[OFFICIAL VIDEO] Be My Eyes - Pentatonix


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    Director: Naomi Christie
    Production Company: Green Glow Films
    Executive Producer: Stephen Wayne Mallett
    Head of Production: Brooklynn Reeves Mallett
    Producer: Hans Boysen
    Director of Photography: Chris Hadland
    1st AC: Jared Wennberg
    2nd AC: Melanie Adams
    DIT: Earl Fulcher
    Gaffer: Genevieve Evans
    Key Grip: Danny Valentine
    Best Boy Electric: Chelsea Petit
    Best Boy Grip: Philip Woolridge
    Production Designer: Heather Drouillard
    Set Dresser: Lindsay Minnich
    Covid Compliance Officer: Patrick Sanderson
    Production Assistant: Denise Dorado
    Production Assistant: Louis Santibanez
    Production Assistant: Austin Engemann
    Zoom Tech: Davis Mansmann
    Director Rep: Laure Scott
    Video Commissioner: Melinda Kelly
    Artist Hair: Sami Knight
    Artist Hair Assist: Alex Henrichs
    Artist Stylist: Candice Lambert McAndrews
    Artist Stylist Assist: Morgan Chelednik
    Artist Make Up: Anthony Nguyen
    Artist Make Up Assist: Karsen Richardson
    Editor: Jonas Thorhallsson
    VFX Artist: Narendra Mood
    Color: Loren White - Lookwell

    Published on 17 days ago


    1. jackal242

      I like how fake it looks when all 5 are in the same frame because they have to scale down Scott to make him fit in the frame, so it looks super super fake.

    2. jackal242

      Enya has never sounded so good. Oh wait.. huh? (( the opening sounds exactly like Enya - Orinoco Flow ))

    3. Elizabeth Begin

      You make my day when I am sad I love you all

    4. Martin Paulsen

      the lip thing i cant go over

    5. Brenda de Monje

      This is so good!!! But it kinda sounds like Orinoco Flow by Enya? or it's just me?

    6. My Stuff

      Um so excited for PTX forst Christmas song 2020

    7. W J

      I sure pray Pentatonix is not part of the ILLUMINATI

    8. JR

      Kirsten is always pretty and Mitch is a queen. I do appreciate Matt and Avi equally but no one could ever replace Kevin

    9. Lacto

      Can someone get me the acapella?

      1. Lacto

        Sorry... I mean only main vocals. I want to remix it.

      2. EliaKay1

        This is a cappella

    10. Ily Scott

      Plot twist: they didn’t glow the glasses made them look funny

    11. Ray Hutchinson

      Groovy!!! :D

    12. TheComedyne

      2:38 I am a sucker for harmony like that

    13. Laura Chalmers

      Yes yes yes finally standing ground with your own music. I adore your versions but shows how rounded you are to make this music....

    14. Anne Cruz


    15. あさひガオラー


    16. Marilza Teruel

      Amo esse grupo...💞

    17. Chris Wheeler


    18. Herryson Tariq


    19. clifton reed jr

      God I love this group!!!

    20. andrea cook

      Mullets do not look nice on anyone, even when you are handsome.

    21. Fighting Talk

      Why has this got so few viewings. This is Pentatonix at their very best. Kirstin's voice...wow. The harmonies...epic. Mitch's runs are awesome. The entire arrangement is perfect.

    22. Angela Vlogt!

      I took off my classes and shut my eyes. I just heard the music. Yes!!!

    23. Luana Reis Carmo

      Lindo... Amei!!! 😍😍😍😍♥️🇧🇷😍😍😍😍

    24. PuppyStar UwU

      1. This is amazing 2. May you please do a Hamilton one Melby

    25. Matt Gibson

      Reminds of a Sara Bareilles song. Can't put my finger on it.

    26. Mark Bauer

      Wow, sexy as hell. You guys nailed it . . .AGAIN! ! ! !

    27. Mindy Curtis

      Omg!! Needed this so much!!!

    28. Radosław Orłowski

      Hey guys, can I get link to oryginal ? I love this, but I was suppressed how different your versions are from originals, and now I am curious. I cannot find the original one. or is it PTX oryginal ?

      1. EliaKay1

        @Radosław Orłowski it’s the second release from their second original album album coming out February 12th

      2. Radosław Orłowski

        @EliaKay1 Interesting. Thanks for info.

      3. EliaKay1

        This is a Pentatonix original written by Kirstin and others

    29. BM O

      Y'all are sick. And you've had over 1 million views... I hope you all know exactly where your going. I'm so sick of you infiltrators.. The blind leading the blind.. As long as you mentions God's name your Christian right. Your blessed the Christians don't have a clue about what you do or you wouldn't be safe anywhere. Thank God for blind Christian's huh. You've got about 10 years to live to find out where your going. You all screwd up and just at the end too.. Shame on y'all

    30. //おいしー


    31. marc fastner

      I cant believe how underrated is this

    32. キマちゃん

      私は日本人です。 7年ぶりにあなた達の曲が聴きたくなって来ました。相変わらずアカペラ素晴らしいです。いつの間にかメンバーが変わっててびっくりしました。これからも頑張って下さい。

    33. Moksha Raver

      Wow! If Pentatonix can make this sound they should tackle the song Orinoco Flow.

    34. 大豆天狗

      PENTAONIXとlittle glee monsterコラボ最高!

    35. STAN SB19

      I stopped being an avid Pentaholic in 2017. I don't remember any particular reason, maybe I just got busy with my own life, or maybe a return to covers wasn't the path I wanted them to traverse after the success of their self-titled original debut album in 2015. Nevertheless, these new releases make me want to be active in the fandom again. I feel like this has always been the Pentatonix I've wanted them to be and they're meant to be. I can't explain it but it seems to me after covering other artists for almost a decade now, they've finally found their own identity and I'm just so happy for them. From what I've heard in Happy Now and Be My Eyes, The Lucky Ones will showcase the group's growth and maturity as artists and I can't wait to stream the hell out of this album when it finally comes out next year.

      1. STAN SB19

        @EliaKay1 Wait, what legal issues?

      2. EliaKay1

        Yeah, it was really frustrating when they were blocked from releasing originals due to legal issues. I’m glad that’s all over and we’re finally getting the original PTX music we’ve been waiting for

    36. Miles Reuben

      Anyone else notice that they are adding to the distortion and ambiguity of the video, by lip syncing other peoples parts? Like Matt mouths mitchs “oh woh ph”, and Kevin mouths the bass slide down, and there are a few other moments

    37. Selma Isse

      Love Mitch!!!!!

    38. David Nimmo

      WISE MAN SONG?!?!?!??!? Elvis Presley

    39. David Nimmo

      OLD SCHOOL? Elivis song or whatever

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      Perfección vocal, maravillos@s. 💜🎶. incluida en mi canal PLAYGAY, playlist Nº 503 [LOVELY] LGBT+ Video Music (visitA & suscribe, THX)

    41. Jeff

      This lady, she is nice to the eyes

    42. chretien ndori


    43. Jeff

      damn, those eyes are so sexy!

    44. thankyou iknow!

      not one person said anything about illuminati symbols everywhere esp the 1 eye!! i guess everyone is stupid and blind to see the real meaning of this song!! satanic followers

    45. Sarah Ellis

      That beginning was super Enya like and I loooooooved it.

    46. Munchkin1118 Nuggets master

      Honestly.... make ur own song❤️🔥👍

    47. Ketut Indah Sukiani

      it's such a good song aaaaa good job ptx🧡

    48. thankyou iknow!

      illuminati song

    49. thankyou iknow!

      illuminati song

    50. thankyou iknow!

      this is a illuminati satanic song!! so many damn symbols here esp the 1 eye!

    51. Malcolm Geldmacher

      Love the Enya reference! Such a great song!

    52. Inara Utama

      i freaking still remember watching the daft punk cover and being so amazed and here yall are coming out with your own music and going on tours. omfg

    53. Colby Chase

      Who else was like..wait it’s not a cappella! And then realized there just that good.

    54. Tôi

      Where is the guy with long hair in this video: usfilm.info/fire/gLWJbpZun8qh0bY/video.html ?

      1. Femmy Syahrani

        Avi Kaplan left the group in 2017. Matt Sallee has been the bass of Pentatonix since then.

    55. Lucas

      mitch’s voice is actually angelic in this

    56. Emmar Kibii

      I so love this😍😍😍

    57. ᄋᄋ


    58. Ace Gaming

      PTX..im a huuuuuge fan of u guyzz..daft punk is ma fav...plz come up with more amazing songs...😍😍😍😍😍

      1. Femmy Syahrani

        Let's hope Feb 12 comes soon, when they release their new original album!

    59. Ruby Guay

      I want to know who the 1.2 thousand people are who disliked this this is amazing

    60. PDH1965

      This song is amazing! Love Kirsten lead. Favorite Mitch part is 2:45-3:00.

    61. Abi 47

      Devil religion ,. Soo you all gonna die then you realised about this fiction world.

    62. Alida Bermudez

      Mmm... Enya vibe! Superduperextramega LOVE IT!!!

    63. Stephanie Maurer

      we r preforming this and white winter hymnal in class, and i love them both

    64. OBED Boii

      Great as always

    65. BossRat대장쥐

      아니 커스티 안 그래도 예뻤는데 더 예뻐졌어 무슨 일이야?????

    66. Lori

      PTX at their best!! LOVE it!

    67. Xavier Purwadi

      We wait PTX come to Indonesia

    68. Dielem Rodrigues


    69. De Enzo


    70. BehindTheGlamour

      The beginning has the same melody as Orinoco Flow from Enya. That's interesting!

      1. EliaKay1

        @BehindTheGlamour usfilm.info/fire/p6yvaKCReZVypdQ/video.html he basically switches between the two songs throughout the mashup

      2. BehindTheGlamour

        @EliaKay1 The mashup that I found sounds similar in the beginning. Can you link the one you were talking about?

      3. EliaKay1

        Different melody, similar feel and tempo. Someone mashed up the two and you can really hear how different they are

    71. j. lover42

      It's official... I LOVE THIS SONG!! Such a happy, feel-good romantic type of song. Plus, the visuals are stunning!

    72. De Enzo

      This is fucking underrated

    73. Roberto Toscano


    74. Bridget Ebrokevwe

      Can’t find “be my eyes” on audiomack 😔 . Do well to add it so I (😀) can have access to it. Thank you

    75. toramorainord

      Sail away, sail away, sail aw... no, wait... Oh, I love this song! It's been on repeat both here and in my head for days now.

    76. Insomniac

      Caribbean Blue by Enya plz

    77. Joseph Anthony-Richard Vasta

      It's wonderful to see Christy take the vocal lead on a song.

      1. EliaKay1

        *Kirstin (Kirstie) really is amazing as lead!

    78. Malhaarmusic Official

      This is sooo awesome and addictive 🙌🏻👏🏼😍😍 A new era of PTX :) Very excited and inspired 🤩🤩 Love from India ! 🇮🇳❤️ Do check out our channel, we (in our humble way) try to do acapella for Indian songs taking complete inspiration from you guys @ptxofficial Loads of love and looking forward to more of such breathtaking music 💙

      1. Nisha Rao

        You guys are real good!! 🥰

      2. la musique

        Good stuff ..couldn't understand a thing(sorry) but music is great .. Best of luck !! :) l'amour de Paris ❤️💫

      3. Pooja Bhat

        Wow! Indian songs 🇮🇳 Just checked the stuff out! They're really good. Wish you guys luck and growth! 💕:)👍

    79. Mac Weilman

      I've been here since The Sing-Off and I love everything about this. Gorgeous production, takes advantage of their all-time blend, layered but still sounds like their voices, beatboxing sounds like drums, great lead from Kirstin, plays with minimalism like Lorde and Enya. Just stunning all around. I hope the forces that be push this to radio because this track really deserves it.

      1. EliaKay1

        Well said!

    80. matthew

      my new favorite song. truly awesome!

    81. Shelby Litterst

      I miss the old ptx, the ptx with avi🥺 he was my favorite

    82. pamimaniac

      You are all so talented! Like the SHEER TALENT that radiates from their music is beyond amazing!

    83. Muffin Puffer

      i love penitonix music so much and keep going on the great music penitonix


      cool video

    85. Psi Q

      With that backtrack on start i was kinda expecting some Enya thing to come along... usfilm.info/fire/gLeroWaPcKN01tw/video.html

    86. Hrundl Gamer

      Consistently excellent

    87. Tahia Rojas

      Can you make a Video with Simply three😁

    88. SSP

      Can we all just take a moment to recognize their beautiful voices ❤️

    89. Poyntebreak

      Awesome song. PenyaTONIX

    90. Азиатский Пудинг

      Кирстин за лупой..........

    91. cipnr korvo

      It's great to have Pentatonix make original songs! Sad to see Kristin Maldonado have her lips filled with Botox though. She looked so cute before this. I mean no disrespect, just want to say, ladies, really you don't need any of this you look SO much nicer without it. Learn to love yourself as you are and people will love you all the more.

      1. EliaKay1

        Filler & botox are two completely different things and are both temporary and filler can be reversed at any time. Second, she’s doing it for herself, no one else. She’s discussed it on her social media.

    92. Katrina Sweet

      PERFECT 😻😻😻

    93. Catherine Byrne


    94. tommyjn79

      Loving this song

    95. Leanne Sibbons

      So talented that’s what you call real music ❤️👍

    96. timm white

      Just as when the Pentatonix Daft Punk Remix came to my eyes/ears, awesome and stand-alone perfect! NICE : )'

    97. jemii


    98. dan

      BOP BOP BOP! I am shook