Laurie Hernandez - Floor Exercise - 2021 Winter Cup - Senior Women

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    Score: 12.050 (4.2, 7.850)
    Feb, 27, 2021 - Indiana Convention Center - Indianapolis, Ind.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Lucas Blackburn

      The Olympics are this year. Performing watered down routines is not very inspiring. She is still an amazing gymnast!!

    2. J A

      Why is execution so low?

      1. mxnkeyboi

        read the comments

    3. Sophie Bryce

      Love you so much

    4. zuzanka1981

      I love her musicality. She's such a great performer.

    5. yaio lover

      Is anyone here because they are trying to find her saying "FOR THE HONOR OF GRAYSKULL"

      1. yaio lover

        If so please send links

    6. Winston Mcguill

      Laurie Hernandez is great, have they chosen the entire Olympics team yet that'll compete in TOKYO 2021🇺🇸🤸

    7. yasio bolo

      Love Laurie Awesome comeback in the making!! Love her floor music!

    8. Mary Desrosiers

      it took me a minute to place why the music sounded so familiar

    9. Salem M.s

      جميلة حبيبتي مووت

    10. Julia S

      I just adore her! Fantastic gymnast! Go Laurie, USA Olympic Team 2021!!!!!!!!

    11. Rafael Quiambao

      her lift on that double back looked almost unbelievable. that was amazing.

      1. Sara Finley

        Yeah I can totally get why she’s planning to compete a full-in

    12. hedwig123456

      She looks out of shape

      1. mxnkeyboi

        Shut up please ❤️ she looks amazing!

      2. Sara Finley

        Shut up❤️

    13. Aine Lawler

      Brilliant routine

      1. yasio bolo

        and proud of her for giving it her all.

    14. Aine Lawler

      So do people like it when they scream during this yes or no

    15. Rion Oxendine

      What was her score

    16. Amelia Rose

      Awww this is so cute

    17. mary furnier

      she has more personality and charm than all the others

    18. eioshen boboi

      and proud of her for giving it her all.

    19. American Khan

      Wish you gold medal

    20. LJ PhillyDance

      Laurie honestly looks AMAZING!

    21. scsneed2001

      She might have been in the room when it happened... but what happened is she gave away her spot on the next Olympic team.

      1. EvaSofie

        Her difficulty will be upgraded.

    22. Les Petits

      You go girl !!!!!!! Amazing athlete !!!! 😍🏆🥇

    23. Elly Alovis


    24. Adam Laoui

      Tiktoker should learn from her

      1. eioshen boboi

        I LOVED the tip of the hat before the 2nd pass. She's such a fun performer

    25. bouytt guyt

      and proud of her for giving it her all.

    26. Romain

      She looks so small

    27. Peggy Rozell

      Congratulations Laurie Hernandez! Welcome back! You have been missed! You look AWESOME on that competition floor!

    28. Hailey K

      I love this music ❤️ and the choreography ❤️❤️❤️

    29. Yatyas68Whiskey

      I'm shocked the sheep aren't forcing them to wear a mask even while performing..........

      1. bouytt guyt

        did lay 2018 or 2016 but she’s gonna be the better than that!!

    30. beselbic

      Damn, she got some air on that first pass (0:22).

    31. Queen of Nevers

      Ah, I missed her energy 😋

    32. B Porter

      Do y’all think she will upgrade the 1st pass to a double layout?

      1. Sara Finley

        Yeah she said she’s going to do it when it’s ready. She did it on a rod floor recently

    33. Simon Sez

      WNBA players should be able to do a front handspring on the court

    34. Mia

      Fun routine, I hope she enjoys it to go full gear

    35. Cat Ferreira

      Loving the choreo and music arrangement!!

    36. GymAnalysis

      I'm so happy she's back and getting her competition feet under her!! Hoping for the best with her upgrades :)

    37. Kaylei Burke

      What was the last tumbling pass supposed to be?

      1. Sara Finley

        Double tuck. Her coach told her to water down her routine so she can have fun!

    38. Elsa Skousen

      I LOVED the tip of the hat before the 2nd pass. She's such a fun performer

    39. You

      Not a bad routine...honestly the worst part was the switch ring leap. That needs to go. But she has good pace. Little pauses here and there, but she'll improve on that with more training.

    40. Iceblue

      Whether she makes the olympics or not, it's a massive achievement to be back competing at all. She looks so genuinely happy to be there!

      1. No Name

        she’s an olympic medalist already if u didn’t know!!

    41. Giordano Zuchinie

      Why is this in my recommendation?

    42. Maria Cutrona

      I think Laurie Hernandez have what it takes LOVE HER PERFORMANCE that includes Dancing! Boricua por fin! Keep it going we need more PUERTO RICANS/LATINA Like her! EXCELLENT!

    43. Melissa Rodríguez

      Laurie Hernandez she left gymnastics and came back she’s amazing but she can do better than that I know But she maid that floor exercise Amazing!!!! Not at all dificulty as she did lay 2018 or 2016 but she’s gonna be the better than that!!

    44. Miguel D

      Salvation is a completely free gift. Jesus Christ died for our past, present and future sins on the cross, was buried and rose again on the third day and because of this you are saved and not because of anything good you’ve done. Believing is enough.❤️

      1. mxnkeyboi

        God bless

    45. bellbonnet


    46. JRoy Lipat

      Awesome talent. Graceful. Beautifully executed performance.

    47. Yali's Community

      She is such a great gymnast!

    48. Soap Simpai

      Mom: why do you like watching these gymnastics videos so much? Me crying: ITS THE LAW!

    49. Kit Kat

      senior women? does this mean i'm dirt 6ft below?

    50. Korean Cafe

      But why this is on my recommendation? I love her btw.. 👍

    51. Shannon LaCorte

      Whoa! She’s awesome! Great job! ! Just lovely 💐 I could never do that 😧!!

    52. Silent Butter Bruh

      More confident with every landing.

    53. Gnóstico Cristão

      DIVA ❤️

    54. Noah Torres

      Is this seriously what people call talent????

      1. Hailey K

        Like you could even get close to being able to do it

      2. mxnkeyboi

        hahahaahahaha let’s see you do it Noah, you’ll fall flat on your face. Artistic Gymnastics is top 3 hardest sport

    55. ALEXA BECK

      I was wondering why this got recommended to me... then I heard ‘The room where it happens’

    56. flat_foot

      When did gymnastics turn into dancing

      1. Sara Finley


      2. mxnkeyboi


    57. Zoé Manoban

      not difficult for a comeback and i appreciated it so happy to see her back with her floor routines. + theses facial expressions omg i love her doing that. ready to see her difficulties during the next competition which will be more important that a winter cup periodt. got it sis Laurie💗💗💗💗💗 love ya

    58. Jessica’sWorld


    59. Non Ya


    60. Katy Howell

      I came for Hamilton

    61. Sergio Infante

      Someone said this wasn't a difficult enough routine for her? Personally, I like her. What did y'all think?

    62. Michael D


    63. Jay Jordan

      I give gymnast props not only for bei g great athletes but also talented dancers as well

    64. Mackin Cheez


      1. Sara Finley

        Shut up❤️

    65. Debbie Ruzicka

      I am so glad to see her back!!

    66. Victoria Dime

      This is proof that you don’t have to be shaped like a no.2 pencil to be a good gymnast.. even though her routine was mediocre compared to the others.

    67. Roy Garcia

      The music was cute but not what I wanna hear at the olympics. Musically, it’s a downgrade from last Olympic music.

    68. Hazel Glazer

      Love the Hamilton background! She’s so talented

    69. TheCreativeGeek

      i love seeing her back in competition!

    70. sharkzwin

      Great competitor!

    71. Deyvahn oliver


    72. Lily fitzharris

      This is so amazing! Laurie absolutely killed this!!!🥰🥰🥰

    73. Dominique Belgrave

      "Senior Womem" ?

    74. Matt Nobrega

      Nice acrobatics. Ohashi had more attitude in her performance though.

      1. EvaSofie

        This is elite, that was college. This isn’t even at her full difficulty but she’s contending for the Olympics again.

    75. Laura Powers

      The music is horrible...makes watching painful

      1. Sara Finley

        Shut up❤️

    76. Lacy Tastingx

      why is this on trending? Nia Dennis had a better solo than that last year... I don't even need to mention Katelyn Ohashi 2 years ago right? FAAAR superior

      1. Sara Finley

        You clearly don’t know anything about gymnastics💀

      2. EvaSofie

        This is elite, those were college. This isn’t even at her full difficulty but she’s contending for the Olympics again.

    77. Speen Lmar

      Gymnastics, or bitching?

    78. Chef Gain Goblin

      No mask?!?!? How irresponsible!!!!!!

      1. Sara Finley

        As a gymnast we don’t wear mask when we’re doing our routines so they don’t get in our face while we’re doing flips. We put them on right after and so did she...

    79. mer meh

      I slowed it down and realized she is jumping with her hands. WTF

    80. Frank Aguilar

      Always room for improvement keep striving.

    81. Aava Hultkrantz

      Queen is back

    82. Daily Chris

      I love the new routine!! 👏👏

    83. Warframe Warframe

      Men’s gymnastics goes so much harder

      1. Sara Finley

        No one asked lol

    84. Josep Blawaczki

      Amazing performance. Blessings.

    85. Ravanne

      it was good to see her performing relatively well, though I was disappointed that she didn't do all apparatuses at her first competition in years. And while she didn't embarrass herself the way Gracie Gold did, it wasn't a spectacular return to competition. And with the talent pool in WAG being so deep (with realistically 3 spots available so long as Simone stays healthy), I just don't think she has even a remote chance of making it to Tokyo. She can't just be as good as she was in Rio. She needs to be better and I don't think that she's got the time to really build any new skills in at this point. She just stayed away for too long.

      1. EvaSofie

        She has said she will add difficulty, there’s still two competitions before trials.

    86. Alexa Mccan

      I’m living for this floor music

    87. josef

      I had a friend who was great acrobat He is crazy now

    88. Capucine D

      Don't get me wrong: I love her and this comeback felt great but... ALEXANDER HAMILTON 😍😍😍

    89. Rachel O

      I am just excited to see her back! Idc how good she is right now! She will improve!

    90. Riley Ryan

      what’s the highest score you can get? a 16.5?

    91. pappysprite

      So many comments on here that basically are super repetitive. We get it. She has been gone from competitions but has been training for a while now. Nice to see the support of her but most realize she has been away for 4.5 years. I'm not sure what her goals are? If it is simply just to compete again, good for her. The olympics? No way. Collegiate. Of course. Outside of the watered down routines, she still seems very out of shape to me. Everything seems forced and I can tell there are periods she is out of breath. Everything looks labored to complete. I am just being honest. In a country where the depth of talent is so deep, I can't see her being a competitive force on an elite-level anymore.

      1. Melissa Greene

        Sooo wrong, there is still alor of talent there, and with comments like that we dont need ya on here, people need encouragement when they are coming back from an incident not pessimism. Get real!

    92. andrycrisiana

      Amazing! Keep pushing Laurie, you are absolutely fantastic!

    93. Mary Smith


      1. Sara Finley

        Shut up❤️

    94. n700 _e

      i don't think she was supposed to do the round off back handspring lay i think it was supposed to be a harder skill idk????

    95. Romain Morin

      Tumbling is really downgraded, I don’t even think she would be competitive with her old routine...I love her and I am rooting for the comeback we all want, but other contenders are coming up strong, and unless she upgrades, I just don’t see how she can make it to Tokyo...It’s still good to see her doing what she loves...

    96. 99ilana

      This is by no means a criticism, she looks fantastic for her first meet back, but this is going to look so much better (choreo included) once she's feeling more confident - go Laurie, we all know how incredible you can be!

    97. Star Guardian Kassadin

      Amazing I hope she focuses on form fro now on😍

    98. Noah

      Covid was lucky for someone !

    99. John Corella

      Love her. But sadly she came back to late

    100. brook hayden

      What amazing music and choreography! Get those toes warm again...don't listen to the armchair judges...