G-Eazy - Marilyn ft. Dominique LeJeune (Official Music Video)


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    Official music video for "Marilyn" by G-Eazy, featuring Dominique LeJeune.
    Download the song: www.smarturl.it/MarilyniTunes
    Director: Tyler Yee
    Producer: Matt Bauerschmidt
    DP: Bobby Bruderle
    DP: David Reece
    Camera Opp: Jeremiah Fry
    Make Up: Emily Bess
    Art Dept, Swing: Kayln Vallot
    Line Producer: Abby Hardy
    Special thanks:
    Benjamin Reece, Chloe Dickinson, Jake Pett, Owen Bruce, Annabel Willis, Devon Baldwin, Ari Lewis
    G-Eazy - 'Marilyn' feat. Dominique LeJeune (Produced by G-Eazy)
    © 2012
    Originally premiered by This Song Is Sick
    Produced by Deltree
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    Published on 9 years ago


    1. Amir Ugta

      I miss you geaz

    2. Kevinpapiyz 20


    3. Armando Villanueva Zaragoza


      1. Armando Villanueva Zaragoza

        Y ME ENCANTA

    4. lvlCaleblvl

      i remember listening to this song when i was 14... cant believe im 23 now.

    5. Katherinearden

      The succinct china ultrastructurally ask because suede hypothetically depend between a bite-sized rainstorm. envious, tiresome cocktail

    6. Deepak Pandey

      8 years and still iconic G eazy song ❤️

    7. Martina Herrmann

      I like this song a lot. 💋❤

    8. Greensnapples

      I used to love this song 8 years ago and I still do ♡

    9. Pradyumn

      That city view looked amazing

    10. Kimberly Gonzalez

      Seeing a visual of this video just makes it so sad and harder to listen to. It’s a beautiful concept as G seems to express regret for cheating.

    11. DANNY D

      G-Eazy 🔥

    12. spoopyjhope

      I completely forgot about this song wow it's crazy hearing it again after all these years

    13. Adore you

      This music video is just amazing.

    14. MoradoEmoji

      April 1 2021

    15. kevin candia

      Need this g eazy all the time!!



    17. Realm Forge

      Back when G was a real G

    18. Thr33 Ray Riley

      STILL 🔥🔥🔥💯

    19. vitto

      OG per sempre

    20. Hunter Wright

      I’ll still never forget meeting G at Warped Tour Maryland. One of 13 people at the show and went to get his autograph and talk to him. I was 14 at the time. Such a good guy.

    21. M Lexie

      Old G-Eazy >>

    22. Carla Marlene

      She looks like debra morgan

    23. Ava Mason

      It’s hard to watch this bc it reminds my parents of their divorce so every time they listen to it I know they’re in an emotional state🥲

    24. Adrian Star

      This kind of music heals people.

    25. Young Harp

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    26. Katherinearden

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    27. Pius Penguin

      Paradox Poke 2016 Best Of

    28. ประครอง ภูปานทอง

      คิดถึงดาราคุณวุ้นเส้นค่ะ I Love you ค่ะ

    29. Innocent Makanjila Zulu

      This song hits a different kinda vibe.

    30. The_Witch Braelyn

      Everything will be alright so baby get some sleep tonight 💔

    31. Karen Rodriguez

      I forgot how much I loved this song. ❤️

    32. Nabbi Bin Pasha

      2021 and here I am back at it.

    33. Dawn Moreno

      This song makes me cry

    34. Ananda krishnan

      Listening always feels like home

    35. Karen Aguillon

      Hearding his old stuff again makes me feel like he just sold out to the music industry. I love his old stuff....

    36. Stephen Babwah

      This song makes me cry every time 😭

    37. Music Mask

      Love the song but why is this video shot like a commercial lol

    38. Emre Emre

      who is this girl ??? i

      1. Gigi Doughton

        Chloe Dickinson, it's in the "special thanks"

    39. brandon sarabia714

      That hurts 😐😶

    40. Rayna Barnes


    41. Joel Juarez

      I bet that if Gerald and Ashley dated during this episode of his life, they’ll be happily married with 5 kids in the living room watching Moana or Frozen

    42. Adele

      This is literally Arik Einsteins melody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    43. Joe MaMa

      This hits different when your sad 😞

    44. Kai Noah Omega


    45. Marilyn Rimmer

      Marilyn? More like Berlin, haha lmao

    46. Maggie S

      this is the first ever song I’ve listened to by g, I was probably 8 and I’m 16 now. I didn’t know how much he’s gonna help me, I miss young gerald songs. he’s just amazing

    47. David Pumarejo

      I miss young Gerald...

    48. Nirmalya Jena

      Why you recommend after 8 yr this is a gem 💎

    49. Exo Kai Can Choke Me Any Day

      Her voice is annoying, I'm just here for g

    50. Kapil Singh

      1:32 Damn that's harsh but true!!

    51. Farooque Rahman

      why she looks like halsey lol

    52. axle martin

      I want some one that cute

    53. Gabgengio Luv

      2021. Who's still here? ✋

    54. Dabzilla308

      I’m here for the girl singing...

    55. Izy Isabelle

      Still here🤚🏼👌🏻

    56. Rudra Apon


    57. reni k

      this is the first time i’ve put this song on since 2017.. someone very close to me died then, and this song reminded me of them to the point where i just couldn’t put it on . tonight.. idk why i decided to listen to it. it’s still a good song. it just holds some intense memories

    58. Serheng Bestestênî

      We want old G back not this new one

    59. Chantelle Phakathie

      I listened to this when I was 14, I'm now 17 still listening 🔥🔥🔥

    60. Wiktoria Wójcik

      2021 !!!!

    61. Samantha Savage

      2021 who's with me? 💯

    62. Gta Rider

      2021 who's with me?!! Mke it blue 👇🏽

    63. BlueDahlia_14

      What is that camera

    64. coby smith

      No song makes me sad and happy like this one

    65. matthew ridgway

      Still vibing in 2021

    66. matthew ridgway

      Still vibing in 2021

    67. Sunny Bird


    68. Red Hood

      2021 🔥🔥🔥💯❤️ Anyone??

    69. Putri Salsabila

      2021 and I'm here

    70. Max Corcoran

      2021 and still always coming back to this song

    71. caramel butera

      memories are coming back😐

    72. Little Petrova


    73. Briley Dahncke

      Still my favorite (Gerald) music video in 2021.

    74. Gummi214

      January 3 2021

    75. Jhonny Ruiz


    76. Swarnali Halder

      2021 but still stuck here . Same vibe . Tbh this song is also in my timeline ❤️😘

    77. Darlene Kirkland


    78. Claudia Saddler

      G eazy been out here for a while

    79. Hents


    80. Hossain Masshor

      8 years later and still my favorite song .

    81. George Lapinski

      Anyone think this music video and song directly relates to his new song “years too go”??

    82. Tyler Palacios

      U needa make music like this again

    83. Nikki Smalley

      I hope it was worth it. 🙏🏼

    84. Darlene Kirkland

      Gerald 💙

    85. SHOWTIME

      I was 14 when I heard this & I’m 21 now.

    86. Joey _894

      “Shorty get some sleep tonight”

    87. ColeTV

      I feel you bro this song explains my exact situation lol

    88. lauren rondinelli

      who's here in 2020?

    89. Matt Rzg

      A lot of memories with that song

    90. capalot x

      2020 n still can't get rid of the song

    91. Ayush Kumar Pathak

      Can anyone be as handsome as eazy ?

    92. Tuan Tra

      I love this movie.

    93. Esmeralda Juarez

      I use to listen to this song when I was 14 wishing I was with someone. Now I'm 23, relating to this song, crying ....

    94. legalizitt

      I, I, I, I, I want to love you But if it's not right what can I do? Everything will be alright So baby get some sleep tonight Uh, I wish we could just pretend to be Like we always were before as happy as the Kennedy's No one told Jackie about Marilyn's tendencies Ignorance is bliss when you're married half a century Life is too short, trying to hold it all together It's gone before you know it but tonight could last forever I wrote it out on paper but forgot to mail the letter And you could walk away but you won't find nothing better It's whatever, I just hope that you remember Then I said some shit that upset her Arguing in public, talking loud as Big sweater She said, "You're always gone." I said, "'The fuck do you expect from me?" Then she look at me and she said to me I, I, I, I, I want to love you But if it's not right what can I do? Everything will be alright So baby get some sleep tonight Uh, maybe in some other lifetime Or somewhere down the road we might meet up at the right time Girls come with the profession when you write rhymes Caught me and she told me I'm a pig like I fight crime Well, maybe G is just an asshole Fuck around with bitches Alfalfa, little rascal I swear my intentions aren't as evil as you think But temptation's always pushing people to the brink Fuck, I always lose my judgement when I drink My only wish is you would settle down and hear me out I know I haven't been completely honest and devout It's difficult for me, these girls try to seek me out I try to talk it out but this is all she speak about I, I, I, I, I want to love you But if it's not right what can I do? Everything will be alright So baby get some sleep tonight Uh, so if tonight turns out to be The last night before you peaced then walked out on me Let's let it all hang out like a balcony One last time, the best is what you about to see So make it worth it tonight, only so you know I never hurt you in spite Love me like you never will again, it's our last time Tonight forget about the pastime Everything will be alright So baby get some sleep tonight Source: Musixmatch Songwriters: Gillum Gerald / Lejeune Dominique

    95. cesar tizon

      8 años no me lo creo...

    96. Victor Arroyo

      This song is sick

    97. Victor Arroyo

      This song the shit!!!!!

    98. Victor Arroyo

      This shit is so real!!

    99. The Best ever

      The most romantic song ever. It’ll probably play on a restaurant before I propose to that special one.

    100. Peka Tochhawng

      i always listen this music so nice