheddurand

      Imagine him going to a bar and saying i wanna fight.

    24. Andrew Goldin

      Khamzat is like a big kid with nobody to play with

    25. Maaz Khan

      I Coming 😂

    26. LonelyPizza

      Leon Edward's fight confirmed so he's gonna get to smash

    27. john graham

      Are we just gonna ignore the failed handhshake at the beginnings

    28. Euphoric Realms

      This dude is a certified killer.

    29. nizamm

      "I told Dana, I'll fight you also...... why he no answer??" - Khamzat

    30. santosh Gowda

      Feed this wolf some chicken🐓

    31. Bruce Lick

      Khamzat in the adult industry: I wanna smash everyone . Johnny sins : you’ve taken everything I worked for motherfucker

    32. The Kickboxing Community

      Litteraly an XXL Khabib Nurmagomedov 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Feels Man

        Completely different personality but alrighty

    33. Darryl 03

      "don't be scared homie"

    34. Keith nunya

      Is this a "bad lip reading " episode?

    35. hamza khan

      Coz you pscycho bro.

    36. ZAUR 200

      Харчок чимаев )

    37. Makida Center

      You smashed the schmo Bro Khamzat..

    38. adi varso

      "Smesh?" I got time for that..

    39. TheBeastman556

      To be fair any one who accepted this fight on short notice WOULD BE A DUMBASSSSSS

    40. Aka Blank

      I love most of the comments they speak just like him Funny way to present comment 👌🏻🥳💪🏻

    41. MimiHagz Prod. Ltd

      Dude just wants to fight. Lets see how he does against Leon

    42. Abdi Hogsade

      So what actually happened to his lip. He didn't even tell his fans.

    43. Rino Ferraro

      Anybody else wanna see kumquats chimiaev take a beating!!

    44. Fazl Ur Rahman

      Cristiano Ronaldo Answered a Question that fans asked him live on Instagram:who will win Khabib or Justin? 👇👇👇

    45. Sarah Daniels

      I love everything about the way he speaks. His voice, the tone, the cadence, the words and phrases. He’s captivating. English is his 4th language but he expresses himself very thoughtfully. I’d love to have a conversation with him in his language. I get the sense he’s very interesting and deep.

    46. Sarah Daniels

      So smash means something different in Russia than in the jersey shore ;)

    47. Haris Shakil

      Wtf man somebody fight this guy

    48. Cody

      Hah schmo got em giggln

    49. Drop Zone

      I thought Schmo was Darren Till...

    50. Hakan

      3:20 very cute 😂

    51. Remi Remz

      Why Put That Dumb Voice On? I Understand If Its A Movie And Hes Acting But Hes An Interviewer Why? Something I 10 Year Old Would Do ….

    52. Samantha Nealy

      This guy is AWESOME SAUCE!!!!! He's a superstar and humble! And he likes the HULK... I mean c'mon.. does he get any better??? I would pay to see this guy fight every weekend!! Y'all should go back to old ufc format where weight class didn't matter and fighters fought multiple fights a night. It's sad that noone wants to accept his callouts! Champ in the making!! Dana's found himself a new golden child!!! 💰💸💰💸💰💸💰KHAMZAT $MA$H!!!!!!

    53. bilishu aliss

      Schmo: Are you hot? Chimaev: Uh?

    54. Freepalestine Gimzo 1948


    55. Maghribi

      I remember Islam saying to Dana "I wanna fight with Brock Lesnar" 😂

    56. CJ

      Why don't you accept the fight with Magny or Cowboy Olivera?

    57. b vs d

      U need to claim copyright from Khabib to use 'smesh'

      1. bilishu aliss

        why r u in the sport if u dowanna be smaashed

    58. Cec

      YES ISRAEL VS KHAMZAT WOULD BE THE BEST FIGHT EWER.! Love it. He will fight everyone, he Deserve a tittel fight for sure.!

    59. Fake Pilot

      i love khamzat, salam from Jakarta

    60. gibby91 a

      Bro he hasn't fought anyone good yet not even top 10 fight let's see you fight someone who's not scared

    61. Fragorega

      0:46 schmos look lol

    62. Ehsan A

      Somebody give this guy a fight. He looks sad.

    63. hoiy vinosa

      His answer in every interview : “doesn’t matter, anybody, anytime, smesh, they are all afraid”

    64. Stephane D

      why not ngannou 🤣

    65. JJ Scott

      Khamzat vs KHABIB Make it happen nowww!

    66. Casey

      The Nardwuar of MMA!

      1. hoiy vinosa

        Super pumped to see how he deals with adesanya or usman

    67. Wright Andrea

      The schmo doesn’t wanna fight

    68. RASCO

      He just had surgery on his knee.

    69. Zack Green

      Another hype train

    70. Chris Milligan

      imagine meeting that guy down a dark alley "I'm going to smesh you"

    71. bouklemoun jamaa

      why r u in the sport if u dowanna be smaashed

      1. Smart Design


    72. DinoH8sU

      Love this! Can’t believe I’m just now finding this channel. Better late than never!

    73. Frank Zappa

      He’s confident, that’s for sure

    74. Eddie Brock

      i don't like khamzats face

    75. Daz Rigby

      Let’s be honest, you copied Khabib with the “smash”

    76. Never Quit

      Nobody: Khamzat: 🙂

    77. Joe Angel

      Such a nice demeanor for such a death machine

    78. HeadBob GunPants

      Jesus schmo is sounding more and more like randy savage. throw that man a few lines, let's see him on fire!

    79. Brendo

      Who is this man? Im not a casual as people say but this man is a nobody! Who has he fought of any significance?

    80. x-hopshot-x

      Schmo - Any last words? Khamzat - You want to fight? I fight with you also.


      Super pumped to see how he deals with adesanya or usman

    82. Yasser Stellenboom

      Khamzat was made in a lab to smesh! loool

    83. Zug G

      i still laugh at "evil khabib"

    84. Ritalie

      "Why you in this sport if you don't fight." Wow... That was scary. He was speaking to Leon Scott.

    85. Habib Jaan

      2:30 the way he nods and then says what lol

    86. Colton W

      Haha this guy at 170? No chance hes 185 division easy. Nobody at 170 will fight him itll have to be 85.

    87. Pin Cushion

      He actually hates waiting for fights to happen he wants them now

    88. che75rokee

      The 236 dislikes are Muslim haters probably. Or is it just Khamzat's arrogant attitude?

    89. Knarf Trakiul

      Over confidence will get you smashed also. Brock Lesnar would fold khamzat up like a cheap lawn chair

    90. Michael Bartoluzzi

      Have khamzat fight nick and Nate at 170 and 185 same night

    91. Robert Matthews

      I think he would beat Connor worse than Khabib did. It would end with a knock out. He would probably stand with Connor to make a point. I'm no expert....... That's just my humble and perhaps ignorant opinion. I like Connor.... But this guy is very special.....Khabib ground and pounded him. This dude would Smesh him. Somehow Smesh sounds like it would taste good along with some scrambled eggs......

    92. Robert Matthews

      vs. Brock Lesnar....lmao......I think I'd actually pic him vs. Brock..... I'd love to see him vs. Jones or a heavyweight. One day he may fight Khabib I thinK?

    93. the wizard

      this arrogance is gonna bite this dude in the ass!! he has confince which is very good but it seem's hes gonna take it 1 step to far and be taken out! he has a unbelievable talent but i just feel that he is gonna be smashed and its game over.

    94. The khabib Enegma

      😂😂 bradder smesh everyone

    95. Alex Gorchkov

      Khamzat: one month -3 fights ❤️❤️❤️

    96. Jack Harley

      Schmo: How are you going? Khamzhat: Smesh everybody... Me: makes sense.

    97. Brian Rainey

      Who is this Schmo guy and why is he trying to do a really bad Nardwuar impression?

    98. killaT313

      Dudes fought nothing but scrubs, until he fights someone inside the top 30 he's just hype 🤷‍♂️💯

    99. TheKamekaze Hat

      Love this guy hope he doesn't break himself down early with the fight all the time mentality. Also scared is a strong word not worth the risk is more accurate. Beat him gain hype but no real stock. Lose drop in the rankings and boost him to an early title shot you won't get.