The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack: Official Reveal Trailer

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    A haunting new pack is crossing over to our realm: The Sims™ 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack* is available on January 26! Get the first details here:
    Spectral guests cause mischief and mayhem on Haunted House Lots, leaving behind accursed objects and scaring innocent Sims. With spooky activity on the rise, it’s up to you to put a stop to it. Luckily, Guidry the Ghost is happy to offer advice for sending these ghastly roommates packing. Perform séances, clean up the lot, and commune with the dead to clear them out. Once the lot is back to serenity, consider a career as a Paranormal Investigator to help other Sims!
    Learn more about this Stuff Pack:

    Published on 3 days ago


    1. julianto triwijaya

      I was expecting a werewolf

    2. scorpioninpink

      Jim Pickens will have a field day with this.

    3. Mariana C.

      honestly i’m already disappointed lol can’t expect anything actually GOOD from this game anymore

    4. Slurpwis

      people will buy literally anything nowadays

    5. Kavi

      I hate the furniture

    6. Φωτεινή Ζαριφίδου

      I don't like this pack.

    7. daluved1

      Who asked for this

    8. milkyfairie

      i've spent way too much money on this game for it to still have no cars or customizable babies

    9. Archgates

      Just realease The Sims 5 already... Or remaster The Sims 3 that was a better game...

    10. Suzette in wonderland

      you had me at 👻PARANORMAL👻

    11. HannahNoelle2158

      smol pp

    12. Will Foster

      This is really awesome but when when can I get Werewolves in the game I need werewolf Sims!!! Gurus!!!

    13. Sofia Gihter

      Everything is good like always... But where are our cars EA???? Where are boats? There is useless stuff pack. Again.

    14. C B

      Not interested in this at all. Seems like spooky stuff and realm of magic content.

    15. NerdyPanda2424 Gaming

      The sims even look laggy in the trailer... would be nice if fear emotion would have been added.

    16. Hauntress Hauntings

      Obviously, I will be getting this the day it drops. Thanks, Sims team!

    17. Rogue Tarot

      Wow missed out on tarot cards 🤷🏽‍♀️

    18. Monkey


    19. Kayli

      The pack looks so wack we been had ghosts no physic career come on now just give us generations and the babysitting career where u can actually get the kids plz😐

    20. Sugar_lemonzUwU 44

      Not gonna ever play sims until you have a decent game

    21. Puparella

      Give us werewolves already.

    22. Moby Ivee

      I'm getting it 🤣

    23. Ayy Lmao

      0:47 damn are those waves in her hair?? Definitely gonna buy this pack just for the waves lol

    24. Emi Thraves

      where’s the baby update tho

    25. Jakya Smith

      Can you make a pack with werewolf please

    26. Der Pelmeninator

      Graystillplays special confirmed.

    27. S C

      If you're getting this pack for Bonehilda you're gonna be extremely dissapointed. Sim guru connor confirmed that she won't have her coffin and cannot be moved in. 😕

    28. Magical N!

      The music is groovy

    29. They call me Nas

      Its no sims 3 supernatural thats for sure

    30. Connie Watson

      I'm so excited! whoop my birthday will be *bumpin*

    31. Philip

      damn that song is a bop

    32. TheStranger

      To be honest i could care less about the packs i just wanna know the patch that can stop sims from cooking and just eat their leftovers :)

    33. 4eva Sin

      can our sims scream now?

    34. Jhonneidy Nova

      stop releasing packs & release a decent patch addressing most if not all the issues this game is facing. at this point i’d pay for a “patch pack” cause clearly the only thing driving these people these days is money

    35. TheAntManChannel

      My gf loves this game xp

    36. Production Shordy

      Um EA y this couldn't been in realm of magic..

    37. Savo Stjepanovic

      Are there new traits and occupations

    38. Dorian

      Instead of releasing one expansion witu all paranormal species and stuff they milked the hell out of it. First halloween, then vampires, wizards now this. Cash grab af

    39. Roman Flores

      They couldn't just put this into the vampires pack? Goddamn I hate new sims

    40. TheRealest Punk

      Paranormal Investigator career bout to be lit af.

    41. Whoops, I make memes now.

      Personally wish they had used Ghost by Mystery Skulls, but that's just my nitpick. This song is still pretty hot.

    42. Amelka Łotysz

      Nowy mod jej

    43. Kamil Lekcje Easy English


    44. Lex*


    45. Milarys

      Puta merda serio? Coleção de objeto? Decepção

    46. Dylan Deetch

      So Johnny Depp is a ghost and you guys missed Halloween

    47. MEGAjunglejuice

      Where is Generations....ridiculous.

    48. Leslie Harrison

      here's hoping this is the one with zombies

    49. Antonio Alhe

      We want werewolves and fairies, not this

    50. Chaimaa chamchoma

      Wow that so perfect 😭😭

    51. Loida Whee

      This looks cool, I’m exited 😊

    52. Roreinu


    53. Amanda fenner

      What about a pack like Generations and ambitions and I wish they make the university more like the old University because the new Sims 4 kind of sucks to me I've been a simmer for 20 years and I don't get it LOL what we asked for we don't get what about the werewolves and things like that LOL but anywho I'm going to purchase it because I'm a full simmer at heart

    54. Abbey Roberts

      Is it out on steam yet

    55. Hafenharmonie

      Why... 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    56. Chutton

      This is everything & more that we could have asked for from a stuff pack! I'm so excited.

    57. Adrian TomtOシ

      Why sexual themes

    58. DINIE0011

      It's not that I don't like this one. I'm such a fan, who will also buy this one. (Can't wait to get this!) But....I know there are more young Sims players, than those of my age. (54 years young!) For me, so much fantasy has come into play. I'm past that time. These packages I do buy, and install, but most objects, and gameplay, I don't play for that reason. I would like it, if some more realistic "things" could be found. Such as clothing for the older Sims. They still have to wear clothing that young adults also wear. (I see few seniors walking in miniskirts.) And another subject I find, for example, disabilities. Currently, thanks to good creators, I am playing with a blind Sim. But I'd love it if there was a package for that, too, sometime. And I know that more people feel the same way. I would also like cars, but also, for example, caravans, which can be behind a car, and in which the Sims can also live. Cabins that a poor Sim can live in. More junk!! And so I can think of many more things. I hope this will come around again, as I have heard about it, here and there, but what hasn't come yet. Or did I miss something? xxx

    59. Дженнета Атаева

      ну что за параша...ей богу

    60. Taylor Linyard

      Jim Pickens has been creating haunted houses for centuries before EA.

    61. 김태민

      I want it ♥♥

    62. Nenad Popovic

      Same with My First Pet Stuff - this should've been included with Realm of Magic, same with Vampires. Ghosts haunting objects/guests is something featured even in Sims 1 base game (Sims 2 base too). I cant believe Bonehilda, the most famous servant of Sims universe together with Servo, is packed with a STUFF PACK?!?! Sims 4 creators really want to take our cash as much as they can... Whats next, Sims 4 - Parrots, Lizards & Squirrels Pet Stuff????

    63. Dayton Peters

      Sims has gotten so money grabby it’s sad

    64. Erica Flesman

      I see it very similar to the Sims 3 Supernatural It has almost the same, although it does not play the Sims 4, but it is very similar

    65. Sage Fox

      Yes bonehillda, goooo my skinless queen 🥰😍😍😍

    66. Daisychains162

      This is horrible :(

    67. •Jay M•


    68. Mer Sweet

      I mean, where are we? Supposedly the sims cannot have religious beliefs, I've been waiting years for that to happen because I play at life and instead of that, or fix the base game they give me A PACK OF SATANIC ECCESSORIES, I don't know if they knew that not all people believe in these things and it is disrespectful for them to say that they do not want to put "religions" so as not to "offend" or "bother" people and they put this pack on Christians that is as if we they put the devil himself in front, a little coherence and respect for what they say and do, this game has no hope, with the StarWars pack and this goes down the drain. osea en que quedamos?, supuestamente los sims no pueden tener creencias religiosas, llevo años esperando que eso pase porque yo juego a la vida y en ves de eso, o arreglar el juego base me ponen UN PACK DE ECCESORIOS SATANICO, no se si sabian que no a todas las personas creemos en estas cosas y es una falta e respeto que digan que no quieren poner "religiones" para no "ofender" o "incomodar" a la gente y nos ponen este pack a los cristianos que es como si nos ponen al mismosimo diablo en frente, un poquito de coherencia y respeto hacia lo que dicen y hacen, este juego ya no tiene esperanza, con el pack de StarWars y esto se van en al pozo.

    69. bolanos morgan

      16:48 👋👋🌹💋💋💋 Hmmmm I feel like this is just “New Orleans stuff pack + ghosts and what not”

    70. Kyle Somerville

      If anyone is curious as to what I am going to do with this stuff pack, I am gonna use it to make a period save, where the Goth family and the Villareal family will be rivals- my whole game is gonna focus on how each family decides to live their lives. I am so ready for this pack.

    71. Jessica M. Poller

      Finally, it took a long time to get the Bonehilda back. Loved it!!! (In Brazil Bonehilda is Ossilda)

    72. Grognak The Destroyer Attorney At Law Esq MD

      I think a man by the name of Jim Pickens will like this very much

    73. Grim Reaper

      Ahh, classic EA. Instead of making an expansion with everything supernatural in it (just like Sims 3: Supernatural) just release different types of supernatural packs like Vampires, Magic Realm Harry Potter knock-off (what ever it's called) and now this. But hey, gotta get that dosh, amirite? 💵 EA=🤑

    74. Gálya Kozlóva

      What is the name of the song?

    75. Grim Reaper

      Think I'm the only one waiting for LGR to make a review on this...

    76. cowree mooree

      imagine ghosts having more gameplay than children and old ppl

    77. suzy


    78. Minecraft Master

      Dear Stranger, the 1% people who reads this: May you and your family live for more than 100 years.

    79. ISABELA Canal da Isa

      Vou pedir pra minha mãe já

    80. orange loves constitution.

      Not getting this. Another waste of money

    81. Billie Eyelash

      The song is 🔥 but would have fit in better if it was in Simlish 😂

    82. Użytnik Golge

      Why is this so shitty? You can't make something better?

    83. Satire Squirtle

      Is that Johnny Depp?

    84. Blue Adrian


    85. Magda.L

      The furniture looks so pretty!

    86. Kat

      What BOUT WEREWOLVES and zombies ?

    87. Kait's Vlog

      okay this seems like a fun pack not just for the haunted houses and the carreer but bonehilda!

    88. KittenCat2223

      ...meh. Looks...okay.

    89. Sam

      Que bosta :/, coleção de objetivo caro pra porra! Não tem praticamente nada, só fazem coleção assim para ganharem dinheiro, e o preço é absurdo! Poderiam ter feito logo um expansão igual o do the sims 3, com lobisomens, zumbis, genios, a ea tá de fuder viu

    90. louisgamer 321

      But this stuff pack look interesting

    91. louisgamer 321

      I remember sims 3 we can ghost hunted

    92. Valentina Del Giudice

      Time to create Dean and Sam 🙃

    93. Nitim62 _MTBBrasil


    94. chika

      *sigh* *gets out my wallet*

    95. Yunpeng Wang

      Bonehilda's back! She's back!

    96. Carolina Damasceno


    97. Douglas Medeiros

      Ok então do que esteve jogando the sims grátis que tem tudo mais não ter comprado

    98. Zaire Hammonds


    99. Amateo Gaming

      Remake Ghost Master please

    100. Shaylee May

      I need a supernatural packkkkkkkk