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    While at a pylon 7on7 tournament in Arizona, the country’s top recruits faced off to see who’s the best football team! Part 1 is lit, just wait for part 2!
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    1. Micah Evans

      Y’all don’t realize how much D loves his fans. That’s why this is pinned

      1. willy wonka abc

        @F.B.I but he chose for you to be able to watch him and live his life free and entertain others

      2. Hugo Campos

        @B-Man 14 o

      3. Hugo Campos

        @B-Man 14 o

      4. Hugo Campos

        @B-Man 14 o

      5. Clark Paul

        i dont know if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password by using InstaPortal. Cant link here so search for it on google ;)

    2. Girlthatswindol

      Please watch sfe

    3. Sebastian C Arango

      I wish they did 7on7s in my country i don't like tackle

    4. Jamie Sutton

      you need to come to Midland Texas to watch 7 on 7

    5. Ncik Cutler

      The quarter back of the blue team kinda looks like NLE CHOPPA lmao 4:22

    6. mario depau

      Talking trash the bug boiiiis if it wasn’t for them football wouldn’t be the same

    7. D stands for Doge

      I’m just starting flag, I play QB on my team, a lot of these videos help me with my read or my throwing, I haven’t hit my growth yet so I can’t throw that far

    8. Landon Box

      Am playing football and basketball and am a day one fan and would always love what you do

    9. Detta

      That haka was dooooope af. Love the culture. Love from Nz

    10. iGameForFun

      Like A Rod said “you drop a INT give up a TD” ‼️‼️

    11. Travis Avery

      Need some Deestroying vs CeeDee Lamb 1 on 1s

    12. Alex Silverio

      the qb in the black in green was easily the best qb there

    13. Lil Jaja

      Grip boosts need to sponsor this man

    14. Lil Jaja

      That boy # 4 needs a scholarship

    15. Zaiy

      Damn anybody know davey ig ?

    16. Rickey Owens

      Them boys killed the HAKA bro 🔥🔥🔥🔥



    18. gamin with bug

      2 years for me

    19. gman YT

      Let's be honest, this video was better than we expected

    20. dk 2.0 the play maker

      Is it me or does the quarterback for the trendsetters look like king cid 😂😂

    21. YTN Steppa

      That’s the legends from the co

    22. Darion Ward

      18:30 that shit was cold, the qb looking away before the catch ❄️

    23. Aj Green

      I met otb a while ago

    24. ChrisDreamville

      Seth shigg is a underated QB

    25. SUP3RN0VA101616

      I always watch this mans vids to stay motivated to be better

    26. Logan Northern

      The team in all black would honestly lose in a real game. That scrambling shi not gon work IRL and those dump offs will be gone by the second quarter

      1. Tokyo Morning


      2. ChrisDreamville

        they are kids chill u weirdo the obvi good hints the title best teams in the nation and ik the QB so stfu

    27. Demon Destruction

      You going to Tennessee to see SMSB??

    28. johnnybravo09kp

      @deestroying what’s the name of the last song of the video


      Isaiah 41:10


      Romans 5:8✝️ Resist the Devil


      Glory be to God


      If God is for us who can be against us!

    33. Carlton Mensah

      Thts chant was raw

    34. I Is WOLF

      Aye he ain’t lying we ain’t got shit but the field house a few parks and the river in bullhead I’m a local

    35. Gunner Bacsa

      Was that aj green

    36. Ayrton Troches

      What are these two songs he always got playing in the background

    37. Jonathan Saint Simon

      If they made this 2 hand touch it would've been a lot more interesting

    38. Dena Bell

      Everyone like and subscribe

    39. Reverse Fades

      Give me a shoutout

    40. mariana denniss chavez chavez

      The fine mouse recurrently realise because plier frequently provide over a gorgeous ticket. incredible, befitting place

    41. Hao

      Hawaii represent, shout out to Kahuku but I go to Saint Louis High school Hawaii, and they’re our rivals. But I’ll always support any team from Hawaii that is representing us somewhere else.

    42. Joshua Cabaong-Liborio

      you think this is lit you should go to the battle 7on7 tournaments



    44. Victor romeiro alvarez

      Whats the playlist on this video?

    45. Victor romeiro alvarez

      This football tournament looks like an anime saga

    46. Antony

      I like how in between every single dropped pass play " Thats why you need some grip boosts"

    47. Terrell Belser

      QB #14 for the black with green numbers team moves like a next level QB in the pocket. He's the only one I saw that actually moved in the pocket and stepped up properly into his throw

    48. Gregory Jones

      this is better than actual football to me

    49. Chasen Casen

      I want to play that

    50. Evan Powell

      go check my mans hands bruh

    51. Schwankekong

      some of those boys are sneaky athletic

    52. Calvin and Gabe

      i’m sorry but i couldn’t help but be embarrassed doing that hawaiian dance

    53. WolfAssasin 21

      18:07 was that AJ Green15????

    54. Jermaine Sims

      Great content

    55. Timothy Dunham

      They have no hands 🤚🏻

    56. Raymond Gaddah Gaddah

      Was that aj green

    57. Aphectz

      18:24 was filthy.... especially when the qb turned around

    58. Uncle Drew

      Kahuku always ready to ball!

    59. Charmous Russell

      The tightfisted error extracellularly rejoice because cabinet serologically arrange abaft a entertaining narcissus. chief, somber kevin

    60. Lockdown DB

      that look like king cid

    61. 4KT THOMAS

      Not the Hawaii team I'm dead 😂😂😂😂💀💀

    62. Devon IZKing

      AJ Greene👀

    63. Rowdy Swartz

      Where is kiki

    64. Jaxson Giordano

      4 on the black and green team was cold as hell🔥

    65. Sidiki Sylla

      if you haven't been watching him since the day in the life of a RB you not bout it

    66. James Samano

      Yo i played in that stadium

    67. Tommy Srs

      The wiry process phenotypically sack because mark renomegaly chop in a material orchid. overrated, crabby humidity

    68. B2 Ready_FireWolf

      People from Hawaii so aggressive

    69. Jay

      That blue team can’t be from the crib

    70. D Castro

      Good stuff for football outside of Texas football. On the real Love how you showing the future talent good work.

    71. Darrien Chudy

      Do a day in the life as you for 2021, people will see the grind

    72. Terrance Thomas

      “wHaT iS hE dOiNg....Bitch what is you doing throwing the ball like dat😐” yo im weak🤣🤣

    73. Itsjay himself

      I got a 7on7 on Saturday and watching you’re vids motivate me

    74. X Skrilla X

      I don’t know it kinda look like dude smacked it up 17:56

    75. Dummy Nick

      When Aj came out of no where, at 18:06

    76. Logan

      The hawaiians straight up dominated ngl

    77. Kevin

      why doesn’t he ever play instead of comment on others ability’s

    78. Juicemangretsky

      whats da instrumental in the beginning

    79. PickProof

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    80. Zachari Pace

      Yoo you met my dogs Brayden and Bebe😤

    81. Dreboychii 305


    82. prettyboidon

      808 state babyyyy !!!

    83. Keave Shiller-Lau

      Team Hawaii baby!!! 🤙🏽

    84. Andrew G

      That no.4 is a stud

    85. Naxxie_FN

      18:06, I didn't know ajgreen was there. 😂

      1. Daniel Thornburg


    86. Tommy Srs

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    88. vjdior

      Who been watching deestroying since the storytime vids

    89. Josh Ndieli

      so we not gonna peep aj greene at 18:07

    90. Willie Lawrence

      Dee you should start a 7on7 team for all age levels

    91. Nach05

      Go to some more 7on7s bro this a good vid btw

    92. simp_clips

      They made tomas Jefferson high school look bad my uncles used to be at that school they were a good team but now their new team is trash when my uncles and his team went to college

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    94. TheMainOne

      Hawai’i boys came to play💯

    95. myles mclean

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    96. Jason Martinez

      i wouldent want to be on the same field with them hawwain guys lol

    97. hen ko

      I ain’t the only person to get goosebumps when the Hawaii team started dancing😂

    98. DMV YN

      More drops then catches I don’t wanna see this in your videos. You put out good content

    99. Cam R

      Come to the Midwest and watch Midwest Boom. Them boyz different fr

      1. hen ko

        I feel like I’m watching madden ong

    100. NFG Jaay5

      How ground zero playin but not defcon