forming a secret organization [Dream SMP]


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    Lore stream (may miss donations). More importantly, PLUSHIES GO ON SALE TOMORROW AT 3 PM EST GO GO GO
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    1. Technoblade

      Hey everyone! I've been experimenting with leaving my streams public temporarily to farm views from the algorithm (gotta grab those trending spots!). These streams may become unlisted in the future, but they'll always be viewable in the Past Livestreams Playlist: also PLUSHIES DROP TOMORROW AT 3 PM EST

      1. LuluThePickleDino :p

        @Iyxan23 how much is $10 in British currency.

      2. Flopsiee Flop


      3. Katakuri Charlotte


      4. Gamer Lang

        Subscribe to technoblade right now

      5. Blue Panda

        @SnomySnomster Thank you

    2. Sandy Yu

      The astonishing pan pathomorphologically afford because south america inversely wriggle per a slimy spike. redundant, alcoholic competition

    3. Luna, John

      Even tho dream returned the portal structure, it is not on the right direction to activate it.

    4. RiverX


    5. Anna /shellestturtle

      Ramboo can’t be in the room We are watching to..,

    6. Keith Bulan

      "starting the stream"

    7. James Norton

      “The Project syndicate” for the nostalgia

    8. Elite_ Ben


    9. LizChi


    10. David Wang

      18:17 Ranboo is dream confirmed?

    11. Duality

      “The Anarchists Syndicate” T.A.S. If you will

    12. Duality

      The one end frame that’s rotated wrong will never cease to annoy me.

    13. Xijan Gamer

      55:22 LMAO!

    14. Gabe Valladares

      okay but name it anarchists anonymous so you can say you have aa meetings SYNDICATE

    15. Starry Skies

      Technoblade: That would take possibly 14 minutes of work Phil.. Also Technoblade: *Spends almost a year farming potatoes to bead a squid in skyblock*

    16. Robert Kelly

      The bacon syndicate

    17. KES YT

      It should be called the sellout syndicate I got the idea off A donation

    18. KES YT

      6m pog!!!

    19. Funny but No

      blood syndicate

    20. Joseph Hommel

      cobra kai never dies

    21. Shard

      What about the Chaos Syndicate?

    22. Thomas Barrett

      Bruh use ttv

    23. Chad von Nugget

      Guess you could say that table has got a STRONG HOLD ;)

    24. LeafPad Animates

      While the regular dream is just some homeless teletubie- Technoblade-

    25. Damp was not

      I’m dream’s son

    26. Damp was not

      Where is the end portel in the strong hold

      1. Damp was not

        Why do you not know what a end portel is

    27. Damp was not

      20:40 my ears hurt

    28. Mr Psyco

      Ranboo: I randomply have periods- Me: WHAT Ranboo: of time where i dont remeber things Me: oh ok its fine.

    29. Dylan Toon


    30. 909 Fifty

      🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲🎲 ⬛ ⬛

    31. John Levin

      Sellout Syndicate

    32. Beat Warrior

      Name the syncicate "Withered Syndicate" (im promoting this idea from a dono :))

    33. Xx_anonymous_xX

      The man that has blew up a Country The man that has secretly bred hundreds of dogs right under the enemies noses The man that has gone into a 1v20 and walked out alive Cant find a feather

    34. Koyle Martinez

      Renagade like this else you don’t like techno

    35. Diobrandomiami

      I feel like the group should’ve been called the government busters

    36. mo. ack

      wait wait wait ... after seeing the ranboo power video, that grass block in the middle of the stronghold ... WAS RANBOO THERE?????

    37. It is triggering me that the portal frames are off centered

    38. universal

      58:04 live chat "skeppy"

    39. c a r l

      Imagine calling a composter a composter

    40. Nevan

      He should call the syndicate either Anarchist Secret Syndicate or A.S.S. for short... Lol

      1. Nevan

        Didn’t mean to type either

    41. smedis

      i paly minecarft too watch them ps: techno don't get made thanks

    42. Bradyn kibler

      technoblade no fethers meenwghile in the chest

    43. Cooper Schornhorst

      If u aren’t subbed ur not a true techno fan

    44. Roope Juhani Lehtonen


    45. Guff the Birb


    46. Twee whitefang

      I've got it "The Scarlet Syndicate" it's a good name for it

    47. John Lee

      The ugliest surname archaeologically radiate because aftershave postoperatively inform atop a minor produce. malicious, silent celery

    48. Alluka Zoldyck

      If techno is reading this, I hope you have a good day and I love you :)

    49. Nicholas Ison

      Ankle reveal!!!!!

    50. Draco

      so thats why dream cared so much about gettin the other disc back and was so nonsensical, he thought it was only one he lacked.

    51. RektKidMC Plays

      Smoking on the dream pack

    52. Pushkaraj Salunke

      Techno and phil :Say something That villager : *Noted*

    53. ERTE R

      I think teachnos real name is Dave

    54. Pȳrō

      technoblade i fell asleep mid afternoon and i had early school tommorrow, thank you for screaming it saved my crown

    55. bin

      I like technoblade playing minecraft alot is really omg.

    56. Natan Nalepa


    57. Kody Pereira


    58. LodyPro


    59. imperator core

      techno stronkest

    60. El mo

      That PHILZA NOOOOOOOO caught me so off guard

    61. charles dean

      DreamXD is a First Guardian and this whole smp is just another Homestuck in the making

      1. Mark Turner


    62. MooshroomA Music


    63. Spoon games

      32:43 made me jump

    64. wduewer

      Sanguine Syndicate

    65. Usless Youtuber

      why he got so many dogs

    66. ShadowFryarwolf

      1:14:59 Why does that look like something from one of Dreams manhunts- That igloo and the lake seems familiar, but I can't place it. SoMeOnE HeLP

    67. Allison Dellinger

      I just wanted to say I was watching this and my brother heard Techno's voice he was like "Operation blood for thee blood god sis!" . . . Me thinking: *Not again* Me: Bro- I told you many times maybe another time like No-

    68. awesome tiger

      john's a nerd btw

    69. Apri Cogle


    70. Apri Cogle

      go buy suff of quackety

    71. Pili Lupion

      I'm watchinf this drunl and this is a

      1. Pili Lupion

        This is the vbest

    72. Joscha Günther

      The shadows syndicate

    73. Michael M

      Anyone else just like technos Thunbnails

    74. Weeb weeb


    75. Baypixalot

      İ love Technoblade's voice

    76. Off-brand Pineapple

      ay heres some more latin for the wall: et propter sanguinem licentia translation: for blood and anarchy

    77. Hunter Samurai Gaming

      Not even close technoblase never dies

    78. Jacin Bobby

      Anyone else see feathers in the second chest techno opens

    79. Edge Gaming

      Hay Technoblade Congrats for 6M!! Be happy :)

    80. Queen Princess Domingo

      every time techno say's []shouts philza in my head [that was twice haw can i get jump scared twice wat da padge]

    81. The MyParkLock

      6M pog

    82. Wings Ultra


    83. Frobee

      He was really struggling in the start

    84. Hazard Envy

      6:12 sees a feather no I don’t want it

    85. Icy_fox

      6 mill let's go

    86. pixel

      Ngl the dream smp sucks

    87. Harry Paterson

      hey techno, if you wanted to make it secret, make the members sworn to reticence, meaning they cannot talk about it, any matters, they cannot say about.

    88. Daniel Graham


    89. Poison Angelシ

      Techno: *missed the feather* Someone in the chat: *“EYE FOR THE BLIND GOD.”* lmao.🤣🙎‍♀️

      1. XxDark_AngelxX


      2. Poison Angelシ

        @Drippy Aaren I don't really remember but I think it's the part when he's going to the chromebook...I think

      3. Drippy Aaren

        Time stamp ?

    90. k c

      you ahd a feather on the left sec to bottom u passed it like 5 times

    91. Oscar Gruber

      La Hermandad Oscura in Dream SMP version

    92. corpse_techno purrs

      E E E E E E E E E E E E E E E i miss u

    93. Abhay Mehta

      Hey techno what about helping dream in prison

    94. Nirek Tiwari


    95. Loufshenry_ 123

      he went past two feathers

    96. Ethan Adriel Guzman

      technoblade is the best youtuber

    97. Flyura Aliyeva

      Hey can someone tell me what is happening with the Twitter situation? I’m new with this stuff and am just recently getting into techno vids

    98. Kasen Anderson

      Call it the A Koski

    99. Pogbird Puppeteer

      Suggestion the Wither syndicate

    100. Chase OHanley

      Techno, turn the table into a war map table, and mark locations with named banners on it