Charli & Chase OFFICIALLY BACK Together After THIS?!, Tony Lopez DATING TikToker, Nick Austin QUITS

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    Charli & Chase OFFICIALLY BACK Together After THIS?!, Tony Lopez DATING TikToker, Nick Austin QUITS
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      Charlie Chase

    2. Eve Gardullo

      I feel real bad for Ondreaz Lopez rn

    3. Brii Rosalie

      y’all never had matching rings/necklaces/ bracelets/ etc. with ur bsfs? Or wear you friends clothes? Or go have lunch with you friends? Or huh your friends?

    4. Kaitlynn Brown

      they would be a really cute couple together.

    5. Eyouel Tibebu

      it took me a hot second to realize what her yt username meant


      i don't care what people say but THIS IS CUTE!!!1

    7. edog 612

      I mean if I was famous like them noses ( Idk how to spell it ) people in my relationships but yet yeah they just want a private relationship

    8. rebecca gamb

      my opinion: i think they really belong tigether butttt..i can’t know what they’re feeling so i think we just should let it be and let it evolve itself.

    9. Weird people only


    10. Esmeralda Kouropolou

      Couple of bestie 😂❤️

    11. Miss Rose

      Is That all After the Break up?

    12. シS O F I A

      nick said he doesn't really want to do tiktok anymore but he will try to do youtube

    13. Mxdnxght_ skies

      5:55 I support that profile pic so much 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Anyone else???

    14. Jaylah Duron

      Your just jealously

    15. Jaylah Duron


    16. Chloe Madison

      can u do face reveal?

    17. Kay Politis

      Why can’t friends hug and have lunch together?


      OK no offense but you can go out with your best friend and you don’t actually have to be dating to go out together and eat

    19. Kevin Malcomson

      I always thought they would never work out!!

    20. Indiana

      And a fucking hug 🙄 look at how chase hugs the girls at playlist not much different

    21. Jazzelle Roybal

      They can't hug if the together so they can me to together people are not there parents

    22. Varuna Ittoo

      Noooooo Tony Lopez is dating sjbleue i hate her

    23. Cora Ragnit

      Yeah true

    24. Cora Ragnit

      I thought tony lopes i cuople with hanna stocking 🤔🤔🤨🤨🤨

    25. Cora Ragnit

      Anna oop hugging so long

    26. Cora Ragnit

      Ya but theyre realy back together

    27. Bella_tumble

      Sooo why does everyone think that ppl can’t have different gender friends like I’m gonna hug my friend if she’s leaving for the airport same if I had a guy friend

    28. Angelica JACK

      I hate the haters when we come back too them they do be annoying

    29. Roro Zhour

      Sorry the tea is too hot

    30. •Laffy Taffy•

      This is why I wouldn’t want to be hella famous on tik tok. Getting Involved In all types of drama. No thanks.

    31. Isabella Carleton

      Girl u should do a face reveal!!!

    32. Candice Gordon


    33. Evy Spaanderman

      still if he was not staking he didt had to film it . Just give them some privicy

    34. Mariah The Simp

      why are all those fp my friend on tiktok?

    35. Mariah The Simp

      He never gave a hint Nick is leaving. He gave us a hint he loves his family and is spending time with them!

    36. Mariah The Simp

      umm.. how can you forget Nick?

    37. uy 6y

      Wait so everything is a secret relationship. I miss when you actually had some real tea. But like OK I am not hating

    38. Connor slator

      Let Tiny be happy he’s had enough horrible comments to him and it’s rlly not a big deal that he is dating an adult cause he is an adult too

    39. Connor slator

      Friend can still eat out together

    40. Melanie Culbertson

      Why are you freaking out one year age difference Tony is 20 and SJ is 19 just let them be happy

    41. Heaven Davis

      Dang people actually can't be happy and change in peace.

    42. Something Twins YT

      Uh I thought he was dating Hannah stocking have I been tricked..

    43. Marissa Lehr


    44. Marissa Lehr

      Tony and Sarah aren’t dating. Sarah lives in Canada. If you don’t like toy stop fucking posting about him

    45. Breezeana DeRusso

      Not saying they arent dating but like...just because people go to lunch together doesn't mean they are tf

    46. Dj Easy

      I believe they might be in a relationship but i do not wanna be famous because if being famous comes with having to be recorded when i wanna eat lunch count me out. Also can someone please leave Tony Lopez alone it was only one girl who he was setup by if you can't tell


      But, what did Tony Lopez do?

    48. Zeke Maddox

      mrs tony lopeyyyyyyyy

    49. Zeke Maddox

      my moms roomates name is kevin..........

    50. Zeke Maddox

      "oMg tHeiR so cuTE... wait am i still rec ;-;' I DIED I-

    51. Isabelle Todhunter

      On the videos next to this there is ’Charki does my christmas makeup!’ by chase hudson. I love how they have such a good FRIENDSHIP not RELATIONSHIP.

    52. Khadijah I

      Was it just me or has EVERYONE forgotten about nick 👀👀

    53. AmazingWorldOf Gumball

      They’re friends...

    54. Shemika Chambers

      Josh and nessa are still friends and they broke up

    55. Charli Grace d'amelio


    56. Charlix Addison4life

      Tbh Zoe and tony belong together they both problematic as hell

    57. Ann lee Lennon

      After this I would not like to be famous

    58. Nadia Foster

      Isn't tony dating Hannah

    59. It’s rat hi

      JUST because they hugged and went out to lunch together doesn’t mean there dating! Omg lets normalize boys and girls being best friends pleaseeeee!😐

    60. Angela Elder

      Is Nick died??

    61. Jill malfoy and the phantoms

      Tf there just friends friends hug bruh

    62. Denecia Gang

      Make them have private people god

    63. Ranou Bissoondath

      I love when charlie and chase are together

    64. Kate Matthews

      Those people are right, paparazzi NEED to chill

    65. Nora Emini

      I ship chacha so much

    66. veganesra

    67. Lafiya Mark

      I thought Tony Lopez was in prison damn he has been quiet lately and all of a suddenly he just popped out of nowhere and got a girlfriend just like that wth P.S. no hate towards him 🙂

    68. kierra williams


    69. xgraceful beautyx

      Anna ur so two faced lmao

    70. Thabi Khuboni

      She said “just a couple of friends”

    71. Jianna Maeva Padua

      Tony Lopez:dating someone* Nikita:left the chat*

    72. Ayomikun Sotunde

      soooooo they cant have nice lunch together ?! well in that case ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

    73. Alya Alzaabi

      Nick didn’t leave

    74. Mary Watters

      God loves you and will never stop loving you! Repent of your sins and want to give your life to God.❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾

    75. Genevieve McKinnon

      It’s sj life so stfu stop shading her she is a good person

    76. Raely

      char and chase could b friends and it dosnt matter if kevin was there or not he shouldnt have felt to take the video and tony and that girl is there bisnuss it shouldnt concern us in anyway they are living life like yall should and nick yea ive been on youtube and he is healing right now and people should give him privacy so yeah let people live

    77. Arianna Nicole Altiery

      I’m not saying that they are together but like did you see Charli’s face after the hug😂😂

      1. Pearlie K

        N. You. Sat. Up

      2. Pearlie K


    78. Brianna Garcia

      omg all this... friends can go to lunch and hug do y’all know how a friend ship works???

    79. Gianna Gomez

      Who is more problematic like-zoe comment-tony

    80. Z

      I was tbh very concerned abt nick sad part was maddie and nick nvr comfirmed any of it💔

    81. Charlene Ong

      OMG so so so cut Charlie and chase are in love OMG SO SO SO SUT EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE🙀😹😿😻

    82. roblox have fun with me

      BUT tony hony can you stop stop dateing 16 girls

    83. Brenda Torres


    84. Tabitha's is a disappointment

      All celebrities get followed there just doing there job

    85. •chicken nuggie•

      now that is the definition of "couple of besties!" thank you very much

      1. •chicken nuggie•

        caught having lunch? They are just being watched/spied on sweetie

    86. It’s_ Arabella

      Omg give Joe Biden the same energy that you gave Tony Lopez because they have a lot of things in common likeeees maybe grooming miners....

    87. Tyler and Tia show

      Eee I haven’t even finished the video yet and I’m 😆

    88. Jhardine Nasson

      Tony leave her alone plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    89. EmmaxMyah

      I support Kevin but tHiS iS tOo fAr

    90. Angel's Vlog

      "I thought he was suppose to date zoe laverne" i cant stop laughing

    91. Ocean_Addi _

      Oh no, anna's camera roll is filled with tony lopez

    92. Wilner St.pierre

      Anna oop just want clout

    93. Angelina Giddins

      i hope you know chase is gay so yae

    94. ɪɪsɪᴍᴘʟʏ ɪɪᴍᴀʀɪᴀ

      Why isn’t Anna verified?

    95. Dana and Sana

      Gurl okay they don't want anyone to know they wanna date like ugh

    96. kirbys knife

      Why can't chase and Charlie just eat food like FRIENDS??

    97. Belva Fianko

      I lowkey feel bad for influencers, everything they do is being recorded, and the media dangerously twists stories.

    98. Taya Tlaka

      The way she edits the songs lmaoooo

    99. mélanie Barile

      I didn't know we couldn't hug a friend or have lunch with them without actually being dating...

    100. Sienna Bell

      Nick Austin never quit what’s wrong with you