When a kid and parent won’t listen to the flight attendant #shorts #tips

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    Published on 12 days ago


    1. khadeeja shah

      *i would've just take out the electric saw.*

    2. Shayla Schram

      Ow0 oh dear.. that ending tho.

    3. Onthatile Malatji


    4. Mia Nycole

      I’m a girl 10 and 😂

    5. KaranScape

      Me at the start till almost the end:-😐 Me at the end:-OHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    6. Ghosty The Ghost Bunny


    7. Alexa Ivett

      Kid:yeah i dont wanna go but im sure mommy dose

    8. DelilahPlayz

      Is that from vicTORIous.

    9. • Zoe •

      It took me a hot sec to realise what she was talking about🖐️😂

    10. Noah Elderini

      True true true true true true

    11. Noah Elderini

      It’s a good make up

    12. Mohammad Al Jamous

      The end got me

    13. Funstuff ಠ_ಠ Every fun content

      ok isn't USfilm copying TikTok it's like the same mechanics 🧑‍🔧 🧑‍✈️ ✈

    14. Divaa Sharma

      The end always gets me 🤣🤣🤣

    15. himanshu prajapati


    16. Risma Tami

      shamans wit dxhjsfh wait 😂😂😂😂

    17. Nelva Citra Saini

      I'm dying, skydiving? 😂

    18. Xien Han

      0:39 SUS FACE

    19. Sasha Weber


    20. Devon Mitchell


    21. Captain Zac

      this person uploads every 15 hours atleast

    22. Dion Sanchez

      She is so good. I love her. I wish I knew how to contact her.

    23. diamond gaming

      Or just tell them: hey kid if you keep kicking that chair you ear will explode and since the pressure and well you know is making ears fell like they pop lie and pretend to put it back all you need is a ketchup for fake blood or just throw then out of the window and tell them: you can be super man go fly Kid be like:superman🎶 / i believe i can fly. I believe i can touch the sky🎶

    24. Papaya the Cat

      Just put the kid behind the mom lol

    25. Deepali Barua

      ✨savage✨ that's why I'm ALWAYS nice to flight attendants and how can someone NOT smile back when someone smiles at you

    26. Jonathan Joestar

      The child would probably say yes

    27. Razor TheSaber


    28. Grace Lyall

      Jennie: hi sweetheart do you and your mummy wanna go skydiving Me: yea- Jennie:*throws me out the window*

    29. Maddy y3et

      Friend "why are you so afraid of planes"? Me *terrifying flashbacks from this video

    30. Aini

      It took me a moment to realize what she meant by "Hi sweetheart, do you and your mom wants to go skydiving?" 🤣🤣🤣

    31. Just some guy with a spectacle

      Imagine really telling that to a passenger 😳

    32. PrinSus

      They had us in the first half not gon lie

    33. Janine Stone

      “Sweetie do you and your mom wanna go skydiving?” OMG 😳 LOLLLLLLL I DID NOT EXPECT THAT

    34. BaddietheUnicorn

      "Hi sweetheart do u and ur mom want to sky diving?" Me: Hueee wow!

    35. Weird_Edits 8

      I love how every time when she talks she has a big smile then throws them off the plane 😂

    36. Chloe Mc Icecream

      Um hi idk why i comment

    37. Kovid Cadera

      The passenger next to me: Um... Should we stop her??? Me: Hun, you clearly haven't been on enough flights to barf at the sight of kids on a plane. Let this one slide, trust me

    38. TinyGreenSlime

      Oh frick that got dark

    39. Broken Nightmare bonnie

      The end part got me, was not expecting that at all

    40. ssshkjh

      woah woah woah that went from 10000 to 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    41. Alle Kat


    42. pida siouy

      “Go without Parachute, The Water will stop the damage”

    43. Maya Kufel

      That would be so funny though

    44. Vibe with The stars

      “Hi sweetheart do you and your mom wanna go sky diving” I was like “what” then “ohh”

    45. The OreoSnatcher

      *skydiving* ... "But Miss where are the Parachutes" ... "Do you play minecraft?Here is a cup of water,now jump"

    46. Uma Shankar Singh

      Everybody: loves watching her act Me: wonders from where does get those backgrounds

      1. pida siouy

        Lmao her face at the end😂

    47. Stereo Moonlight

      “Hello sweetheart, do you and your mother want to skydive 😀” I CANT 😂

    48. sense&save 1290

      Sorry but , no parachute for you

    49. Nox Crescent

      When she said skydiving It killed me

    50. XxdakotazxXYT

      Jeenie i have the same blanket i love it

    51. Ariej100

      Ha that skydiving part

    52. Pump


    53. PalmTree Paradise

      Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Jeenie: Do you and your mom want to go skydiving

    54. Lia Pisetta

      Man this thing is difficult for both sides u know, like the mother is not giving a shit and that's wrong, but even if she tried sometimes the kid don't listen, so what can she do, you know?

    55. addicted to American dad

      Imagine if flight attendants could just say what they were thinking?

    56. yuoop noke

      Hostess : wanna go sky diving Child : it will be my pleasure 🙏🏻

    57. Livy 717


    58. Charlie Diesel

      I LOVE your videos! I wish I could travel the world for free and get paid for it! Im just to much of a b*tch to get on a plane! Did it once but was out for the whole thing aha

    59. Sarah Superior

      High son do you and your mom wanna go sky diving I can’t stop laughing

    60. jomilaa

      Lmao her face at the end😂

      1. yuoop noke

        She's the coolest and the savagiest flight attendent ever!

    61. Aiden Wiggins

      If I was the flight attendant I would throw them off the plane

    62. Shilpa Bhide


    63. Kifah ismail


    64. Matt Ligertwood

      If I was kicking the chair in front of me my mum would transform into satin in 0.5 seconds 😬😈

    65. SKL Vlogs

      It's not the plane the I'm terrified of its the crew and most likely the attendant and this video can prove why

    66. Mahad Afzal

      At the end the flight attendant turned exe mode

    67. Rainbow Kitty

      Lol what if she just leaned in close and said "We dont parasail, but im happy to force u to do it until u educate ur damn child urself.."

    68. SSeven7 Animations

      Do you want to go skydiving 🔪

    69. Emi Chernakova

      Do you and your mom wanna go ✨skydiving✨?

    70. Elijah P

      Never be rude to the flight attendants or else they will kick YOU OUT OF THE PLANE

    71. Cookie_chris O-O

      The son is just dumb

    72. I eat food Food

      I heard if u say a USfilmrs name 5 times you’ll get pinned so... I’m sorry but I’m to lazy to type that much

    73. Hope Bolte

      Her face at the very end!🤣

    74. Aadya Sharma

      She's the coolest and the savagiest flight attendent ever!

      1. doire aintu


    75. noreen galil


    76. Ganesh

      Actually there is no kid. She spoke herself😇

    77. CALL ME JEFF

      Not gonna lie they had us in the first half

    78. Kenzi Lillie

      Why is that me as a flight attendant

    79. Pastel Muziq

      ... M-mask?

    80. No_name_man11

      " hi sweet heat do you and your mom wanna go sky diving "

    81. Akile Caul

      Do not mess with the flight attendant or the flight attendant will mess with you

    82. Hannah Rudder

      Mothers that don't care

    83. sapperjoe 18

      i really hope i never encounter anyone like this cause ill smack the $*** out of them.

    84. I don't want a channel I'm just commenting

      Move the child to the seat behind mom.

    85. reagan busby

      that took a dark turn..

    86. miaowmyth

      wait they literally get off the plane jsut like that?



    88. William

      Hey child do you want to play outside?

    89. Michael Galle


    90. Abe McG

      I was not ready for the last part lmfao 🤣😆

    91. GreenGiant O.o

      I'm watching this a 150 times an im going to watch it 150 times more Always be respectful to the workers that work with the community and everyday people

    92. EcoFash Lorax

      Why do female jokes always seem to consist of either sexual degeneracy or infanticide? Chill tf out

    93. Jak e

      I hate people but least of all people who have to deal with other people for their job

    94. Midnight channel Fnaf

      When she said do you wanna go skydiving I was like I know what she doing kicking them off the plane

    95. 阮妍梁

      So you want to kick them out of the plane, You all learned a lesson that you never be mean to them or you will die !

    96. My Name Is Invisible

      Damn she really said I'm going to throw u off the plane if u don't goddamn stop

    97. Saltycat islonely

      OH MY GAWD 😂😂😂😂😂

    98. eģis un elektrība

      Oh shiii

    99. Drfit


    100. GD Alaxa Is Boy

      yes pls