My Dog Answers Fan Questions

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    My Dog Answers Fan Questions
    Tucker answer's your questions. The fans chimed in and asked the questions and now Tucker goes through and answers the best of the best!
    Want Tucker to answer your question? Leave a comment below!
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    Published on 16 days ago


    1. Sooraj Vishnu

      oct 15 was my birthday perfect gift

    2. Lucky Bot

      He cute af

    3. Alexia Hill

      do you like being a dog

    4. Yojanna Phoemela Yazmine Cabaguing

      I have a question for tucker is he married ?

    5. Nabin Subba

      Question for tucker do u like fruits

    6. Deborah Mcmullen

      Do you wanna attack Linda sometimes🤣

    7. Ruchi .Khare

      what is his wives name?

    8. Derick Reyna

      Ya ya ya ya ya hollowen 1 wich is tomorrow 1 m0re day till that day i was wrong the first time so ya hollowen tomorrow but happy hollowen because it is already because it is 12 so ya happy hollowen this is going to be posted at 12 so just trying to have a happy day tomorrow well for me i have to go to bed in well the time i have is 11 min so ya

    9. matsum banks

    10. Derick Reyna

      2 more days till hollowen

    11. Derick Reyna


    12. Emma Akpan

      Do you like your toys

    13. Kinda Sus

      His little “awooo”s when he was looking for Journee 🥺💔

    14. Jake Salvatierra

      Tucker: *roast mode has been initiated*

    15. Cuddly Teddy

      Please feed tucker a pepper I wanna see his reaction!

    16. Shubhankar Bhosale V-A

      Question : have u farted on linda s clothes?

    17. sarada x ninja

      Are you anoying doggo

    18. Hillary Sells

      Hey linda can you do more lives please

    19. BlueGuyMiniToon

      For Tucker: do you like to eat cat food

    20. Matt Wojciechowski

      So cute 😍

    21. Latisha Draper

      My cat likes your videos that I'm going to sleep she was knocks at my door I think she likes to watch your videos

    22. Rocky Balboa

      so smart

    23. Derick Reyna

      😰 he miss his wife

    24. Minecraft Challange Hard Watch

      This Is a yes or no question video

    25. Donald Swink

      What kind of dog is Tucker, he’s absolutely beautiful.

    26. Lizzybeth Crystal

      1. Have you ever run 2. Have you ever pooped on your moms bed

    27. Nelson Addimandi

      Your dog is buriful

    28. michael laxton

      Do you like dog food

    29. Alysha Neri

      Loved it

    30. lenlox

      A dog sniffing buts is to say hello

    31. Kellieryan

      Are they every going to hit 2.50 million subscribers they been at 2.49 for the longest time

    32. Layla Skaggs

      does tucker like strangers

    33. Wendi Nau

      Do you like bacon 🥓


      i have a qustin for tuker dose he what to be a dad

    35. Cookie_Wolf Wolfy

      This dog is savage

    36. BizzCrizzPlayz

      Tucker Do you like your new house better than the old one?

    37. Malique kamara

      Do you hate doing this

    38. Mary Catherine Jones

      Another question for Tucker: do u like Boston terriers?

    39. Mary Catherine Jones

      Question for tucker: are u handsome?

    40. Mary Catherine Jones

      The tucker boi so cute 😍

    41. José Luis Prada

      I do as tuck asks

    42. A Howl In The Night

      HEY! What do you use to give Tucker speech bubbles ? I'd like to know

    43. nurseLinz82

      Do you poop around the house

    44. Liz Morales

      Everyone has a pup named tucker in the imagine world

    45. exteryee teehee

      notice how smart this dog is- my dog ca't even sit

    46. Ella Brethour-McMichael

      Question for tuner: Would you eat the most disgusting food ever???

    47. Delsa Castillo

      Tucker are you cute

    48. Brian tellef

      Do you want kids?

    49. Jonahplayz Games

      Question for tucker Does he eat a lot of food

    50. Evangelista Sandro Monteiro

      How much times have you pooped on Linda’s shoes

      1. Evangelista Sandro Monteiro

        That was a question for tucker

    51. connor day

      tucker do u play sports?

    52. melissi hammer-moyer

      Linda: Is Linda annoying? Tucker: ~ hits yes ~ Linda’s mind: TUCKERRRRRRRRR

    53. Andrew Justin Llamido

      I love golden retrievers

    54. Elflako

      Where is your life do you have kids

    55. Marc Taylor

      What do you hate Linda so much?

    56. Khloe Nairn

      Hi stalker ever gone on a date before❤

    57. Boomer N

      I can’t wait until the day tucker gets a brother or sister, if that happens 😏

    58. Aaah huh! Spence

      Say this to him today is so beautiful that yes or no

    59. LightningOnCrack

      guess what, the bow tie is a paid actor. Also, bet you won't pin this comment, lol

    60. Nour Alwahish

      Does tuker like cabiges aka bush of doom

    61. Nour Alwahish

      Awww I saw him wink at me

    62. Panha Sok

      The last one was ooppp

    63. Whizarts custom

      Are you a handsome boy?

    64. Addison Strimple

      question for tucker- do you like hot dogs

    65. josue martinez

      do you like rice or chiken

    66. Mil Gut

      I do this with my dog and he farts on my pillow when im at school like what im the bihhedt fan😂😂❤❤💛💛💚💚💙💙💜💜💖💖🌷🌷

    67. Ultra Gamer

      Question for tucker do you have a girlfriend

    68. Ava Bremmerkamp

      *so cute*

    69. Filip 09


    70. Ian Mayers

      This is how many people love Tucker ♥️ 👇

    71. Angel Huchin

      Link pls

    72. BlueBobaTea

      Would you you name your kid Lucker/Lucky if you had a kid? (Lucker for boy and Lucky for girl)

    73. Unicorn blast

      For da golden chicky nuggie: will you ever *divorce* Journee?

    74. Live From Virginia

      Your dog 🥺

    75. Dakota Gamer

      How do you train him please answer I want my dog to be like him

    76. Darcy Cornelius

      i has an question Tucker do u want to kill Linda?

    77. Hungry Niyonna

      Question : dose tucker like Linda more then Linda’s husband? :> pls say

    78. Gaming Squad!

      Question for tucker Do u love ur fans and hate Linda?

    79. Macy and The aftons

      Does Tucker Like Cookies?

    80. Matthew Godinez

      Does tucker video gemez?

    81. kimberlykhan2

      Yes yes yes yes yes yes

    82. Cringe Idiot

      If you ever feel bad about yourself just remember people disliked this video

    83. XxMinami GachaxX

      Wut happened to his wife? I didn't watch UnU

    84. Pat Syzirin

      plsss ask IS PAT A GOOD DOG and show a picture of my youtube acc

    85. Pat Syzirin

      This is how many people think hee cute 👇

    86. Davis Outlaw


    87. Davis Outlaw

      Cute Dog!

    88. fearless fan

      Does tucker like treats

    89. Guido & Mike Lifestyle & Stay young Tips

      Little african grey for Dinner!watch now...

    90. Flameable Playz


    91. Shandra Blount

      Do the dog diet challenge on Tucker

    92. sahana vedachalam

      Do you like veggies or chicken tucker?

    93. Madyson Zamora

      Do you like more mommy or dad

    94. Ally Makes TikTok

      /Question do u like ur Wife

    95. bear19891

      If the tree of doom was actually the BEST food in the GALAXY would you THEN would you eat it?

    96. ynw. bry_

      For: Tucker. Do. U. Love. Peeing. On. Linda. Post. That for. Your. Next. Video

    97. Lutcia George

      Tucker is so cute I WANT TO HUG HIM

    98. Go Caps

      question for tucker: Do you like the NHL? If so, what team?

    99. TopazWing!

      For Tucker: How scary is Linda

    100. Robbie Dalley