Gutfeld: Biden team openly admits it's better when he doesn't talk

Fox News

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    'Gutfeld!' analyzes mainstream media's coverage of Biden presidency as three-month mark nears. #FoxNews #Gutfeld
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    Published on 27 days ago


    1. Damon Inferis

      sleepy creepy joe "fuddy duddy" biden

    2. Frank Cianciolo

      Come on man God help us all

    3. David Fasano

      He sucks ....glad the cop was convicted so they won't riot in MY Neighborhood...F/U...Gutbomb..

    4. Carolyn Maxwell

      Omg the clips of Trump were awesome and hilarious. I love Donald Trump

    5. Allen Woodley

      I love Kat!!!!

    6. Allen Woodley

      Ha ha ha!

    7. Carl Wandrei

      Y’all made me laugh so much, but all is true, Joe Biden cabinet has to coach him just to turn on his computer. He most likely doesn’t tweet because nobody is there to hand him prompt cards or he forgets what he wanted to tweet.

    8. F277 H277

      And when will Fox admit it's better when Gutfeld and the dipshit crew don't talk?

    9. edy carias

      this guy gutfeld is so UNFANNY,,....i could be funnier than him...

    10. Jason Charles

      I’ve never been a fan of assassinations but man, we could certainly use one right now.

    11. Kevin Hall

      Let me break it down for the left. 1) Defund the police, allow open borders and restrict gun laws - all 3 will result in what?? A radical society with few laws, no governance and complete lawlessness. To quote Mr. Wonderful on Shark Tank - 'the numbers don't like my friend'. Murders, violent crime, car jackings have all sky rocketed under this administration. 2) Education - push towards Equity in education. State of VA already discussing removing AP classes. This will do what exactly? Make everybody equal? WRONG AGAIN. Rich will send their kids to private schools and the kidos left in public will get the brain drain. 3) Building off #2 the USA will lose what little advantage we have with intellectual property and China will one day own us! I know the reality is really hard for the left to understand but try debating ANY of those 3 points.

    12. stanrapp

      Gutfeld and the other four idiots

    13. Old Guy Of Arizona

      Trump said what he thought, Joe doesn’t think.

    14. Lloydwatkins Kahaloa

      Gutfeld, I miss hearing your jokes...

    15. connie schwarz

      I hope you’re the next sacrifice that saves the white community

    16. connie schwarz

      Gutfield you’re a coward

    17. Omar Fitnrip

      You’re a joke, you create humor on topics that are hurting our country for ratings! We need real men to stand up and defend what is right not weak men like this host!

    18. major woody

      They gave bye-done some old car keys & told him it's the nuke football. That keeps him occupied & quiet.

    19. Donna Cinco

      They know he is cognitively impaired

    20. Michael Glassberg

      He’s a liar he’s a cheat and he is definitely not the president of my United States

    21. Dale Bulmer

      How could the U.S. let Trump Go! You had the best!

    22. meme meee

      Oh no Joe doesn't do tweets or interviews what will I do

    23. William Bigelow

      Tyrus might be right!

    24. Austin Teutsch

      If you obey the law, you will never have to worry about the Chauvin's of the world.

    25. Spud Westhaver

      Buyden 's bribe and kickback money is now only climbing to the billion dollar mark. The Trumper has 10 billion $ and Buyden was always jealous.

    26. Richard Clark

      Your network shutting the comments off on your USfilm video regarding the Chauvin verdict are appalling. Way to show your true colors. No different than the left. Patriots... we have no allies in this mainstream. None whatsoever. We have ourselves, our beliefs, and the constitution. Gutfeld and company are cowards.

    27. SplashCat

      Nice to see Tyrus the bull back at it and Kat you look beautiful today. Greg is always my favorite media man, writer, creator, presenter. Hands down. As long as nails on a chalkboard williams isn't around, it's a great show! And I don't have to lose the 5 minutes I do when I fast forwardhru his verbal garbage!

    28. Bruce Roberts

      Awesome .

    29. Jared Owens

      Gufield ur bein censored man i was gonna watch a video and would not let me watch the screen popped up cancel or confirm says unapropiate

    30. Lydia Lockhart

      We need to find Corn Pop

    31. David Collins

      You are a spineless piece of garbage!

    32. Soli Deogloria

      If I still fell for the Fuax News of Fox News I would cancel my cable just because of this Gutfield demon...

    33. Soli Deogloria

      Greg Gutfield is a repugnant devil...

    34. Ronda Rivadeneira

      How can biden be concerned about running in 2024. When he can't get started in 2021.?????

    35. Stanley Johnson

      Again Open Mouth and insert FOOT or FEET!!

    36. Chuck Kilgore

      You are awesome

      1. Soli Deogloria

        Greg said even if Chauvin is innocent he is glad he was convicted so the mob doesn't riot... Greg Gutfield is a demon...

      2. Chuck Kilgore

        Huh?? Lol 😆 🤣 😂

      3. Soli Deogloria repugnant. 😉

    37. Gina Furnari

      🤣 if he isn’t there he can’t smell your hair 😂.. I just spit my coffee out Love your Dialogue..

    38. T

      Greg Gutless

      1. Soli Deogloria

        Yes Hank, Greg Gutfield is a liberal demon...

    39. Terri Milavec


    40. James

      There is a special place in hell for this clown gutfield

      1. Soli Deogloria


    41. Scottish Dude

      Gutfeld the weasel did everyone see his video on chauvin outcome. Greg the coward

    42. Morrison Lange

      America has no captain at the helm. Captain Joe is brain dead. This ship will either run aground or sink. Neither of the two are pretty outcome.

    43. A G

      Trump was the best entertainer we ever had! Now we have a president

      1. T

        Joe Biden is a pretty good entertainer when he gets up there and can barely form a sentence

    44. chas sisom

      People want to be stupid. It's easier to get up in the morning

    45. DEZERVED-420

      Who is joe biden?

    46. Darlene Mieczkowski


    47. The Enlightened One

      How did YODA get his own t.v. show!?

    48. Barbara Perry

      Where's the MILITARY......ITS TIME

    49. Barbara Perry

      I miss TRUMP more than I can say......He was and is a REAL LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD...THE WORLD NEED TRUMP NOW

    50. X S

      How Are You Friend You Save!

    51. Aubrey Bentley

      How much are they paying the audience to laugh?

    52. justin lees

      trump was the best

    53. C 137

      Biden’s team should have worked for trump during his presidency 😂

    54. Ilva Correa

      The blonde lady with long hair and glasses is always in the Gutfeld's show but she can be very annoying.

    55. Crow Project

      I was watching videos on auto play and I didn't see what channel or who was speaking and I thought this was Conan

    56. The Darkman

      Lara Trump makes Katt Timpf look like schoolgirl who just her first training bra.

    57. Jean Garraway

      This guy puts his foot in his mouth everytime, he is not even funny, who finds this guy funny?????????????think he is just jealous of people with decent jobs.

    58. Connie Alvarez

      It is better that Biden doesn’t talk, that trump inciting the mob to attack the capitol 😡 I love to see the hen house fox show 🤮

    59. Steve Stults

      Biden has a 59% approval rating. . .something Trump never achieved

    60. Joel Threatt

      Kat and Laura. Wow!!!!

    61. No Slurs

      This guy is awful. They are probably using a laughing track. I have rarely seen a less funny person.

    62. Chris Colvin

      Just heard you give a opinion live that went against the established fox narrative. Better start a go fund me or something. I'll donate, lol Thank you for being real.

    63. Will Slick

      Imagine how better it would be if he didn’t act as well !

    64. Gianna Nardone

      This just proves who’s a strong President for the American people 💯🇺🇸🙏❤️ Trump

    65. Acg blah

      Finally a biden video I can up vote.

    66. Mik ee

      Biden is rough

    67. pulehu shortribs

      doesn't this freak GUTFELD look alot like THE JOKER

    68. Steve Stults

      Ah, Gutfeld. You are not too bright. Biden, on the other hand, is. Instead of rising to right wing bait, he just quietly and efficiently runs the government. Something the GOP seems incapable of doing.

    69. Radagast Brown

      I like Kat Timpf! But I'm surprised Fox didn't make her fix her teeth. She's better than a laugh track eight days a week and twice on Sunday. I heard she's getting married. Congrats!!!

    70. Radagast Brown

      Geez,what happened to Tom Shillue? He's my age. He looks like he's 75 years old. I hope he's okay!

    71. maynunal

      That’s the thing, it was and still is Russia first for the orange man. A good portion of his base think they would rather live in Russia than have Biden as President. But like my MAGA sister still kept that stimulus check!

    72. Radagast Brown

      What happened to Greg's comedy show? Did Fox cancel it already?! I hope not. Greg is funny, isn't he?

    73. maynunal

      Trump is bragging about his loving relationship with Putin. What happened to “America First?”

    74. Jordan S.

      The laughing - 🗑

    75. Pammy M

      The most harassed President in history who was ultimately forced out of office!! Biden: I don't need your votes to win...

    76. Radfay Knelanger

      That's true you can't sniff your hair to get put his hands on your shoulders and get close to you

    77. Abraham Earthstein

      I felt safe when Trump was in office.

    78. Rick H

      it better when the Faux propanganda network doesn't pollute the world with their BS. Remember the courts said no reasonable person should believe FAUX, they are an opinion network!

    79. maynunal

      Kevin McCarthy moved to censure Maxine Waters before Matt Gaetz.

    80. David Salter

      God I miss Trump

    81. Joanne Butcher

      I miss president Trump cussing out the stupid liberal media

    82. Joanne Butcher

      I love you president Trump

    83. Big P

      Remember when America had an actual leader in Trump? Of course, China adores Biden.

    84. Helen Yanez

      Pugs fart😃

    85. Theodore Burdette

      so sad fox is greedy scum and cant see the potential of free wants to be so rich you can only pay for access...if not straight from can pay from there network cable or be a day behind love crony is like pay us or pay a network owners and ceos are scum

    86. Geraldine ross

      Yes. Biden is a walking dead man in a zombi coma state!

    87. Pam Scott-Fahnestock

      Biden is a crook

    88. Pam Scott-Fahnestock

      I love Trump

    89. Sandie

      Biden isn't worried about being reelected. All he wants is to be tucked into bed drinking cocoa in front of a fireplace

    90. Tera Chuck

      It might be funny if it weren't so terrifying. This no brain man is the leader of the Free World God help us all

    91. American Patriot

      Biden and his administration are nothing but bafoons destroying our country with their idiot ideas and hate

    92. Andrew Black

      Lmao so true!!!😂😂😂

    93. maynunal

      George Floyd’s final words to “Mr. Officer”, as he referred to Chauvin, were, “Please, I can’t breathe.”

      1. maynunal

        @C. L. Ron DeSantis policies is killing the manatee!!!!

      2. C. L.

        Ah can't breaf

    94. L K

      America NEEDS HIM BACK. PLEASE COME BACK President Trump.

    95. David Cook

      This is US politics !? What will the history books say That demonised ruler George 3rd had an illness but you wouldn't let this guy look after a news stand An interesting outcome for the professors of political science to discuss and write books on. How a modern advanced state elected a complete idiot as its " leader " What money can do

    96. Lisa Bowen

      You slay me!

    97. thierry860

      I know how shocking it is for lazy republicunts to have a president who does the work instead of tweeting and calling FAUX News. They do miss the orange con man who killed 500000 people with his ignorance.

    98. Yougottabe Dryhumpinme

      Clearly, the Beijing Biden buffoon gets rolled by every last one of America's enemies while his sycophantic liberal FAKEstream media mob lob softball questions about how he feels about things. It's blatantly evident just how corrupt the liberal mainstream media mob is, but even a skeptic would be surprised by how horrific they have gotten as they appear to embrace their own ignorance straight into oblivion.

    99. Joan Prescott


    100. Gerald Thompson

      What’s good for the goose is good for the gander...Trump lambasted, now Biden! Great stuff!