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    People always ask me for makeup advice and the best tips to perfect your look. But today, we’re doing the opposite! I’m gonna try the worst makeup tips YOU have ever gotten to see if they’re really that bad. Pamper yourself with the amazing FOREO UFO 2 here: foreo.se/o4b
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. NikkieTutorials


      1. Caitlin k

        all ahahah

      2. Safiya Shaikh

        The lips

      3. Nathalia Mondragon

        hi bae

      4. Bianca Tiger

        The unibrow lol

      5. Laura Huynh

        Definitely the orange foundation.

    2. Kd Diaper


    3. Matthew Haff

      I don’t know if you intended it, but my husband looked over at me watching this and asked why I am watching a woman’s levitating head teaching me make up tricks. I didn’t even realize that your white T-shirt with your background makes it look like you are hovering in the void

    4. Ruta NarNar

      she literately became a "CHAV" xD

    5. Kieran

      vaseline is capitalism’s gift. g-d had nothing to do with that

    6. Kieran

      this is just what a parody of a british person looks like

    7. The Geeky Princess

      Oh gods my mom uses baby powder to set her face, has my entire life. I hate it 😂

    8. Nina Bursać

      this is how i looked in high school

    9. Diamonds Diamonds

      I had to watch it again lmao so funny you make the pink eyeshadow look orange lmaoooo

    10. Casie Westbrooks


    11. Chilly W.

      i don‘t know why but the look reminds me of my time in london and the girls i saw there on the tube saturday night 😄

    12. Νατάσα Ιωαννίδου

      Hahaha! Love the way you dealed with all that paranoia!

    13. Carolina Osorio

      Her face after foundation really said: " Rise and shine" i really laugh lol if she said it. Her face was as a sun 😂

    14. Breanne Borden

      I don't think I've ever laughed so hard. I almost peed myself.

    15. Damian Rogozński

      I love it 😍♥️

    16. scifi.ginger

      Can I get an hour ASMR Video of Nikkie applying foundation with that sponge please xD

    17. jennifer anderson

      The UFO looks amazing, I would love this, still out of my price range maybe one day. Love everything you do keep being you.

    18. Desp Pap

      After watching her put hairspray all over her face made me so anxious about her skin

    19. Tommy Gevaux-Baena

      Nikkie: I dont like vaseline Also Nikkie: has a massive tub of vaseline

    20. Clxudy•Mxlie〜

      Hey Nikk! When the comment said to use a spoon, she meant the handle of the spoon. Hope that helped!❤

    21. Alexsys And

      So have we gone back to 01 is that what happened???

    22. Cheyenne Cook

      the brows were the worst lol

    23. Marguerite

      3:30 ahah!

    24. y s

      Chav vibes 🇬🇧

    25. Catherine-Mary-Elizabeth

      I can’t recall what the worst tip I’ve gotten would be, I probably blockers it out of my mind, but I do remember the best tip. I have 3 dry skin diseases, & due to that I can’t wear full coverage foundations without having strange reactions such as severe burning. So I was told to use a light/ medium coverage foundation with a medium/full coverage concealer. Changed my life for the better!

    26. Sarah Z

      she said 'luv tha don't make no cents x'

    27. Jowi Guerrido

      Omg I love you so much!!! And your laugh its so contagious! I love it! 🥰🥰

    28. Shadyy Darkness

      her laugh is so cute 💜

    29. Isso aí Brow

      OMG hahahahahaha

    30. Amber Walters

      Wearing foundation three shades darker.

    31. dopey hopey

      Garfield? :ddd

    32. Joanna 22

      Omg the perfect make up😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    33. Sci H 1076 Nandini Menon

      I have to disagree with Nikkie. Vaseline is great.

    34. Caitlin k

      ahahah who is here jan 202020202020202011111

    35. Hellvetika

      This is a ganguro girl tutorial

    36. violet b

      if you put nikki on 1.25 speed, thats = to james charels talking normal

    37. Reese Mueller

      Just listen to the mask application with your eyes closed and no context. Your welcome

    38. Alice Gosselin

      my mom uses setting powder as foundation.

    39. Aliyah Moore

      People say she is trans but to me that looks like a woman to me

    40. Jeff Smith

      omg i think the brows

    41. Joanna Bird

      ayo its N to the T

    42. p0etrygh0st

      I kinda like the eyes.The rest not so much

    43. Eliza Holder

      Pulling a Monet X Change with that sponge!

    44. Summer Schniepp

      well it is thanks giveing month and there are pumpkins so that orange really gets you in the thanks giveing mood. thanks so much for this it made my day love you so much

    45. Di Ramirez


    46. Lisa Alexander

      She just put snookie to shame with that makeup!!

    47. Anna Ponticos

      The lil cute giggles make me so happy

    48. Bruna

      definitely had the brow advice before 😭

    49. Bob Stone

      The delicious year accordantly produce because amount postprandially load concerning a male ambulance. deranged, ceaseless twine

    50. Athirah Azmi

      I swear I've seen some makeup gurus did the unibrow thing...

    51. Ana Ceklic

      The reminiscent can numerically replace because may cosmetically damage for a dusty knowledge. fast, abrasive knickers

    52. Lilian Agnelo

      Podia ter legenda para o português, em todo vídeo, por favor??????? @Nikki Tutorials

    53. Unripefruit

      "Oh, it's pulsating.. I love it" Uhm

    54. One click

      The jolly star simulteneously rhyme because kidney cytochemically repair anenst a cute waterfall. abashed, selective morning

    55. Szilvia Szabo

      ohno...ohnonononono.... *wheeze*

    56. Karen Massaniso

      everything ur doing beside the eye makeup is what sebastian build does

    57. Linda

      HAHHA JE LIJKT OP EEN OEMPA LOEMPA😂😂😂😂😂😂😭 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    58. Aya Bouchohou

      I just love her cute laugh 😂😩

    59. Ambapali Gupta

      U r a diva extraordinaire...

    60. nedelline

      m 2 da 🐝

    61. SilvaraDragontear

      The 90s called and it wants it makeuplook back. 😅😂🤣 Half of the girls in my class in highschool during the 90s had that kind of foundationlook. It took us to the 00s to realise that we could blend the foundation down our necks. 😳😂🤣😆 As someone that was a teen during the 90s, I really hope the makeuptrends from that era stays dead.

    62. Joanna Oliveira

      Thanks for making this hilarious video

    63. Emily Forest

      She really said ✨lorax✨

    64. Lityne


    65. rAnDz07 B.

      And after you’re done, pat yourself on the back and tell yourself, you’ve never looked more beautiful girl! Hahaha!

    66. Tyler_Playz

      These are actually just troom troom hacks.

    67. NorahTheArtist

      I doubt your going to see this but I recreated a video off yours and I have 2 more parts going up and it would be really cool if you saw it! I hope someone sees this

    68. Ayesha Fatima Mahmood

      to all the people who would use a kitchen sponge for your foundation i ask you ... WOULD YOU CLEAN YOUR DISHES WITH A BEAUTY BLENDER ?!?!

    69. Emma Sun

      you should do a part 2

    70. Melissa van der Raaf

      OOF just OOF

    71. {.Jadey._.Bean}

      POV: You have just discovered Donald Trump's secret makeup routine.

    72. Colleen

      The thought of not washing off mascara for like a week straight makes me PANIC 😭😭😭

    73. moonglow630

      The mascara tip is totally my mom. The more the better....and the next day it will be even better.

    74. Lisa Lammertink

      You could go easily go on Snog, Marry or Avoid like this. 🤣😂🤣

    75. Iva Kostova

      I think the worst of all advices is the hairspray as a setting spray. As Nikkie said, you can get clogged pores and a lot of breakouts. Btw I love you all and stay safe 😊

    76. Hamda Mohamud

      wait why do you look like rita ora

    77. Pragya Paramita Biswas

      this was so much fun!!!!!

    78. Micah L

      So this was an interesting first video of yours for me to see.... but I feel like you might have been able to get away with everything but the foundation being That much darker. Like, it wouldn't be great, but it would be passable?

    79. Rebecka Mullard

      Who doesn't use liquid eyeliner on the bottom I always have even as a teenager and I'm now 38

    80. Rebecka Mullard

      The kitchen sponge thing should of being cut in half then folded it would of worked better

    81. Anastasia 1023

      Nachtmerrie! Definitely the beginning steps! Got better towards the eyes

    82. Jasmin Laufeyson

      i did the hairspray and concealer tricks too 🙈

    83. Jenn Tarr

      I legit thought at the beginning of the video she was putting color corrector all over her face NOT FOUNDATION lmao

    84. Ivy Waggott

      Im not gonna lie but thats better than hkw i do my nakeup 🥰

    85. Stephanie Rowley

      I'm dying here!!! LOL VASELINE? From my grammy's cabinet???


      Everything 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️👉🏽💩💩💩💩

    87. Hannah Fielding

      End result looks like Woah Vicky

    88. Victoria Guerrero

      Omg 😂

    89. TheRatt96

      You look like those girls from animes where they have a really terrible tan and over the top makeup with big blonde hair.

    90. Amelia Bond

      She really said Chav didn’t she... 😂😂😂

    91. Jaida Auger

      M to the B

    92. CG_buster

      Sometimes it’s fun to fail

    93. Regina Petty

      This is frightening

    94. Regina Petty

      I've used baby powder on Halloween?

    95. Regina Petty

      Ok the foundation makes you look like an Oompa Loompa

    96. Doodle Noodle

      No wonder James used to always look orange who took that advice 😂😂😂

    97. Sufia b


    98. Tabitha Martines

      There is no reason to go darker than your actual skin tone but if you find you got a shade a bit darker than you thought it would be then BLEND DOWN YOUR NECK. The worst advice is leaving it so you have a distinct difference in skin tone that anyone can see.

    99. Sillencee Official

      The... the eyeshadow looks like how I wear mine LMAO

    100. p k

      Ahhh her mouth was open when she sprayed on the hairspray