Inside the Capitol Hill Riots


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    This is what it was like to be inside the Capitol Hill insurrection.

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    Published on 16 days ago


    1. VICE News

      This is what it was like to be inside the Capitol Hill insurrection. WATCH NEXT: How Trump’s Capitol Speech Incited an Insurrection -

      1. ajc bng

        Still just as terrifying... 😬

      2. Steven Schick

        @Maggie Paul hahaha! So uninformed and uneducated.

      3. Maggie Paul

        @Steven Schick BLM didn't storm the capital trying to destroy our democracy by the influence of the president.

      4. Steven Schick

        @Comanche Warrior BLM killed 8 police, dummy.

      5. Comanche Warrior

        @Steven Schick those Black Lives Matter Protesters weren't stupid enough to do what these Donald Dump Supporters did. They also murdered a Capitol Police Officer ... BLUE LIVES MATTER ... right ? 👮‍♂️💀

    2. Allen Ang

      Where were they during the inaugurations? Cowards!

    3. Saf

      Europeans - *Grabs popcorn*

    4. Luke W

      Hong Kong riot 2.0.

    5. Josh Tode

      America is literally a joke to the rest of the world they’re laughing at us

      1. Allen Ang

        Because it is happening in their country too..

    6. adam aloni

      now go to infiltrate the pentagon. Age of cyber wankers

    7. Adopted Eyes

      Why is this not happening in Russia?

    8. Louis Jackson

      Exact same fucking people who were against the black lives matter protests. Difference is BLM didn't betray the nation.

      1. Rogue 850

        It would’ve been a massacre if BLM attacked the Captiol

    9. Theodor Lager

      great reporting from vice as always

    10. RichyRich

      And you got real Veterans who are struggling, this is happening...smdh

    11. Young Dre

      2.20 that cop punched that man, when all he was doing was wrestling free. According to AnMIMIMIMIfa, that's "pOlIcE bRuTaLiTy". I call it "justified response" to "resisting arrest". If this had been a fellow Black guy, being punched by a "traitor house c**n", there would've been riots. But alas it was just trailer trash, or maybe an AnMIMIMIMIfa agitator, so nothing to see here.

    12. John P OConnell

      Hate riot and protest. The want the All White America that Trump offers them. And that is not even a real possibility America is and always will be multi racial and ethnicity diverce. They have been conned.

    13. Rower

      You didnt report on things like these when antifa did it, why start now?

    14. I forgot My Name

      Vox: why do the police in America look like soldiers Washington DC police: bike helmets and construction uniforms

    15. I forgot My Name

      Everyone always says that the President-elect committed election fraud. The issue comes when the people are stupid, and have been stuck inside for almost a year.

    16. David Ribosome

      Welcome to another episode of right wing riot(singular) bad and left wing riots(plural) good

    17. Akaboy4life

      After u watch this then watch this U left 1 man behind!

    18. Sheldon W

      Just shows how stupid the people have becone

    19. bRuh

      Dont argue with an idiot or they will drag you to their level and beat you with experience

    20. micheal hall

      Timestamps please, its very hard to find when these scenes happened

    21. Anden120


    22. GreyBeard29

      They love to play army solider don’t they

    23. V PR

      Good video. Sad story.

    24. Ahmed ALM

      americans XD

      1. Rogue 850

        White Americans

    25. borass84

      It was a mostly peaceful protest

      1. zorbathegreek

        Didn't look very peaceful to me.

    26. Patrik Persson

      Amaging, realizing you gonna do prison time, because of your actions, due to made up conspiracies and lies.

    27. Patrik Persson

      Looks like they are pretty sure they don’t want any public healthcare program.....

    28. Rick Bubbles

      When foreign countrys see this they have got t think we look so dumb

      1. IshI Koara

        I am from a foreign country and i think you should be proud, ppl fighting for the rights of human kind. This world is corrupt and if yout dont think so than ask your self why so many ppl suffer,.

    29. Liam Gao

      i support these people just like xinjiang and hong kong, well done guys.

    30. Liam Gao

      It was a wonderful day of america, just fight for freedom, like Hong Kong, beautiful sight.

    31. Alien X

      This is absolutely disgusting to me. I am a Trump supporter but this is absolutely disgusting and not right.

      1. IshI Koara

        I think this might be all an act and the ppl got payed to act like this. Things like this happend in the past before. They got played like puppets

    32. Vikas Kumar

      It's ironic cause worlds best universities are in usa

    33. J3t YT

      "When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent." - Isaac Asimov

    34. Alexander Wang

      All dudes that got nothing better to do, who could use that time to better their lives....I feel sorry for them...hopefully they find peace ✌️

    35. Mattias Nake

      2:45, I'm not American but is that a Georgia flag as in the EU or is it some other white supremacy flag in the US?

    36. Brian Canady

      The lord loves you and he wants you to come out of your Darkness so you can have life Proverbs 6:16-19 16 These six things do the Lord hates yes, seven are an abomination unto him: 17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, 18 An heart that thinks of wicked imaginations and feet that be fast to run into evil. 19 A false witness that tells lies, and he that spreads division among the brethren Luke 13:3(Jesus) I tell you, no; but unless you repent you will die in your sins. Matt 18:6 (Jesus) “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea Rpent

    37. daniel stevens

      Yall should be sued for defamation i know how it started and yall video is propaganda bullshit. Yall make me sick why don't u be real journalist and try figuring out how it actually happened

    38. daniel stevens

      This videos is false info this doesn't show how it all started

    39. Kinda Interesting

      Goodbye America!

    40. Jerryahugeone

      Everyvone hates America for a reason even half of the Americans themselves

    41. Ronnie Rubel

      Amazing how mad they get over a camera, like goddamn.

    42. Eric Yuan

      uNpReCeDEntED vIOLenCE? Oh but Antifa and BurnLootMurder riots and looting was "mostly peaceful"?

    43. RICH SOUL

      Embarrassing moment in 2021

    44. S D

      What’s scarier than having four more years of president Trump? Realizing the violence on Jan 6 destroyed Trump’s future in politics, not the truth.

    45. Keep the Faith Always

      Trump is about law and order. He has asked democtratic governors to stop rioters for the last year and more. They did nothing. This is not about Trump's words to peacefully protest.

    46. Hamster Chan

      I’m a freedom fighter from Hong Kong and I know police brutality when I see one. This was definitely police brutality. Also, stop calling these good people rioters. They are freedom fighters and protestors fighting for democracy in a stolen election.

    47. Adam R

      wish I was there,sighs

    48. DOUGHER69

      this was all warnted to bad they didnt burned it down.... only the start.. Patriots fury will be felt.... TRUMP 2022 & TRUMP 2024

    49. William


    50. brittneylovesyou

      at the :50 second mark it literally looked like they sprayed silly string

    51. Hefe Zack

      If I had a drako

    52. RnK All Day

      Wow, crazy! They didn’t even destroy any innocent citizens property. Fck Vice

    53. Jed Steelwell

      Yeeeee hawwwww

    54. RulersOfAmerica

      Notice how all of Trump's supporters look like cavemen?

    55. The Man

      "Better not be CNN" 🤣

    56. Elijah Walker

      remember 1776 and dont forget this is YOUR country

    57. Paleis Heuwel

      These are not conservatives, they are zealots, rioters. this must be disowned and must be condemned by all sides,. we can not resolve things this way. these types come from all ends of the political spectrum and they always fly the flag they have latched onto higher bigger and brighter than all the other people who collect under the same flag, but they inevitably always end up doing the most damage to that cause they say they so passionately believe in . . .reality is they use it as an excuse / cover to conduct themselves in this` way. these people are neither left nor right, they do not truly hold to any view other than self gratification of some perverse need to destroy, oppress and disrupt. All groups would do themselves, their cause and everyone else a massive favor by ejecting these actors from under their flag.

    58. David Gearon

      Maybe the real nazis are the friends we made along the way.

    59. benefactionhindrance

      Alert trumpanzee event

    60. lance wolf

      we're going to be winning so much you'll be sick of winning....

    61. mike mailei

      too bad majority of America voted your pres out!

    62. tasshz no clue

      2:45 umm i think u got the wrong georgia flag


      fake vice failed to tell the truth all it was are racist white people who wont power from the other racist white people. police didnt do nothing because they was white. so i blame the police. it was a inside job

      1. zorbathegreek

        Ever wondered what would've happened had this huge rioting mob all been latinos, blacks or Muslims? I think the response would've been a bit harsher than a few mere arrests for 'curfew violations' or whatnot.

    64. Jason Mendez

      Is It CnN???? BeTtEr NoT bE cNn!!!! a bunch of brainwashed dudes, kinda sad to watch and hear lol

      1. Clayton K

        dont cnn lie a lot tho

    65. Tomas Viane

      The anger was there long before Trump was president, but he expertly channeled it. He played them like a fiddle.

    66. Amicus Curiae

      Biden ! Go HOME !!!!!!!!!!

    67. Frank Smith

      MAGA=Many Are Getting Arrested

    68. Christopher Russell

      This reminds me of the riots from FTWD

    69. Neal E. L

      The National Guard should kill all these protesters

      1. Clayton K

        yea and the blm protesters

    70. F K

      it has an amazing war/protest vibe tho lol

    71. A U

      If these guys were black those guns would have been in full use. Where are those guns now????

    72. Elauna Vailea

      there just a bunch of retards who dont know there ruining there own country

    73. GOD

      But it peacefull..right??

    74. unicorn2005

      "It's definitely not a good time to be a Nazi" -- Yorki from JoJo Rabbit

    75. trizzac حسين محمد

      Wtf america

    76. Natural Wellness ni Pastor Vitto

      devil possessed

    77. Bryan Rodriguez

      I am disgusted. It is hard for me to wrap my understanding onto how this currution occured. I see a disgrace of humanity and no consideration of resoect. Each and every single human person in the area should be sanctioned, most importantly the commander for this event. There is a bigger problem with our country than what this video entails. This is a disgrace.

    78. drew c

      Its funny NOW Vice uses the word riots lol I think it comes off very very very hypocritical they defended looting walmart all year but this is where VICE draws the line lol what a joke seems faker than bidens upvotes lol

    79. A. Pimentel

      So why wasnt vice arrested for breaking into the capital? Hmmm 🤔

    80. gambino gambino


    81. Gamer News Radio

      Any veterans involved in should all their benefit denied and revoked and kicked of the VA

    82. SgtGreg74

      Let every man be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; for a man's anger does not fulfill God's justice. If a man does not control his tongue imagines that he is devout, he is self-deceived; his worship is pointless. James 1:19b-20, 26

    83. saydat81

      Oh look, it's the underbelly of our country. Since you don't have the ability to be ashamed of yourselves, those of us that know better will be ashamed for you. The adults in the room (i.e., those that wear masks, get the vaccine, and behave like civilized human beings) will have to clean up the the children's mess.

    84. drimsonblue

      Trumps followers exactly like him barbarians 😝aihhh Ivy League my foot 🦶 trumps. He promoted and acknowledged violence n danger to all. He loves to Provoke People. Malice

    85. Karen Anywhere

      wonder if trump will pay for the first guys teeth to be

    86. Kenny Coultrap

      Where is all the bleeding-heart sympathy for the mentally ill among all these frothing, seething Democrat liberals when disturbed, suggestible, and provoked people enter into THEIR hallowed halls ? We all had no problem with letting leftist women off the hook during the Cavanaugh hearings ! Suddenly every white male in America is a terrorist , including our National Guardsmen on Capitol grounds who voted for and love Trump ?

    87. James Nelson

      The day every mountain in America was empty and Washington became packed

    88. allen larson

      How long before they become deprogrammed? God they must feel so confused? Poor things

    89. Anthony Gibson

      All talk but I am sure that they know.....they had to take that L

    90. Rickerd Licks

      and nothing got accomplished.

    91. Novabrosia 8

      Een No One Til Devil Wicked Media and Tech Giants to Ban our President! Censoring regular tax paying people who voicing their opinions. Yall forget yall need the people huh? Social media cannot exist without it. God Do Not Sleep!!!

    92. Novabrosia 8

      STOP THE STEAL!!!!!

    93. Kyle Ruggles

      Simpletons. Hi from Canada, eh!

    94. Leo Saura


    95. Nexus7 Shin

      VICE NEWS ♥♥♥ TRUMP Win Win!! ♥♥♥

    96. Skele Mani

      Hell yeah. real americans

    97. The American

      It won't be the end of the unrest, you are failing to report what happened in the western United States on inaugural day. What did the far-Left Antifa Moderate Rebels do in Portland, Seattle, and Sacramento?

    98. Jared Pitones

      the guy with the gas mask sith the vest looked pretty cool to be my mw character

    99. Jackson Bowden

      If this was a BLM/Minority riot they would have been gunned down before they even stepped foot on the steps.

    100. Fabian Bosbach

      Nice action.... I wish i were there :)