G-Eazy - No Limit REMIX ft. A$AP Rocky, Cardi B, French Montana, Juicy J, Belly

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    Published on 3 years ago


    1. ايوب ناصر

      This song crazy +18

    2. ITz X

      Still favourite

    3. Mike Isenor


    4. Sheldon Carter official

      Belly partttt🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    5. David debideen


    6. YAMI

      Time to set a bank on fire next

    7. P Botzet

      I'm a prisoner in my own home I've been getting a divorce for like 20 million years and my ex is cheating on me and im not allowed to ask for anything he actually wants to kill me so he's trying to figure out how to do that after everything ut he has a another kid with someone else after he told me to get a hysterectomy because he said he didn't want anymore kids sohe went and had kids with someone else so I'm completely heartbroken

      1. insanez Fps


    8. P Botzet

      For no reason they took all my freedom away so go ahead and kill them i don't even care

    9. P Botzet

      The police have me blocked and im not allowed to do anything im not allowed to talk to anyone or have any friends or anything so thats why I have to be their im blocked on all apps

    10. P Botzet

      Don't give 2 fucks

    11. P Botzet


    12. P Botzet

      Emotional by saweetie at this point its like fuck everyone including the police they be having major issues and then when I try and tell them about crimes they tell me to fuck off and promote the people who steal from me #fuckyouall

    13. Jane Itohan Ebijie Idogen

      and i wont whit you and i dont did your stupid monney

    14. Jane Itohan Ebijie Idogen

      bc you alredy have monney

    15. Jane Itohan Ebijie Idogen

      what the what is this this is not for kids and i dont care if you did some monney

    16. christophet devlin

      Queen herby song look her up and cardi b WAP is Queen herby song too

    17. Gamblerino

      juicy j good rap

    18. Joseph McNestry

      Juicy J best verse on this by far

    19. Brian Foreman

      I work and drive like a speeding maniac to this. Body just speeds up lol

    20. Mar Kinney

      Watch Bodak Yellow

      1. Mar Kinney

        @﴿نـاتـسو دراغـنـيل stay mad okurrr

      2. ﴿نـاتـسو دراغـنـيل

        @Mar Kinney her verse wasn’t that bad & thanks to the ghostwriter 😉

      3. Mar Kinney

        @﴿نـاتـسو دراغـنـيل Cardi is still in this song 😗

      4. ﴿نـاتـسو دراغـنـيل

        @Mar Kinney it’s not her solo song 😙 I’m here for g eazy :)

      5. Mar Kinney

        @﴿نـاتـسو دراغـنـيل and you still under Cardi song 😍

    21. Måđol jr Mp

      Let's see if any legend still here in 2021

    22. Karen

      Why's everyone in this song demon possessed

    23. Mie6aka

      Snuck in Belly's mid verse like we wouldn't notice.

    24. Bruce Keller

      Why do French Montana's eyebrows never move? It's like he got botox'd or something.

    25. Amin Mombeyni

      Cardi's verse was so weak

      1. Mar Kinney


    26. Ronnie Baughman

      G-Eazy And Cardi B 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    27. Geetika Motwani

      This song can never be old.

      1. Felix !


    28. B Reyes

      Why isn't this on spotify 😫

    29. Dung Nguyen


    30. Radiance Marie

      The most unnecessary and horrible feature award goes to :🏆French Montana😒😖🥴

    31. Matthew Karaś

      1:52 Cardi is a cutie

    32. CORKPARK-9289

      2017:cardi b competing eith nicki minaj. 2021: Who is nicki minaj?

      1. ﴿نـاتـسو دراغـنـيل

        Nicki is the Queen of rap wbk 😌

    33. Drake Ryden

      “Ain’t Save ain’t save ain’t save” R.I.P Notorious B.I.G

    34. OFICIAL BOY propaganda

      Ouvindo 202111

    35. OFICIAL BOY propaganda

      Ouvindo aqui do Brasil bom demais gravao !!!!

    36. Denim Bones

      the only good part is rocky

    37. dollarz studio

      A$AP is just killing it ........praise the lord is next😘.......see ya

    38. shin hatada

      play this song sunday morning and your gonna be rich that week

    39. Courtney Kitcarson

      I have a couple of hackers on my phone

    40. Mar Kinney


    41. Борислав Борисов

      Cardi is a female and she actually put the whole song on her back? Her version is the best

      1. Борислав Борисов

        @Exotic No all female rappers earn hate for this that they are girls? So much guys said that rap is not for girls ,also i am so proud to see how girls wins !

      2. Exotic

        What does that mean so what she is a female quit being a sexist...🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    42. Ramil D

      4:32 hardest part

    43. Lauren Marie

      Who else fuq with juicy j part ?

    44. Mar Kinney

      Watch Bodak Yellow

    45. Mar Kinney

      Cardi killed her verse

    46. Mar Kinney

      Empress of Rap

    47. arpit kundu

      Probably the best song for workout.

    48. hunter lincoln

      Gerald let's go

    49. TONY AOUAD

      French montana so coool

    50. Lucy Morton

      Some hot girls in video almost turning me bi...🔥🔥🔥

    51. Donwilson Odhiambo

      This is what we call finishing an assignment.

      1. Ryan Anderson

        Low on Ace fwm

      2. Bryson's Big Kiddish Life

        omFingod you did not have to call me out like that

    52. Latoya Jones

      This still litty to this day !

    53. hunter lincoln

      Always here

    54. Abj 21 Priyanshu Sinha 1005

      G eazy was easily the coolest one..but the cardi b part is a highlight for me

      1. Abj 21 Priyanshu Sinha 1005

        @Lucy Morton juicy was pretty dope too..and I think montana was the worst one lol

      2. Lucy Morton

        Me too...I love g man but cardi b is a legend

    55. Georgia Nikolaou

      the whole song is good but cardi did the best 😻

    56. Yareli DiazTorres

      im still listening to this in 2021 this never get old

      1. Yareli DiazTorres

        @Lucy Morton Fr like Cardi b she is pretty but she works hard and like her music is good

      2. Lucy Morton

        Me too

    57. Bogdan Š

      inas debeli najjaci

    58. xnikkex

      Edit Cardi out , oh shit Shame

    59. Kayla Wollam

      a whole new level

    60. Carla Johnson


    61. Gene Reynolds

      That's what tell ALL My Seattle Washington Bitch lol 😂




        Eyt eyt ya pitsh😄


        Wer tha ungre man 😁


      After submitting to their orders, are you satisfied with the money?

    64. blue muff

      This song is unnecessarily long

    65. Amber Morgan

      It ain't safe

    66. frizzy gańg

      How much money do you want in the video G-EAZY :YESSS

      1. Abj 21 Priyanshu Sinha 1005

        G eazy : NO LIMIT!!

    67. Dayang Lhamo

      Anyone still listening to this song in 2021🖤

    68. Madan Xoxo

      Skinny twerking

    69. Jean D

      Montannnnnnnna français !

    70. kiyoraka

      ok but why does eazy kinda sound like lil wayne

    71. Enigma

      found my aunt twerking here 😶


      the but is good men

    73. Rob Dav

      Ihad no this white boy in till now

    74. tom pole

      my friend who a chick :I wanna be a stripper now me:what's stopping you "no limit"

    75. Narin Soleimani

      moment of silence for me, my dad walked in on me watching this 🤩

    76. Surajit Paul

      👑 BARDI

    77. Harry Khanna

      The only thing bad about this video is cardi b

      1. Abj 21 Priyanshu Sinha 1005

        Nah her part was lit

    78. Getting Ready With Nancy

      I fell in love with G-Easy I think you are so fine

    79. Vicky Wild Savage

      Cardi and A$AP killed it🔥

      1. Abj 21 Priyanshu Sinha 1005

        @Ashutosh Porichha all of them killed it..except french Montana lol

      2. Ashutosh Porichha

        G-Eazy & Juicy J 🔥🔥

    80. ฐิติมา ภูยาทิพย์


    81. Ed Kingstoner

      Tell ur man pipe it up or get piped up 2021

    82. İdhem mustng

      Dolu cebim memur amca.

    83. Aneev Rian

      Such empowerment for females all around the world. Lol.

    84. YEAH

      Why isn't this Version on Spotify?

    85. Tohil

      какая кскуета...

    86. wail

      Cardib owned the track❤

    87. Some Brave Apollo

      I should hate this but I unfortunately don't.

    88. João Pedro Coelho

      let's go 500M

    89. João Pedro Coelho

      let's go 500M

    90. João Pedro Coelho

      let's go 500M

    91. João Pedro Coelho

      let's go 500M

    92. João Pedro Coelho

      let's go 500M

    93. João Pedro Coelho

      let's go 500M

    94. João Pedro Coelho

      let's go 500M

    95. João Pedro Coelho

      let's go 500M

    96. João Pedro Coelho

      let's go 500M

    97. João Pedro Coelho

      let's go 500M

    98. João Pedro Coelho

      let's go 500M